Rachel Nichols & Eric Bana Talk Star Trek Sequel Potential

We know that the main crew are all coming back for the ‘Star Trek Something Something’ sequel to this year’s Star Trek blockbuster, but what about the supporting cast. In a couple of new interviews Rachel Nichols (Gaila the Orion) and Eric Bana (Nero) weigh in on their future with Trek. Bana also talks about his deleted scenes.



Rachel Nichols on sequel return: I hope so
While at the press junket for GI Joe, our friend Jordan Hoffman of UGO asked Rachel Nichols if Gaila the Orion will be back for the next Trek.

More Gaila?

Eric Bana on return to Trek: did you see the movie?
Eric Bana is also out and about doing press for both Funny People and The Time Traveler’s Wife, and (as we reported in CelebWatch last week), he too has been asked if he is back. Here is what he told ComingSoon:

CS: Do you know if J.J. wants to have you back for "Star Trek?"
Bana: Did he say that? No.

CS: I was just curious because as we know, Nero is a time traveler, and in theory, he could just come back in time from the future, so he doesn’t have to be dead.
Bana: Theoretically, but no, I think I’ve been taken care of in the movie. I mean, you saw what happened to Nero, so I doubt it.

And in a group interview (via SciFiWire) Bana said " "It was just a one-time for me." Bana also talked about the cut Rura Penthe scenes that will be on the Star Trek DVD and Blu-ray releases:

There were a few scenes, some detail, but nothing really that leaves you with any less clue who Nero is. I mean, there was a sequence in jail and me escaping from jail. Yeah, you’re kind of bummed when your fight sequences go, because you work on them and stuff, but I could totally see—I understand the editor’s pains—and I could see why they dropped things.


No more Nero



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I really like Nero as the villain. Compared to the most recent villains (Shinzon and Ru’afo) I think he was awesome!

We didn’t actually see Nero *die* as such. A my brother put it in the car on the way back after seeing the movie… “he’ll be back… he’ll be back”.

I reckon by the 3rd movie, we may see him again.

Well, having Gaila back would be fine, though she was assigned to a different ship other than Enterprise and all other ships were destroyed at Vulcan. Lifepod, I guess. And I seem to remember seeing an Orion in the audience at Kirk’s promotion.

As for Nero, no. He served his purpose as the rebooter. Let’s move on.

Seriously, guys, this is what killed Star Trek before. Let the dead stay dead. Move on. Explore new territory. Keep credibility with the general audience.

I do think Nero’s story is done.. leave anything else for the comics and novels.

“We didn’t actually see Nero *die* as such.”

We didn’t see Khan die either :)

do we REALLY know if Nero was killed. I mean..it was a black hole thing that “destroyed” the ship…so…perhaps parts of the Narada or survivors from the Narada were transported elsewhere in time.

the above is all just for argument’s sake. I think Nero died. and even if he didnt…we certainly dont need him back for the sequel. Any script that contained Nero would be a bad idea. I cant believe the interviewer asked that question.

I think Nero’s potential was never realized as a villain, not because of Bana, I think he did great, but I think the stuff of his that was cut from the film hurt. Still, it would be beyond stupid to bring him back for the next movie, even worse than if they use Khan (though not by much). He’s dead, end of story. As for Gaila, she could make a little come back. Nobody ever said she died in the Vulcan battle. She could have been assigned to Enterprise (she did seem pretty happy about her assignment) or made it into an escape pod. Either way, no big deal, but it would be kinda cool to see her around the big E.

I think that subtitle in the story says it all: did these writers actually see the movie?? He’s DEAD, Jim. Jeez.

#3 i’m pretty sure that was Gaila who we spotted at the endind ceremony. So, its likely that she survived the the attacke on vulcan

I still feel that the Nero character was kind of one dimensional and didn’t really have a plausible motivation to go as bonkers as he apparently did. And why would his crew have such unwavering loyalty to a guy who was basically a job-site foreman? Also that ship of his made no sense whatsoever. Captured Borg technology used on a minig ship? That was really the best use the Romulans could find for it? If the mining ships for Romulus are that formidable just imagine what the actual Warbirds are like. the future Federation was doomed. Good thing Spock’s mission to save them failed.

Gaila was zapped on the Farragut, no?

And would she come back as mere Kirk-centric eye-candy, or as a full-fledged character?

No real problem with Galia- might be interesting to see her take on a Rand kind of role. As for Nero? Liked him, watched him die, moving on.

Galia or another Orion would be good!

The Orion slave girl Gaila wasn’t at the promotion ceremony for Kirk so I’m guessing she’s dead. Then again did we hear what ship she was assigned too? I don’t remember seeing her on the Enterprise after they left spacedock so I betting she’s dead. Which is fine, she wasn’t that hot… could be the curly hair. heh

As for Kahn, well we did see him stab his last breath at Kirk, I’d say he’s dead. Course that was a different time line, but we aren’t talking about that… please let’s not talk about that. lol

Would love to see Gaila and/or other Orions in the next Trek, but please please please can they fix the makeup? The Orions on ‘Enterprise’ looked so much better.

I concur about the Orion women. The hair should be black. It’s what I like.

Wasn’t it a bit daft having an Orion female onboard?!?
Don’t they project something that makes them irresistable to men?
I mean.. Every time she’d go for a p iss, half the room would follow her! :-)

she is cute tho…,

One possible scenario is that Gaila was rescued by a Vulcan ship escaping before it was imploded.

If Nero did come back, I’m guessing Eric Bana doesn’t want to have that much to do with him. Recast. Maybe Edward Norton. A better actor might make for a better villain. Otherwise, Nero just wasn’t all that interesting.

If we were talking TV series, yeah, it’d be great to have Nero back- but when we are only getting 2 hours of Trek every 2-3 years, I’d think there are greener pastures to be explored. Using Nero again would just be plain lazy; he wasn’t that great a villain in the first place.

#18: If a Deltan can serve, so can an Orion. : )

And as I recall, the comment that there was something about Orion women that drove men crazy didn’t require anything really biochemical – I always thought it was more a reputed way of acting rather than physical.


It is Deltan women who have the phromones that drive men crazy.

Remember Sulu’s uncomfortable ‘hide the boner’ moment in ST:TMP extended cuts? Knowing what we now know, that makes George Takei one of the acting greats of all time:)

How about Gaila being the mother of Kirk’s child instead of Carol Marcus? That would be a funny twist on canon. Althou there might not be a genesis device or maybe this child will make a genesis device that works and they can bring back Vulcan.

a few here make a point i hadn’t thought of. as a good part of the fleet was wiped out at le-mort-de-vulcan, the enterprise, for once, really WILL be “the only ship in the quadrant to address the crisis”. at least for a while.

also, red haired, green skinned babes are just dandy.

Gaila issue:
Uhura was kinda pissed when they were all being assigned to their ships, while Gaila was extremely happy. This could mean that she was assigned to the Enterprise. Just because we didn’t see her doesn’t mean she wasn’t. And THAT right there is my single biggest issue with people declaring “canon.” Just because we didn’t see it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Leave him dead. We saw him die. The Narada was destroyed. No further questions. Bring on the Klingons!

I thought Gaila was assigned to the Enterprise and Uhura to Farragut, which was why Gaila turned and squealed to Uhura and why Uhura then angrily demanded Spock transfer her to Enterprise. Or maybe I missed something.

Also, Gaila is clearly visible in the SF ceremony in the end, so she lived. Unless that’s Diora Baird.

The Klingons again? I’m kinda tired of the Klingons in Trek.

so lets get this straight rachel nichols wants the fans to go online and campaign for her to be in the next star trek movie, but yet when star trek fans asked her for an autograph at the premiere in L.A. back in april, she laughed in the fans faces and kept on walking . and did the same thing a few weeks back at another movie premiere she attended.

the ship needs a hot Andorian or maybe Vulcan..to piss off Uhura into Kirk’s arms…..maybe…we need to see Nurse Chapel, Mr Kyle, and more red shirts must die!!!!!

As for Nero///he served his purpose creating the alternate universe..let him go in peace….time for a new baddie…be it Khan or whomever…
Nero wasn’t as one dimensional as I thought as first, though the dead wife vengence story is a little weak et al Soran in Generations..and I love Malcolm!!!….little droogies!!!…. looks like Bana is too busy to do anything else right now anyway…maybe they will ask him to be Banner in the Avengers…though Ed Norton played a better Banner, I think!…


Who is Rachel Nichols anyway? And who really cares? A lot of women could put on scanty underwear and green makeup and look better than her.

And there are better Thespians around too. Is Thespian the word I was searching for?

Bad Bob…

Bad bad Bob.

Nero could come back,,

hes just lost in time

( for now)


you seem to paint with broad strokes. How do you know either of those things occurred involving Nichols? Were you there? for both? for either? And what is the context of the situation? was she busy? was she in a hurry? was she laughing at something or someone else? were the autograph seekers rude? who knows?!

dont jump to such big conclusions….plus..ultimately she doesn’t actually OWE anyone an autograph.

I love that whole plot idea of multiple Klingon ships capturing the Narada. Was it all filmed & the effects finished?

@28 But Klingons are as significant a part of Trek as most of the Enterprise bridge crew. I understand what you mean though and would like to see a fresh take on them, not drastically different, but just not the cosmic savages we saw in the later years of Trek.

@33 – I don’t know the instances of which capnjake speaks but I think any actor who is lobbying for fan support DOES owe autographs.

Nero: Someone who’s angry and destroys Vulcan.
Result……Mission Accomplished!

Nero: More than just a 2-dimensional character.

#6: You actually do see Khan die. He dies before the Genesis device even detonates. After he says, “To the last, I will grapple with thee… from Hell’s heart, I stab at thee! For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee!” he dies.


I don’t think Orion DNA is compatible with human DNA. If that were the case the universe would be overpopulated with half breed Orions. Neither of these characters made that much of a impact on the movie so they really aren’t needed back.

#26: Nero: Leave him dead. We saw him die. The Narada was destroyed. No further questions. Bring on the Klingons!

Hear, hear! I want to see cruel, viscious, savage, yet honorable Klingons! At least honorable in the Klingon sense of the word.

They are dead. I don’t want to see them again.

Anyway just tell me why were the vulcans so painfully unable to do anything with the nero’s mining drill? Weren’t they much more advanced then humans and didn’t they assist them with a first step into space exploration and a warp drive? I don’t understand why the hell didn’t they at least try to send some ships to destroy that drill:-\ They were rather hidden in their caves :o How absurd…

I thought Vulcan ships had no weapons? Or is that just fanon? Also, the drill blocked communications, making defence difficult… The fact that they got off the distress call at all was pretty amazing. Especially if Nero was able to access and disable to planetary defence codes using the far-advanced Jellyfish. *Easy* fix.

As for Gaila, I hope we do see her again! We never hear where she was assigned, but her joy at ehr assignment to me means Enterprise, until proven otherwise.

I’m also hoping Galia was happy about her assignment because she was assigned to the Enterprise, and that she’ll be back in the next movie. She had very little screen time, granted, but it was very entertaining screen time and she and Kirk make a great contrast (and foil) to Spock and Uhura.

#35 I want evil cunning Klingon’s in TOS instead of these TNG cavemen barbarians that never would have made it into space from day one. Of course keep the pronounced ridges like in ST:TMP.

I thought that Nero was one of the ONLY flaws in a historic film that not only relaunched the franchise AND became the first Trek film embraced by NON Trek fans since Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home(23 years ago!) but ALSO accomplished the Herculean task of breaking the even/odd curse that’s been going on since Star Trek:The Motion Picture!(30 years ago!!!)

For the sequel we need a REAL villain.

We need, nay we MUST have, KHHHHAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, for anyone who is unsure of Gaila’s fate: join the club. It is not said in the movie which ship she was assigned to nor is she shown in the ceremony at the end of the film.
If I had to guess, being that she was only a minor supporting character, she’s dead and we won’t NEED her back.

On another note, I think Sienna Miller would make a super hot Carol Marcus.

I know just what Star Trek needs for an antagonist:


Orci and Kurtzman, it’s so obvious.

Didn’t the Orion Girl die? She was on one of the other ships that got blown away by the Narada when the Federation fleet went to attack.

Or… have Gaila serving under Fleet Captain Garth, she goes insane with him and changes her name to Marta. We know how that turns out!

Garth in Star Trek 12!!