Exclusive First Look At 2010 Star Trek Movie Calendar

For 2010 Star Trek fans get a choice of three Star Trek wall calendars. We have already previewed the TOS and Ships of the Line calendars, and today we have the exclusive preview of the Star Trek movie calendar. Check it out below 



Spend a year with the new crew
The 2010 Star Trek movie calendar uses US poster image. 

Star Trek movie 2010 Calendar cover

Each month for the 12-month calendar features an image from the Star Trek movie, with each month devoted to one of the main cast, plus one month with Kirk and Spock together and one month for the USS Enterprise. The date grid will also have all the birthdays of the film stars, along with some of the filmmakers (such as JJ Abrams). Here are two month samples. 

Star Trek Movie 2010 Calendar – June

Star Trek Movie 2010 Calendar – September

The 2010 Star Trek movie calendar will be available in September and can be pre-ordered now from Amazon (discounted to $11.19).

2 more Star Trek wall calendars
There are two more Star Trek 2010 wall calendars. The Star Trek Original Series Calendar is available now, and the Ships of the Line Calendar should be available soon.

See our previews:



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Will it have some ship shots?

Yeah, gotta agree there – without the Kelvin it’s not happening in my house.

Those are from the same publicity shots we saw before the movie. I hope there’s more than pre-release shots and trailer stills.

The design for everything is really nice, but the images themselves could use a little more, no?

Are the backgrounds all the same?


And, no, I’m not talking about Zoe, hot though she is.

Damn, Captain Pike. Daaaaamn.


Honestly doesnt look that interesting. But then again, I’m more of a ship of the line fan.

“Uhura cannot break through the interference to signal starfleet.”

lol. That pretty sums up her entire role on the bridge.

This year I bought a TOS Calender which I love and next year it is def the movie Calender for me! :)

Wow, all of three postings and a negative one already.

I look forward to seeing it as well as the TOS and Ship of the Line calendar.

2010 Star Trek ’09 Calendar- complete with lens flares from the movie. LoL!

So is the ONLINE one still coming out with images from ALL the Treks including the movie or is that for next year 2011?

I thought it was stated that this calendar would have ‘NEW’ publicity shots??? Very disappointing

Anyone go to the convention in jersey??

Bad ass Pike is bad ass.

Yay i get Captain Pike for my month!

#14- Just got back, Tom. It was great. Leonard Nimoy was engaging, full of love for Star Trek, Spock, and the fans. He was down-to-earth while at the same time being moving and inspiring. I love that guy. Also, it seemed that about a third of the fans had never been to a convention before. Richard Arnold mentioned we can thank JJ for that.

I thought they said they weren’t going to use already shown promo shots for this calander.

damn i was hoping i get Uhura for my month: July.

the best pics I‘ve seen yet were on cereal boxes. How about we get something with those images?

buy some cereal

The captions are a tad cheesy, and the pictures aren’t anything new either.

Anyone know if there’s a TNG equivalent?

I’m looking forward to seeing this calendar as well as the other two. I’ll probably get the Ships of the Line for my brother and the movie one for myself. I might even splurge and put TOS in one of my music studios…

everything about trek disappoints me. nothing about trek makes me happy. my feelings are constantly compromised by trek. typing “trek” makes me feel angry. i was expecting more from everything that has trekkish stuff. i am so right. uhura was dumb. spock was that guy from heroes. the ship is too big. my dick is too small. everyone cares about what i post here. mom hates me. no one understands my understanding of the spirit of trek. the movie was wrong. i am right. i hate you. so does my cat. my cat is dead. my mom is dead. you killed her with this so-called trek movie. kirk was not shatner and i hate you for that. i like spaceships. all the spaceships were crap. never argue with me or i’ll kil you. you killed trek. i hate mom. movies are more important than you are. my dick is small. i love mom, trek. i love trek more than you. i hate calendars. i want mom/trek. chekov talked wrong and i hate you. engineering was wrong and now i hate you and jj too. help.

Is it just me or is NOTHING written on September 8?!

I will be sticking with the TOS calender with the originals. No offence to the new actors who are great but I prefer and always will prefer the originals.

Well despite my gripes with the changes JJ did at least I can thank him that one of my friends who never watched much Trek now loves Trek and is watching all the episodes of me.

He might have changed things that I am angry at but at least the new fans are watching the Trek that we love,

Remember I loved the film despite my gripes. It has been the best film this summer.

I just get a bit annoyed at some of the changes thats all. The brewery engineering I hated and always will

Appears to be a portrait calendar. No thanks, I want starships.

Ugh, I’ll be getting the ships of the Line instead. That spacedock shot blows the entire 2009 movie out of the water.

Awww…i already got the TOS calendars! They are a beauty!

The TOS looks better plus it is the originals

I pre-ordered my ST XI calendar from Amazon UK over a month ago. I really like the shots of Zoe Saldana and Bruce Greenwood.

@24; You are disgusting. Please grow up.

@ 24: tl;dr

Anyway, calendar looks awesome. Looks like there’s going to be multiple calendars next year for me. :P (Only one of ’em Star Trek.)

After the film comes out on Blu/DVD, I can make my own bloody calendar, so there!

I might still prefer the ships-of-the-line calendar myself…

I just think the ‘star trek movie’ calander remains very similar from month-to-month. I like my calendar to look different every month and ‘ships-of-the-line’ offers that. I was happy with the 2007 version and the 2008 was pretty good as well although maybe not as good… 2009 is probably the best one I have had yet.

I may be alone here, but I want blueprints from ST09, and details on the other Starfleet ships we saw (USS Hannity (!) and Farragut, etc), including the cool Kelvin.

None of the other calendars are anywhere near as cool as Ships of the Line. I don’t need to see preview images to know this.

Boring calendar. Lame captions. Shots seen before. Pass.

Minor nitpick…

That shot of Uhura isn’t from when they’re trying to contact starfleet from Vulcan – it’s from the end of the movie, after they’ve escaped the black hole.

#6 – I agree with you completely!! :D

Since I started getting the calendars in TOS format the last 15 + years, I am going to have to stay with that.

Meh…I’ll pass. I only buy calendars for the FX shots and it looks like this one is going to be mostly character shots.

This is all they can do? Print some promo stills that are available everywhere in high resolution on that lame format?

I agree with the others: Ships of the Line is the way to go.

Looks like they saved a few bucks on hiring a graphic designer. “Hey, my cousin frank has a copy of InDesign, lemme just call him.”

Could be more original, given the subject matter:


.152 .153 .154 .155 .156
.157 .158 .159 .160 .161 .162 .163
.164 .165 .166 .167. 168 .169 .170
.171 .172 .173 .174 .175 .176 .177
.178 .179 .180 .181

When will they have a star ship Leavitt. She was the one who discovered the way to measure the extent of the universe using Cepheid Variable stars.