JJ Abrams Hires Writers For MI4 – Can He Deliver MI4 And Star Trek Sequel For 2011?

JJ Abrams is ramping things up for another big franchise at Paramount, with news just announced that he has hired writers for a fourth Mission Impossible film, with Abrams on board to co-produce with Tom Cruise. Like the next Star Trek film, Mission: Impossible: IV is aimed for a 2011 release.


Abrams To Produce Two Paramount Franchise Sequels For 2011?
Tonight Variety reported that Abrams hired Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec to write the screenplay for MI4, based on a story that Abrams developed with the pair. Although not well known, Abrams worked with the writers on his spy show Alias (as he had with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who penned the MI3 script with Abrams). Abrams on board as a co-producer with Tom Cruise, who apparently has ironed out all his issues with Paramount. According to the report, Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt will be "involved in an onscreen capacity" as well, but it isn’t clear if he will be the star.

It does not appear that Abrams will be returning to the director’s for MI4, but he will have much to do as a co-producer. JJ is also the producer for the next Star Trek film, which he may direct as well, depending on other projects. As of now, reports indicate that both films are slated for 2011 (likely summer), but it is not clear if one film will push the other to a later date. Paramount signed writer deals for the Star Trek sequel (with Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof), back in April, so in theory that project has a head start, with that script due by December.

But if Paramount want JJ Abrams to produce and direct Star Trek Something Something, and produce Mission Impossible 4 (along with all his other film and TV projects), it is hard to imagine both films coming out in the summer of 2011.

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We shall see. Yeah, I’m the first.

Live long and prosper


It’s going to be a long two years!

Can’t wait!

maybe Trek XII will go on with Abrams?

I meant

maybe Trek XIII will go on without Abrams?

I wonder what Abrams thinks as he shuttles back and forth between working with talented actors like Pine, Quinto and Greenwood, then walks across the movie lot to confer with a talentless hack like Cruise?

Bemused? Befuddled? Doesn’t care as he gets even richer?

I would rather see Star Trek die than let it carry on with the direction Abrams gave it.

what if Trek II out May 2011…MI 4 out xmas 2011?

although prob wouldnt make any diff to Abrams work load…

but then again isnt he like an incredible multi tasker?….

wernt Spielberg and Lucas producing and directing stuff at the same time in the 80s?

Harry Ballz, I would hardly call tom cruise a talentless hack, not only has he given some incredible perfomances in recent years in films such as
Collateral,Jerry Maguire,Vanilla Sky, and Mission Impossible and Mission Impossible III(didnt care much for part II) among may others.

and on top of the acting he has been quite succesfull as a producer as well.

he is also one of the best in terms of appreciateing the public and knowing with out us he would not have a career.

one more thing can the powers that be (here) at Trekmovie.com please stop refereing to star trek sequal as star trek something something. It was cute the first time now it just makes peoples eyes roll when its read.

really just call it untitled star trek sequal or star trek 2 or star trek XII anything but startrek : something something

stuff i’d like to see in MI 4:

Nimoy ‘Paris’ cameo

more Lalo Schifrin

cant think of anything else

btw are people aware Shatner appeared in 2 episodes post TOS?

i didnt

it can go on without Abrams


it is simply my subjective opinion when I say that Tom Cruise is a lousy actor. He has managed to “package” himself in some good films, but his acting ability is sad to watch. Whenever I watch him on screen I can actually see the man is “acting”, and not in a natural, instinctive way. When I, as a member of the audience, can perceive “the wheels turning” behind an actor’s facial expressions, THAT’S bad acting! I’ve attended high school plays that had much better acting in it!

If YOU think the guy can act, hey, more power to you!

call it Star Trek XII

DO NOT call it Star Trek II

Star Trek II is the name of one of the greastest Sci Fi movies ever, The Wrath of Khan, a film so much better than the new movie

12 – ok my mistake

i meant Trek 2

11 – Harry — Brad Pitt makes Cruise look like Sir Laurence Olivier. Not that I think much of either’s acting chops. IMH(Subjective)O.

Jim Phelps for MI 4!!

oh wait they turned him into a traitor and killed him in MI 1

nice move….kinda like if Spock Prime had turned on the federation and Kirk Pine had killed him in the new film

I wish they’d reboot Mission: Impossible and bring back Jim Phelps!

I’m sure that in the producer role Abrams can comfortably oversee Star Trek 2 and Mission: Impossible 4. I’ll be interested to see whether he directs either. My suspicion is that he’ll be producer on both.

I believe that Star Trek XII could survive without Abrams if he wants to do MI 4

but he could do both if he is just producing both

Do we really need another Mission Impossible movie that glorifies Cruise? Don’t think so.


if an MI film captured the ensemble of the TV show then it would be better.

as a big Mission Impossible fan…. I really can’t wait for it !

I agree on the Jim Phelps thing. the “M:I” franchise lost me with the first film since the very first thing they did was take the guy who was the hero in many seasons of TV and turn him bad and kill him off. All so dumb-azz Tom Cruise could do what he wants to. I haven’t liked anything Cruise sinct Top Gun, so I don’t understand why they keep cranking out the M:I movies.

I don’t think Trek as we now know it can go on without Abrams. it was his vision that made the fim successful. A few too many lens flares, yeah, but still a good vision IMO.

JJ could combine STAR TREK and M:I in one Movie…and we´ll have an “Elite Force”-Movie with Cruise as Alexander Munro. :)

summer 2011 is looking a little too crowded, with spiderman 4, thor, capt. america, harry potter 8, cars 2, green lantern, and kung-fu panda 2, i think trek would do better for a christmas 2011 release

For what it’s worth, I have no problem with the working title Star Trek: Something Something. Hell, I’d go the full monty and just refer to it as Star Trek: Something Something Dark Side (ST:SSDS). ;-)

“JJ Abrams Hires Writers For MI4”

Be interesting to see what an MI film would be like with writers.

#22 sez “I don’t think Trek as we now know it can go on without Abrams. it was his vision that made the fim successful.”

True, but somebody else’s vision could make the next one successful. It’s not like there aren’t hundreds of directors that couldn’t bring something new to Trek … and/or imitate the Abrams approach without breaking a sweat. The techniques he employed were a commercial success, absolutely, but they weren’t exactly subtle or elusive …

I don’t get it. Why are there still Star Trek haters on this board?

I look forward to another MI movie. Yes, definitely bring back Paris (with Nimoy). That’s a genius idea… have him be “The Secretary” we’ve always heard was so willing to disavow knowledge of the MI force’s action.

#20 – M:I:III did just that. While Cruise was the star it was still very much a team effort, he didn’t succeed alone. Philip Seymour Hoffman ‘s villain was truly a nasty guy. The only complaint I had was the “another traitor in the ranks” subplot.

#27: “I don’t get it. Why are there still Star Trek haters on this board?”

I’ve never seen _any_ of these “haters” people mention. I see regular Star Trek fans, foaming-at-the-mouth Star Trek fans, quiet-ish Star Trek fans, etc … The word “hate” is used almost exclusively in posts by the alarmist-types who’ve invented the “haters.”

My theory is that it’s a mythological being invented to scare children into eating their Brussels sprouts. “Eat all up or the haters will get you!” “Nooo!”

oooh, Star Trek: The Dark Mirror

#19 Jeff- YEAH, really.
I won’t be seeing it.

Abrams has always managed to come through with amazing projects that he produces simultaneously. When he was creating and writing and directing the pilot of LOST, Alias was still in its height. He was creating and writing for Fringe as he was working on Star Trek and working with MI3 while working on season 1 of LOST…

I have no doubt that he can deliver both!

but Star Trek was there before Abrams and will be afterwards, it is not his vision though it is Gene Roddenberry’s

Heck yeah- let’s see a Mission Impossible – Star Trek Crossover film! I’d pay double admission for that.

Abrams did a good job but there will be other people who can do great stuff with Trek.

The only movie that really captured how the old IMF team would mind**** their targets wasn’t a MI film at all; it was the Michael Douglas film, “The Game”.

I never cared for Paris, though. Martin Landau as Roland Hand all the way.

#6….what a miserable, joyless old troll you must be! Is there a point to you and your negativeity? Trek had it’s heyday..1-6..then the first 2 TNG films, then was dying. The reboot, although, I found things not as they formerly were, I did see the film 4 times and liked it. It’s the same vision through a new set of eyes and imagination. Gene long since passed and the reins for Trek need to go on with fresh blood and new inspiration and energy. I’m glad it’s back in production!


Simon Pegg had a small role in Mission Impossible III as a computer expert named Benji. I thought he did a pretty good job. I hope the writers bring his character back in Mission Impossible 4.

Jonathan Frakes to Star Trek XII ,,,yessssss

I enjoyed the new movie and saw it five times I just dont think its the best one. I would probably put it in fifth or sixth place.

I did rate it 8 out of 10.

Dont hate it but it did feel a tad dumbed down. And I never will agree wit hAbrams choice for using a brewery as Engineering. God that was an interesting idea that was poorly realised.

So I loved the new film but the equipment was redesigned for the worst in my opinion.

It is what Star Trek needed but at the same time I wish Trek had not needed to go into this direction.

@39 – That would be interesting! I might like that.

Is Abrams now the “Supreme Court” of Mission Impossible, too? *sigh*

As far as the question goes, “can he deliver both?”. . .this last go around with Star Trek also included producing Fringe and Cloverfield among others, so yes is the answer.

Anbody else think that if Abrams turns down the director’s chair on ST:12 that it should be Nimoy at the helm? Or Frakes? Or maybe even… (gasp!) Shatner? That would be a trip; huh?

Nimoy or Frakes at the helm defintely

Frakes is an excellent director.

If Abrams does direct the next one a word of advice, NO bloody Lens Flares!


Unfortunately it looks like it.

Abrams is not the sole guy with a vision of Star Trek, many directors have added their visions such as Nicholas meyer, it is a whole universe, it is more than one man with a love affair with lens flares. LOL

that is why I say it will go on with another director

43 – Abrams is PRODUCING M:I:4, not DIRECTING it, so he’ll be there to advise and make some behind-the-scenes decisions, but unlike TV series, the Director is the point person on the projet.

It will likely take up JJs time during development, but once it starts Pre-Production, the Director will likely take the Center Seat.

Star Trek XII, if Abrams directing, would likely get his full attention during the shooting.

He knows how to produce multiple things at once, and how to delegate to the right talent, as evidenced by Lost, where he directed the Pilot, helped create and shape the show, then took a back seat to Damon Lindelof.

Although he directs very well, JJ’s Career has been primarily that of a Producer.

They killed off Jim Phelps in MI 1 so they could “bury” the series and make “Ethan Hunt” the face of MI. Hmmmm… sounds kinda like what Mr.Berman tried to do in ST Generations with Kirk. Nice job Rick.

Bring back Paris and Roland…love to see Marty Landau..in that SPACE 1999 movie we never got…
I agree…no TREK haters on this website…what is your point anyway…
Abrams, in some capacity, is here to stay..get over it!!!
You want Shat to direct TREK 12..?
If not JJ, how bout Nimoy himself..or Frakes wouldn’t be a horrible choice?!?…
Crossovers: TREK-XMEN crossover like from the comics…!!!