TrekMovie Hosting ‘One Last Trek’ Star Trek Screening Friday @ VegasCon + TrekMovie on TrekCast

TrekMovie is gearing up for the big Star Trek convention which kicks off this Thursday in Las Vegas. Last week we announced a pre-con TrekMovie meet-up on Wednesday, and today we are announcing a special ‘One Last Trek’ meet-up to watch the Star Trek movie at a local theater in Vegas, complete with post-movie Q&A and some prizes & give-aways. Details below, plus you can listen to my guest spot on the TrekCast podcast.


Friday: Join TrekMovie to see Star Trek one last time on big screen
Are you going to the convention in Las Vegas and wondering what to do on Friday night? Well fret not. TrekMovie is hosting a meet-up at the Regency Tropicana Cinemas to catch the Star Trek movie one last time on the big screen (at the Friday August 7th, 9:55PM showing). On hand will be myself, along with TrekMovie’s Kayla as well as the gangs from TrekCast and the USS Las Vegas fan club. Following the movie there will be a Q&A to discuss the film as well as a trivia contest with some Star Trek prizes, plus some other Star Trek give-aways. All that and it is only $3, with tickets available at the theater. After the event you can head over to Putters Bar & Grill next to the theater and wait for a taxi and get a drink with your fellow Trekkies.

TrekMovie’s "One Last Trek" flyer

TrekMovie on TrekCast
I was the guest on the latest episode of TrekCast, which went online today. On the show I talked about the history of, along with the state of Trek, fandom, the next movie, and more. I also happen to reveal a new little deleted scene TOS-Star Trek 2009 link tidbit. We also talk about the the ONE LAST TREK event, as TrekCast are co-sponsors. 

You can listen at, iTunes or click play below (I show up about a third of the way into the podcast).

More TrekMovie Events: Wednesday Meet-up + Friday ST09 Panel
And another reminder that on Wednesday 9PM TrekMovie, along with DVD Geeks, and Trek Cast,  are holding a meet up at the Space Quest bar in the Las Vegas Hilton (outside the former Star Trek: The Experience).

And on Friday at 11:30 AM, I, along with Larry Nemecek and Doug Murray, will be hosting the "Star Trek The New Movie" panel in the second ballroom.

Be there, or be square


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Wish I was in Vegas, I gotta wait for either November for DVD or till an ok copy comes out online.

Sounds like a plan. I’ll be there.

The USS Las Vegas-Star Trek Fan Club is very happy to help promote this event along with and Anyone planning on going to this special event here in Las Vegas and needs help with transportation questions or other comments please stop by our USS Las Vegas Table in the Dealers Room and we will be more than happy to answer them. The USS Las Vegas is NOT providing any shuttle service to and from the event, we can just help you with transportation ideas or suggestions.

We look forward to meeting as many of you fellow “trekkers & trekies” at our annual “trekfest” at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Also do not forget about Robert Picardo’s 3rd annual Charity Auction on Sunday night Aug. 9th from 8:00 PM-Midnight in downtown Las Vegas at Henessee’s Tavern. More details about this special charity auction and to get tickets are available at his website:

I’m going to Vegas but I don’t know if I will be able to attend other than on Saturday.

I arrive in town on Friday.

Sounds like a groovy time; hope it rocks the house down!

Sorry I can’t be there. Sounds like a blast! To all who are going — enjoy!!!

@1: Online? I hope you aren’t planning to download it illegally. D:<

@1: There has been a good quality copy online for the past 3 months, where have you been?

@7: Illegal downloading is wrong, and . . illegal. Only a few months to wait till Blu! If you can’t wait then read the book LOL!

KevinA Melbourne Australia

How could you watch a big space opera movie like Start Trek on a PC?

Even if you get a half good divx version it will still look freakin’ awfull on a big screen, I can never understand why people watch inferior download movies. They’re obviously not into the full experience.

I’ll wait for Blu like 9.!

Rats. I would have gone but it’s the same night as the Captain’s party at the Strat.

KevinA Melbourne Australia

That’s STAR TREK for those who can spell. LOL!

@9……Illegal is politically incorrect these days. Please use the more social accepted UNDOCUMENTED. These poor downloaders are merely watching movies that other Americans won’t watch. lmao

It must be nice to be a Californian and go to Vegas whenever you like.

I will be there! (At the movie)

I’m watching Star Trek one last time in my cinema tonight, because its leaving my cinema at the end of this week :(. I want to give it a nice farewell.

13. LOL !!!!!

I don’t see the point in downloading a movie that can be seen at a Cinema, and will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray withn a few months.

To do so is unethical, immoral and illegal. These guys have more than earned my entertainment dollars.

Was going to be there but had to cancell.
Stuck in Cleveland.
You guys have fun, dammit.

(I saw this Russian bootleg copy and it looked like shit. Cropped. Audio horrible. NOT even worth watching.)

I can’t wait until the Blu Ray comes out, so I can choose a few TOS-R episodes to play before it and host a viewing party! Woohoo!

I attended the 40th anniversary with my sons and then went over to The Experience. I miss The Experience…


I’ve seen the bootleg, and I just saw the pan and scan version in a hotel. The cropping is almost as bad. Can’t wait for that DVD so I can do the same thing as Shatner_Fan_Prime.

19: SFP: What episodes will you show? Here’s my quick list of candidates:

TAS: “Yesteryear”
TOS: “This Side of Paradise,” “Amok Time,” “Journey to Babel,” “Balance of Terror,” “STII: TWOK,” “The Corbomite Maneuver,” “The Menagerie 1 & 2,” and for masochists: TMP

TNG: “Unification”

That’s one long party.

hey, has there been any news on the experience? I thought it was supposed to be having some stuff by now.

#21 … That’s a great list, but I know my guests wouldn’t have the stamina for it all! I like the suggestion of Yesteryear! Hadn’t thought of that one.

The season one stuff, we watched in May when it was released. So this time I’d likely go for Amok Time, Journey to Babel, Mirror Mirror and The Doomsday Machine. Maybe Tribbles too.

Have fun in Vegas, will be here in the Twin Cities watching GI Joe.

Cant wait to meet and see everyone at the con this weekend and it will be a lot of fun to see the movie one last time in the theater with a bunch of fans once again.
Thanks Anthony for coming on the show and cant wait for that round at Spacequest, and I will bring you a Romulan Ale.

I refuse to go to any event held at the Las Vegas hiltion after they closed the star trek experience. I will just wait for the Star Trek grand slam convention here in Los Angeles in November.

I’ll be at the convention Thursday and Sunday. Already got my Shatner and Quinto tickets…

RE: #22 This is Captain Walker from the USS Las Vegas-Star Trek Club and I wanted to comment and update everyone about the NEW Star Trek: Experience that was indeed set to be opened by now. As we all know the new Star Trek: Experience was supposed to be open back on May 8th to co-inside with the opening of the new movie. We all know that did not happen. Those orginal dates were impossible to meet based on the orginal annoucement by the new owner and developer of NEONOPOLIS. As of today, there is still absolutely NO signs of any construction, or any types of activity indicating that work has begun at the new location. NO construction permits have been authorized by the city of Las Vegas. No signs have been posted about it comming soon. NO NOTHING!!!! There has been absolutely NO WORD publicily from the new owner and developer about his future plans for the experience. At last report it was rumored to be set to open in “1st quarter of 2010” however in order for that date to be met construction would have to be in progress as of now. This is NOT the case as I mentioned a moment ago. My best estimate or guess would be at least 1-2 years before it re-opens to the public. The financial and cretit market here in Las Vegas could be a major stumbling block to his stalling. I do not know. As always I will keep Anthony… Read more »
Son of a Maui Portagee

We already have tickets for the Captains Chair dinner at Stratosphere on Friday night. We would love to be there but we cannot change plans at this point.

Still it will be nice to meet up with Gerry & Francine and the STTE crew again.

Dang, Anthony, wish I could be there…too bad y’all don’t include “” in these cool promos and stuff…c’mon, spread some love my way!

got my gold tickets headed out in the morning

Anybody going to the stte gt at spacequest please say hi to jerry and april for me, tell em jeff and sheri say hi and wish we could be there–also if anyone hears any solid updates regarding the re-opening of the experience let us know on–I would have loved to meet people at the screening-I also refused to go to any conventions at the hilton since they closed down the experience-i wonder if their attendence is lower? I wonder if the hilton was where michael jsckson was going to perform at after his world tour-if that rumor was true wonder what the hilton will do with the space now-Also I saw the radar dish portion of the enterprise d model from the experience on ebay it sold for around $250-Whoever sold it said that model did not survive the tearing down of the experience-anybody know details? Also if anyone has the experience 360 degree archive computer cd i recently found i am one of few in quarks bar under dedicated patrons i am on the far right at the bar by the ice crushing machine and borg elevator-I think its awesome i was there when they were taking the pix-i never even noticed them-

Yeah! I can attend the Star Trek screening and your discussion panel – both on Friday!

I so wish I was in Vegas right now to see STAR TREK one more time on the big screen with my fellow Trekkies and then go to the convention! Would be even better if Star Trek The Experience was still around and lets hope the new STTE isnt too far away! I am just so glad that I was able to get to Vegas a few year back and visit STTE as its a memory I will have for a life time!! That TrekCast was really cool to listen to! As far as what is next for Star Trek after the rush of DVD releases which of course finishes off with the release of Star Trek (2009) itself I think that the idea of direct to DVD movies would be a great idea between now and the nest movie. The posibilities are endless as to the era and characters that are used! If they introduce a new crew and it works then make another one or two DVD movies and if it doesnt then move on to another crew or era for the next DVD. As tempting as it might be to rush a television show into production, if it doesnt work then the Star Trek brand will be damaged a bit. Right now Star Trek is at the top of its popularity so no need for unnecessary risks! It was really interesting to hear you talk about the beginings of Anthony. I came on board around April… Read more »

I hate Las Vegas!

Captain Walker, thanks for the update! It’s a shame that they’re not doing anything with it yet. I know Vegas is suffering right now but not meeting communicated dates just puts doubt into us fans hearts which will make folks not want to go when it finally does reopen. I know I’m personally starting to think it’s not going to happen. Does the hilton still have everything stored in it? I know I saw something previously that the props were still there and hadn’t been transferred. I wonder how long they’ll hold off until they say screw it and chuck it all. Man, I’m disappointed. If I had some mula, I’d just repoen quarks and start from there. Quarks is an experience in of itself.

At least open quarks, the museum, the bridge, and the giftshop…at LEAST. COME ON HILTON – WAKE UP! That’s the ONLY reason I liked staying there…

“Captain Walker didnt come home his unborn child will never know him
Hes believed to be missing with a number of men dont expect to see him again…
hes believed to be missing with a number of men dont expect to see him again…………..”

Hey Capt Walker thanx for the WHO TOMMY FLASHBACK!

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