Art of Star Trek Movie Book Coming In November

Many fans have been asking "Will there be an ‘art book for the new movie?" Today, TrekMovie has the answer, and it is "yes!"  "Star Trek: The Art of the Film" was made available for pre-order today, and is due in stores just in time for the Blu-ray and DVD release of Star Trek. More info below.


JJ Abrams Star Trek gets an art book
Star Trek: The Art of the Film", written by Mark Cotta Vaz, will be available November 17th (the same day as the feature film DVD and Blu-ray sets). The 160 page hardcover book will retail for $29.95. Genre fans may recognize Cotta Vaz’s name as he is responsible for many feature film art and making of books (including The Art of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, The Lost Chronicles, Spiderman 2, and more). The new Star Trek movie art book includes a forward by director JJ Abrams.

The book is being published by
Titan Books, who are part of the same group as Titan Magazines (who publish the Official Star Trek Magazine). Titan Books was also the publishers of "The Making of Star Trek First Contact" (1996).

Star Trek art book
(final cover not yet released)

Star Trek: The Art of the Film joins a list of previous art and sketch books for Star Trek, especially 1997’s "The Art of Star Trek" (Judith and Garfield Reeves Stevens) and "The Star Trek Sketchbook" (Herbert Solow and Yvonne Fern) and 1998’s "The Star Trek The Next Generation Sketchbook" (John Eaves and JM Dillard). However, this is the first time a single Star Trek feature film has been given its own art book (there have been many "making of" books though).

TrekMovie will have more details on this book coming up, and of course be doing a review closer to release.

You can preorder "Star Trek: The Art of the Film" at now. 


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About time!

Thank god for this! :D made my day :D can’t wait.

“The Star Trek Sketchbook” was authored by Herbert Solo, not Herbert Solor. :)

That is great news. I was worried these books had gone bye-bye in favor of DVD special features and the Internet. This is one I am buying.

Looking forward to the review closer in, John.



god they took their sweet time!!!

Wanna see uniform and ship concepts….just pre ordered in dollars and paid for shipping to the UK….That was a mistake :-(

Thank you.

Seriously, a heartfelt thanks to all involved.

Now, here’s a question: was this planned all along or did someone take a hint from all of the fans who were asking, “Where’s an ‘art of’ book?”

Yaaaaaaaaay! I’ve been whining/moaning/hoping for this!

What about the Enterprise Companion?

It’s about freakin time!

#9 Are you referring to the one being done by Haynes?

Finally! Can’t wait.

That explains why Ryan and James took the Star Trek art off their sites. Heh.

This is entirely unrelated to this article…but I need a question answered. A few weeks ago I ran across a youtube compilation video set to music that showed Janeway becoming jealous of Seven and Chekotay and taking revenge by rigging a console to backfire and shocking Seven to death. I’ve been searching youtube for like an hour and can’t find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me the title to that video?

I’m really tired of that picture, I didnt really like it to begin with but cest la vie, I know my opinion isnt really worth a bar of Gold-Pressed Latinum anyway :p


Can’t wait!
For those of you into the Art of Star Trek (TOS) please join my yahoo group..


I’m not the biggest fan of the new movie but I will be picking this up. I really liked designs of Ryan Church, especially his bridge designs for the Iowa/Kelvin.

Can’t wait!
For those of you into the Art of Star Trek (TOS) please join my yahoo group..

Looking forward to this and it will be high upon my wish list this Christmas!

Great news! …If it also comes to Europe.

Re: #3:

“The Star Trek Sketchbook” was authored by Herbert Solow, not Herbert Solo. :)

Co-authored, that is, with his wife Yvonne Fern Solow.

3. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator – August 7, 2009
“The Star Trek Sketchbook” was authored by Herbert Solo, not Herbert Solor. :)

Both wrong. Herb Solow.

You go, Izbot!

I am not the biggest fan of the chnges this moviemade but I would be interested in getting this

I’m looking forward to this, but will hold out buying until I read a few reviews first or maybe actually thumb through a copy at B&N to see if it’s really worth it(Gold pressed latinum doesn’t grow on trees).

At the moment I want to track down those TOS and TNG sketch books! How did they get pass my photic sonar?!

Where’s the frakkin’ tech manual?! That’s what I want to know. This “Art of…” book better be at least as good as the ones for GI JOE and TERMINATOR: SALVATION.

This is great news! I really hope that a “Making of” book is also in the pipeline somewhere.

The tech manual is available from Budweiser. ; )

SO EXCITED!!!! These things are so inspirational to me! Books with concept art, show me how my crazy ideas aren’t so crazy, and can turn into great things!

Awesome, i am def gonna get me a copy of that! :)

Wasn’t expecting anything like this, definitely an awesome surprise.
Onto my booklist, and calendar, it goes :)

FINALLY! STRIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

No buy.

Great! Let’s hope the book includes some scaled orthographic diagrams of the Enterprise so we can squelch the “It’s not 700 meters long!!!” crowd once and for all.

Little late- kind of like the card sets, the novelization (released AFTER the movie was out), the Hot Wheels Enterprise and Narada, the Tech manual (if we ever see it) and pretty much any other merchandise for this movie. I think the job they did promoting the film was good- great trailers, commercials, screenings etc., but the merchandise has been slow or impossible to find, unless you count the poorly produced Playmates stuff. I am TRYING to throw my money at them, and they don’t seem to want to take it.

Oh, the Enterprise? It’s not 700 meters long. And it is. Depends which seen in the movie you are watching!

#10 I didn’t know there was one on the way.

34- that would be “scene” and not “seen.” Argh.

great to see them finally release it- if any of the last few films deserve it its this enterprise.



By the way is there any news on that Haynes Manual for the Enterprise? That was a cool, if strange idea.

I don’t think this book is “late”, per se… it looks like we’re in for a few years of Trek, so this is just the beginning. Better to get quality than rushed junk.

Mark Vaz is one of the speediest ‘making of’ writers on the planet, so it is quite likely this thing is coming together in an INSANELY fast rush. The second ILM book was apparently in unpublishable shape when he was brought in, and he redid the whole thing in less than a month, and apparently he wrote VISIONS OF ARMAGADDON (making of ARMAGEDDON) is something like 15 days!

I don’t think this Trek volume will be junk just because it is done fast, but just as a point of reference, you could probably go find his making of book on LOST and skim that to see how he dealt with it. Difference is that I’m pretty sure he is a LOST fan … and I’m almost certain he is absolutely NOT a Trek fan (then again i don’t get the impression many of the abrams crew were either.)

When we both wrote for CINEFEX in the 90s, Vaz got the BATMAN movies assignments and most of the cartoon animation stuff, while I got the STAR TREK coverage for TUC through INS and most of the other space films.

Some of the few errors in his ILM book were in the 6 or 8 pages on TREK, so I’m guessing his ‘in-head’ knowledge on that is lacking as well. But even though I hate the designs I’ve seen from the new trek in trailers and still form, I’ll make a point of looking at this book, it’ll probably have some stuff of interest. I will probably have seen the movie once by then (or have tried anyway, I figure I can always fastforward on DVD), so that will give me a different perspective on the so-far-unimpressive-to-me visuals and how they were achieved.

Love your Enterprise art, it seems to respect the lighting established on TOS, something TOS-R made a mess of to my eye.

However, your post … I don’t love that opinion. How is a backdated schematic in a making of book going to prove anything when the scale in the film apparently, according to people whose taste and eye can be trusted, changes shot-to-shot?

Your site contain a many useful information. I look for a lot of this experience. Thanks!