Star Trek Bits Seen and Heard At SDCC 2009

There may not have been a big Star Trek panel this year at San Diego Comic Con, but Star Trek can’t help but show up at the annual mecca of sci-fi. Below we have some quotes about Trek that popped up, plus photos and videos of some of the Trek celebs, and more. 


Star Trek quotes
A few Star Trek notables were at Comic Con touting their other projects, but sometimes Star Trek came up, here are some of the things they said.

I know I killed Star Trek and Manny (Coto) saved it
– Brannon Braga – 24 panel [Twitter @ComicConAA]

In my opinion we’ll ABSOLUTELY see Star Trek on Tv again.
– Brannon Braga – FlashForward panel [Screenrant]

I didn’t watch Star Trek growing up
– Rod Roddenberry – [Geerlog interview]

 [there are] very interesting" [ideas for the second Trek movie]…I couldn’t be more excited.
– Zoe Saldana – SciFi Women Panel [io9]

Trek stars on video
and a couple of Star Trek stars were caught on video at SDCC


Star Trek products on video
Here are a couple videos of products showing for the first time at Comic-Con

Star celeb photos
Here are some of the stars of the new Star Trek movie.

Zoe Saldana at Women of Sci-Fi Panel

John Cho at TV Guide Panel
(Wire Image)

Zachary Quinto at WIRED Cafe

Brent Spiner & Leonard Nimoy at Lightspeed Fine Arts booth
(Matt Rojanakiathavorn )

Star Trek polls and rankings
Star Trek popped up on a the
The Physics of Hollywood Movies panel where it was given (Dis)honorable Mention for the phasers "that took a half-second to reach their targets." Author of "Don’t Try this At Home" Adam Weiner  noted “You’d be better off with a gun" [Discover Magazine Blog]

AOL’s Sci-Fi Squad also announced their pre-Comic-Con sci-fi poll results, and Star Trek came in 2nd place for ‘best sci-fi movie franchise of all time’, but came out on top for best sci-fi film of the summer. Here are the results:

1. What is the best sci-fi movie franchise of all time?
Star Wars 56%
Star Trek 35%
Terminator 3%
Alien 3%
Back to the Future 3%

2. What is the best sci-film of 2009 so far?
Star Trek 69%
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 21%
Terminator Salvation 5%
Moon 3%
Monsters vs. Aliens 2%


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Look, I know the guy trying to interview Nimoy was probably a little nervous, but, my gawd, couldn’t he ask some INTERESTING questions?

Nimoy is a saint for patiently answering the same inane questions over and over after all these many years!

Baby Spock is adorable but Real Spock makes the heart pound.


Also, giggity.

I think the only reason Wars beats Trek in that is because its best sifi movie. If it were just best sifi franchise it would look a lot different.

3 – agreed

That’s true — if the question had been “What is the best Sci-Fi franchise” the answer would have been “Doctor Who”.


Hmmm, a nice self-reflection from Brannon Braga :-P

Spiner looks pissed.

Like someone asked him to sing You’re Our Guest from Out to Sea.

You could almost visually see the sarcasm in Braga’s quote. The guy just doesn’t get it. Coto didn’t save Star Trek at all. The studio did by getting rid of Berman and Braga and not hiring an incompetent.

Abrams did a good job in his movie. He did something Braga refused to do–embraced the original series. The decisions Berman and Braga made cost the studio millions, but you have to blame the studio for keeping them on so long.

Now, Braga and Coto are ruining 24.

Braga’s “I killed Star Trek” quote just makes me dislike him all the more.

Go away, already.

The only thing that I REALLY hold against Braga is that… thing… that he tried to pawn off as the last episode of Enterprise. While he made some pretty bad choicesover the years, he also made some pretty good Trek. I’ll always give him credit for Captain Frasier Crane. ;-)

Braga is underrated, now. He stayed too long. He made some bad decisions. There are dreadful episodes with his name on. But his star will rise again. People will suddenly find themselves watching ”Cause and Effect” and go ”Hey, this is *really* good…”.

24 came pre-ruined.

#7 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(hey! Quinto is whereing his “hide the spock-eyebrows” glasses!) .

oh my… *Wearing*************** !!!!! super typo!

Hmmm…that Enterprise needs more lens flare. ;)

24 has the luxury of starting fresh every season. So even after a bad season, and season 6 was not that good, it can come back with a new set of writers. Unfortunately, season 7 had the worst writer in Hollywood in Braga–a guy who was a vital cog in sinking a billion dollar franchise. And I agree with #9–just by making a comment like that makes him look horrible. He should just stay silent and never publicly talk Star Trek again. The damage is done. There is nothing he can do to undo what he did. Now he’s busy ruining 24. Hopefully Flashforward will keep Braga away from 24.

Nimoy looks great ! un-like the Shat. He’s the next to beam out

I give Braga props for his work on 24, a really good season last year. But his take on what Star Trek should be flies in the face of what I think Star Trek should be. I enjoy his work on 24 but I don’t like the 24th century Trek…most especially his.

“Ponn farr happens in the summer”??? Where does this perfume guy get his info?

I wish they’d put out scratch and sniff cards of the scents…

8: “Abrams did a good job in his movie. He did something Braga refused to do–embraced the original series. The decisions Berman and Braga made cost the studio millions, but you have to blame the studio for keeping them on so long.”

Not only that, but they made so much crap a part of canon that a bunch of knucklehead fan boys will cry about the loss or destruction of the canon crapola they made if anything veers away from that crap to do something more imaginative and better. There are way too many Star Trek fans who would have all future incarnations of Trek “stuck on stupid” to appease their irrational desire for consistent canon, something that has NEVER existed in Trek anyway.

I knew there was a screen acurate Ent coming but Serenity too! Cool :) I’ve just started to re-watch the sereis, now in blu-ray!

Interesting that Brannon Braga thinks Manny Coto saved Star Trek. Braga killed it, Coto gave it a proper burial, then Abrams came, dug it up and brought it back to life.

Amusing…fans cannot agree on much can they? Last season of 24 was the worst…last season of 24 was good. It was all Bragas fault etc….I agree that perhaps Braga stayed too long on the Trek franchise…but I also think they made many good episodes and series….Those who hate Braga et al, they still did a lot of good work and I agree the head honchos at Paramount kept the same creative people on too long but I doubt anyone could last that long on a franchise. I dont blame Braga and Berman at all….I am glad JJ came in and revitalized it though….


Don’t say things like that. It’s cruel and unnecessary.

Harry Ballz dont you know by now the papz never ask intresting question(and yes that guy is a pap, he normally works for both tmz and ) they ask stupid annoying questions, because they arent real journalists. just another reason why the stars hate them..



But season 7 of 24 was excellent Mitch so your theory sort of goes right out the window, yes there were quite a few episodes in the latter part of star trek that were not outstanding but there are quite actually a lot more that were really good. Its easy for someone to be a critic towards someones work, when the person who is being the critic has never worked on a tv or movie production let alone run one. And plus when you consider how many hours of trek were produced from 1987 till the end of enterprises run, of course there are bound to be some rough patches along the way.

and iam sorry mitch but how can you visually see the sarcasim in his quote when its not even the whole quote but rather part of it.

earthclanbootstrap, I honestly believe that he really felt he was giving the fans of star trek a valentine(as was said prior to the episode ending) it just backfired in his face big time. in the end he just ended up pissing off the loyal fans of enterprise by placing riker and troi as the primary story of the finale.

Hmmmm….where are these colognes being sold at?

I would be very interested in smelling them.

Anthony, could you re-post the website link? I couldn’t understand the URL in the video.


26. capnjake – July 27, 2009

I don’t for a second think that he was intentionally setting out to create a piece of garbage, it just came out that way… Basically, the two part story just prior to it would have made a very effective open ended ending to the series. Manny Coto deserved to not have that messed with. But as I pointed out, he did create some Trek over the years that I really enjoyed; “Cause and Effect” really is one of my favorite episodes of Trek ever. I’ll never feel the need to internet-eviscerate him like some do, but I really hate that last episode of Enterprise.

i read and article in the newspaper today about a star wars symphony concert that is gonna travel the united states and the world starting oct 1. in southern calif. when will there be a star trek symphony???????


There alreay WAS a Star Trek symphony by the Minnesota Orchestra two years ago! Hosted by George Takei. Originally, Nimoy was slated to host but he had other duties to attend to (filming the movie). They also played some Star Wars music. Tribbles scattered around the lobby, etc.

“24” is numbing sameness of extremely high quality. The stories are identical every year no matter how they try to change it. CTU is gone? Oh! Here’s Chloe with the old CTU hardware/software next to a computer and a phone, etc. And those Africans/Arabs/Chinese/Mexicans were never the problem, it was (insert megalomaniac here) all along! And Jack Bauer is addicted to heroin/dying from the effects of a biological agent.

But the stories are taut and well-paced, and attention is focused on relationships with a good dose of “viewer, you make the call” moral dilemmas.

I think Braga and Coto are in a good comfortable place with the show. It’s a lesson learned from ENT. Change for change’s sake (i.e. to run away from the constraints of ‘canon’) is silly. ‘Star Trek’ was successful for a reason, and each incarnation after TNG kept trying to second-guess the basic concept. They were sequentially less and less successful.

Ron Moore is famous/infamous for complaining that Trek canon backed him into a corner. It is this same canon that Orci/Kurtzmann used like a bottomless goody-bag for Trek09. That old essence is back, and I hope the boys realize they have captured the fire in a bottle again.

While Spiner and Nimoy were at the booth on Sunday signing autographs for $20, they had 3 event staffers telling everyone walking by the booth with digital cameras to take a quick picture and move along. It was hilarious.

They were animated and relentless.

What puzzles me is Brannon Braga seemed so positive in Communicator Mag about Enterprise until tax day or so hit. Then in 3 or 4 months the series became history. What action seemed to have broken his love for what The Great Bird of the Galaxy created.

What happened, was he taken aboard a UFO and saw how the future can be, and it was not the Trek Universe.

What broke Brannon’s heart? Any ideas, anyone…

Isn’t that around the time that Jeri Ryan stopped dating him?

I’m looking forward to be appearing with Nichelle next month at Comic Con in Chicago. She is a wonderful lady.

#31- AJ

Great analysis of 24’s story generator. You missed two key elements:

1) The anti-terror unit (CTU,FBI, whatever) is incredibly penetrable – there’s always a villain working the inside
2) No one just shuts up and listens to Jack, even though he’s been down this road numerous times. (Of course, if they did, the show would be called “6”)

I’m having my photo taken with Nimoy on Sunday, I only wish it was a Nimoy-Quinto sandwich!!!

both Uhuras never looked so prettier :-) Zoe is a cutie…and Nichols looked so graceful lol

I was hugely disapointed in the new Trek movie. You can’t just cast aside the original series timeline in lieu of a new one just to say your movie was “new” or “fresh”. This “re-imagining” as it were, basically takes the entire television series history..rips it up and alters it completely. Jesus..Abrahms..could you be more blasphemous and disrespectful?! Who the hell does this guy think he is? What really got me was that a vast majority of Trek fans were completely ok with this! Like the Star Wars fans..they will eagerly go to the theaters and readily gobble up any crap thats on the screen so long as it has the franchise logo on it. I can’t believe Leonard Nimoy went along with this as well. As far as I’m concerned, the new Trek movie is a complete desecration of over 40 years of television and movie timeline history. And..because it did well and made money..we can expect another equally infuriating sequel. Yeah, I know I sound like one of those Trek “purists”..but hey..there’s a reason the original Trek, it’s movies and the Next Generation were as good and as popular as they were…COHESION! Taking a great timeline and storyline and building on it. J.J. Abrams basically just took all that and threw it out the window! Here’s one Trek fan that is NOT ok with that and gives him a BIG thumbs down!