Trek Gaming Update: ST: Online Beta Confirmed + New Screenshots & Details + DAC Announced For PSN

There has been a lot of news in Trek gaming since our last update. Cryptic studios has finally confirmed the date for Star Trek Online to go into beta. They have also released a bunch of new screenshots, revealed a new ship and more game details. In addition, the Playstation Network version of Star Trek DAC has been announced. Details on all that below



Closed beta confirmed for late 2009
Cryptic Studios has confirmed that Star Trek Online is heading into Beta late 2009. For gaming newbies, beta is when the game is tested with fans and gamers taking part playing an early release of the game. And if you are one of those early adopters who must be part of the beta, then you can guarantee yourself a spot, but the catch is that you have to purchase a 6-Month or Lifetime subscription to Cryptic’s other upcoming game, Champions Online (you must also buy a retail or download copy of Champions Online when it becomes available September 1st). The lifetime subscription costs $200 and even comes with a “STO Mirror Universe Costume Set.” More details at

Screenshot – o – rama
Over the weekend Cryptic released a whole slew of new Star Trek Online screenshots. We bring them all directly to you here (click images to embiggen):

Space shots

Ground shots


New Klingon Ship: The Vo’Quv
On top of the numerous screenshots Cryptic has also released schematics for a brand new Klingon Ship Class. The Vo’Quv class ship, commissioned in 2407, is new Klingon Ship class designed to be the ultimate weapon for the empire. This new monster of a ship comes with everything a Admiral would want in a ship, from Metaphasic Shield Generators, Ablative Neutronium Alloy Armor, to Fighter Launch Bays, Fore and Aft Torpedo Launchers and even a Class 7 Cloaking device. This new weapon also comes packed with holodecks, so warriors can train for battle and even stasis units to keep gagh fresh. She will be the muscle of the Klingon military, as all invasions and conquests will center around her. The intent of The Vo’Quv class ship is to ensure victory and success in every battle she’s involved in. Her current mission is to provide offensive operations against Federation and Romulan forces. More info on the ship at

The Vo’Quv

New game details
A brand new Dev Chat has also been released which provides some interesting details. We take a in-depth look at all the newly revealed information.

  • Weapon Arcs for ships will be critical in the game. Players will be able to fire phasers, photon torpedoes and cannons in 45, 90, 180, 270 weapon arcs. Each weapon will have a certain arc and firing range.
  • A Eject Warp Plasma Skill will be included in the game, which will allow players to cause damage, skip engines, and reveal cloaked enemy vessels.
  • The Federation Side will not have a similar Klingon ‘Carrier’ type ship class at launch.
  • Tri-Cobalt Devices will be usable in the game
  • Players will be able to transfer power between critical ship systems in the game – Impulse, warp, computers, environmental systems, etc.
  • Players will not need money to pay for ships or upgrading them, however they will require reputation points, which they will get from their faction (Federation or Klingon). Rank & Skill also allow players to receive new ships.

Cryptic has also released a brand new ‘Ask Cryptic’ session. This one focuses on Ground combat and what tools and tactics the players can use for his or her away missions. We take a close look at these new features:

  • Players will have 5 Man Away Teams, which they can customize with bridge officers and other captains.
  • 3 new officer’s action modes have been revealed: Aggressive, meaning officers will pursue and engage enemies; Defensive, meaning officers will wait for your orders to attack enemies; Target Your Target, meaning you can command your officers to focus fire on your chosen adversary. Four more action modes will be revealed in future releases.
  • Captain’s can equip a kit. They will have special inventory slots, which can provide up to 4 special abilities. These abilities range from providing heals to force fields, stasis fields, holographic soldiers, turrets and lots of different buffs and debuffs. The more advanced a player becomes with certain skills the more abilities become available.

Finally, Cryptic has also released a brand new Kobayashi Maru scenario. Do you got what it takes to beat the no-win scenario? Try your luck on the STO Forums

STO Vegas Meet and Greet
For those heading to The Las Vegas Star Trek Convention this year, you can find Cryptic Studios doing a meet and greet on Saturday, August 8, between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. More details will be revealed soon.



DAC to PSN w/ new features
The release of JJ Abrams Star Trek movie also brought in the X-Box Live arcade game "Star Trek DAC". Star Trek DAC is a top down Star Trek shooter which allows players to command The new Starship Enterprise, Federation Fighters, and Bombers in a arcade style war game against Romulan forces. Paramount has now officially announced that the game is headed to The Playstation Network later in the summer. Players can expect to purchase the game for a reasonable price of $10.00. With the release comes a host of new features and upgrades to the game:

  • A Brand New Ship Class known as ‘Support Frigate’, which provides healing for nearby ships and easily target enemy escape pods.
  • Players can now customize their AI difficulty setting, as well as goals and game time limits
  • The Games mechanics, such as capturing control points, have also been improved.
  • Lastly Host migration has been included, which will allow players to continue playing a multiplayer game even if the host player disconnects.

Star Trek DAC will be available for The PC soon after the Playstation Network release.

Here is a video interview from SDCC about DAC for PSN (via

Jean Marciniak has joined TrekMovie as a contributing writer for gaming. You can visit Jean’s Star Trek gaming site at

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Nice. I’d best get my WOW Hunter up to level 80 soon, so I can quit and go to this.

I’ll give it a bash…

Oh man. I guess I will have to wait until it’s out in full release because I really don’t want to get into Champions Online.

Ah, the screenshots don’t display (enlarge).

At least there isn’t 10 pages of backstory this time.

the screenie links are fixed, just a glitch

I’ll still holding out hope that they’ll actually make a TOS game. Or at the very least, release “Secret of Vulcan’s Fury.” I’m really not interested in MORE Next Generation stuff. Haven’t we had enough, with over 700 episodes across three TV shows, plus four films, countless video games, and an intereactive ride experience in Las Vegas?

Well done jean.

Interesting news on the STO beta. Would be surprised if they make it this year.

I was hoping the game would be releasing by year’s end, not just barely starting beta, but I guess I should be happy it’s being made at all. Hopefully I’ll be able to get into the beta the old fashioned way: Applying.

The Prime Universe lives on….. in STO

@ #7
Lol, ranting that there’s too much TNG. Oh sure, let’s make a TOS game, complete with 60’s graphics. Don’t hold your breath, TOS is long gone unless by TOS you mean the New Universe, in which case a game (a real one, not the D.A.C. garbage) is just a mater of time…

I shiver at the thought of playing another game that requires hours upon hours of gaming in order to attain this level or acquire that item. Blizzard owes me 10 years of my life with Diablo 2 and WOW, more online gaming? No thanks, I enjoy working out, having a great sex life and making money in the real world.

TV/Internet all designed to keep you preoccupied while they keep feeding you water with fluoride, so you keep working and paying those taxes for all eternity, without the strength to revolt or fight back. “Cattle” “Worker Bees”, break free my friends and go out and get some fresh air and contribute to mankind so we can fully understand our universe.

First to clear this boss or fastest to send texts or best at guitar hero, gawd what has this world come to.

I’m getting psyched about this game. Perhaps after the initial release they’ll produce add-ons in the form of different eras to choose from. Other multiplayer online games keep things going with add-ons like that, so why not?

Wasn’t there going to be a full version of Star Trek DAC for PC included with the new movie when it comes out on DVD and Blu-ray?

I just saw the trailer for Secret of Vulcans Fury…looked impressive! Shame it was never released…could use it to tie ST09 and TOS together!

I am buzzed about STO…I can’t wait to say “No. 1, you’re with me!” Wooop! My graceful Miranda Class boldly going…super excited! Atlast some free-roaming that all ST games should of hand!! YEEEEY!!

Space is made up of asteroids, and asteroids, and even more asteroids.

“Do you got what it takes to beat the no-win scenario?”

um, that would be more grammatical if it said…

“Do you have what it takes…” Who writes this stuff?

Yeah Diablo 2 was an awesome game.

Do we know what DAC stands for?

This all really PISSES me off because I won’t be able to play on my Mac!

I have no problem paying for STO beta access. And I’ve been wondering what DAC stands for as well.

MC1 it is Jean’s first gaming column, full of all sorts of great stuff, and all you can do is come in and attack?

sometimes i really hate nitpicky trekkies, i really do

Wow, Starfleet’s milking those Mirandas for all their worth. :)

^14. And nebulas everywhere!

16 & 18, DAC means Deathmatch, Assault, and Conquest; the three battle modes in the game.

Great news about STO and the beta announcement, but that’s just it, I don’t think I want to buy a game which I have no interest in just to secure a spot in the beta. Sorry Charlie, Star-Kist wants tunas that TASTE good….!!!

I’ll pass on the “mandatory game purchase of Champions.”

19 — Anthony, I certainly understand your frustration, but please be aware that the vast majority of visitors to this great site are truly appreciative of the hard work that you and your team do. Please keep up the great work — all of you!

That is not what DAC stands for

I’m torn between this one and the new Star Wars Old Republic MMORPG… so I’ll just have to try them both! Can’t wait…

I’m going to sign up just so I can “gank” MC1 Doug.

The new Klingon ship bears a more then passing resemblance in description and design to a certain Battlestar…especially the forward area…

Wow thats really pretty.

Too bad I have absolutely NO interest in video games.

I would love to Beta STO, but if they think I’m willing to buy anything related to Champions, they’re high. I’m in beta for Champions now, and it’s a terrible game.

7, we can never have too much TNG. With that said, STO is set 40 years after TNG in the 25th century. Further, if you’re looking for TOS, Starfleet Command I and II both featured the movie era of TOS and I know for a fact that they work on Win XP as I have both installed and continue to enjoy playing them. Also, Legacy featured all eras of Trek including TOS and Starfleet Academy took place during the movie era of TOS, as did Klingon Academy. All of those games work on XP because, like above I continue to enjoy those games today and my computer runs XP.

10, so they’re releasing TOS on Blu-Ray because it’s dead? Somehow, I think not.

TrekMovie, I agree with those that say that all of you are doing great work. I support this site 100% and hope you continue to do great work. Thanks TrekMovie staff!

@14. I KNOW!!!

We better all get a big ship with a HUGE deflector dish to ward off any massive rocks. A malfunctioning dish is gonna kill me off for sure in this game. GEEZ

As much as I’d love to be in Beta, I’m not gonna pay for some other game to get in. I’m already busy raiding in WoW, so for me I’ll wait for the demo to see if its as good or better than WoW cause honestly, even though its Star Trek, I’m not playing it unless its a pretty good game. I can’t afford to play 2 at once and dont have the time.

@14, 32: The game has to take place around *something*. Truly empty space would be a yawn and a half.

Bring on the nebulae, the asteroid thickets, the ginormous planets, and the swirly energy thingies! The more eyecandy the better. :)

Star Trek DAC: maybe it’ll come out in time for the DVD release…

…what a joke…

I’d love a SINGLE player OFFLINE game about Star Trek.

Preferably with missions, riddles, jump&run, shooting, tactics all involved…

All we need now is a single player Star Trek RPG from someone like Bioware. ;)

For the different consoles and computers, naturally.

Nononono…. a single player RPG like Oblivion or Fallout 3 for XBOX!!!!


31 – It is always a pleasure to read comments that point out what a terrific job the people who contribute to this site do on a daily basis. Thanks for a great, positive start to my day.

Anthony &Co.: Thanks for all your efforts on this wonderful site.

Jean — I’m not a gamer myself, but this is a very impressive debut article. I look forward to more of your work!

Great Job Jean!

@11 – If you feel you have to make the point that you have a great sex life… then I suspect you really don’t. Keep working out though, things could change.

if there is a Miranda class, why is there no constitution class?

RICK BERMANs hatred of classic trek lives on

Star Trek DAC is OK if you REALLY need a trek gaming fix. However, overall it’s kinda lame. Propelling a ship often feels like controlling a minnow in a pond.

Look forward to the STO game though.

Personally, I lament the loss of great Trek games. Starship battles? Doesn’t exist anymore, a shame. So I am very excited to read (on this fine website) the news about Star Trek Online. Cryptic seems to be creating a terrific game. Hope they port it to the Macintosh OS. ;)


My apologies if my comments make you feel insecure, I was simply commenting on the effects of addictive compulsive behavior. Been there done that, no need to push back if this applies to you, you can change.

brilliant column jean. I’m looking forward to this game even if some others dont. Bit miffed about the whole beta scenario. I’m not gonna pay for a Beta. Basically a half finished buggy version of the game.

I think it’ll be interesting how they make this game work and be different from World of Warcraft.

@ AP.

I agree Anthony, Nitpicky trekkies infuriate me as well. But not enough to stop me coming back to this site again and again!!

Oh and only dislike so far is the New Klingon ship. Dont like it, i just dont think it looks Klingon..

#27, the new klingon ship looks nothing like the Galactica, I never in a million years would have made that connection because it looks nothing like the POS Galactica. Live short and die quick battlestar galactica.

I hope the Lifetime subcription thing is something they are considering for STO. I’ve never been tempted to try monthy subscription MMOs before until details of STO were released and I’d really like to get it. A one off payment of $200 would be more attractive to me. I guess they might be sneaky and charge £200 here in the UK but if they adjusted it for exchange rate then it would be even more of a good deal. As long as the game was worth playing for more than two years, I think it would be worth the money.