July 2009

More Star Trek Oscar Buzz (w/ Abrams Response) + Weekend Box Office + more

The talk these days seems to be moving on to the Blu-ray release and the sequel, but JJ Abrams Star Trek movie is still in theaters, and still making news. Today’s ST09 Tidbits brings you Entertainment Weekly’s prediction that Trek will be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar (and a comment from Abrams). Plus we have the latest box office data and more.

“Amok Time” Performed Live in Portland ‘Trek in the Park’ + TWOK Performed in Kansas City Tonight

Doing ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ during the summer is so passé. This year Star Trek is all the rage, and so the Atomic Arts’ theater company in Oregon is holding "Trek in the Park." During the next two weekends you can see a live version of "Amok Time" in Portland, Oregon.  [UPDATE: and Wrath of Khan being performed tonight in Kansas City]

Sci-Fi Saturday (TV): Flash Forward, Lost, Heroes, Smallville, Star Wars, Warehouse 13, Eureka + more

After a week off, Sci-Fi Saturday has some catching up to do with lots of on Fall genre TV shows, including new details and previews for Flash Forward, Lost, Heroes and more. Plus previews and details on Summer shows, including Warehouse 13, Torchwood and Eureka. There is is also an update on the Star Wars live action show. All that and a new Cylon toaster and more.   

Paramount First To Pass $1 Bil. in 2009 – Studio Chief ‘Excited’ For Future Trek (& Transformers)

Just like last year, Paramount Pictures is again the first studio to pass the $1 Billion mark in domestic ticket sales, and over half of that is due to two films, Star Trek, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Paramount has released a statement about the event, which cites both films as well as acknowledging how they will play into the future of the studio.   

EXCLUSIVE: Pocket Books Announces 2010 Star Trek Books – Includes 4 ‘JJ-verse’ Novels

Last week we previewed covers and details for Pocket Books Star Trek novels for the rest of 2009. Today we can announce the schedule for Star Trek books for 2010, which includes more Original Series era books, a big TNG-era 24th century mini-series and four books set in the universe of JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie. 

Star Trek Season 2 Blu-Ray Coming September 22nd + More Trek Home Video Announcements At Comic Con

In April CBS & Paramount released the first season of Star Trek: The Original Series on Blu-ray with a note that Seasons 2 & 3 were ‘coming soon’. Now an industry trade magazine has revealed the date for Season 2. We also have news on what what Paramount Home Entertainment has planned for Comic Con. 

Mythbusters To Test Star Trek’s Gorn Cannon

Finally someone is going to test the Star Trek cannon (that is ‘cannon’ with two n’s). Mythbusters, the Discover Channel show that puts urban legends (and TV & movie magic) to the test, is finally going to take on Star Trek. Specifically they are going to test the feasibility of the cannon that Captain James T. Kirk built to defeat the Gorn in the original series Star Trek episode "Arena"

SyFy Wants A New Space Opera – Should It Be A New Star Trek TV Series?

Yesterday, to much fanfare, the SciFi Channel changed its name to SyFy. Many took this as an attempt to distance itself from ‘real science fiction’ but yesterday network executives were on the record saying they are actually looking for a new ‘space opera’ to fill the void left by Battlestar Galactica and Farscape. TrekMovie wonders, why not a new Star Trek TV show?

Orci and Kurtzman To Produce Movie Based On View-Master Toy (Really!)

The co-writers and executive producers of the new Star Trek movie (and sequel) are adding yet another movie into their stable or production projects, and this one is yet another hard to believe adaptation. DreamWorks is now in talks for the rights to make a film based on the Fisher Price ViewMaster 3D Viewer toy, with Bob and Alex tapped to produce.

The Collective: A Look At The Star Trek Terran Empire XP Hypersuite

Today, The Collective wears a beard as we imagine this scenario: A Star Trek fan has two computers. One is a good computer, yet the other is from an evil mirror universe. Want this scenario to be true? Now it can be with the Star Trek: The Terran Empire desktop interface from The Skins Factory. See below for details, images and a demo video.

TJ Hooker Getting Movie Reboot (Really!) – Will Shatner Be In That?

It appears that another classic TV show starring William Shatner is headed for a big screen reboot, this time it is TJ Hooker…and no that is not a joke. Today Variety reported that the classic 80s cop show is being remade as an action comedy. No word yet on if any of the original show stars will return, but there is a potential part for Shatner.   

The Collective: Review of Star Trek Electric Train Collection

TrekMovie continues our look at the heirloom quality Star Trek collectibles from the Bradford Group with an unusual set that brings two hobbies together: model trains and Star Trek collecting. The Star Trek Electric Train Collection is a first of its kind Star Trek item and TrekMovie has all the details below in a review with pictures and video.  

ShatWatch: Attack Of The Bill Edition

One of the reasons William Shatner hasn’t seen the new Star Trek movie yet, could be because he continues to be the hardest working man in showbiz. Today Bill appeared on Attack of the Show and discussed whether or not he could beat up Chris Pine, amongst other things. We have video of that and his new Priceline commercial, plus a Raw Nerve update, news on the possibility of more TekWar on TV, and a project that Bill actually said no to.