Star Trek Magazine Sweepstakes Offering Tons Of Star Trek Prizes

The Official Star Trek Magazine has put together an awesome sweepstakes with loads of Star Trek merchandise up for grabs. There are four prize bundles plus some runner up prizes, with the Grand Prize worth over $1800. See below for more details and info on entering, plus a quick preview of the next issue of the Magazine.


Star Trek Magazine Contest
The winner of the Grand Prize will get their hands on a prize package worth over $1800 including two much sought-after tickets to the Star Trek Convention in Los Angeles in November 2009. First, second and third prize winners will also win spectacular Star Trek bundles, with prizes including:

  • Sets of Star Trek figures from Playmates Toys.
  • Star Trek cast portraits by Gary Hasson from Lightspeed Fine Art.
  • Sets of Star Trek checkbook covers, checks and address labels from Anthony Grandio.
  • Star Trek postcard boxes from Chronicle Books.
  • Star Trek trading card sets from Miami Sci-Fi and Rittenhouse Archives.
  • Kurt Adler 7" fabric mache Star Trek tablepieces.
  • Star Trek 2008 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments.
  • Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise T-Shirt by Junk Food Clothing.

For full details and to register your entry, visit:

(Contest available to US residents only)

some of the prizes

New Star Trek Magazines
Star Trek Magazine #20 features a focus on the borg, and some behind the scenes interviews for the new Star Trek movie. It is on news newstands now, and can be ordered (at a  discount) from TFAW.

STM #20
(newsstand edition)

STM #20
(Previews Exclusive)



And coming in late September is the next issue of the official magazine, which looks at the lighter side of Star Trek with the return of the Tribbles and a profile of intergalactic huckster, swindler and con-man, Harcourt Fenton ‘Harry’ Mudd. Plus: All-new Trek fiction. STM #21 can be pre-ordered from TFAW, at a special advance order discount.

STM #21
(newsstand edition)

STM #21
|(Previews Exclusive)



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And second.

I’ve never won a thing in my life. Even the “vacation package” I “won” had a catch. Nothing looks too exciting to win. Maybe if they had a starship Enterprise or something…

Yeah, they need to offer a couple of the new E custom models with lights and what not. Forgot the name of the company doing those.

I hate discriminatory contests that are U.S. only …. what about us Canadians??

FFS, complaining about free giveaways

i swear there is something wrong with some Trekkies

Also in issue #21, a short Harry Mudd story courtesy of Dayton and me. :)

I want this. Am I nerdy?

I’m only complaining because it seems all Trek contests are U.S only. I really like the prizes though. That Star Trek cast portrait is beautiful .. I must go find it somewhere

Sweet – Gonna win me some tickets! Thanks!

For some reason, I just love the Star Trek magazine… Minus the occasional Enterprise bashing I sometimes see, which tends to upset me. ^__^;;

I like the TOS and Voyager posters as I am a fan of both but I am not a US resident, I don’t suppose this offer aplies to the UK version of the magazine?

BAILY – The reason most contests are US only is that Canadian Sweepstakes law is significantly different from the US (this holds true for most International territories as well).

So it’s not any bias, it’s just the inability to have separate sets of rules for multiple countries, some of which include the needs for license and bonds in each of the countries to make their country eligible.

Plus, shipping costs, since most prizing like this is donated to the sponsor, additional costs to ship each of these items could be a deterrent.

Finally, when information is shared with co-sponsors who donate the prizing (does not seem to be the case here since you do not need to opt-in for it), often the companies are looking to grow lists of customers, many times of which they are only marketing to the US.

Just a few reasons things like this happen all the time – hopes you feel a little better about it!

However great these prizes might be – one of the major problems with Star Trek is whoever manages the marketing (CBS?) only properly markets it in the US. If you look at other huge franchises such as Star Wars or Batman you will see a huge number of global marketing campaigns to get the brand recognized. The film was a huge success but i feel could have been even bigger had the international marketing for it been bigger.

I understand that Star Trek is an American franchise but that hasn’t stopped Star Wars or Batman from becoming just as big outside the US.

Prizes sound good to me. I’ll take ’em.

I think #11 has pretty much summed it up as far as countries outside the U.S. and their prize eligibility. Are there no magazines or fan-based companies in countries outside the U.S. that can sponsor prizes like this for their own citizenry?

I do have to agree that for the most part, Trek is woefully under-promoted outside of the U.S. Which may be why there aren’t any international contests.

As for me, I am in it and I’m gonna win it.

4- FFS. hilarious, I’ve never seen that abbreviation before but i instantly knew what it was- something archetypal, lol.

Notice how they put Bill’s picture behind the ‘lighter side of Star Trek’! LOL!

Titan, you miserable capitalist bastards.

I remember a time when “Star Trek Monthly” was availible only in Ireland and England. I was there in 1995 for issue one, with Captatin Picard on the cover, and a free bookmark. Saving my pocket money as an eight year old, just to make sure I could get this every month. And the licesnse expaned to include Austraila and New Zealand in 1998/1999, with practically no change to the magazine.

And fourteen years later, this is how I and other loyal readers repayed. A competition availible in the US. Now, I do not begrudge someone winning this, but the high and mighty Titan Magazines seem to have forgotten their humble beginnings from 1995, and the eight year old Irish kid, who loved the magic of Star Trek, and a publication called “Star Trek Monthly”.

4 – Anthony, you are funny!

They could give cash with some of these prizes and some Trekkies would still bitch.

@4, 18: They could give away cash, a jewel-encrusted life-size Enterprise, a crate of Chateau Picard and a green chick, and Fan Dumb will still complain… FFS indeed.

What, no BLUE chicks?? Ratsaroonie!

I already have the checks… but I’ll take the rest of that stuff…

22 – WTF?

Yeah, we got it from the article headine.

#4, 18, 19
You seem to have difficulty understanding that the complaints are not about the prizes.
They’re complaints that, as per usual, anyone outside the US doesn’t count.
Still it takes so long for the magazines to crawl over to the UK that the deadlines for entry would probably have passed anyway, even if we weren’t regarded as second-class citizens.

24 – I had no difficulty whatsoever understanding that posts #1 and #2 were about the quality and the desireablity of the prizes themselves. Reread those posts.

#11 – StudioGeek

I understand that it works that way. It just sucks for the lot of us from Canada and the UK who also read and are loyal to the mag. Nonetheless, good luck to all that enter the contest

“Contest open to U.S. residents only.”

Grrrr. I hate that….

With you on that buddy. I too have EVERY edition going back to 1995 here in England. Not happy with that at all.
“Star Trek Monthly” was a quality magazine that didn’t have that “spread over 8 pages interview” that most US mags do. When reading an interview, I expect it to continue on the next page, not have another one between it.

It does appear to have gone downhill big time.

I’ll still end up buying the friggin thing though tbh.

@24: Yeah, well I kind of take it for granted; I’m in Quebec, so we get double excluded even if the contest is open to Canadians… blech.

17 / 28 We ran competitions in the UK edition of the magazine that were for UK entrants only for the first 18 months of my editorship, with similar sorts of prizes (one was Gold Tickets for FedCon, I remember), and got virtually zero response. Some sort of UK based competition is in the planning stages, and I hope we get a better response
28 – We very rarely spread interviews with bits inbetween (unless it’s a pull out supplement). Big features – like the Romulans/Time Travel/Borg/Humour pieces – need to be. What do you feel is missing from the magazine now that was there before?
9 – Enterprise bashing? There may be some in the letters page from fans, but I haven’t seen any evidence of that in features etc. There’s occasionally people saying that it was a missed opportunity, which isn’t quite tne same thing.

^ Oh that’s great news! I can’t belive you’ve been editor for that long either!

And just one more general Titan question, can readers from Ireland enter the competitions? The last competiton I can think of off-hand was the last issue of Torchwood Magazine, but the terms and conditions say “open to UK readers only”.

Three years come the end of September!
I believe that readers from Eire don’t qualify for UK only competitions, but your best bet is to email the competition address and ask directly – as editors, we don’t set up the terms and conditions on competitions, as there’s obviously legal ramifications (as are mentioned in some of the comments above) and the terms for this US competition are longer than the articles I’m editing for the upcoming Villains issue!!


I don’t envy you having to read all that competition jargon!

Thanks for your help!

Has any one gotten word on winning yet? I know the drawing was supposed to be today, but I don’t know if I haven’t gotten any notification because I didn’t win or they haven’t announced the winners yet.

I have a number of Gold Grenadier Mr Spock Decanters in mint condition, that were made in 1979 and were limited to a production of 1200. I am willing to sell them for $500 each they are worth $1500 to $2000 each. If anyone wants one please feel free to contact me at my store 215-675-7867 or at home 215-957-1174 This is the one Star Trek collectable that you will not see at any collection at all. We had sold 5 at the Las Vegas convention. I look forward to hearing fron you, we accept credit card payments or moneyorder. I can forward pictures to you as well.


love star trek