Official Star Trek Vegas Convention Shaping Up To Be Huge – TrekMovie Will Be There

Next week is the annual official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. This year has quite the stellar line-up, including the original Kirk, three Spocks and lots of first-time convention stars like Christopher Lloyd. There are also many night time activities lined up, including a TrekMovie meet-up and a Roddenberry party. Details below.


Vegas Baby
The annual Vegas Star Trek convention takes place at the Las Vegas Hilton on August 6th-9th. The event will have two concurrently running ballrooms for presentations and celebrity appearances, as well as a huge dealer room and the usual photograph rooms. There are appearances all day, and parties and other events each evening.

The celebrity line-up this year is very impressive. Topping the bill is the original Kirk himself William Shatner, making his first con appearance in two years. Bill will appear on Sunday on his own and with Leonard Nimoy. Also appearing will be the two other Spocks from the new Star Trek movie, Zachary Quinto and Jacob Kogan. There are also many of the main cast stars from all the Trek shows, including Jonathan Frakes Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Robert Beltran, Roxann Dawson, Ethan Phillips, Robert Picardo, Armin Shimerman, Rene Auberjonois, Colm Meaney, Dominic Keating, George Takei, Connor Trinneer, Anthony Montgomery, John Billingsley,  Cirroc Lofton, Tim Russ, and Linda Park. 

The line-up also has many favorite guest stars, including quite a few first-time Creation Convention appearances from  stars of Star Trek movies, such as: Christopher Lloyd (STIII: Kruge), Laurence Luckinbill (STV: Sybok), Stephen Collins (TMP: Decker), and Alex Henteloff (STIV: Dr. Nichols). And many other fan favorite guest stars will be there including John Schuck, Casey Biggs, Gary Graham and more. And for fans of Klingons, you will be able to see J.G. Hertzler and Robert O’Reilly appear in full Klingon costume as Martok and Gowron.

Creation has lined up events for the evenings as well. As Star Trek: The Experience is now closed, they are going to be partying at the top of the Stratosphere Hotel, including free tickets for the thrill rides. On Friday there will be a special performance of "House Call’ by Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips. On Saturday there will be a Gala Performance of the Star Trek stars that can sing: Robert Picardo, Tim Russ, Jacqueline Kim and Brent Spiner (Brent’s first time singing at a convention)

There are still tickets available for the convention as well as many of the evening events. For more info and tickets visit

Vegas Baby!

TrekMovie at Vegas: Meet-up + Panel +Coverage
As always, TrekMovie will be reporting live from the official annual Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. Anthony Pascale and Kayla Iacovino will be roaming the convention center. Check back for details about our live Twitter and Flikr feeds as well as live blog posts from the event all week!

In addition, on Wednesday (convention eve) TrekMovie invites you to the Space Quest casino bar (you know, the one that used to be the entryway to Star Trek: The Experience?) in the Las Vegas Hilton for the TrekMovie, DVD Geeks, and Trek Cast meet up. We’ll arrive a little after 9pm for drinks and socializing, and even some giveaways! TrekMovie, DVD Geeks, and Trek Cast not enough for you? Well, our old pal Larry Nemecek is throwing his hat into the ring to take this gathering of geeks to the next level. Be sure to check out Larry’s website too. We can’t wait to see you there!

On Friday at 11:30 AM, TrekMovie’s Anthony Pascale will be joined by Larry Nemecek and Doug Murray for the "Star Trek The New Movie" panel. It will be a chance for fans to discuss the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie.

Be there, or be square

Roddenberry events
As always, are coming to Vegas. They will have a booth in the dealer room which will have the new ‘Trek 3d’ lenticular prints as well as some new Star Trek 2009 novelty T-Shirts and more new and old favorite products. At the booth you can also record a message for Majel and Gene Roddenberry, that will go up into space along with some of their cremated remains.

In addition Rod Roddenberry and Trevor Roth will be doing a presentation on Friday at 3:30, which will include an introduction to their new comic book ‘Days Missing’ as well as a tribute to Majel Roddenberry.

Finally, is holding a party on Friday at the Hard Rock Casino. Anyone can go, but you have until Friday the 31st to register. The party will be promoting the new comic book and also have some Star Trek celebrities on hand, including Garrett Wang, Robert O Reilly, and JG Hertzler

More info on the Roddenberry events at

Roddenberry at Hard Rock

Picardo Charity Auction
On Sunday Robert Picardo will once again be hosting a charity auction benefit dinner for Habitat for Humanity. More info at

Roddenberry at Hard Rock

East Coast Star Trek Convention This Weekend
If you are in the the NYC area, you may want to head to Parsippany, NJ this weekend for the East Coast Star Trek con. Not as big as Vegas, but some major stars are going to be there, including Leonard Nimoy and Kate Mulgrew.

Tickets are still available, more info at


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Thank you for calling Shatner the “original Kirk” and not the “old” one.

I was there for 40yrs. It was awesome. I need to go again when Star Trek turns 50!

I’ll miss STTE and the good friends we made at the Vegas con. But, we look forward to seeing many old friends at the east coast con this weekend.

They no longer have a roller coaster on top of the Stratosphere. They have three rides though, but the coaster was shut down.

Are there these many conventions every summer?


looks incredible…

But i’m looking forward to the Sci-Fi convention in Toronto this August. It’ll be cheaper for me, lol.

wish i could make it but luckily they are having a convention here in jersey this weekend giggity

There is a con in Parsippany, NJ this weekend with a reasonable list of attendees including Mr. Nimoy on Sunday.

This is the closest Creation has come to NYC in a long time. I’m going to run out and give it a look.

I apparently went to grade school in the city with Robert O’Reilly who will be there as well, and would like to bump heads and see if we had any of the same teachers.

Will anyone from TM be there?

This is one I always wanted to do.

This is Capt. Walker from the local Star Trek Fan Club..USS Las Vegas. I wanted to post the message and invite everyone to stop by our club’s official table in the Dealers Room to say HELLO…I also wanted to mention that Robert Picardo will be hosting his 3rd annual Charity Auction on Sunday night AFTER convention in Downtown Las Vegas at Hennesee’s Tavern from 8:00-midnight. Tickets for this very special Celebrity filled auction to benefit Habitat for Humanity are on sale NOW at Robert Picardo’s official website and at the door for only $35.00. Please visit his website at: for more info. Celebrities hoping to appear may be…Garret Wang, Ethan Phillips, and other surprise guests…

The USS Las Vegas-Star Trek Club is an official co-sponsor of this charity event which will include items up for bid from Robert Picardo’s private collection of memorabilia from China Beach, Wonder Years, Star Trek: Voyager, Stargate: SG 1 & Stargate: Atlantis, and other unique collectibles…..

Hope to see you at Convention…..Capt. Paul Walker……USS Las Vegas.

FYI there is also a STTE cast and crew reunion so all the fans can mingle with their favorite ex-aliens and Starfleeters…is also sponsored by Trekcast and will be at Spacequest Bar at the Las Vegas Hilton, Sunday, Aug. 9, at 7pm. For more info visit the Trekcast website. See you there!

It’s just too bad that there won’t be any Star Trek Online news. It was already stated in an IRC chat by Craig Zinkievich that nothing will be revealed at the Vegas Con. It’s been over a year now and only one gameplay trailer…

I wish I had the money, would love to experience the aura, but guess I’ll be viewing it via this web site. I’m glad that Anthony is getting into it so to help us not so funded experience what we all wish we could see in person.

The question is will the cameras be SD or HD. I go for a DVD when it comes out. Then will there be SD-DVD PC-DVD and BR-DVD versions. I say PC-DVD because that make be as close to HD as some may get.

Sybok!!! Sybok!!! Sybok!!!

“Well done, Valkris. Well done.”

Back in the 1970’s Ster Trek conventions use to be very unique venues offering us a chance to meet other die-hard fans and discuss/share common interests. Wow, times have changed.

I will be there!!


Jasper: Yes. Now we have the Internet to “discuss/share common interests” so cons can finally be fun!

Oh wow! That all sounds amazing.
… but I live in Australia *cries*

AHH Thanks for letting everyone know about the Experience Cast Party April! Miss you Gal….Wish I had the funds to go to say hi to you again..HUGS and tell all the cast we miss em all very much!
Jim Nightshade aka Jeff and Sheri

I am so sorry i cant get to go this year, I was at the Vegas con in both 2007 and 2008 and I loved them both.

couldn’t afford it this year but I am hoping to get back next year.

Will anyone be going next year?

anyone know if the vegas con will def be on in 2010?

I’ll be at the NJ con this weekend, but only on Sunday to see Leonard. I haven’t seen him in person since 1991, when my wife and I happened to attend a free sneak preview of a film he directed called “Funny About Love” at a theater in Paramus, NJ, and he was there. All these years later. He never writes, he never calls…sigh.

Going to Jersey con this weekend. Hopefully it doesn’t get short changed because of the Vegas con the next week.

Got my tickets sitting on my desk. So excited!

Counting the days until I leave for Vegas! Woohoo! My annual Trek.


will it still be on next year? I def want to get back next year

Really annoyed at having to miss it this year, sounds awesome this year

I live in Vegas. I will be there. Everyone come say hi to me.

Oh sure, THIS year there is a Trekmovie meet-up. I attend last year and go around shouting “Anyone from here?” and I don’t even get an odd look (it is a Star Trek convention after all).

Just like buying a high tech device: The day after you purchase it the damn thing goes on sale.

Remember, to meet Shatner, the password is “Scruffy Nerfherder”:D

Anthony, won’t be there so cram as much stuff here on TrekMovie as you folks can!

I’m having to sell my 2 gold pass tickets. T_T They will be on ebay in a day or two. I am sooooooooo heart broken. T_T Live Long, sniff, and Prosper

I will be there, looking forward to the meet and greet @ the Space Quest bar.

Does anyone know if New Voyages/Phase 2 will be doing anything at the con?

I want to go so, so, so, badly. :( ah well, I’m still a youngin’, I’ve got time to go. :D I hope you all have fun… sniff… I’m not jealous or anything.

Nothing on STO? Cryptic being Cryptic

any news about a Trek convention here in the Philippines? wish i was there… the final day of Vegas Trek-Con is my birthday. oh well. :))

for a fan that is stuck in tennessee…

someone, please… PLEASE… ask Dr. Nichols what Madeline wanted. And see if he has still quit smoking…

#15 “Sybok!!! Sybok!!! Sybok!!!”

Thanks for the warning!!!

Does Larry Luckenbill really want to show up at this thing?

40 …

Harry, this pain has poisoned your soul for a long time. Share it, and gain strength from the sharing!

to 39. Stephen Phillips

Funniest comment I’ve seen at Trekmovie in a long time.

I, too, have long wondered what was up with Madeline.

(That LV convention looks like a lot of fun — wish I could go. Haven’t been to a con in over 15 years.)


Great comment

Looking forward to this event as we bought a lot of photo ops. Mostly to see our friends Gerry & Francine and the other people who worked at STTE we know now. It will be nice to see you April, not to mention Darren. I hope he can run the Space Quest bar and fix up some Tranya or a Mind Meld, but that would be too much to hope for. I will settle for his recipe book so I can make my own when I get home.

It seems the con business is not faring so well these days.

Obviously, the Vegas con is the creme de la creme, and, as it is a major transportation/entertainment hub, it is a logical place to hold the thing.

Being from NYC, it seems that we’ve been short-changed again. The cons used to be held in midtown Manhattan. For some reason, this one is in Parsippany, NJ. As most New Yorkers do not own cars, they’ll give it a miss. Parsippany is also not that close to Newark Airport, so it won’t attract many from outside the region.

NYC’s ‘official’ metro area is 20 million strong, and still the largest in the USA. Going to Jersey is, frankly, a pain in the ass. I’ll still be there, but Creation’s savings by having a con in the suburbs adds up to much higher out-of-pocket costs for those they are trying to attract. I’m sure it’ll still be a blast, but, really, guys..Parsippany?

I’ll be attending one day of the convention (Thurs) as well as the Statosphere after party, but I will also be at the Meet Up on Wed nite. Hope to see some of you TrekMovie folks there!

19. AJ, you have a point there! But from what I hear, these confabs : ) are all about standing in lines. Doesn’t sound like a great time to me but I may be missing something.

Have my tickets for Sat & Sun! This is going to be my first convention, looking fwd to seeing the shat and nimoy

Great convention – neen going for 6 years now. Has always been enjoyable, and relaxing.
Warning! The Hilton Hotel closed the Star Trek attraction area. Seems they needed the space for something else? Must be the reason it has been boarded up since last year…
This convention needs to move from the Hilton to a real hotel!