Great Links: Everybody Loves Star Trek Edition

2009 is certainly a year which has Star Trek on the ascendancy. In this week’s Great Links, we can see more and more examples of how people are out there showing their love for the final frontier. Up this week we have a big time director, beautiful women, and a new TV show, all showing their love. If only we can get Takei and Shatner to share the love (more on that below too).


James Cameron Loves Star Trek
The producer/director of the highest grossing film of all time (Titanic), has another huge movie coming out later this year, Avatar. In an interview with the LA Times promoting that film, the subject of the other films of 2009 came up, and Cameron heaped praise on JJ Abrams Trek and Trek of the past:

“Star Trek” — look at that. That is a great example of a complete reinvention. Really, it’s beautifully done, really. Bravo. And I loved the first season of “Star Trek” back in 1965 or 1966 or whenever it was, it grabbed me as a kid, but I drifted away from it over time. And this was such a great way to see it come back as re-imagined. What fun.

Cameron contemplates if his Avatar can be as cool as ‘Star Trek’

Mila Kunis Loves Star Trek
That 70s Show actress Mila Kunis was just just declared the most beautiful woman in Hollywood by Premiere Magazine, and apparently she is also a Trek fan. The actress, who supplies the voice for Meg in Family Guy, is profiled in this month’s Details, where Family Guy exec producer (and huge Trekkie) Seth MacFarlane reveals:

she’s a Star Trek nerd, which you don’t often see in somebody that hot.

Kunis outed as Trek Nerd

Premiere & Love Star Trek (Women)
Mila may be number one in Premiere’s Most beautiful woman in Hollywood, but Star Trek represents at the number four spot with Zoe Saldana, noting for her role as Uhura.  And has their list of the 11 Hottest Alien Babes Ever, and it includes Kirstie Alley’s Vulcan Saavik from Wrath of Khan (#11), and Rachel Nichol’s Orion Gaela from the new Star Trek movie (#3). Zoe Saldana also shows up again, but for her role as xxx in the upcoming Avatar (Uhura doesn’t qualify, being human and all).

Star Trek babes getting some love

Warehouse 13 Loves Star Trek
SyFy’s new hit show Warehouse 13, only took 6 episodes ("Burnout") for their first Star Trek reference, it was brief, but well played. Watch it below (US only, sorry).

Astute Trekkies will note that it was a Next Generation reference in a show starring Saul Rubinek, who appeared in the TNG episode “Most Toys”

George Take does not love William Shatner
Unfortunately with all this love for Star Trek, it is not all love inside the world of Star Trek. In a new animation, YouTuber J Butcher shows some of the highlights of the most recent feuding between the original Sulu and original Kirk.



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My GF loves Trek too, and I love her :)

Mila Kunis is beautiful! Get her in the new Trek!!!!

Mila Kunis came into Quarks bar a while back (when it was open) and she new who all the aliens were she was very nice and definitely a trekkie she new who all the aliens were

It would be hilarious if Mila could be a lowly ensign like Meg Griffin on Family Guy, where no one repects her and plays tricks on her! Maybe an alien Stewie that does show tunes parading around Engineering during a red alert!n HA!

My ex-wife hates Star Trek, with a passion. I took her to a convention in Atlantic City years ago, and the marriage went south from there……;)

I could see how Mila Kunis would be an ubernerd. I think i read where she plays wow and stuff. +10 if you can get her to play STO. +50million if you can get her in your guild.

I’ve yet to meet a girl who’s a Trekkie and at the same time is in any way attractive.

Funny cartoon! Shatner actually said, “I hope he has a fruitful life”? Wow!

if for some reason JJ cant direct Trek 12 (u know what im gonna say right…) GET JAMES CAMERON!! holy shit thatd be amazing….if JJ dosnt direct maybe each Trek film will have a new director as Abrams overseas Lucas style (original trilogy Lucas)….so Cameron for 12…SPIELBERG for Trek 13!! (hey hes yet to direct a space set movie)

wonder if hes seen any of the other Trek films – it dosnt sound like hed have seen First Contact – which was basically Trek does Aliens (with a dash of Terminator)

Camerons yet to state his opinion on the new Terminator (or has he?)…he gave his opinions on T3 and AvP…so wonder whats hes got to say about T4?

#5-That’s funny, my ex wife was the same way and got worse after we went to a tiny covnetion in Omaha, back in the late 1980’s-early 1990’s. My REAL wife (current one) loves the new movie. Usually I get her to Trek movies once, twice at the very most. She has seen this one nearly half a dozen times and still hasn’t gotten tired of it.

#9 – What a happy thought. But never in a million years.

Besides, Cameron’s already committed. After Avatar, he’s making Battle Angel.

7 – you need to get out there more. lots of cute sci-fi genre girls around!

butcher’s cartoon = so groovy my smile hurts

Just brilliant stuff there.

Really?, Mila Kunis?-come on she sexy and cute but I can name many other actress that can top her Zoe being one. I just hope that Cameron’s Avatar is not like his THE ABYSS, a ok film that was a BO letdown and cost him a marriage, of course him having affairs all the time when he is filming a movie does not help.
The funny thing is how suddenly all the STAR TREK fans are coming out of the woodwork.
Also, like someone else said this and there are LOTS of attractive women in Star Trek fans and other scifi fandom. Check out the photos from cons and you see a lot of hot girls in Star Trek and Star Wars.
So look around fella!

Yah that cartoon was Hilarious…Somehow it makes what the Shat and George are saying sound more like it really is KIRK and SULU fighting because you look at the cartoon and they are in their uniforms hahah it changes the whole tone of it! Great Stuff!

Quarksbartender that is awesome you got to meet Mila….Who else have you guys met being at the Experience? Other big stars???

Mila is absolutely stunning, her eyes are a rarity in that she has one green eye & one hazel eye. Let her be in the next film…maybe as an Orion Slave girl… or a female Vulcan.

I would be curious to see what a James Cameron Trek movie would look like. Mr. Cameron definitely likes doing sci-fi movies.



“’I’ve yet to meet a girl who’s a Trekkie and at the same time is in any way attractive.”

Then you haven’t been to a convention lately. And not just the green ones…

Mila has a beautiful face but her voice makes me want to commit arson. ; )


Hey, be fair. She’s a Ukrainian immigrant after all.

Well she gets paid A LOT of money for that voice from the good people at Family Guy, so she’ll be burning buildings to the bank…. or whatever that phrase would be….

Of COURSE there are sexy, attractive female TREK fans out there!

The problem is trying to get them to go to bed with the ubernerds who wear white socks with sandals!

@ #14

If Avatar is at least as good as The Abyss (or, heck, even Titanic), I’ll be happy.
If it’s actually as good as T2 or Aliens, I’ll be ecstatic.

If it’s True Lies, well, I’ll be entertained for a little while, but ultimately disappointed.

as much as i like the new movie (a lot) and now TOS….i think Avatar might be slightly better than Star Trek 09

That’s funny… I had an idea along the same lines.
Wouldn’t it be cool to give the reins of every subsequent Trek film to a totally new production team, for THEIR take on it?

25. Kind of like Harry Potter, sort of?

Mila Kunis = I agree with the hotness. Bring her on board the Enterprise. Jennifer Garner also always seemed Starfleet worthy, to me.

The youtube Shatner thing is darned funny.

so lucky many of you have partners.

Haven’t been in a relationship in ages and it can be lonely. if only more girls like Mila out there, then you never know.

#9 “if for some reason JJ cant direct Trek 12 get James Cameron!!”

The idea of having different directors/writers at the helm of Star Trek is very interesting. I love seeing new points of view. I love being surprised and I’d like to see a new, everchanging formula, for Trek. Some very basic principles preserved, and then every artist could have his way. Fascinating.


But is she hot?

Gaela was not nearly as hot as the original Orion girl – not even close!


There is no Trek 11 and Trek 12. These new movies are bigtime, not the cheap schlockfests of the original film series. It’s ST 1, 2 and (hopefully) 3.


take that back

the original movies are great, in fact TWOK and TUC ar better than the new movie.

god it sounds like you think that the last 10 movies were wrong.

this new movie is grea but it is far from Trek’s best.

always feel a bit reflective on my life when one of you says you have a wife.

I guess there is plenty of time

31 – “the cheap schlockfests of the original film series”

like TMP? (45m in 1979 = about 150m when adjusted?)

TMP aside the previous films get abit of a bad rap when people talk about their budgets as if they cost the same as the Blair Witch Project…they wernt THAT cheap to make…TWOK cost about 10m? (whats that – about 50 or 60m when adjusted?) but then alot of stuff from TMP was reused and anyway Star Wars cost about the same…

most Sci Fi films in the 80s didnt have the huge mega most expensive film ever made budgets anyway (i dont think that really started up until the 90s)

i guess the others would all be around a similar cost when adjusted (50-60m mark)

34 agreed

a huge budget does not automaticly means its a better film, a lot of better films are the smaller budget ones.

In Hollywood these a huge budget means more money spent on ‘shiny’ stuff and overpaid actors.

As long as the story is compelling and the characters engaging then that is what’s important

Mila, we need a new Saavik…

FWIW Mira Sorvino is a big ToS fan. Her father, Paul, is known for his portrayal of Worf’s foster brother.

I loved TMP, TWOK, and TVH, but I love ST09 as well. I honestly don’t believe that any of the previous 10 films were any better than the most recent entry, and most of them were not nearly as good.

It seems as though it is en vogue among some more arrogant established fans to paint the earlier films as being somehow more intellectually worthy, but that is nothing short of just plain ridiculous. There was never anything particularly intelligent about any of them. It wasn’t anything that really made you think. In fact, everything was pretty well spelled out in quite elementary fashion. They were good mediocre budgeted (TMP aside) films.

And ST09, with a budget far more comparable to that of TMP, was every bit as entertaining to me.

#37—Paul Sorvino is far more well-known for playing much more substantial roles than his guest appearance on TNG.

I see the Closet has reopened! ;-)

Glad to hear Mila Kunis likes Star Trek. Maybe they could get her into one of the movies. I think she’d be great! T’Pring, anybody?

That Shatner v Takei clip is hilarious! :)

Mila is a cutie.

Warehouse 13 had another Trek reference last night. The female agent said at the end of the episode that she is not a red shirt. There must be a TRek fan running or writing for that show.

This past Tuesday’s episode of “Warehouse 13” referenced Star Trek again when Pete said something about not wanting himself or Myka to become “red shirts.” That’s it, though. He didn’t cite Star Trek as the source of the term … but he was thrilled when Myka understood him without having to ask what he meant.

My old girlfriend, who unfortunately died from cancer in late 2004, hated “Star Trek” until she met me. After showing her one episode of “Star Trek Voyager” with a strong female in command of a starship, she was hooked! She began watching everything “Star Trek!”

The world is a less interesting place without her in it.

I do have a new love now and I’ve turned her into a “Star Trek” fan too!

Mila Kunis would make a great SAAVIK!