Star Trek Sequel Shooting Next March?

In another brief Comic Con interview, Zoe Saldana talked to MTV about the next Star Trek movie. She was non-committal on the subject of Khan, but noted that she is already being asked about her availability next year.


The latest “Star Trek: Something Something” news comes from a brief intreview by MTV at San Diego Comic Con (where Saldana was promoting the upcoming Avatar movie). The video is below, where she says she has been asked (by the producers) "What are you doing?" in March, June and September. Saldana says she is free “whenever” they “come callin'”.

As we have reported before, Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman have said that they and Damon Lindelof are expected to have the script finished by Christmas. Although the pre-production for the fist new Star Trek movie lasted around nine months, the second one should go much faster as there will be much less casting and much of the production design, construction, costumes, etc is already completed. According to TrekMovie sources, Paramount is hoping to have the next Star Trek film out May 2011. But no official announcements have been made, and as we saw with the first film, things can always get changed in Hollywood.


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My bet is May 25th, 2011.

Locate the writers, camera handlers, and any lighting technician holding a flashlight. Set phasers on maximum stun. Good luck. Jeyl out.

Cool! 2nd?

#1. I don’t know about that. Paramount already has “Thor” locked for May 20th. I’m not sure they want to put two of their bigger movies against each other.

May 2011?

So, every two years we get a new Trek movie? That would be acceptable!

Better not stick to the may 2011 release date; early reports estimate that the sequel to the dark knight will likely enter theaters then…

Script by Christmas…shooting in march!!..that’s what I’m talkin’bout…lets get it on!!!

MvRojo they are talking about begining filming next year not releasing it next year, there would be no conflict with thor becouse a new trek will not be out untill at least 2011


Hmm… very true. They’ll probably put it on the 6th, then. Either that or they’ll just wait till June. The last Harry Potter comes out in July, so I don’t think they want too much competition. Iron Man II will also be coming out then. Possibly the next Batman, too, if they do a 3 year break.

We shall see.

Maybe this time May will be pushed to December like they did this time (only the other way around). Although I’d rather it come out in May 2011 than December 2011. Every 2 years though would be nice compared the usual 3-4 we had for the first 10.

#8 – Thor is releasing on May 20, 2011.

#9 – Spider-man 4 releases on May 6, 2011, so that’s definitely not going to work.

Why not a July 2011 release date ? That proved to be the hot hot month for movies.

I’d bet on May 13, 2011 (yes, Friday the 13th!). I suspect Batman Begins 3 will be aiming for June 29, 2011.

These are the release dates so far for 2011:

• Spider-Man 4 (Sony) – 5/6
• Thor (Par.) – 5/20

• Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom (P/DW) – 6/3
• Green Lantern (WB) – 6/17
• Cars 2 (BV) – 6/24

• Transformers 3 (P/DW) – 7/1
• Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part Two) (WB) – 7/15
• The First Avenger: Captain America (Par.) – 7/22

Batman probably wouldn’t be till the November/ December timeframe, if they go for 2011 on that one. My predicted date for the next Star Trek will be the July longweek that year, so June 29, 30, or July 1 (Depending on which day they open on).

It’ll definitely be June, then. They won’t touch May because of SM and Thor. And you’d have to be suicidal if you wanted to touch July…..

I think that ST2011 will work nicely along with other big movies of summer 2011.

Remember it wasnt that nemesis was released at the wrong time, it was that word of mouth buried it.

ST09 fought and got its fair share in 2009 and will do the same in 2011.

If the next two films are indeed shot back to back, It would make sense for the third to have a christmas 2011 release, just as zemekes did with the back to the future movies.

I doubt they’ll go for late June, simply because of Transformers 3. Unfortunately, that’s been a money-sucking franchise, as where Trek is still coming back. My guess is Trek (1)2 will make around $500 million as where Transformers is able to grab $700+.

My guess is early June. Thus far, it’s only competition is Kung Fu Panda, which frankly, isn’t competition.

Sorry if I’m on a roll today.

They probably won’t shoot back-to-back, simply because they’ve already said they want to wait to see if it’s successful to start the next. Bob/Alex said something along the lines of wanting it to be a standalone movie that COULD go into a sequel.

That really, REALLY annoys me. I can sit through the advertisement at the beginning of the video just fine, and THEN it comes on and says the video is not available in my region. I wouldn’t be as annoyed if it said that BEFORE I sat through the Coca-Cola ad.

All these dates…too confusing to keep track of!! As far as I can remember off-hand – Iron Man II in May of 2010, the final 2 installments of HP in July and December of 2010. Not sure about Batman, is it even in the works? The possible competition for summer 2011 includes Trans 3 (?) , X-Men Origins 2 (?) , and maybe more. We’ll see. I think Paramount should choose the date carefully though. As we saw with The Hangover, a film can benefit by scheduling.

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Sounds good to me. Maybe we all can flash forward and see the previews to the movie. Lol. Ok how about good ole fashen time travel to see the Movie. Ok. we can wait. Can’t wait to get the bits and pieces of the production and of corse hear all the whiners and complainers complain about the 2nd movie just like they did the 1st movie. Should be some more great times on

Hey hey, we’ve got a timeline. This is pretty far away, but my calendar will be marked. Very cool.


2011 kinda crowded.

#25 – “2011 kinda crowded.”

So was May ’09. And Star Trek owned.
Here’s hoping….

#14 –
Thanks for the info. I got the HP dates/years mixed up. It seems to me that Memorial Day weekend, or the weekend before or after, look to be the best bets. Or it could be pushed back to Nov/Dec 2011, something we as fans don’t want, and apparently Paramount doesn’t want either…..

We need a date so we can dedicate every waking moment to the countdown.

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Think it’s probably going to be Nov ’11

All I can say is. . .take a well-deserved vacation now, Anthony, ’cause if’n this is true, you are gonna get busy pdq! The site’s a little slower right now, after the flick’s been out and before the DVD kicks in, so head to the beach and recharge.

Transformers is a 2012 movie, Bay himself said that he didn’t want to rush it and he wanted to do something else before jumping back. Based on that, I’d say that’s the date they’d pick for 2 now that it’s a tentpole.

I hope the new movie jumps ahead so Kirk is Captain for a few years and hopefully comes up with a original adversary for Kirk. How about a battle with the Gorn? Or maybe a rock creature? Sorry, wrong movie…

See the Media yet again on the Khan thing! The Media hype is giving this life until opening day.

July 1st 2011.

Transformers 3 is Paramount, but we know that it’s not coming out until 2012 as Bay and co. are “taking a break”. I’m guessing Paramount is gonna do a little switcheroo with the titles as soon as ST is officially greenlighted.

Anyone else get the i’ve-got-a-bad-feeling-about-this vibe whenever Zoe talks about ST:SS and the production/writing team is not?

Boy, Zoe has gone to diplomacy classes.

Hey. When Zoe Talks. I Listen. No matter what she says.

she’s really cute. i like dat.

#6 the Dark Knight sequel is coming in summer 2012, 100% certain. Chris Nolan’s too busy with Inception right now.

Well let’s hope ST:SS can beat TMP worldwide take the next time around. I wonder if Paramount had delayed Trek overseas if the good word of mouth in the US might have helped foreign anticipation in the absence of Paramount’s weak marketing efforts.

The Hangover will pass Trek next weekend, dropping Trek to number 5 behind it and Harry Potter. We all knew HP, T2 and UP would likely beat Trek for the year, but seeing an R-rated adult comedy blow past Trek is really surprising and really puts Trek’s “legs” into perspective.

At day 52 with only one major holiday under its belt, The Hangover is almost a million dollars ahead of where Trek was and is still earning over twice as much as Trek was then in twice as many theatres. Hangover might earn $280M before it leaves the box office as it is generally performing better than Trek too. With a $35M budget, The Hangover is already paying for Terminator 4! With Trek’s $150M budget, and horrible foreign sales, Trek is relying on those DVDs to turn a profit.

What’s even more disappointing is that Transformers 2 has made over 1/3 more than Trek and is still outperforming it during the same period. The worst reviewed movie of the year may well hit a billion worldwide, well after the audiences have had enough time to figure out it sucks.

Trek got pulled out of too many theatres for dreck like Transformers and G-Force (shudder) to have multiple screens, so of course it stalled at the box office. Currently I’d have to drive nearly 4 1/2 hours to see it…and I’d LOVE to, but it’s just not practical. It would be extremely interesting to see how far Trek’s “legs” would have taken it IF seeing it was an option for more people right now.

#42 – Actually, no. Trek was already showing at half the theatres The Hangover currently is at the same point during its distribution (52 days), well before Transformers 2 and G-Force. Trek had no serious competition during the month of June, unlike The Hangover which has faced almost all the major films. But that’s all theoretical anyway. If you want to ask hypothetical questions, I would ask if Trek was doing so well in June, why did they start limiting its theatres when there was no need for additional screens for competing blockbuster films? Likewise, when so many other films are making so much more money, why has The Hangover kept its screens? Simply put, The Hangover appears to be making more money per screen than Trek did, outside of its opening weekend. And The Hangover won two consecutive weekends compared to Trek. There are so many other factors at play here, but like I said it is all theoretical. Simply looking at comparative box office earnings, it seems obvious Trek had a nice long run, but not nearly as good a performance to keep it in theatres as long as other films. Obviously you cannot blame Transformers 2 alone.

please!!!!!!!!!!!! no khan

I like this zoe girl

I would feel such pride for Star Trek if it went from left for dead to THE big Independence Day weekend blockbuster in less than a decade.

This may be the year where the movie critics finally get their pink slips from newspapers with declining revenues. Each critic is but one voice on a printed page. And because a film like Transformers 2 can gross $800m with universally bad reviews, it means that the reviewers are irrelevant. Because millions upon millions of viewers disagree with them, it makes them irrelevant as journalists. They are the one sad sack in a cinema filled with revelers.

Their criticisms hit home with an increasingly non-existent demographic. Fire ’em.

Also, outside of technical awards, the Oscars tend to favor films outside of the mainstream. Now we’ll have 10 films up for nomination for “Best Film,” and we won’t have the guilt-ridden turn we had with ROTK a few years ago.

Instead, we’ll have all the big grossers read out loud with some fine small films..what’s that one about Iraq? That one will win, and the big guys will go, heads in hands, back to the studios, to count C-notes while the Iraq guys hope for a theatrical re-release and more independent funding for something new.

Ahh May 25th, thats my birthday, hopefully I’ll get to see this one on my birthday. Unlike the movie that came out on my 17th birthday. For those memory and math impaired, thats 1977 with that ugly movie Star Wars.

Who wants to help erase that 1977 records in ticket volume and total sales. I hope the opening will be as great as that Empire Destroyer flying over our heads.

Kahn would be a big big mistake, stay away from him to be the villian of the next movie. if they want a classic trek villian, do one of the ones who never got a big screen battle against kirk. Iam telling you Kor would be a great cinematic advesary for kirk and crew.

heck i would even prefer Trelane(but only if played by john de lanci) to kahn, but in all hoesty it should either be an original villian or one ot the classic klingons.

Bring on the Gorn!