Box Art for Star Trek Season 2 Blu-ray + Individual Star Trek Movies on Blu-ray & DVD [UPDATED]

This Fall is going to be big for Star Trek on home video. We had announced some box art previously, but we now have art for the whole collection, including and exclusive look at the TOS Season 2 on Blu-ray set. We also have art for the new ‘even numbered’ individual movies releases on Blu-ray and DVD.  


Star Trek: Season Two Blu-Ray – September 22nd
The second season of Star Trek makes it HD debut with the Blu-ray release in September. The box art below shows off some of the special features, including the special Tribble disk, which appears to include the TAS episode "More Tribbles, More Troubles." TrekMovie is trying to confirm if the set will also include the DS9 episode "Trials and Tribble-ations."

Star Trek Season Two on Blu-ray – 3D view + front and back

[Amazon pre-order: Star Trek The Original Series: Season Two Blu-ray: $72.99]


Star Trek movie sets – September 22nd
The ‘even numbered movies’ (except Nemesis) are also being released on Blu-ray and DVD on September 22nd. These releases include the new special features from the 2009 movie collections.

UPDATE: Box art for Star Trek II and First Contact have been updated to fix minor errors.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Blu-Ray and DVD 3D views and front views

[Amazon Pre-order: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Blu-ray): $20.99]

[Amazon Pre-order: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (DVD): $11.99]


Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Blu-Ray and DVD 3D views and front views

[Amazon Pre-order: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (Blu-ray): $20.99]

[Amazon Pre-order: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (DVD): $11.99]


Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Blu-ray and DVD 3D views and front views

[Amazon Pre-order: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Blu-ray): $19.99]

[Amazon Pre-order: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (DVD): $10.99]


Star Trek: First Contact Blu-ray and DVD 3D views and front views

[Amazon Pre-order: Star Trek VIII: First Contact (Blu-ray): $19.99]

[DVD not yet available for Amazon Pre-order]


More Star Trek DVD & Blu Ray this Fall
We have previously reported on box art for the Star Trek movie collections, also coming out on September 22nd.

[Amazon pre-order: Star Trek: The Next Generation Motion Picture Collection (Blu-ray)]

[Amazon pre-order: Star Trek: The Next Generation Motion Picture Collection (DVD)]


[Amazon pre-order: Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection (DVD)]

[Available now at Amazon: Star Trek Original Motion Picture Collection (Blu-ray)]

And on November 17th the Star Trek movie comes out. You can pre-order Star Trek on 3-disk Blu-ray, 2-disk DVD, or 1-disk DVD, at Amazon. Or pre-order get the 3-disk Blu-ray Gift Set at Best Buy.

 NOTE: The Star Trek movie box-art is not considered final


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I have got to get me a Blu-Ray player one of these days…..

They used a still of Kirk from Trek III on the Trek II cover. Just pointing that out. :-)

are there no more Billy Blackburn home movies on season 2?

The Reliant is backwards too.

Just to let you know amazon is not yet taking pre orders for the next generation box set yet, only letting you to sign up and be notified when its availble.

I already have the set of the first 6 movies, plus season one in Blu Ray. Ahhh…pure bliss! For those who don’t have it yet, it looks BEYOND AWESOME in hi-def! I noticed things I’d never seen before in 20 years of viewing.

Now I just need seasons 2 & 3 and ST 09…then I will be complete, ahhh! :-)


Those covers…EPIC FAIL.

Most of the image space is EMPTY! The original series collections are elegant and nice…but those images from the films…are almost as bad as the horrible Blu Ray cover for LOGAN’S RUN. What ever happened to using the TERRIFIC Key Art? Go back and look at the original two-disc collector’s editions

After an exploration and approval process…THIS is what they put out?


The packaging for TWOK looks amazing. Really like what they’ve done with that.

Boo, at Comic-Con, they showed the insignia on the cover of TOS: Season Two as being the Science & Medical insignia, which I think is cool with the whole color scheme they had going on.

While i love the single character shots on each of the box set covers i do like these covers they have for the individual movies, kind of wish they were what we had on the box set covers, i am still intrested what the covers for the discs in the box set blurays will be like since there are more characters than movies in the next generation films.

thats awesome that the tos season 2 will include the animated episode, please please please let them also include the ds9 episode,

reliant’s registry number is backwards

Really, about an extra hour spent on each of those covers would have been nice. They’re not terrible, but don’t look too close for too long. Oh, well, this is round one of a double dip anyway.

A double dip I, as a sucker, will probably indulge in. ;)

Why does the blurb on the cover of First Contact say, “…one of the best of the Original Star Trek films” ? It’s not TOS.

See that none of the original crew films have covers matching their boxset counterparts, I’m assuming the cover of FC wouldn’t be the same in the boxset, I imagine they would be the same style character portraits on each case, but with their not being an equal number of characters to discs, I could be wrong. But nice artwork.

The Billy Blackburn Home Movies are on all 3 HD/standard dvd season sets…so I’m certain they’d have to be on the Bluray.
I was hoping for so much more, but alas, these are overly hyped and pretty tame, and not highly disclosing as far as behind the scenes.

Love the box art! Shame the packaging for the new film looks so cheap in comparison.


I don’t know, I think they look kind of classy myself.

They’re CERTAINLY preferable to seeing those awful movie posters again (something Trek has never gotten right for some reason).

So I see that WalMart has a Toshiba (I think) Blu Ray player for $98. Can anyone tell me if it is worth a crap? Because that is the limit that I have set for myself before I buy yet another piece of soon to be obsolete gadgetry. OK, maybe the BD players will have a bit longer life, but you know what I’m getting at.

Anyway, anyone got the goods?

Individually, it’s nice to have a “This is the best movie of the series”-quote on each cover. But next to each other, tha looks quite silly.


“are there no more Billy Blackburn home movies on season 2?”

Surely there are. He recorded “all the time” he said.

and …

1. That One Guy – July 31, 2009

” I have got to get me a Blu-Ray player one of these days…”

I fought it and fought it….and as I’ve said before it’s kind of like being ‘absorbed’ by Landru or getting the spores like Spock and Kirk….I see the light now. “It’s all so clear.

“Peace be with you. Joy and tranquility”


Yeah, yeah, I’m not of the body, yada yada. Is the cheap BD worth it? Can anyone tell me/? Damn I’m an impatient dude.

What? No Uhura on the covers of II, IV & VI?

Why does it say “Star Trek VIII: First Contact” instead of just “Star Trek: First Contact”?

#7 I agree with you!!!!! To the creatives and execs at Paramount:

Get the blu-ray box cover designs done RIGHT! They look like shit and there are errors!

#20 THX i can gaurentee you that was not a toshiba bluray player you saw, lol toshiba has not released a bluray player ever, and had been very resistant to do so after hddvd lost the format war in fact they have done everything possible trying to kill of bluray with their super upconverting dvd players and the like.

it was only recently that toshiba has said in the near future they will have a bluray player on the market(iam guessing time has healed there wounds and they see there is money to make by having a player on the market)

Addendum to #27 – The blu-ray dvd cover to Star Trek II – Reliant is backwards, (you can see the ship registery numbers are backwards) The Kirk image is from Star Trek III – LMAO

Why do they all look the same?

“4 Motion Pictures featuring Captain Picard.”

Oh my f***ing God.

These TOS movie and First Contact DVD/Blu-Ray covers look vastly better than the horrible Star Trek 2009 “ink smear” movie poster cover. A matching cover for Star Trek 2009 (with shots of Pine, Quinto and Nimoy along the top and the Enterprise and Narada along the bottom, would have worked much, much better.

30…. So they match one another on the shelf and fit together neatly as a set, like the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies, for examples.

You missed my point. These covers are pretty bland. At least the Star Wars covers have original art on them. These are just photos.


Like I said, I wasn’t sure I was remembering the brand correctly. That and I don’t care what brand it was. I’m more interested in if the $98 Blu Ray player I have seen at WalMart is worthy of purchase. I have a price point to meet before I buy anything.

It amazes me that you guys get so worked up over a box cover. They look fine. I’ve seen II,III AND IV on blu-ray and they look good. Not fantastic but still better than the DVD transfers I have. Now if your just going to stare at the box are your shelves then there may be something to complain about…..

I actually like the covers. Having said that, it appears that according to the DVD cover First Contact is actually the 7th Trek film.

I prefer the original movie poster.

20. THX-1138 – July 31, 2009

So I see that WalMart has a Toshiba (I think) Blu Ray player for $98. Can anyone tell me if it is worth a crap? Because that is the limit that I have set for myself before I buy yet another piece of soon to be obsolete gadgetry. OK, maybe the BD players will have a bit longer life, but you know what I’m getting at.

Anyway, anyone got the goods?

As far as I know, Toshiba doesn’t make a Blu player — yet. They plan to release one later this year. They were making HD-DVD players and THAT is probably what you saw at Wal-Mart for $98.

As far as Blu-Ray players, stick with Samsung or Panasonic. LGs have more QC problems and Sony are too expensive for what you get. The Samsung BD-P1500 can be had for less than $200 now since the BD-P1600 is out. The BD-P1500 is the bottom player so you won’t get good 1080p DVD up-convert, Profile 2.0, Ethernet, or 7.1 analog audio out. You generally have to pay $100 more for a full-featured player. Profile 1.1 ( BonusView ) is good enough for most people unless you want to access the interactive stuff on the disc that needs an internet connection. You’ll need Profile 2.0 ( BD-Live ) for that. The Samsung BD-P1600 is getting around that by selling an upgrade kit with a WiFi dongle and you use a USB stick for offline storage. The BD-P3600 and 4600 are full compliant players but, look out, Profile 3.0 ( BD Audio ) is just around the corner.

I, myself have a Denon DVD-2500BTci since my receiver does the processing.

#36 I can understand, but the Reliant’s registry number is backwards. How do you F that up?

why cant they just do all of the films as single blu-rays instead of just the even numbered ones! stupid.

Pick that Blu-ray player up, feel it’s heft and the texture of the plastic hood. Don’t shake it, it may break. You get what you pay for. OTOH, my Toshiba A2 at $100 was very well made.

#20 The Walmart player is a Magnavox NB530MGX.
See for news article.

It doesn’t have BD-live, apparently.

#36 Not getting worked up in the least bit. Its just funny

Wow….absolutely god-awful packaging! What a mish-mash of crap! And these guys are paid how much to produce this crap? No imagination, no consistancy as far as the Star Trek font, and the Reliant image is simply inexcusable. As is the quote from that idiot on the FC cover.

Must be the same guys that came up with the poster for the new film. Pathetic. And they have the nerve to use it for the DVD/BR cover! Makes me want to buy it, how ’bout you?

BTW, what about ST 10: Nemisis? Even number, but obviously the red-headed stepchild……..

I have a Magnavox 27″TV that is going on 15 years.

#35 THX-1138

Just found out that those Wal-Mart $98 Blu-Ray players are Magnavox NB500MGX / NB530MGX. These are made in China by Funai, which makes other brands like Sylvania, Philips, Emerson, Insignia, and Pye. Reviews are spotty and mainly complain about disc playability — which is common with Blu-Ray anyway. Expect to go to the Funai site to download firmware updates just about every time a new disc is released. This is a basic no-frills player but does up-convert DVD to 1080p, supports 1080p-24, HDMI 1.3, Profile 1.1. A lot of folks recommend paying extra for the Wal-Mart extended warranty service. LOL

Seriously, Paramount/Viacom/CBS/Whoever –

Give me 10% more than my measly salary at my current job and free copies of all Star Trek DVD’s/BR’s. I’ll design better cover art than this crap and guarantee you at least 100,000 more units sold. Seriously.

Is the STTMP in the DVD version of the box set Bob Wise’s director’s cut or the theatrical cut that’s in the Blu-ray box? And the same question re: the theatrical cut of STVI:TUC. Anyone? Anyone?

Also, I’m with # 38 – why bother with that bland Photoshopped junk when there’s that beautiful Bob Peak poster art? Whoever said the theatrical release posters were “awful” needs a taste transplant.