TrekInk: Exclusive Preview of Spock Reflections #2 + Countdown Ltd. Edition Hardcover

Next week IDW delves deeper into Spock’s past with their second issue of Spock Reflections, which is kind of a prequel to Star Trek Countdown. And lucky for you we have an exclusive five-page preview below, along with a look at the upcoming limited edition Star Trek Countdown hard cover.


PREVIEW: Spock’s Reflections #2
Written by David Tipton, art by  David Messina


Spock continues on his mysterious mission! What could have driven him to leave his new life on Romulus? The answers start here! And also, an untold tale from Spock’s life featuring Captain Christopher Pike!

Spock Reflections #2 covers

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Spock Reflections five-page preview:


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Spock Reflections #2 coming next week
Spock Reflections #2 will be out Wednesday August 19th and can be pre-ordered at TFAW. You can pre-order the next two issues, but issue 1 is backordered.






(August 19)



The trade paperback will be out in January and can be pre-ordered from Amazon


Limited Edition Star Trek Countdown Hard Cover
The biggest Star Trek comic hit in years is "Star Trek Countdown" the TNG era prequel to the Star Trek movie. IDW put out a trade paperback in April, and in October they are putting out a special limited edition hardcover. The book has a very intricate cover, with a ‘foil plate’ on the front with the Star Trek logo and title, and a ‘UV plate’ on the back which has a lenticular kind of effect where Nero’s tattoo appears when the book is turned slightly.

Limited Edition Countdown Hardcover Back and Front cover
(Click to enlarge)

Star Trek Countdown Limited Hard Cover Edition can be pre-ordered from Amazon for $21.99.

Roddenberry comic event in LA
Our last bit of comics news is that Roddenberry Productions is holding release parties for their new comic "Days Missing" next Wednesday at Golden Apple in Los Angeles and Mayhem Comics in Des Moines, IA. They will be giving out free vintage Star Trek posters at the LA event. More info at

Roddenberry Golden Apple Event
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Heavy on good artwork…light on story.

I wish I’d known about the hard cover before buying the individual comics. (Of course, I couldn’t have waited for plot background details anyway…so who am I kidding?)

Why are they still pawning off Countdown on us? Most of us already have either the four individual issues, or the trade paperback. So what if it has a shiny cover, I have the most important part, the comic itself. Shiny covers are irrelevant (pun intended).

Nice artwork on Spock Refelctions though.

Clearly Spock is going to nail Chapel right there in the elevator.

Just like Uhura.

It’s too bad Spock and Chapel didn’t have a little moment like that in TMP!

After all the plain crappy art they’ve been throwing at us (Star Trek II, anyone?) I’m glad to at least see a comic where the characters look like the characters, and it’s not the usual flat coloring job.


Well it IS called “Reflections.” With a title like that, I wasn’t really expecting a big, plot-heavy story, with Spock running all over the galaxy saving the day.

I do wish the issues themselves weren’t so short though. Just when you’re finally getting into the groove of the story… it’s over. lol

Spock, TMP-style! Nice!


I might have waited, had I known the hardcover was coming out….

Well, come to think of it, perhaps not….

Darn them for trying to get me to buy ‘Countdown’ again! I love it, but it’s not so good that I need two copies!

I like the art, too. Good Pike cover.


The art in that may have been more expressionistic and stylized than people wanted, but it was hardly “crappy.”

If you want to see what crappy art looks like, check out the new Greatest American Hero comic. It doesn’t get any worse than that.

The sample pages for this issue make me want to pick this up. And I love the “Cage”-era cover on the right!

TMP Spock and Chapel – pretty unexpected, but neat. Definitely want to see more.


yeah, love the spock, chapel stuff on the last couple pages.

Interesting. . .do you think they’ll introduce
Chapel in the next movie, and then her and
Uhura can fight over Spock. . . cooool.

I look at the hardcover edition as a collectable book, not just a comic. I will be nice after reading to put on my ST/SCIFI section of my book shelf. After all It is limited, but to how many copies??

As many as they can sell??? It doesn’t say on Amazon’s description.

15 -“Interesting. . .do you think they’ll introduce
Chapel in the next movie, and then her and
Uhura can fight over Spock. . . cooool.”

Maybe in the alternate timeline Chapel will have a crush on Keenser. ;-)

I’m buying the HC. I wasn’t tricked into buying the trade paperback. So for me this is a win-win.

#18 – yep, same here… I seem to be incapable of taking care of comic paperbacks… lol. Figured it would be destroyed or falling apart in months. Hardcover sounds gooood.

Looks very convincing. A must-buy, as soon as one-volume edition is on sale.

The look in Chapel’s eye is awesome. Very expressive.

The elevator scene would have been terrific in TMP!

The Typonians grow bolder by the day! Now they’re attacking the main site and humiliating TrekMovie staff with things like “relections.” I fear war with the Typonians cannot be avoided.

Spock Reflections is such a great idea, I’m surprised no one thought of it sooner! I mean, who’s the only trek character to live through almost every major era? Pike, the era between TMP and Wrath of Khan, the era between Final Frontier and Undiscovered Country, the era between Generations and TNG… there has to be a bunch of stories waiting to be told, and Spock is the only person to have been through them all. Heck, you could do more that just reflections, but I doubt it would fit in a comic book.

Heeehehe. x3 Spock x Chapter FTW. I love that little moment. So subtle, yet so sweet. <3 All thanks to those very talented artists!


CmdrR: It’s supposed to be “Re-elections” I suppose.

My god, what hideous artwork.

I picked up the first issue of “Reflections” this past week while looking for the first issue of “Nero” and was pleasantly surprised by the insights into the Spock character which this series promises to deliver. I do like the artwork of both of these series (as well as “Countdown”) very much, the characters are indeed quite recognizable. I am looking forward to the completion of both of these series by the end of the year – just in time for the next Star Trek movie! (It will be fascinating to compare “Nero” with the deleted scenes from ST09.)

I see the Typonians are once again foled.



#24. Eddyman592 wrote: who’s the only trek character to live through almost every major era? and Spock is the only person to have been through them all.

You have just pointed out why Spock is the most important character in Star Trek. And why there is no reason to Shatner back to play Kirk.

If they were ever going to do a new TV series, the life of Spock would be the way to go.

The cover artist did a great job aging the Spock images and grabbing features from Quinto [younger] to Nimoy [elder], yet all along blending features from both actors.

After Spock: Relections – Nero – The Movie adaption come out they should put Countdown & all the others all in one Trade Paperback.