July 2009

First Look At Quantum Quest – a 3D Animated Aventure Featuring Pine, Shatner & more Trek stars

Did you know there is a movie coming out that features both Kirks, Chris Pine and William Shatner…plus Brent Spiner, Robert Picardo, Mark Hamill and other vets of Star Trek and sci-fi? It is the 3-D animated film Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey which is has a panel at Comic-Con Thursday. Writer-producer Harry Kloor gave TrekMovie a preview, including exclusive first look at images.  

Trekkies Guide To San Diego Comic Con 2009

This weekend (kicking off with a preview tonight) is the annual San Diego Comic Con. Although there are no major Star Trek panels, Trek will still have a big presence at the show from the Paramount Home Entertainment Booth, to the other licensees (including some selling exclusives). There are also Trek celebrities showing up at booths and panels. We have all the details below.

STO Game Update: New Screenshots + Backstory + more

It has been almost a month since TrekMovie’s last update for  Star Trek Online, the upcoming MMORPG, so we have a bit of ground to cover. This update includes screenshots, an update to Cryptic’s FAQ, and some new story elements, where even though they are in the Prime Timeline, Cryptic is still trying to incorporate elements from the Star Trek movie. 

First Look At QMx Star Trek 2009 USS Enterprise Studio-scale Replica

Back in May we reported that Quantum Mechanix had picked up the license to make replicas from JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. Today QMx revealed their first replica, a limited-edition studio-scale detailed replica of the new USS Enterprise. QMx will begin taking orders on this replica in September, with the first models (of a total of 500) shipping to customers in October. See below for more details, including how you can customize your Enterprise.

Sci-Fi Movies Monday: Green Lantern, Green Hornet, Hobbit, Iron Man, New Moon, GI Joe + more

This week’s genre news brings lots of activity in the world of comic book movies, with an agressive line-up coming from DC, and lots of updates on Green Hornet, Green Lantern, Ghost Rider, Iron Man and more. Also the first reviews of GI Joe are in, and it might not suck. We also have the latest images and videos, including photos of Hobbiton being constructed. 

Details On Star Trek TNG Movie Blu-Ray & DVD + TOS Season Two Sets + more

This morning Paramount Home Entertainment made the official announcement for a number of expected releases, including the remastered Star Trek Season Two on Blu-ray and Next Generation Motion Picture Collection on Blu-ray and DVD. They also announced individual titles for all the ‘even numbered’ feature films on Blu-ray and DVD. We have all the details for all the releases below.  

Star Trek Movie DVD and Blu-ray Sets Available For Pre-order

Details on the various DVD and Blu-ray sets for the Star Trek movie were just announced on Friday, and now they are becoming available for pre-order. The 3-disk Blu-ray and 2-Disk DVD are both discounted to $27.99 at Amazon in the US. Below we have links to those and to pre-orders and notification sign-ups in the UK, Germany and Canada.

Library Computer: TrekMovie Guide To The Deep Space Nine ‘Relaunch’

In the past eight years Pocket Books has been taking Star Trek novels to a new level by embarking on an ‘eighth season’ of Deep Space Nine in book form. With two new DS9 ‘relaunch’ novels fast approaching it may seem intimidating to jump in, so the Library Computer brings you an updated guide to the series and how you can get caught up on all the previous action.

Science Friday: Apollo 11 40th Anniversary Edition

Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11: man’s first trip to the moon. This week, we celebrate the event with an Apollo 11 edition of Science Friday! Relive the mission in real time and celebrate with Star Trek. Go to the moon, Mars, and beyond with Steve Squyres. Join a team of rogue NASA engineers in designing a better rocket for manned space flight. All this an more plus our gadget of the week: EATR.

More SDCC Star Trek Exclusives: Genki Khan Cologne & Hot Wheels Enterprise in Dock

As yet another sign of Star Trek’s return to the mainstream, more and more companies are announcing exclusive Trek items for the San Diego Comic Con (July 23-26). Genki Wear, makers of Star Trek themed fragrances has a special Khan cologne, and Mattel introduces an exclusive USS Enterprise in Space Dock Hot Wheels edition. Trekmovie has all the details.

Star Trek Movie Coming To DVD/Blu-ray In November w/ High-tech Features

Today more details emerged about the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release for JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. Confirming our earlier reports, Paramount has announced there will be three home video sets for Star Trek (2 DVD sets & 1 Blu-ray). All three will be released on November 17th. These releases will include some interesting high-tech features — details below.

TrekInk: 5-Page Preview Of Spock Reflections #1

This year’s "Star Trek Countdown" comic prequel to the Star Trek movie featured the elder Spock on Romulus late in the 24th century. Next week IDW debuts the first issue (of four) of "Spock Reflections," which will delve into the events that led to Spock choosing to live on Romulus, and promises to have "key insights” into Spock, as well as a “startling revelation." We have a 5 page preview of issue 1 below.

Quinto Presents At ESPY Awards + Pine’s Next Movie Update + Guide To ST09 Stars At Comic-Con

It seems like you can’t do an awards show these days without having a Star Trek skit or Trek celebrity presenter. Last night it was Zachary at ESPN’s ESPY Awards. This quickie ST09 Celeb Watch has pictures and video from that, plus an update on Chris Pine’s next movie and a full breakdown on where you can find your Trek celebrities at Comic Con next weekend.        

Jonathan Frakes Narrating New Science Doc On History Channel – Clip From Show On Cloaking Devices

Star Trek stars are no strangers to the world of voice-over and narration and with all that practice at technobabble, they are naturals for narrating documentaries on space, science and technology. The latest is Next Gen’s Jonathan Frakes who is narrating a new show on The History Channel called "That’s Impossible" The show airs Tuesday (with two episodes airing tonight). See below for a clip.

UPDATED: More Details For Paramount’s Star Trek Blu-Ray/DVD Comic-Con Promotional Plans

UPDATED: Today, in two separate releases, Paramount and CBS have outlined their plans for next week’s Comic Con, where they will be revealing details on upcoming Star Trek Blu-ray and DVD sets. See below for details on Star Trek elements and giveaways at the booth. See below for a promo video from David Gerrold and a look at the Star Trek giveaways.

Sci-Fi (Movies) Monday: Thor, Harry Potter, Green Lantern, Tron, Superman, District 9, Alice in Wonderland + more

Like with our TV roundup, there is a lot of groud to cover for movie news over the last couple of weeks, starting off with the ultimate sci-fi hookup of Natalie Portman joining Chris Hemsworth in Thor. We also have a big update on the new Harry Potter, plus Green Lantern’s casting, a synopsis for Tron, the future of Superman and more. And we have all the latest previews, including District 9 and Alice in Wonderland.

Happy Birthday Patrick Stewart

There may be two Captain Kirks but there still is only one Captain Picard. Today is Patrick Stewart’s 69th Birthday. Although he has handed in his space suit to return to his home in the theater, Star Trek fans still remember the leader of The Next Generation on TV and film. See below for the latest on Patrick.