VegasCon09: Saturday – Guest Movie Actors + VOY Panel + Park & Takei

Saturday at the Creation Star Trek Convention was just jammed pack with Star Trek celebrities. The day included a number of guest actors from the Star Trek feature films, including Christopher LLoyd, as well as stars from all eras of Trek, with George Takei, Linda Park and a whole panel of Voyager stars. We have the full breakdown below with pics, including a report from the evening events.



Saturday had a bit of a theme with four actors who appeared in Star Trek feature films, and were all first-time Creation Star Trek con attendees.

Christopher LLoyd
The headliner of this movie guest star line-up was Christopher LLoyd, Star Trek III’s villain Kruge. As it was his first time, Lloyd came out saying he didn’t really know what to do and so he jumped right into questions. What was most interesting about his time on stage was that due to his vast body of work, there was very little asked about Star Trek III, with the first question actually being a request for him to ‘do’ a bit of his famous Taxi character, Reverend Jim Ignatowski, and to the crowd’s delight he did just that. Lloyd discussed his roles in Clue, Taxi, Dream Team, Buckaroo BanzaiRoger Rabbit, the Back to the Future series and more, before getting the first question about Trek. Regarding Back to the Future, Lloyd said that he could relate to his character Doc Brown. Regarding how the role of Marty was recast a month into the production of BATF from Eric Stoltz to Michael J. Fox, Lloyd said that Stoltz was "wonderful actor", but he and Fox had a comic chemistry that was "God-given"

Lloyd opens with giving the crowd a Reverend Jim ‘okey doke’

Regarding the role of Kruge, Lloyd "confessed" that he was "not particularly what you would describe as a fan" of Star Trek before being cast as Kruge in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, joking "I don’t know why they picked me." He said that Nimoy and the producers had "a hunch" he was right, and in the end Lloyd said "I loved doing Captain Kruge…I wish by some interstellar happenstance he might revive. He was so determinably evil." Lloyd that it was fun to get a chance to play a character who had no regret or remorse, also likening him to his role as Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. LLoyd was also thought the detailed materials on the Klingon language was "amazing". Regarding how Kruge killed his love interest in the film, Lloyd joked "it was worth the sacrifice." Lloyd was also asked about the fight scenes with Kirk where he said it was "hard work", but noted "he [Kirk] kicked my butt, I’d like to come back some time and change things around."

Kruge actor would like another shot at Captain Kirk

Stephen Collins
Another first time convention goer this year was Stephen Collins who played Capt. Decker in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. He was asked a lot about TMP and about his long run on 7th Heaven. The actor recounted the feeling on the set of the first Trek feature of being like an outsider, but also being welcomed by the cast. "At first, I felt like an outsider. But, then I became a member of the club. DeForest Kelley was really like a father to me." When asked if he would work on Star Trek again, he said that since his character merged into a higher consciousness in the end of the film that they could bring him back as anything. "I could be a lamp!" said Collins. On the movie uniforms, Collins said, "I hated the costumes. They had no pockets!"

Collins takes questions from the crowd

Laurence Luckinbill
Another first timer in the convention circuit is Laurence Luckinbill (Sybok of ST:V). "I’m a virgin!" he joked to the crowd. He came on stage with his Sybok double (an attendee of the costume contest) to great applause. On working with William Shatner as actor and director on ST:V, Luckinbill gave an emphatic, "I LOOOOVE Bill Shatner!" He remembered meeting will Bill over coffee to discuss the motivation of Sybok. "[Bill] cared a lot about the character. He’s a remarkable man." Luckinbill also talked a bit about working with his wife, Lucy Arnez, and the connection between DesiLu and Star Trek.

Luckinbill comes on stage with his double (wearing the actual Sybok outfit from STV)

Jacqueline Kim
The final movie guest was Jacqueline Kim, who played Ensign Demora Sulu (Hikaru Sulu’s daughter) in the opening segment of Star Trek Generations.  Kim seemed a bit nervous for her first con appearance. When asked if she would have wanted to have worked with George Takei she said she preferred not, as it would have forced too many comparisons. However, she did talk about how nice it was to work with Walter Koenig who was helpful to her with Trek history.



Saturday also featured appearances from main castmembers from all three eras of Star Trek, including an entire panel of celebs from Voyager.

Voyager Panel
Robert Picardo, Roxanne Dawson, Ethan Phillips, and Tim Russ all came on stage for an afternoon Star Trek: Voyager panel. Like the cast from the Enterprise panel the day before, it is obvious that these guys are really great friends. The former crew of the USS Voyager were cracking jokes and poking fun at each other throughout their time on stage. "You thought seven years in the Delta Quadrant was bad, try working with these guys," said Tim Russ. Ethan Phillips retorted, "Try working with Tim after a three bean quiche." To which Picardo added, "Tim Russ: The man, the myth, the methane."

Voyager cast takes the stage – fart jokes started early

When asked about his work as the Doctor, Picardo remarked that he had wanted to get DeForest Kelley on the show and had suggested that the doctor consult the medical database to ask Bones a question about medical ethics. The scene was never written, as De could not come onto the show for health reasons. Picardo remembered an encounter with De Kelley after being on stage at a Creation Convention in California. Kelley saw Picardo and said to him, "Dammit! I’m a doctor, not a hologram!"

I’m a doctor, not a hologram!

When asked about their favorite Kate Mulgrew stories, Tim Russ recounted shooting the episode, "Flashback". "There was debris on the set because we had blown something up, and I picked up some of it and was tossing it around. Kate saw me and said, ‘if you hit me with that you’re a dead man’. So I thought about it. And, I beaned her. When I went back to my trailer, I discovered that my clothes were gone!"

Tim Russ remembers Kate Mulgrew stealing his clothes

George Takei
Sulu 1.0 was the first guest of the day and got the crowd going by talking about the new Star Trek movie, which he said was "terrific." Takei then joked how "I am so proud of how I look 43 years ago, and I look like John Cho…how do you like my swashbuckling now?!" He then went on to talk about a number of subjects, including the legacy of Star Trek and its current relevancy, his work as a voice actor in recent years, and his activism for marriage equality for same sex couples. George also talked very enthusiastically about his time with Star Trek New Voyages (now Phase II) shooting "World Enough and Time".

When asked why there was never a Captain Sulu spin-off series he quickly retorted "good question!" and then went on to talk about how great it was to play the captain of such an advanced ship in Star Trek VI, and how he came to Captain Kirk’s rescue and how Kirk had to thank him for saving him. He also said that when he played himself on the show Psych, he was actually playing himself as "one of my fellow Star Trek actors," and went on to describe that character as egotistical and a prima donna, noting "sound like anyone you know?"

Takei still wistful over Captain Sulu series


Linda Park
Enterprise’s Hoshi Sato started off talking about behind the scenes antics for the recent prequel series, including when Scott Bakula lost a sports bet and had to run around the lot with in his boxer shorts. As for her favorite episode, Park chose the "In a Mirror, Darkly" two-parter, which isn’t surprising as she ended that one as "Empress Sato." As for which actor she liked working with the most, she mulled it over talking about working with each of the main stars, even noting how she wished she got to work more with Conner Trinneer, but in the end chose John Billingsley, noting "I loved working with John in all those Hoshi and Phlox scenes." As for series star Scott Bakula, Park said that he was a role model for her. She was asked how she felt about her character’s importance in Star Trek history in the development of the Universal Translator, she said "I guess I have pride" but was quick to note that it is really the Original Series stars, and Nichelle Nichols Uhura that
she "bows down to."

Park respects her elders


More photos from Saturday celebrity panels
Here is a flicker slideshow of all our pictures from Saturday celeb panels


Costume Contest, Trek Concert, and Dessert Party
This years costume contest was again an amazing site to behold as about 100 fans came on stage dressed to kill in their Star Trek costumes. There were a handful of new movie uniforms, which can be purchased online, but only one that was original and completely hand-made: a Starfleet orbital skydiving jumpsuit! Suzie, the creator of the uniform, tied with a Borg for first place. In another tie for third place were Lore (accompanied by daughter Lal), and a Ferengi. See more photos of the contest on our Flikr feed.

1st place winners battle it out

After the costume contest was over, fans were treated to a delightful Saturday Night Concert Gala where Trek vets Robert Picardo, Tim Russ, Jacqueline Kim, and Brent Spiner performed for the crowd. They presented four totally unique music styles, and really got to show off their talent for music. Picardo started out with a jazz band singing love songs followed up by Russ who played electric guitar. Kim sang and played acoustic guitar, and finally Brent finished off the night with his wonderful singing voice. See more photos on our Flikr feed.

Picardo wows the crowd

Rounding out the night was a Dessert Party and Centerpiece Contest where patrons got to dig in at the ice cream bars and view the beautiful Star Trek centerpieces designed by convention-goers. During the event they were treated to a performance by the Enterprise Blues Band and celebrity drop-ins from Laurence Luckinbill, Susan Howard, Hallie Todd, and others. See more photos on our Flikr feed.

Just one of the great centerpieces of the night

More photos from Saturday evening events
Here is a flickr slideshow of all our pictures from the Saturday night events.

More to come
The convention is over, but TrekMovie’s coverage continues. Coming up we have reports on:

  • Saturday’s panel with Braga & Coto

  • Sunday with 3 Spocks & Shatner

  • Star Trek Online Preview

  • …and more

 So check back for updates


Special thanks to Steve Craig from the Las Vegas Wire.

Anthony Pascale contributed to this report.


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Holy crap! A trekkies’ dream come true.
All those stars altogether. Fantastic!
Sorry I missed that one.

Very cool!

Poor George,
Still dreaming. But the closet a Sulu show ever came was the Voyager episode and the books on tape. Too bad, though, they could have made several good made-for-tv movies of that and they would have been well-received I’m sure, with guest appearances by all the secondary stars.

#3: closet?

LOL… I know you meant otherwise, but the irony is delicious!

Really wish I could have been there… so many first-time guests at the convention… wow!

Wow those were some great guests!

I’ll never forget how Lloyd as Jim in Taxi once asked someone, maybe a TV executive, why they took Star Trek off the air. Or words to that effect!

I believe it was Judge Doom in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”, not Dr. Doom.

That Luckinbill double is SPOT ON. He looks like a cast figure!

Lloyd and Collins were wonderful guests. Very interesting and (on a shallow note) both looked amazing. Great pix Anthony.

Most of the pix and reporting in this article were done by Kayla. I just handled LLoyd (and yes it is Judge Doom), Park, Takei and Kim.

Kayla also did the Friday report. I couldn’t have done the VegasCon coverage without Kayla

And there is still more to come

That Sybok double was so good, he could actually take away your pain… of remembering Star Trek V! (I kid!)

Anthony and Kayla, great job! You guys must be fried!

Is it me or is anyone else getting tired of George’s constant shots at Shatner? I know Bill is an ass but it seems like George can’t stop talking about him.

Thanks for posting these photos! I was Lore and my daughter was Lal in the costume contest :-)

Yah Eric, i kinda feel the same way-I got to meet and talk to george t. at a creation bfast in 2006 in vegas he was so amiable, charming, funny and a much more fun star to meet than the other two assigned to be there–and later in the day he remembered us for a picture taking session–george should be above taking pot shots at shatner-i guess he must still be hurting over it all-he seems wounded–they really played that up in the futurama episode as well as shatners roast

@12. I NEEEEED MY PAIN!!! ;-)

i would like to give linda park some very big love, yes

I really don’t think Takei + Shatner have any real remaining hostility between each other. My suspicion is that it’s a mock feud- a mutual publicity stunt, if you will. Tabloid fodder.

Hoshi, I mean… Linda Park, looks great in that photo.

I hope the crowd were kind to Luckinbill … I always worry a little that fans sometimes conflate character with actor, and while Sybok will probably never be much of a “fan favorite” to say the least, Luckinbill’s performance was a good one, so I hope the crowd treated him well.

Gotta agree with everyone here. That Sybok double was absolutely amazing. At first I thought it was really Luckinbill in costume. Then I saw that it was the actually him to the right and forgot about how people age after 20 plus years.

What an amazing Trek event. So cool to see the first-timers like Chris Lloyd and Laurence Luckinbill taking part in the event. It seems like anyone who was anyone in Trek attended this event.

Just curious, is this the most star-studded Trek event or have there been others like this?

19 – Second that!

Christopher Lloyd is awesome! And very nice comments about Shatner from the very talented Mr. Luckinbill!

Great to see Christopher Lloyd in Vegas! Played one of the great villains of the Star Trek Movie Franchise plus as a kid Back To The Future trilogy were movie three favourite movies and i own the box set on DVD!

On a sour note is it just me or is it time for Geaorge Takei to get over the whole Shatner thing!!

23 – It’s not just you, and it’s long past time.

Oh, my… Roxann Dawson still looks incredibly sexy.

Yeah,…Roxanne Dawson looks great. Nice legs.

What an interesting tie in…Luckinbill and Lucy Arnez. Didn’t know that. Interesting.

#20 “Sybok will probably never be much of a fan favorite to say the least, Luckinbill’s performance was a good one”

I agree. He didn’t phone it in. He played his part with real conviction.

Christopher Lloyd was amazing and looked extremely fit.

I was all “meh” about Stephen Collins but he was absolutely great! He was interesting and funny and had great behind the scenes stories. There wasn’t much of a crowd when he started his talk but by the end, the room was nearly full. People heard us laughing and came in to check it out. I hope he comes back again.

You’re right – Luckinbill came across really nice, modest, and funny; and of course I found it especially interesting that he said that people shouldn’t believe all the negative things they hear about Shatner. IIRC, he said they were all “bias”.

My thoughts exactly – Collins was really worth watching; much more than I had expected.

#29–Iowagirl–you were there? Darn, we should have met up being Shatner fans and all. But yes, Luckinbill was a great guest and I loved that he had such nice things to say about Bill. Take that you evil naysayers! LOL.

Thanks for sharing from the vegascon, I been to two conventions many years ago, in Maine, i met Mr. Takei at the first con, in Portland, he was great to me and to the others were there; and I met Miss Nichols, in Bangor, and a replica of the TOS Bridge was also present. That replica was built at the Vocational School my late Father taught at. I was a member of the Trek Club “Kasimar” when I lived in Maine. I wish I could join a Trek Club out here in the Boston area or form a Sci-Fi Fan Club out here!!! I was honored to question Bill Shatner online a couple of years ago via his web site. I saw Mr. Nimoy at a college tour in Maine at the time of Trek 4. I wrote to Rod Roddenberry via e-mail. My connections with Trek makes me wish I could contribute to a Trek TV Series or a Fan Film because I became a Screenwriter. I watched TOS reruns on tv as a kid and I watched so many films over the years. I can be tweeted at the name linuxglobe. If any filmmaker/producer/writer like to contact me, e-mail or tweet me!!! I look forward to “Trek 12” the film and I hope I can contribute to the NEXT “Trek” tv series in the future!!! Long Live Trek!!!

How come George’s Howard Stern appearances are never covered here. there have been some real doozies!!!



“Dammit! I’m a doctor, not a hologram!”

Just when I thought it was impossible to love DeForest Kelley more…:D

Poor Stephen Collins, he missed the badass movie uniforms by one lousy film and got stuck with the Starfleet pajamas.

Linda Park is fine! All hail the Empress, indeed!

@20, 27: Agreed. Lawrence Luckinbill is a truly underrated Trek actor. The scenes with him and McCoy’s dying father were brutal, in an awesome way..

Wow, I wish I coulda been there. How the heck did they get Christopher Lloyd?

Great reporting and pics, love it all! :)


Yeah Liz, we should’ve met up – absolutely. I still don’t believe I made it…;-) Seems a bit unreal, but I’ve the picture of THEM with ME to prove it…:))

Maybe we’ll have another chance to mee – would be great!

#37 … I’m glad you got to go! I had the pleasure of seeing THE TWO of them during their “25 Year Mission” tour many years ago. And I’ve been lucky enough to see Leonard twice recently here in Texas. I know you had fun!

The man that is the Sybok double was married at THE EXPERIENCE in Las Vagas. I saw him and his bride (dressed as a Vulcan too) in Quarks after their ceremony. This was 2 years ago, I think….too many Mind Meld drinks have passed since then. But I remember thinking this guy is way too close to the real thing. I spoke briefly with them, congratulating them, etc.

You know… I have a very high regard for George Takei as an actor and as a human being. But the William Shatner pot shots are really, really old and just make GT look so bad.

It makes Shatner’s statement that GT should seek some help more credible.