Con Report: Star Trek New Jersey 2009

Creation Entertainment got their Star Trek Summer convention season going with their East Coast Star Trek convention in Parsippany, NJ over this past weekend. On hand were many big Trek celebs, including Jeffrey Combs, Kate Mulgrew, Conner Trinneer, John Billingsley and the headliner, Leonard Nimoy. TrekMovie has a full report (with photos and video) for all three days of the con below 



Kicking off a with a good crowd on Friday, then con eventually sold out on Saturday and Sunday, even amidst massive thunderstorms (which caused a couple of brief blackouts). This report breaks down the con, day by day.


Report submitted by Jean Marciniak

Marc Alaimo
The convention kicked off with the ultimate Cardassian baddie, Marc Alaimo who woke up the early afternoon crowd with vibrancy and laughter. The actor went right into questions, which ended up revealing that he and Jeff Combs (who was to appear later) were neighbors and apparently they still keep in regular touch, just like old times with Weyoun and Dukat. But Marc wasn’t above poking some fun at his friend, replying to a question about what he would have wanted to do with Combs on the set, and saying "I wanted to bi#$ slap him". Getting serious, Alaimo told another fan that his favorite actor to work with was the Sisko himself, Avery Brooks. After cracking up the audience over and over, Alaimo got a standing ovation as he departed.

Alaimo got things going on Friday as the crowd built up

Suzie Plakson
A natural on stage, and altogether funny, Plakson spent much of her time time on stage going into depth into her character K’ehleyr and what future she believed was right for the young Klingon. According to the actress the network was originally thrilled with Worf’s love interest, but then some writer came up with the idea “how About we kill her?” and it was all over. Suzie said she was upset with that and how K’ehleyr died and believed it would have been more "glorious" if K’ehleyr went out fighting like a warrior.  Plakson talked about bloopers, revealing how she could not restrain her laughter during the scene of K’ehleyr’s death.  She found it ironic that as the director shouted action and her only job at that point was to play dead.  “What more could I do” she stated.

Plakson revealed insights into the death of K’ehleyr

Jeffrey Combs
Day one of the con came to a conclusion as Star Trek’s multi-character gust star Jeffrey Combs took the stage as a clear fan favorite as the audience gave a long and resounding applause as he took the stage.  A regular with any crowd, Combs proceeded to keep them chuckling with his impressive imitations of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.  The actor also shed some light on the working of Deep Space Nine and how close he (as Weyoun) was to throwing Gul Dukat out the nearest air lock.  He also described how Shran’s Andorian antennas worked, explaining how there was a mechanical mechanism attached to the back of his head that was remotely controlled. Lastly Mr. Combs answered the most desired question of the show.  Who did he love playing the best?  The answer is no other than our Blue Comrade… Shran!

Combs prefers Shran


Report submitted by Jean Marciniak

Robin Curtis
A very energetic woman, Robin quickly took the stage and projected a warm and upbeat welcome. Currently living in Upstate NY the former actress who played Saavik in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock now spends her days as a realtor.  Robin spent the majority of her time on stage reading letters from her mother’s journal, which brought laughter to the audience as they heard everything from intimate sexual encounters to advice for the future. Curtis then quickly finished off her time with Q&A, which included a funny moment when a audience member came to the microphone and mentioned “How you doin darling?” and Robin responded hilariously with “Im just fabulous Sweetcakes”. 

Curtis cracks up the crowd

Richard Arnold
Up next was Gene Roddenberry’s former assistant, and perennial convention maven, Richard Arnold, who kept the audience’s attention with all the juicy details about The Roddenberry’s.  One of the more interesting tidbits was how Gene Roddenberry always kept his phone number listed because he was hoping one day an old World War II buddy would look him up. And that buddy’s name was: Noonien Soong, sound familiar? Unfortunately his buddy never looked him up, but he did inspire the name for Khaaaaaaan!

Arnold spoke again on day 2, and this time he went into detail about V’Ger, saying that according to Gene Roddenberry it comes from a planet controlled by The Borg. However, Arnold says that Gene was not OK with the speculation that Trelane from the TOS episode "The Squire of Gothos" was a member of the Q Continuum. Arnold also talked at length about the departure of Jennifer Lien from Star Trek Voyager, telling the crowd that UPN felt Voyager wasn’t getting the ratings they wanted so they fired Lien to bring in Jeri Ryan, who they believed would bring in more people. According to Arnold, the reports of Lien’s dismisal due to drug use were fabricated.

Arnold dishes the inside info

Connor Trinneer & John Billingsley
The Star Trek Enterprise duo entered the stage with applause and took up their seats for a long session of Q&A. Connor and John both delighted the crowd with comedy, quips, and stories of their time on the NX-01. Their chemistry seemed to be due to not only their time on the show, but the fact that they are real life neighbors, with only a fence dividing their properties. John continued throughout the session to shout at Connor “TEAR DOWN THE WALL!”, which the audience greatly enjoyed. At one point a fan approached the stage wearing a Starfleet uniform and a Jedi robe with light saber, and Trinneer asked him “are you a mix?”  The young man responded “I’m a Star Trek Jedi” and Billingsley shouted “That’s Season 5 Right There!” The crowd went into laughter.  Another question was asked how the dogs of Star Trek Enterprise were treated on set, to which Trinneer quickly responded “I hate those dogs… they peed on my tires" to which Billingsley quipped added “Well I pee on your tires too.”  The session ended with John Billingsley asking Connor Trinneer for $1 repeatedly as he started paying fans $1 who asked him questions. 

Billingsley and Trinneer – clowned for the con

Kate Mulgrew
The highlight of Day 2’s events came when Kate Mulgrew took the stage. As Star Trek Voyager’s Captain Janeway hit the stage, dozens of fans rushed the stage to to get pictures.  After the incredible welcome the audience had given her Kate went on to talk about her time on Star Trek and her current work, saying she had just finished a documentary about Guantanamo Bay and was about to visit the military base, when she laughingly mentioned she couldn’t because of jury duty.  She went into depth about her current work with Alzheimer’s, which her mother had died of, and which she refers to as “An Absolute Vortex of S–t”.  She then went on to answer questions from the audience which 100 people had nearly lined up for. When asked about her career as a whole, the actress said she is most proud of her work on Voyager. She also stated her favorite episode was “Deathwish” and her favorite villain was “Species 8472”. As for which episode she was most uncomfortable with, Mulgrew replied "Threshold", noting that she didn’t like the idea of mating with Tom Paris as a lizard, who could blamer her?  Kate ended her session by answering that her favorite captain, besides her was Captain James Kirk.

Mulgrew: most proud of Voyager


Report submitted by Denise deArman & Andrew Romeo (AJ)

Leonard Nimoy
After a music video tribute, all were seated for Mr. Nimoy, who seems to look younger every year.  The actor revealed that he has already filmed his new bits as William Bell for Fringe. As for the Star Trek: Something Something, sequel, Spock Prime said he had not been contacted by the Abrams team, but went on to say that he didn’t think he needed believes the torch has been passed to the new cast.  His praise for the latest film is unwavering, and his answer to “What is your favorite episode” was always “Have you seen the new film?”

Questions were typical, and Nimoy has a way of making even the silliest of them valid, and providing great answers.  One high-point was a young man dressed in a Trek uniform surrounded by a cape, and carrying a lightsaber. As a “Starfleet Jedi,” he believed in the compatibility of Vulcan and Jedi philosophies, and did Mr. Nimoy agree.  Nimoy answered: “Why would a Vulcan want to be a Jedi?” to thunderous applause. You had to be there. He also (again) answered a question about his infamous ‘Bilbo Baggins music video.

Nimoy talks Baggins (vid via gerver7)

Another great story was the time he was in Tokyo around the time of STIV on his way to a bookstore to promote the Trek books, big in Japan at the time.  In the car with him was the translator for all the books who told him Shatner was “getting too fat” to play the Captain amongst other things wrong with series. Nimoy then praised his old friend, and how he has transformed his career in recent years. Nimoy also mentioned that he is planning to exhibit new photographs from his “Identity Project” next July in North Adams, MA, and after a question, discussed his ‘other career’ as a photographer in some detail for the audience. And when asked what he would do if Star Trek never happened, Nimoy said he would want to be a therapist (see video below).

Dr. Nimoy? (vid via gerver7)

J.G. Hertzler & Robert O’Reilly (as Martok and Gowron)
In the last guest-star event on the main stage were our favorite 24th century Klingons in full garb. Walking out slowly with wooden canes and bent backs, and sounding like old men, Hertzler and O’Reilly quickly changed into their energized Klingon characters Martok and Gowron, and proceeded to do a mostly ad-libbed comedy and music routine.

O’Reilly and Hertzler as Gowron and Martok

Not to spoil it for those who will see them in Vegas, one New Jersey highlight was Suzie Plakson walking in from the dealer floor, green tea in hand, to watch.  The guys quickly spotted her, and dragged her up to the stage for some impromptu songs, and a “Klingon Sandwich” which had the crowd roaring.

Plakson gets ready for her ‘Klingon Sandwich’

Report submitted by Jean Marciniak

Creation’s Star Trek Costume Competition
A large number of attendees came dressed in costume, with Klingons, Cardassians and Vulcans all over the place. On Saturday night they all took the stage in hopes to win a grand prize of a $250 gift certificate. There were many impressive costumes, including some that were hand-made and incredibly detailed.  The Grand finalists came out to be – A Klingon, a female Cardassian, and Cyrano Jones, with the Klingon winning top prize. 

Costume contestants

Tour of Vendor Area
You can get a first person view of what the convention was like through our video tour of The Vendor area. 

(Part 2 at Youtube)

Barry Jenner
Everyone at the convention recognized the actor who played Admiral Ross in 12 episodes of Deep Space Nine, who spent most of the convention in the vendor room doing autographs and photos. He was very friendly with all attendees, as he discussed Admiral Ross and the new Star Trek movie. When questioned about a possible role on the next Star Trek movie he said he was not involved, but did reveal that a Deep Space Nine movie was discussed at length, but ultimately turned down.

Barry Jenner signing in the vendor room


The Star Trek Con in NY is over, but this week is the mega Star Trek con in Las Vegas, starting on Thursday. TrekMovie will be at the event for wall-to-wall coverage, kicking off with our meet-up on Wednesday. (more info here)


TrekMovie thanks Denise deArman, Andrew Romeo and Jean Marciniak for sumbitting their reports for the New Jersey convention. You can visit Jean’s Star Trek gaming site at

Mulgrew photo via LotusFleet, more photos at

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Best convention Ive been to yet…. the klingons were hilarious. And what can i say Nimoy Rules

and to make things better. we sit down for lunch on Sunday andwho is 1 table away? John Billingsley.. we ate and chatted with Phlox woot

What a hideous backdrop. Eek!

ya it was bad lol.. But what was worse was the damn power outages sunday when Suzie and Barry were on stage

I love the tid bit about Vger coming from a planet ruled by the borg.

DS9 movie turned down… what could have been…

What an experience. It’s my first Con since 1993, which was a massive-scale affair at the Penta in NYC.

I think Creation tends to steer clear of the East Coast due to the expense of NYC. Parsippany may be the happy medium for Jersey, Philadelphia and the city. Hell, there were people there from Australia who were on their way to Vegas for the next one. And the Hilton strained under the pressure, but did so gracefully.

A recommended experience. I think I will bring my kids next year. Pure fun.

Disappointing to hear Leonard Nimoy say he is not needed. I believe Team Abrams will make another phone call.

The Con in NJ was terrific and my sister, who isn’t a Trekkie, had a great time! The hotel was a lousy. Nimoy was gracious, humble and dashing!

I’m still kicking myself for not going to the Con in the Meadowlands 3 years ago (i think) where both Nimoy and Shatner were there. I contemplated going to this one, because Nimoy was there, but decided I’ll only go if I can get a picture with both Shat and Nimoy. Turns out I was sick all weekend anyway.

Hey, my back is in the video the guy shot walking around the con. Now I know what fame is like…I’m ready for my close up, Mr. Abrams!

A fabulous weekend for sure. I never saw so many people enjoy saying the word “Parsippany.” If you were in the audience you know what I mean. Anybody there notice Mickey Dolenz at the bar all weekend? John B was amazingly accessible to those of us who were still awake at 1am. Great conversation in the lounge. This kind of off-theclock kind of experience with John B and others is very difficult to acheive at any larger venue. Of course, what happens in Par”snip” -a- nee (John B’s line) – stays in Parsippany. One other note: having attended Creation cons sionce the late 70’s, I think I am correct when I say that no actor has ever appeared in costume at the convention before now. The Martok/Gowron segment was priceless. If you go for a photo op in Vegas be sure to stage a scene with them in your own costume.

Leonard Nimoy was just wonderful at the con. His love for Star Trek was evident in everything he said. His respect for the character of Spock and his respect for the fans was so clear. He was humble, funny, thoughtful, and warm. Just a class act.
I have always been a great admirer. As a psychologist myself, when he said he would have been a psychologist/therapist if he never became an actor, well, I was just in heaven.

Sounded like a great convention. Nimoy actually singing a few lines from his Bilbo Baggins song nearly had me on the floor!

I wonder what was up with the “Ferengi dealer” towards the end of the Tour 2 video who was adamat about not having his tables filmed. Geez… was it top secret Section 31 memborabilia, unlicensed knock-offs, or Orion pirated goods??

Don’t forget the Star Trek: The Experience & Quark’s Bar Cast and Crew Reunion Party. Taking place at Space Bar in the Las Vegas Hilton, 7 PM Sunday August 9, 2009 7 PM.

Well, with a Party before the Con. (Wednesday night 9 PM) at the Space Bar. And a Party after the Con. (Sunday night 7 PM) at the Space Bar, looks like it is Party Time!

I will bring some Bloodwine. What will you bring?

Both are Sponsored by TrekCast and DVDGeeks

Hi guys

Could you let me know if the Vegas Con will def be on next year.

I am sorry to miss the con this year. The New Jersey sounded awesome, wish I was there.

I was at vegas in 2007 and 2008 and loved the vegas con, it was great and can’t wait to get back to vegas next year.

Will anyone be at Vegas in 2010 so I can say hi?

AJ & Denise!!!! Your names in lights! (Will you still remember your friends from chat ……?)

I hope to meet a lot of you at vegas next year.

Just really sad I cant make it this year

Really enjoyed these con reports! Thanks so much for the coverage for those of us who can’t be there!

The notion of “Trek neighbours” has to be one of the most geeky-awesome things ever. :D

I only went on Saturday, so this complete convention report is greatly appreciated. I’m sorry I missed out on the “Klingon sandwich!” :-D

I attended Sunday and saw Nimoy and the Klingons. Did I hear incorrectly or did the Klingons use a ‘word’ describing a certain place down south where Katrina hit? I dunno. Mightve been a Klingon word. oh well. all in all, good fun.

Yay for AJ and Denise! Official Writers and Contributors for! And they did it while tossing back cocktails.

What an adorable couple. (I tease)

Great report. Thanks for posting it.

I’ve been to the Vegas one twice but never this one (even though I live here). Ah, well, maybe next year.



What? We’re not adorable?

How wude!


You mean me and you? Of course we’re adorable. Just look at us. Maybe we should get a room.

Seriously, I just didn’t want to give the impression that anything untoward had gone on in that scandalous, sex-filled land known as Parsippany.


“Scandalous, sex-filled land known as Parsippany”?

Gee, you must have gone to the new, alternate timeline Parsippany. I was at the mostly G-rated classic Parsippany with Leonard Nimoy.


You were with Leonard Nimoy? That tramp! That hussey! Scandal! Outrage! And you bring your tales of inequity here?

What happens in Parsippany, stays in Parsippany.


He must mean Paramus. I don’t anyone has EVER had sex in Parsippany.

Nobody? How do the schools stay open?


Morristown. Nice WASP-y area nearby. Breed like *ahem* bunnies.

Anyway, I kind of meant the Hilton. Not a sexy hotel at all. Kind of boxy. But they do have a p*orn channel.

Ah, good. It ‘aint a Hilton unless it has some video sex inside it.

28, 29:

Well, thanks to the power blackouts on Sunday, I can sort of say I shared a moment in the dark with Leonard–but I believe pon farr was the last thing on our minds. The photo op line was so hot I actually borrowed a towel from a maid’s cart to wipe my big ol’ bald forehead (don’t worry, I returned it to a cart of dirty room service trays further down the hall). Hey Creation, next year how about renting a convention hotel with air conditioning in the corridors?

Ahh. How I wish I could have been there.

More bloodwine!

Why does paramounts brass not want to do a DS9 movie? I say if they dont want to do a movie then reboot the series!

has it been confirmed that the vegas con is still on next year. I ‘m annoyed I couldn’t afford to go this year as it sounds awesome.

Just like to know as nothing has been stated

The New Jersey Conention was awesome! This was my 4th convention and I’d have to say next to Vegas in 2005 with the 4 captains this was a favorite. The atmosphere all weekend was really upbeat… a lot of people commented on the positive energy we felt. The guest stars did a fabulous job and were more accessable than I would have thought. A lot of them visited our tables to say hi Saturday night. Nimoy brought the house down Sunday…great to see he enjoyed himself as much as we did. The con reaffirmed why I love Star Trek so much. Qapla’ & Live Long & Prosper



I know for a fact that Parsippany is on for 2010. If I were you, I’d post that question in the “Vegas Chat.” If Creation is selling package upgrades for next year, it means ‘yes.’ Though I had heard that their contract with Hilton may have ended, I am sure that, if NJ is a go, that Vegas must be as well. Also, the new “Experience” is supposed to be running by then. Makes sense,


My guess is that no one could come up with a decent story to bring back everyone who had pretty much gone their separate ways in the finale. At least, not in the span of two hours.

Combs’ Shran stories are a great opportunity to link to his very rare pics of the Shran make up process. Scroll down here:

A convention? And I thought Star Trek was cool now…

What happens in Parsippany — stayed in Parsippany – particularly for those of us at the bar after 12 am each evening. Oh my.. Mickey Dolenz could hardly keep his eye open.


Just curious–What’s with the Micky Dolenz references here and in post 12? Did someone at the bar resemble him?

I actually saw Micky for real at that same Parsippany Hilton when he did the Chiller Theater convention back in April. He signed autographs in the “pit area” by the bar all three days and played five songs at the concert/party on Saturday night. Michael Dorn and Walter Koenig were at the same con, although since it wasn’t primarily a Trek crowd they had almost nobody on their lines at all. It gave me a nice chance to have a conversation with Walter.

We were at a Breakfast at the Vegas con in 06 with Takei, Koeniq and Grace Lee Whitney….Takei was awesome very friendly let us take a picture with him, Grace said no because Creation told them they should only get pix taken in the pay for pix area….and Walter Koeniq was fairly ill…he just sat there hardly talked to anyone was kinda even not sitting upright all the way…( all teh trek fans around us whispered he had some illness but no one knew anything) At the convention he came out on stage with much energy and vigor maybe he was saving all his strength for being on stage. Later we got our pix taken with Koeniq, Takei and Nichelle Nichols—Takei in his usual exuberbert voice declared as soon as he saw us, I REMEMBER YOU. WE HAD BREAKFAST TOGETHER. HELLO AGAIN…haha…My gal sheri was delighted he remembered us and was so nice! That was our first and so far only convention have not been able to afford another as of yet….so everybody have fun for us while you are there and tell us all about so we can live vicariously through you! HEHEH

The cons are great experiences, and if you can catch the stars outside of the their assigned areas, it’s always fun.

I had not been to a convention in 28 yrs.!!!
Parsnippy NJ will always rule!
and NO I never call it persnickity nj …
I am still laughing at finally getting J.Billingsley to tell me just one tiny spoiler;^) from TrueBlood.
Thank goodness the StarFleet honor was there when I misplaced my beloved S.T. cup(ok ,ok I got it from TacoBell ) and mine was working too when I found those misplaced autograph ticks.
Everyone was wonderful except for the S.T.Jedi(d*** poking light saber).

Hello Weary:
The real Mickey was at the bar all weekend resting between performances elsewhere in the area. An interesting contrast to the con guests.


Really? That’s pretty cool. I wish I had known. My 19 year old daughter is a huge Monkees fan (I raised her right) and she still kicks herself for not being able to go with me to the Chiller con to see him in April. If I knew he was at the bar I would have brought her along to say hi.

By the way, what say next year all of us east coast-based fans try to arrange a get-together before the con like the one they just had out west before the Vegas show? From the trekmovie report it sounded like a fun time. Since I literally live 15 minutes from the Parsippany Hilton I’d be happy to help with some of the organizational details.


Weary Professor:

If I am in the NYC area (currently live), I’m in.

It’d be nice to get Trekmovie to send someone over. We east-coasters are not chopped liver, you know. Nimoy from Boston, Shatner from Montreal, Bob O’Reilly from the Big Apple, Suzie Plakson from Buffalo, we should be counted.

Though, if you’re local, find us a better bar!