Trek4Kids: Exclusive Interview with Jacob Kogan

Last weekend was the big Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, which was my third time. I had a lot of fun, but a big highlight was on the last night when Anthony from TrekMovie arranged for me to interview Jacob Kogan (on video). You can see that below and also a bit of my report from Star Trek Las Vegas 2009.

Jacob Kogan Interview
Anthony thought it would be interesting to have the TrekMovie kids correspondent interview the kid who played young Spock in the new Star Trek movie. I was really excited, but nervous as it was my first ever interview. Here it is (in two parts).

What was great is that Jacob (and his mom) were really nice, and he is just like other kids my age. We had a lot in common and even have the same kind of wallets with chains on them.

Me and Jacob after the interview

In addition to interviewing Jacob, I had a lot of fun at the convention this year. One of my favorite parts was Sunday when William Shatner appeared along with three Spocks (Nimoy, Quinto & Kogan) and I loved Max Gordenchik’s Ferengi Rap. I also had fun at the costume contest where I won third prize (for kids) dressed as Tommy Starnes from the TOS episode "And The Children Shall Lead" (thanks to Anthony for the idea). I also won 6″ Playmates Nero action figure during the trivia contest at the TrekMovie ONE LAST TREK Star Trek screening, which was also a lot of fun.

Me as Tommy Starnes in the costume contest

Another highlight of the con is when I asked Jonathan Frakes a question and complimented his cap, and Mr. Frakes actually came off the stage and gave it to me, saying “let’s see how it looks on you.” I really enjoy interacting with the guests at the conventions and getting a chance to talk to them about their time on Star Trek. I have also noticed that a lot of people who go to the conventions are starting to recognize me from all the questions I ask and also from my articles here at

Me waiting in line to talk to George Takei

Can’t wait for the next con.

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Great job James, I am so proud of you

and before anyone snarks…I know the video is not the best, but it was a spontaneous last minute thing and it was the only camera available at the time

Great job James!

It is so gratifying to see you keeping the spirit of Trek alive and well. I hope that you enjoy the experiences that you’re living now, because they will shape much of what you will become in your future… and that is an encouraging thought for the rest of us.

Never forget… of all that Trek teaches us, the most profound human lesson…

… go boldly!

Fantastic job with the interview.
Do I smell more on the way?

On another note, I actually just realized that met you at the convention, several times in fact.

Two Vulcan-hand-salutes up!
Great job James, from one ardent lifelong fan to another. You remind me so much of myself at that age, 17 years ago. As Leonard said, you’re the future! Keep that positive attitude and good luck in all your endeavors!!

Good interview James, Congratulation liked you spirit Trekkie ¡¡¡

Jesus S.

Great interview James! What a treat for you to meet the young Spock himself

Great job! Keep it up and you’ll have a cameo in the next Trek movie for sure.

Good interview! The Tommy Starnes outfit is GREAT!

Terrific work, James! The news media world can use someone like you….

That was VERY sweet. Nice one.

I really enjoyed the back-story stuff in the new movie – would be cool to see young Spock again in the next one… somehow.

Great stuff James, nice one fella.

Fantastic job James! You definitely have a future in television!!

James, I can’t play the video until I get home from work to my own computer — darn it! But I’m sure you did a great job and I’m really looking forward to watching it this evening

Great idea on the Tommy S. outfit!

Anthony — it is wonderful that you are giving so much support to this talented and fascinating young man!

7 – Great idea. If anyone deserves a cameo, it’s James!

Keep writing, James. It’s a great skill to have and you’ve got it!

Excellent work, James! I’m proud that you’re my nephew~

Uncle Tom

James, I’m in the same boat as Brett Campbell; I can’t play the video until I get home from work (curse you, corportate overlords!!!), but I’m sure you did a great job as always. That was a great costume, by the way! Lots of us started out as younger fans and it’s always nice to hear your angle on things – keep up the good work!

Well, now that we’ve had TREK KIDS we are ready for another TREK AFTER DARK segment! :)

Nice to see the “true” Next Generation of fans!

16 – Your pride in your nephew is very understandable. He is a very remarkable young man.

17 – Yes, curse those corporate overlords, indeed. Do you think that they have a demonic appearance as in Clarke’s “Childhood’s End?” ;-)

That was a great idea to have James interview Jacob. The physical distance between them during the interview struck me as odd, but I guess it’s understandable given that this is their first meeting. Would it be safe to assume that the cap on the coffee table is the one that Jonathan Frakes gave to James?

I also think the Tommy Starnes costume was a great idea.

Thx for your con report, James.

Well done young man!

Great work there, all of you… now I’d like to see an interview with the Kirk brothers. I really enjoyed the corvette scene and was wondering if Bennett did it all or if he had a stunt double, and what Daniels has to say about the whole experience…

James – Awesome work as usual! Keep it coming!

YOU GOT THE HAT!!!!! I should have known! :-)

Happy birthday Jim Roddenberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great costume as Tommy Starnes–has anyone ever even done that one before?

You rock James!

This is a more compelling celebrity interview than most of the professional ones that come down the pike, no pun intended. I found it very watchable, because these are real kids, being real kids. Great job!

Good job from both lads there. And i’ll say once again how much I rated Jacob in the movie.
I’m sure you will both have bright futures ahead of you.

James, I’d rather hear YOU interview our Trek stars than some of these studio types with the idiotic minutitae they ask about over and over ad nauseum.

And hearing the insight into young Spock and about acting in general from both these young men was breathtaking! Gave me hope for future generations.

deleted by admin

19. Brett Campbell – August 19, 2009 “Yes, curse those corporate overlords, indeed. Do you think that they have a demonic appearance as in Clarke’s “Childhood’s End?” ;-)”

I think the tragic truth may be that they do a pretty good job pulling a “Palpatine” in most cases… ;-)

32 – Thanks for a chuckle in the middle of a loooong work afternoon!

Actually the hat on the table was mine, it is the hat given out to the Star Trek cast and crew on the last day of shooting. But in this case it was hiding the microphone for the interview.

you can see the frakes hat here:

those are new hats creation were selling at the con, they gave me one too it is pretty cool. I will find out if they are selling them online

Whoever deleted my post, thank you. I seem to be seeing the same adverts for innappropriate products on every other page I view with flash embedded. I’m looking into the problem.

Thank goodness. I thought you had gone mad or something.

To quote Captain Archer, “Here’s to the next generation.”

James – I finally got to see your interview with Jacob once I got to my home computer. Great job!!

You are both fine, perceptive and personable young men. Keep on Trekkin’!

Holy cow, kid, you’ve already gone to three major conventions? Got some nice parents.

I’d love to write articles from a teen’s perspective (not to mention a girl’s for once) but I can appreciate James’ good article writing skills. Also, the photographs are really quite nice. :3 Who knows, maybe he’ll go into journalism in high school! I always look forward to these. James, if you’re reading this, keep it up!

Well Done for the interview!!! It’s nice to see the next generation (no pun intended) having fun with other Trek fans! What am i saying im also in this ‘next generation’….im going to stop now. Also wanted to say how lucky you all were to be there, i hoped you enjoyed every moment of the convention and will cherish every second of your upcoming ones!

#39 :: Hey there, now, welcome to the small but mighty crowd of Trekkies under 18. xD (Not many here on TM, unfortunately.)

I don’t see you around much. Feel free to join us all in good ol’ Chat. 8D

that 16-year-old from the Midwest

Natural dialogue and super interview – and I’d be a very big fan even if I were not your loving Grandma B
It was fun being with you all for your 12th birthday in Honolulu last weekend too.
Love Grandma B

40 – “[T]he small but mighty crowd of Trekkies under 18. xD (Not many here on TM, unfortunately.)

Plenty of us here who ACT like it though, huh? ;-)

38 – “I’d love to write articles from a teen’s perspective (not to mention a girl’s for once)”

Christine, you should! It would include some very interesting insights and perspectives, I’m sure!

Did Anthony just say “snarks”? ha ha!

Great interview, btw.

#42 :: Haha, well, I don’t want to be disrespectful, but you said it, not me. ;)
And, besides.. It would be a good thing!

#43 :: “Christine, you should! It would include some very interesting insights and perspectives, I’m sure!…”

Eh, but I’d have to get in contact with Anthony Pascale somehow. And he’s such a busy man… Maybe I could put a message suggesting it in the Feedback section? I’m not quite sure how I would go about it.

Awesome job, James! Great interview with J-Ko there. He seems like a really cool guy, and really nice. I would have been really shy and nervous because I’m a total Spock fan girl; I love anyone who has anything to do with him. lol. Anyway, cool stuff James, hope you get to do more!

Dif-tor heh smusma.

45 – Christine — for adults to be childlike is a good thing. To be childish — eh, not so much.

In regards as to how to contact Anthony and not being sure how to go about it, I would try him on the message boards. Yes, he is a busy man, but he also seems to be very supportive of the voices and perspectives of a whole new generation of Trek enthusiasts.

It also seems like you’ve struck up something of a friendship with young James. He appears to know the ropes here and could probably give you some pointers.

I wish you the best of luck with it (I teach writing and study strategies at a university), and I hope to read some of your articles on line here. We don’t often get perspectives on Star Trek from members of a young and female audience, and I look forward to reading what you have to say. Good luck and keep writing!

James, great job!

I hope that in 57 years, you Jacob both are still Trekking in some way. After all, 2066 will be the 100th anniversary of Trek (the beginning of TOS airing), and you guys have a good shot at being there :) That will be quite the convention!

Terrific job, James. And may I add that your questions to the stars at the convention are very well thought out and “mature”. Good job on that front as well.

Sorry I could not post this when this article first appeared but fan mail is better received late than never.

Now if we could only bottle the Aura of James T. to give to all kids (or as I label them: Jr. Terrorist’s) the media world would be flooded with Star Trek News. I know that would make us Trekkie’s and Trekkers more than happy. And maybe the world would be headed in a better direction than the self centered one it is aimed at now.

Kirk may be self centered in ways but Kirk’s goal seem’s benign and benevolent. And is aimed at betterment for all no matter their race, cred, or color. I feel if James T. has even a portion of those aims and goals he will help produce a better future for all of Humanity.

I would say ‘May the Force be with you’ but that belongs to the other guys, so may James T. live long and never have a run on sentence.

One last thought…It’s young James T. interviewing young Spock, it nay only be a name match but this night have been the first time James T. and Spock met in reality, but not on celluloid. But I guess Video tape is good enough. And Anthony video quality is only some thing minor, at least you have it on film and that is all that really counts.