Chris Pine Looking Forward To Getting Back To Star Trek

Yesterday Chris Pine attended the Hollywood Foreign Press Associations Annual Lunch, where he accepted a charity check for the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. While there he talked a bit about Star Trek, including the next one. See video of that, plus photos from the event below.


Pine looking forward to ‘getting back’ to Kirk
Chris Pine noted how pleased he was that both old school fans and "a new generation of fans"liked the new Star Trek movie. The new Kirk talked about how he was excited about the next film, but noted he didn’t know anything about it, but did confirming other reports on the timing saying:

I know they want to get stuff going for 2011, so I don’t know if that means if we shoot next year or what, I haven’t heard anything one way or the other.

[Video from LATimes Dish Rag]

Here are some photos from the event:

Pine and actress Rose McGowan pose accepting the check for UCLA

Pine striking a serious pose on the red carpet


Photos: WireImage

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It’s Captain Kirk!

What does one do to maintain a perfect permanent 5 o’clock shadow?

They need to lock Pine’s stubble and Quinto’s stubble in a room and let them battle it out.

#3 Why can’t I stop laughing at the thought of that???

2. AJ – August 12, 2009

What does one do to maintain a perfect permanent 5 o’clock shadow?

Simple, Shave before you go to bed.
He’s not the only one looking forward to getting back to trek, I’m already saving for my next Trip, across country, to see it at IMAX. ( we dont’ have em here )


I remember, back when “Miami Vice” was hot, Don Johnson marketed some kind of shaver which left stubble. Didn’t last too long.

That’s over 8 hours of growth. That’s two days at least.

Funny Number three, The stubble look is definitely the thing these days.

I think the new Captain Kirk is gracious , and respectful to the fans.

I mean he has not told any of us to get a life yet or anything.

I referring to the Classic Saturday Night Live skit where William Shatner tells the fans to get a life, and gets in a shoving match with the Late great Phil Hartman.

Very Funny stuff if you have not seen it.

That’s not Rose McGowan.

2 et al-

My daughter-in-law the barber has a device she can clip onto the razor, a type of spacer that can leave as much or as little stubble behind as desired.
That said, she must like the look too because Brian always has his 5 O’Clock shadow at the ready. Maybe it tickles her crotch- that’s too much information for me.

anthony, ask him why he won’t come to a con! that’s CON not KHAN

#7 “Very Funny stuff if you have not seen it.”

There is no such thing as a Trek fan who hasn’t seen it.

Can’t imagine a more personable and humble neo-Kirk. What a great job they all did. I just watched again last night. The subtlety and humor which with they referenced Star Trek TOS & 1st gen movies; characterizations (I would cite regulations, but you would only ignore…), locations (Vulcan, Starfleet Academy, Delta Vega) scriptknicks (“Are you out of your Vulcan mind?” “Fascinating”, “I have been and always shall be your friend.”), tribbles, etc. is truly masterful. No one outside the cultograph would be be confused, or even notice, and no one inside it would feel bypassed. Love this new blood.

I usually keep anywhere from 1 to 5 day’s fuzz on my face, except when going for interviews or to weddings, etc. Of course, I’ve been doing so since high school. Guess I was ahead of the curve on this one.

My wife likes the look, but not the feel when I kiss her and I’ve let it grow too long. At least, that’s what she tells me. She may hate the look and just be humoring me. :)

Anyway, Philips Norelco has a trimmer that will allow you to do anything from stubble to an inch of beard. I’d tell you what model it is, but it’s not on the casing and I’ve long since thrown away the box.


WHAT?! Your daughter-in-law’s crotch?!

God, I love Star Trek.

“They need to lock Pine’s stubble and Quinto’s stubble in a room and let them battle it out.”

^^ THIS.

That is not Rose McGowan. If it is, she needs to fire her stylist and makeup artist.


i do as well, but at 44, the beard grows in gray, and I get a ‘Grizzly Adams’ thing going. That exacting stubble the stars have looks almost sculpted onto their faces. It probably is.

I wwish they weould stop referring to the next film as Star Trek 2

it just causes conflict with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

I guess the mainstream aint aware that this will be the 12th movie.

Anyway I am glad Pine is looking forward to the film. I did like him in the film, more than I thoughtI was.

To me William Shatner is and always will be Kirk, but Pine did a good job in the role for the film.

what is the term to use when you like the new actor but still prefer the original?

#18 … “what is the term to use when you like the new actor but still prefer the original?”

It’s not a term, it’s a name: Shatner_Fan_Prime.


Trying to find a polite of sayingI liked Chris Pine but prefer William Shatner


that doesnt look much like Rose McGowan.


I have that too… its called a beard trimmer!

RE: Rose
yes, that’s her

he would look so much more like captain kirk ,if he would trim those klingon eyebrows

I still want to know why no one other than Zach Quinto from the new cast has appeared at a Star Trek convention?

Well, good for Rose, then. Guess you can’t Botox early enough these days.

Re: Stubble

I can hear the title of this Trek episode now:

The Trouble With Stubble

Geez! What’s with this netseer crap? I’m just tryin’ to get the latest Trek info and I can barely access the site. What’s the deal and when will it stop?

Stubble. Funny stuff fellas. Speaking from experience, the only way you can get away with it is if the woman in your life enjoys a little pain with her pleasure. My wife does not. And after a certain age (you and me AJ) the stubble just makes you look like a wino. Can’t take the grey out of 1/8 inch whiskers.

The Trouble with Stubble is that it leaves you on the bubble. If you aren’t a rich, good looking Hollywood star. As far as the ladies are concerned.

I really hope the whole new crew gets typecast like the original crew. THen we;ll see 40 more years of these guys in trek.

#26 – John from Cincinnati – August 12, 2009
“I still want to know why no one other than Zach Quinto from the new cast has appeared at a Star Trek convention?”

They’re out making other movies and lots and lots of money instead, I would think.


For sure on the stubble. I had to clear it with my g/f before letting it grow out a little. Unfortunately, I’m Italian so it grows out in about 2 hours. Thankfully she is understanding of that fact and lets it slide.

I’m currently working on a beard.

Great to hear that Pine is looking forward to the next film. He’d probably suck really bad if he was over the whole Star Trek thing already. Seems like he’s into it, maybe not as much as Quinto, but still.


God I love Chris Pine….

The Pine! :)

They should totally let Kirk and Spock go stubbly for the sequel.


Some chicks dig the “wino” look.

But, seriously, I have never had any pros or cons expressed by partners “down there” when I was unshaven. Perhaps, as a “wino,” I simply don’t recall.

#26 They don’t want to steal the “Thunder” from the older actors. I’m sure they will eventually be added to the billing for conventions. Be patient, Grasshopper.

Or they could just bring back evil goatee Spock.

It may be that he’s growing a beard on purpose for his next role as a freight-railroad engineer in “Unstoppable,” although that can also be done in makeup chairs as an “appliance,” as film scenes are usually shot out of sequence. Either way, that’s his business, IMHO. He’s an awesome actor, and I highly reccommend, for those who haven’t seen it, “BOTTLE SHOCK” — co-starring Alan Rickman (Prof. Snape from the Harry Potter series). It’s a tremendous story, based on a real-life incident in 1976 which put American (Napa Valley) wines on the world map, for lack of a better term – and includes an almost Gene Roddenberry-ish style surprise ending. Chris really IS that good an actor.

He just really seems like a genuine, funny guy who clearly recognizes what a fantastic gig he’s earned his way into… and yeah that’s right–EARNED his way in. His Kirk is totally different from the Shat–and yet was totally believable. Really looking forward to 2011 (although I still think it’s going to be held until the Wednesday before Memorial Day 2012).

I have stubble…and a stubble shaver! Sooo yea

Also, that really doesnt look like Rose McGowan…she looks veeery different!

Furthermore…I cannot wait for ST11 (as in 2011, now II as in TWOK…as in ST09…yea? or ST:SS).

In addition, I feel Pine was exceptional as Kirk, and better then any other actor could be these days. Personally, Shatner no longer looks like Kirk, he would need a girdle for a start, and he was a hammy actor anyways.

That is all

Anyone think Chris has a great deal of forehead? I’m just sayin’…

I never said you were a wino, AJ. I said that after a man reaches a certain age stubble is kind of, um, not attractive.

So what I actually said about you and I is that we are old.

THX-1138 – If I could just get mine to grow evenly in one color. Some white or evenly gray stubble could work.

I have…speckled.

BTW: Alice is a game. Not my name. Might seem odd for Alice to talk about her beard stubble. grin.

I ,for one, thinks Rose looks good(less trashy more classic)
And she seems happy to pose with THE PINE!


My family are friends with Alice Cooper, so your name is not odd at all. And my BEARD looks real good in it’s streaks on the chin and along the sides to the temples. But as stubble it looks like, well, I have been on a bender and just woke up at a bus station.

Of the new cast, I was most dubious about Pine. But he nailed it. Just enough of himself, with just enough homage to Shatner. As Nimoy said, Shatner would be proud……

i’m starting to think 2011 might be pushing it a little, would rather wait for 2012 to make sure that its the best possible movie it can be!

will give JJ a bit of breathing room as well conisidering MI:4 is set for 2011

26. John from Cincinnati
I thought Karl Urban went to something in either New Zealand or Australia within the past month.