Conventional Wisdom: TrekMovie Guide To Fall & Winter Star Trek Events

Autumn and Winter 2009 brings many great Star Trek events, including the release of the new movie on DVD, Blu Ray editions of past favorites, the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and of course conventions!  TrekMovie provides you a guide to some of the events occurring between now and December 31, 2009.


There is one planned official Creation Star Trek con planned for this Fall, which will be held the same week as the release of the new Star Trek movie on DVD and Blu-ray . 

November 21-22
The Official Star Trek Grand Slam
Los Angeles, CA
Guests: TBA (TrekMovie told there should be some Star Trek 2009 movie guests and TrekMovie is likely to hold a Star Trek movie panel, as we did in Las Vegas)

NOTE: TrekMovie will do a follow-up article when more details on this con are finalized.

There are a number of other cons this Fall which will include a Star Trek component, with DragonCon being the biggest.

August 28-30
Fan Expo Canada
Toronto, Canada
Guests: Avery Brooks, Walter Koenig, Leonard Nimoy, and many others

September 4-7
Dragon Con 2009 (TrekTrak)
Atlanta, Georgia
Guests include: Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Duncan McNeill, Anthony Montgomery and many others [UPDATE: Shatner added to DragonCon lineup] &

September 4-5
Star Trek Chicago Expo / TWOK & TSFS Double Feature
Chicago, Illinois
Guest include: William Shatner (Sat 8PM only)
NOTE: Shatner event is advance purchase only & TrekMovie does not recommend purchasing tickets in advance from new conventions

UPDATE: Shatner will not attend Star Trek Chicago

September 18-20
Trek Continuum Megashow

Niles, Ohio
Guests: Denise Crosby and Arlene Martel

October 11-18
Star Trek Cruise

Leaves Los Angeles for Mexico
Guests: Tim Russ, Garret Wang, Marina Sirtis, Chase Masterson, and Alan Ruck

November 27-29
Starbase Indy Fan Convention
Indianapolis, Indiana
Guest: William Morgan Sheppard

December 5-6
Lightspeed Charity Celebrity Benefit
Foothill Ranch, CA
Guests: Jonathan Frakes, Walter Koenig, Rene Auberjonois, Dominic Keating, & more




Begins August 25, various dates
Nicholas Meyer book tour ("The View From the Bridge: Memories of Star Trek and a Life in Hollywood")

  • August 25 at 7:00 PM Book Passage (Corte Madera, CA)
  • August 27 a 7:00 PM Book Soup (Los Angeles, CA)
  • September 2, 7:00 PM Borders Northridge (Northridge, CA)
  • September 10, 7:30 PM Warwick’s (San Diego, CA)
  • September 14,7PM Prairie Lights (Iowa City, IA)
  • September 15, 7PM Barnes & Noble, East 86th St. NYC (New York, NY)

September 4-5
Star Trek and the Sydney Symphony
Sydney, Australia
Music from all 11 films are played with a full orchestra with scenes on a giant movie screen.  There will also be music from 2001 and Transformers at the start of the program.



Until September 5
Out of this World: Extraordinary Costumes from Film and Television

Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture  — Spokane, WA
Features 30 costumes from Star Trek and other science fiction franchises

Until September 9 at the Detroit Science Center
& Until September 20 at The Franklin (Philadelphia)

Star Trek: The Exhibition
NOTE: TrekMovie is attempting to get future date/cities for ST: The Exhibition

Until September 25
Fascinating: The Fan Expo
Museum Eberswalde  — Eberswalde, Germany 

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Dangit! The closest event is in Iowa City. D:

Closest one to Chicago is in Indianapolis…
We use to have one every year until TNG went of the air.

“NOTE: Shatner event is advance purchase only & TrekMovie does not recommend purchasing tickets in advance from new conventions”

So, could Chicago be a scam? Their site is still very much advertising for dealers and pre-paid Shatner tickets.

Has anyone actually dealt with these people? It’s 3 weeks away. Yeesh.

I find the anti-Dragoncon press release from the Chicago Expo event really ponderous and childish. It doesn’t speak to their professionalism at all and makes me want to stay away.

Iowa City is the nearest to me as well.
Still, useful list, thanks for putting that together.

RE: Chicago thing
the warning is only because of recent cons that didn’t deliver. It is not a scam. However with a single guest it is ‘buyer beware’ for paying in advance. I have confirmed that Shatner’s people are in talks with them, but you never know. THey say they provide refunds, but we have heard that before. I guess I am just nervous about something that is brand new and advance purchase and dependent on a single guest.

Indianapolis in November… Health of myself & the Mrs. allowing, if they line up a few higher-rung guests [ a series regular or 3 would be nice] we’ll be there- aloha.

Good advice on Chicago’s con. There have been more than a few debacles in the past, particularly one in Texas involving Battlestar Galactica last year.


Well, hopefully it will turn out successfully, and someone here can give a shout as to how it was.

We still need the Shat here on the East Coast!

Hey guys
Howabout a mention for the Collectormania event in London Earls Court on 28th , 29th November

The last one Had Leonard Nimoy amongst others

Anything in the UK?

See Post 9
Timing eh

The closest for me is…. on the other side of the Atlantic. =P

London Expo, Oct 24-25 has Terry Farrell (Yipppeeee!!!!!!!!), Nicole DeBoer, Ronny Cox and Ron Moore (Trek & BSG Ron Moore).

I’m flying in from Ireland for the LA Grand Slam in November so I’m delighted to hear that there may be Trek ’09 stars there. Looking forward to the panel as well. See ya there!!

Don’t forget New England Fan Experience in Boston, November 13-15. Trek guests include Leonard Nimoy and John DeLancie! Also appearing is Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto from Torchwood).

Re the Chicago people. One look at their “press release” at:
should make one worry.

Who puts “immeadiate” for immediate, “impersonnal” for impersonal, “capicity” and “WIlliam” Shatner into a “professional” press release? A “professional” company that doesn’t know how to use spell check?

Run screaming away.

Hey Mila, we’ll need a young Saavik…

whoops, wrong thread.


Thanks for that link. I now know I wouldn’t go to the Chicago event if I lived in Chicago. Chicago and Atlanta ar a thousand miles apart. Why would you feel the need to attack it? And why if you were so threatened by DragonCon would you schedule your event for the same days? It appears that the Chicago event is run by nitwits.

Thanks for the mention of the museum show in my hometown, AP. It really is neato.

While I’m in this thread, what’s available in Las Vegas this weekend. I’ve read there’s a little bit of a Trek exhibition again, is it worth seeing, and if so, where is it. I never saw the first one…

14 – Thanks for the info. Reminds me of an article here two weeks ago:

“…. In a new interview with John De Lancie, the actor says he is “tired” of Q.” – August 3, 2009,

Glad he’s not too tired of conventions. :)

I have to say this because it is the truth:

I attended the 2009 Vegas con as I live there. MY whole life William Shatner as Capt. Kirk has been my hero. I paid $80 to fulfill a lifelong dreaming of meeting the man and have my picture taken with him. He sat in his chair, staring straight ahead at the photographer the entire time. He never even turned his head to acknowledge the human fans as they walked up to him. He just sat there staring straight ahead. Very disappointing. Hey Bill, it’s not the fans fault you weren’t in the new movie.

On the other hand, I attended the 2008 Vegas con and had my picture taken with Mr. Leonard Nimoy. What a nice, genuine human being he is. He was warm and welcomed each person with a smile and he shook my hand and congratulated me on a “great” vulcan salute.

Just a fair assesment to fans planning on meeting these two gentleman.

Indianapolis! Starbase Indy rocks, it always has. You can’t beat the price and the hotel is excellent, very fan-friendly.

Come and have a good time!

#15 Daoud “Re the Chicago people. One look at their “press release” […]should make one worry.”

Thanks for posting that. The folks at “Prestice Entertainment Corporation” definitely need to grab a copy of the book “Eats, Shoots and Leaves”.

Either that or the fifth paragraph (which uses more commas than a third grader uses cellophane tape) is a poor attempt at spoofing Shatner-speak…

“Prestige”, even (sigh)

#21 “On the other hand, I attended the 2008 Vegas con and had my picture taken with Mr. Leonard Nimoy. What a nice, genuine human being he is. ”

On the other hand, Nimoy is happy promoting a new hit movie. I saw him 5 years ago at Trek expo in Tulsa and was pushed through the autograph line like cattle. We were asked if the picture was to be personalized and also were instructed that Mr. Nimoy would not be able to converse with fans as we handed our merchandise to his handler, who in turn passed it down to someone else who would eventually hand it to Nimoy. As the handler took my money, I look down at the end of the table and my pic is getting signed before I even get to him! And all the time we were herded down the length of the table, no eye contact from Nimoy what so ever. Eyes down, signing pic after pic.

Oh what a difference a new hit movie makes!

I want to know when Star Trek conventions will come to Wisconsin! Chicago is awfully close, but who wants to brave the traffic? How about Milwaukee or Madison!!!!

Bill and Leonard, look at me, please!!!!!!

It’s not good to purchase tix in advance from newer cons, but try and support the newer cons, or all you will have left is a monopoly by one large convention company. Who’s staff has been rude to many people, they are way overpriced and even though they have the most celeb’s, it kind of like ticketmastet and live nation merging, you will not have a choice, as the large one signs these people to exclusives. I am not naming names, but over the years, their prices have increased to the point where a lot of people can’t afford the pass, the pictures, the signatures etc.

I am not saying don’t go, but go to the smaller ones if you can, they are intimate, and I have always found that you really can mingle with the guests, without having to bid on eBay for a backstage pass.

I am not affiliated with any con, but it’s just my opinion.

Having attended the Shatner Fan Club Weekend for the past 10 years and the Hollywood Charity Horse Show I have interacted with Mr. Shatner and I can honestly say that I have a completely different view to that expressed by #21. He has always been very generous with his time and very friendly.

I think that it depends on which event you attend. Sometimes actors show up at these events either extremely tired or jet-lagged and they have to sit with, say 500 fans for photo ops, talk on stage for one hour, and then sign up to 1000 autographs. I know that I would probably not be too enthusiastic if I felt that tired. I am not making excuses, I am trying to put these events in a different context.

However, having said that,I have been at other events where some actors have just been downright rude to fans and there is no excuse for this kind of behavior. Overall though, most actors have been fun and generous with their time.

I miss the old days of the InCon’s we would have here in my hometown during the TNG hey days. Lot’s of celebs, great vendor booths and small enough that you didn’t become part of the vast landscape of geeks. And it didn’t seem to cost a fortune.

Plus, it was right here in my home town. The small convention is returning to my town, but it is so small as to be a bit….tiny. I have a better collection of sci-fi in my house. But I’ll keep supporting it in the hopes that it grows into something more fun.

Let me be clear, TrekMovie hopes that people attend new cons, but in the last year with FedCon USA and JumpCon and even Vulkon, we have seen people get burned for advance purchases for cons that don’t happen.

# Chase Masterson PJ Party

# Chase Masterson How to Dance Like an Orion Slave Girl- Meet us in the bar for a night of fun & frolic — complete with a lesson on How to Dance Like an Orion Slave Girl taught by Xela, herself! Chase will show you all the right moves…. you won’t have to be a green girl to entice your favorite captain!

well there’s two reasons to go on the cruise!

We had our photo op with Shatner/Nimoy on Sunday at the recent Vegas CON.

Don’t be so hard on the actors not saying hi or shaking hands or whatever. Blame the handlers…. before we got to the duo, 3 people /handlers told us: “don’t say anythng to the actors, don’t ask questions, don’t grab them, don’t shake hands and don’t hug them. I like Cpt Kirk as much as the next person but there is no bromance so I cannot fathom what this handler was getting at other then he has to state the policy over and over.

I talked to the women volunteers at the photo booth and they said that the Shatner/Nimoy duo photo op was their largest crowd of over 450 people. I can only imgine how long it would take to get through that line if every one took an extra 4 or 5 seconds to shake hands.

I timed each person getting photo ops and you have an average of 7 seconds with the actor. At 5 seconds, the photographer Chris has snapped your photo.

The best time to engage the actors is at an autograph session, they were always very pleasant and outgoing then to us.

I’m not going to another con until they get actors from the new Trek movie like Chris Pine and the like. I’ve see most of the regulars at Vegas and Jersey and it’s gettting old.

The Chicago location is about a mile from my house!!! And, I’ve made the trek to SBI’s events more than once. This will be a good year.

Those are good points regarding how tired the stars are and how they interact depends on handlers-in 2006 at the vegas con our shat photo op the shat did glance our way and said hello-i said hi bill they took our pic and even wasted a few secs to take a 2nd one cuz i had a goofy look on my face haha then i said thanks bill and bye bill haha-now with our 2nd photo op with nichelle,walter and george,mr takei immediately recognized us from the celebrity breakfast and in his distinctive sulu voice said i remember you-we had breakfast together, hello again-made our day and i also got to say a few words to nichelle-it was quick but cordial and they were all nice-walter was quiet at the bfast and photo op did not seem to be well at all.

UPDATE: Bill Shatner has been added to Dragon Con lineup!!!

Forget CzechTREK 4 Convention. September 25 – 27th, Prague, Czech Republic. Exclusive guest John Billingsley and much more. ;)

Realy great event, even without Bill Shatner. :DD


Yep, with the Shat at Dragon*Con, what does that do to Chicago?

Yeah, good ol’ autograph lines…what are you gonna do? They are always horrendous things to endure, no matter what. I was an hour and a half late for the Stratosphere party that I paid $200 for, because the autograph line took so long! The handlers did their best to get everyone else to their other scheduled events on time, but they dropped the ball on that one, big time! At times like that, I don’t even want the stars to get up to go pee, much less chit-chat with everyone!