ST09 CelebWatch: Quinto’s Comics & Cops + Pine Unstoppable Again + Zoe Is a Geek + Pegg on the Prairie + more

Hopefully about this time next year the new stars of Star Trek are wrapping up production on their next trip to the final frontier, but until then, they do need to keep busy. Today in a special CelebWatch, we see how Zach Quinto is launching comics and dealing with the police, Simon Pegg is out on a prairie, Zoe Saldana is calling herself a geek, Chris Pine is unstoppable again, and more . 


Quinto launches comics – dealing with cops
Last week at Comic Con Zachary Quinto (Spock) announced that his production company, Before the Door Productions, was launching two new comic books with Archaia, "Murder is Dead" and "Lucid" (click links for previews and more info on each at Zach’s site). Below is video of the entire Comic Con panel.

Currently Zach is in production for Heroes Season 4 "Redemption." Quinto can be spotted in the newly released preview below, looking his usual Sylar creepy, and apparently he wants his body back.

Wrapping up our Quinto news, yesterday E! reported that while shooting a viral video for the website Funny or Die, Zach had a real-life run in with the LAPD. Apparently Quinto scared the owner of the LA bakery Kiss My Bundt where they were shooting. From the E report:

In the comedy bit, [Quinto] plays a pistol-wielding robber.

“When someone saw Zach hold up a real gun and scream, ‘This is a goddamn hold up!’ they called the police,” Bundt owner Chrysta Wilson tells us.

And get this, the cops were called a second time during another take of the same scene.

Wilson said she’s not surprised the make-believe drama appeared to be real…

“Zachary is scary as hell,” she says…

Pine Unstoppable again – headed to PA for filming
In our last update we reported that Chris Pine’s (James T. Kirk) chosen follow-up project to Star Trek was in trouble after Denzel Washington had backed out due to salary concerns. However, Washington is back on board to the Tony Scott action movie set on a runaway train and so he and Chris Pine will start production in Pittsburgh later this month.

Zoe ‘I’m a sci-fi geek’ talks about her next sci-fi blockbuster
Star Trek only got Zoe Saldana (Uhura) started for 2009. In December she heads up James Cameron’s huge Avatar movie. In a new Entertainment Weekly interview done at Comic-Con, she talks about her love of sci-fi and working on both Star Trek and Avatar.

Pegg VLog’s Paul
Simon Pegg is currently in production on his sci-fi comedy Paul. You can keep track of the production at the website and on their YouTube Channel, which has a number of uploads already. Here is part 1 of a Q&A session that Pegg did this past week.

(click for part 2)

Bana’s big August
Star Trek, where he played the villain Nero, is still not out of theaters entirely, but Eric Bana appears in two more movies opening in August. He has a supporting role in Judd Apatow’s Funny People which opened yesterday, and he is the lead, playing another time-traveler, in The Time Traveler’s Wife opening in two weekends. The LA Times has a new profile and interview with the actor, where he talks about his three movies of the summer. Bana says he doesn’t have anything lined up now, joking “I think you’ve seen enough of me for a while.” And just in case you were wondering, and not sure why you would, Bana says he will not be back for the Star Trek: Something Something Sequel.

Here is the latest trailer for The Time Travelers Wife

Rapid-fire links to more Star Trek celeb news

  • Leonard Nimoy (Spock Prime) to narrate part of Music – Moonlight at the Griffith Park Observatory on October 5th in Los Angeles []
  • John Cho (Sulu) appeared in Yahoo Movies list of 25 funniest people in the movies
  • In September Chris Hemsworth (George Kirk) will begin shooting the remake of Red Dawn in Michigan (Chris plays the role of Jed Eckert, played by Patrick Swayze in the original) []


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I’m still baffled that they’re remaking Red Dawn, and I’ll still watch absolutely anything that Simon Pegg does.

Ahhaha the baby’s expression in the cap from the Heroes preview makes me laugh. Poor little guy.

Leah Thompson could never be recast.

Hey Anthony how about some new info on Tron Legacy. I must have watched that VFX trailer 30 times since it came out.

I have been following the What is Paul Blog closely. The clips are vintage Pegg/Frost. I love Edgar Wright too. I wish he was working on Paul. I added the two clips to my Favourites on You Tube. I will be in line for Paul as soon as it comes out in the UK.

I love Zoe Saldana! Not many women and particuarly women of color would admit to being a geek. I am both and proud of it!


Oy, this guy and his time Travel…..


Uh oh. Eric Bana is time traveling again. We know what happened the last time he did that.

Boy, that baby can act.