TrekInk: Exclusive 5-page Preview of Star Trek Alien Spotlight: Q

Next week, after a three month hiatus, IDW returns to their second series of Star Trek Alien Spotlight with an issue focusing on the enigmatic Q. Today we have an exclusive 5-page preview of the new comic, check it out below.


PREVIEW: Star Trek Alien Spotlight: Q
Written by Scott Tipton, art by Elana Casagrande, cover by Joe Corroney.


The all-powerful Q has returned once more, with his latest attempt to understand the nature of humanity, and this time, it’s in a manner that Captain Jean-Luc Picard will never forget!

How will Q bedevil Picard this timeÖ or has Picard finally found a way to turn the tables? .

Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Q covers

A and B covers (click to enlarge)

Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Q preview


(click to enlarge)

Alien Spotlight Q arrives in shops on August 5th and can be pre-ordered from TFAW. The Klingons and Romulans issues are still available, but the Tribbles issue is sold out. There will be two more issues in the Alien Spotlight II series, but those have not yet been announced.





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The trade paperback for the second Alien Spotlight has not been announced yet. You can buy the TPB for IDW’s first Alien Spotlight series (w/ issues for: Gorn, Vulcans, Andorians, Orions, Borg, & Romulans). It is available now Amazon



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They missed the chance to do a Q TNG movie… would’ve been great.

@ #1: Couldn’t agree more. John de Lancie deserved a TNG movie!

This comic looks awesome! I usually don’t buy comics anymore (aside from the Countdown series), but this one looks like it’s gonna be good!

Q aboard the Enterprise-E. Very nice. I’m getting it!

Awww, Q is awesome :) I’ll definitely pick this up.

#1 I agree, a Q movie would have been awesome! Perhaps with the reboot series it’s a possibility the writers could incorporate some Q-action in one of the new movies.

I have to ask: why does the art look spectacular on the covers, but second-rate in the comic themselves? The cover artist nailed John de Lancie’s look on the cover (on the left hand side), but the interior makes it look as they weren’t allowed to use de Lancie’s likeness at all.

I’d be more inclined to pick up comics if the interiors were up to the same standards as the covers. As it stands, it’s too distracting to be enjoyable for me.

Hmm. Picard’s reaction to Q is not what I had in mind especially after their “All Good Things” departure being on good terms. I mean, all he did was appear in Picard’s quarters and he’s bursting out at him?

To #5. John in Canada, eh?

I guess it’s a matter of opinion. I think the art and color look beautiful in the interiors. IDW is a first-rate publisher and Star Trek comics have NEVER been handled better by any other company.

#6 Well, I’d agree, but this was just after dealing with the Borg in First Contact, and usually when Q appears, something else bad is about to happen, so I’d say his reaction is justified. Especially since it seems like we’re getting a “Freaky Friday” scenario with Picard and Q?

The art’s certainly better here than in the one with those ridiculously pumped-up Romulans, anyways.

I am so getting this; Q rocks!

Just out of curiosity, did anyone here read the TNG comic that John de Lancie wrote? It’s not bad. Surprisingly dark, though.

Spelling error: “Mon Capitaine.” Not “capitan.”

Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:


1. noun capitaine m.

2. transitive verb être le capitaine de (team);
commander (ship, platoon).

Mr. Tipton now needs to either buy a sh*tload of white-out or ask Q for a miracle.

Q rocks! I agree a Q movie would have rocked. His manner about things doesn’t make him seem like a ‘villain’ per se, but a bully or a super-person with a large sense of humor.

lol imagine Q on Archer’s Enterprise!

Looks good.

Thay certainly seem to have the banter between Picard and Q spot on.

#1, agreed, Nemesis should have been a Q movie, not a Romulan movie. TNG started with Q, and I dont think there’s a Q episode I dont like (except for the DS9 one, just didnt work). I think if for some miraculous reason they went ahead and gave TNG the ending it deserves it should and would be with Q. The comic looks good, though, I plan on checking it out.

# 1 (Boulderdash)

Great idea! That’s EXACTLY the kind of ‘Star Trek’ movie people want to see!

In case you haven’t noticed – this comment is meant to be sarcastic.

#1: Yep, so it is!

I agree with John #5; the interior artwork is lousy! Picard almost looks like Patrick Stewart in one profile shot, but otherwise…no. Q doesn’t look like Delancie at all; the first shot of his face is so bad, I can’t believe they used it.

– #14 Will H: TNG already got the ending it deserved, and it was with Q. It was called “All Good Things…” Unfortunately, they decided to make those oh-so-amazingly wonderful TNG movies…sigh…

Am I the only one here who cannot stand Q? Aside from Delancie’s performance–he can chew the scenery with the best on them!–the character is utterly uninteresting to me. (And I only compliment Delancie’s performance because I like the man and I think he did the best he could with a rotten character.)

Sorry to gripe, but I’m hoping I’m not alone in (a) disliking the character and (b) thinking this comic looks rotten and is poorly written (at least the first 5 pages).

The comics are horribly drawn. And most of the angles on the Enterprise-E are overpainted stills from the movies. Embarrassing.

#17: I think you are, indeed, alone with disliking Q. He (they?) harken back to the best stories of the Greek Gods: petty, self-absorbed, and dismissive of humans.

I always liked the idea that Picard was chosen to be humanity’s advocate in the great trial, and that the Borg were part of that trial, because Q, being the judge and prosecutor, decided to bring them into the game (which means Q is indirectly responsible for the events in First Contact).

The final TNG adventure/movie should have put an end to that trial, coming full circle with the very first episode of TNG, and concluding All Good Things.

@6. Agreed. I had the same reaction to Picard’s reaction. I would expect Picard to take an almost Zen approach by now and just get used to Q popping in for a visit, especially after All Good Things. I would more understand Picard’s negative reaction after finding out what Q has in mind.

@20… I agree to an extent. However, at the end of All Good Things, Q told Picard that the trial never ends, didn’t he? I am weary though of anyone’s repeated attempts “to understand humanity”.

All that aside, though, the comic looks great and I just might get it as I love TNG!

I really think they should make some DvD movies of TNG. That way we could get a Q movie. Q deserved to be in the final film.

I haven’t realized that there’re already that many new Trek comics out.

That happens when you live at the end of the comic world…(-;

On the one hand, I like Cover A better than Cover B, but on the other hand, the story is set shortly after First Contact, so that cover is anachronistic…

I definitely think the artist drew Picard with too much of The Rage on the fourth preview page.

If this story involves Q Leaping into Picard’s body (as it appears to), all I can say is…oh boy.

So what’s with cover A being set on the Enterprise D, even though clearly the comic takes place following First Contact?

Ugg. Sorry I’ll pass on this one as well. Picard looks like Lex Luthor! The covers look pretty good – especially the one with Data, but the interior artwork suffers.

Mainly though, I just never really liked the character of Q. Maybe if the powers that be gave him more of a backstory in TNG it would have been a better character. I would really have liked it if they had made the link between TOS and TNG by making Q, Trelane.

Please, PLEASE let Picard finally find a way of taking the fun out of Q’s antics. Q has come and gone without any attempt to rid the starship of his presence, and I’d think a Starfleet captain would at least put his science team to figure out a way to take him down several pegs.

That’s why I think Q never visited Kirk’s Enterprise. James T. wouldn’t rest until he came up with a way to boot that omnipotent busybody off the ship. I can think of several ways to accomplish it, and I’m not a captain.

The preview looks very good artwise. I hope Q will get the shellacing he so richly deserves.

Covers are pretty much always better than interiors. For every comic, every publisher, and every artist. This is simply because the cover is what sells the comic. If the cover isn’t awesome looking then nobody will even pick it up, regardless of the content.

#27 – Thank God. Finally an opinion I can get my head around. Q had his roots in Trelane from TOS – a VASTLY more interesting character. While John de Lancie, a fantastic actor, may well have deserved his own movie, Q did not. The TNG folks totally missed the point as they continued to develop Q, who gradually became an annoyance and the comic relief much in the vein of Harry Mudd. Finally once you create a character like that with God-like omniscience without an Achilles-heel of any sort, they become anti-climactic. The crew are totally at their mercy which removes much of the point of Trek – Q is like one big Kobayashi Maru to watch rats in a maze and see what they will do when faced with situations they cannot control. Unfortunately since Q presents no real-menace, it’s no better than sitting in a simulator. Trelane was a menace. Q could have learned a thing or two from the ill-tempered brat and would have been far more compelling. Characters who can do anything eventually become tedious to watch. Though they can make for an amusing distraction during a lengthy TV series run, what on Earth would Q do in a feature length film? Morality stories play so well, especially when set against the back-drop of Sci-Fi.

Q is a fun, fantastic character. They should bring him back for a TNG film!

I think Q would work well in a Trek film. Obviously, since he was created for TNG, I think it should be a TNG film. Save him for the final film though. I would love to see them develop three direct-to-DVD movies for TNG. A two parter of some sort, and then a third with Q to wrap things up.

Q for the villain of Star Trek 2!

(or Star Trek: Subtitle, or whatever we’re calling JJ’s second Star Trek film right now)

Bring back John de Lancie one last time, and have him clash with Kirk, Spock and Mccoy!

Picard’s body language is all wrong in the conversation with Q. Picard is the embodiment of dignified reserve, not a man who physically emotes, talks with his hands, and so on. Perhaps this was for the Italian edition?


The only good writer to do a Story on “Q” is Peter David!!!

I’m glad they’re doing this, I like Q. If there’s a way to fit him in, I’d love to see Q pop up in the next movie.

I’m sorry, I am eager to see more of the crew’s adventures, but most of those panels are repeats of lines from the show or rehashing the same things that were said back and forth when Q would come on the show.
“Yet I feel uneasy…” Kirk in the beginning of ST:III
“Such manners, Picard” “You wound me, sir” both Q’s lines from ST:TNG
Q trying to understand humanity, what’s new in that?
Plus I agree, the cover is great, Riker and Data look like a traced photo, but Q inside looks kind of like a bad caricature of Shanter!

Q would be the only one who could sort that entire mess that is Enterprise, Nemesis and this new movie. It’s established in the storylines that those movies are timeline f***ups, so they need to be corrected. I want my original universe back that ended with DS9 and Insurrection and the last episode of Voyager BEFORE Endgame.

All of the Q novels work much better than this idea. The collected Q trilogy is quite the read…. Why revisit?

Q already takes the blame for the wipeout of the T’Kon Empire there, along with much else. I recommend those novels to everyone… Not so sure about a one-off comic Q-freaky Q-friday. The idea of PiQard would have been better back in the day during TNG’s original run.

Picard is realy losing his shit over Q a bit too easily. The Captain is far more mature at this stage.

Tom Hanks as the new Q in the next Star Trek film or the one that precedes it. A match made in heaven, Mr. Orci. He and DeLancie even resemble one another.

Or the one that *succeeds* it. Excuse my typo.

I remember the DVD where the Captains of Star tTek chose their favorite episodes and the fans chose their favorite spisodes. The part that I find in disbelief was that in no episode cointained “Q”. I consider the episodes that contained “Q” to be Star Trek best.