Happy Birthday, Jonathan Frakes (and Gene too)

Today August 19th is a special day for Star Trek, as it is the birthday for Jonathan Frakes. Star Trek The Next Generation’s Cmdr. William Riker is 57 years young. Today would also have been the 88th birthday of the Great Bird of the Galaxy himself, Gene Roddenberry. 


Happy Birthday to The Beard
The affable Jonathan Frakes is beloved by Star Trek fans for his portrayal of Picard’s first officer Riker. He then took it to the next level as a director, helming a number of excellent Trek episodes and what most consider the best of the TNG films, First Contact. These days The Beard spends most of his time behind the camera, currently doing TV directing for shows like TNT’s Leverage and the upcoming FOX show Persons Unknown

Many remember Riker as TNG’s ladies man, our YouTuber friend GeneralGrin has compiled some of his best moves into one video:


Gene Roddenberry’s Birthday
Today would have also been the 88th birthday of the the man who gave birth to Star Trek (and Star Trek The Next Generation), Gene Roddenberry. Although he passed in 1991, his legacy lives on to this day.

Here is a nice birthday tribute video done by the folks at TrekCore three years ago.


Today TrekMovie sends a big happy birthday to Jonathan, and we remember Gene

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Long live Riker. Happy B-day Frakes.

But is today the 21st?

Um…isn’t it August 19th?

Happy birthday Jonathan Frakes. And the world will always remember Gene Roddenberry.

yeah, I don’t get it, did someone swing around the sun to bring us this msg. two days from now?

It’s Diana Muldaur’s birthday too.

Time travel is all the rage in Star Trek, isn’t it?

Happy Birthday wishes from the Guardian of Forever!

Did some click PUBLISH too early?!?

Hey it’s my Birthday today too!!! I still remember as a kid when I found out it was the same as Gene’s. Proud to share the date with him.

Wow! My head is spinning from that! Ain’t time travel a bitch sometimes!

Happy Birthday Frakes, Muldaur & Roddenberry!

the 19th is Frakes Birthday, so the date at the beginning of the article is incorrect.

Happy Birthday to my namesake!

sorry not sure how the 21st typo got in there, today is the 19th, duh

Happy Birthday to the Great Bird and to the others.

For those of you sniping about two days early — such precision was a very endearing quality in Mr. Spock. But pretty much only with Mr. Spock.

Maybe you just can’t wait for your 21st birthday so you can drink legally? You really pulled the wool over their eyes in Vegas, dude.

13 – Typonians, Mr. Pascale, Typonians. ;-)

Number One, I tug at my shirt and offer a glare at the nearest ensign in your honor, sir…

As Data and Pulaski might say: “19th, 21st -what’s the difference?” “One is her birthday… The other is not.”

Now is a great time to mention my upcoming GBOTG pendants (on sale soon!) in honor of Gene’s birthday… ;-)

Happy Birthday To All!

6 – Gee, how could we have missed that one… ::rolls eyes::

But happy birthday, Mr. Frakes!

Happy birthday to a fellow Maine resident, Jonathan!

Best to you and Genie and the kids!!

#17 Superbissimo! You say po’ Dayta, and I say po’ Datta.

happy B day John! praying somehow TNG can do 1 more movie.

– Happy birthday..!! …

so if it the 21st when it the 19th dose that mean it will be the 19th when its the 21st? i bet the 20th confussed lol. happy bithday to all

two really really classy guys.

Wow has time flown, it seems like yesterday that a beardless baby faced Jonathan Frakes showed up at Farpoint station.
Happy Birthday Mr. Frakes, hope to see you at least in a Titan TV movie someday soon.

Happy brithday, Gene, Diana and Jon!

Nice tribute. :3 I actually have it on my calendar as being the would-be birthday of Gene Roddenberry, so it made me happy to see this as a main article. ^^

Never forget…

Hey. Happy Birthday to Capt Riker. May you have many more Sir. Happy B Day to Gene Himself. As Dr mccoy said him self. ( He is realy not dead. As long as we remember him.) Happy Birthday to all.

A simple message i shall say
for your very special day….HAPPY BIRTHDAY GENE AND JONATHAN!!!!
\\// Live long and Prosper.

How time flies, indeed.

if a girl who was 13 years old on 93 can be inlove with Riker,is it me!even now i like him…..happy birthday WILL!
RIP-GENE you will be forever in our hearts!

I still remember how my friends and I all groaned when we saw early photos of Frakes in costume for season 1. “Oh man, the guy looks like Potsie from Happy Days.” By season 3 we were all Rykerites (or is it Rykerians?). Sure the guy liked to strike a cool pose and hold it a bit too often, but I’m sure most of us would do the same if they let us play with all those Next Gen toys and run around the sets. I met him twice at cons and he seems like a genuinely nice guy. He’s also a good actor and an even better director. Happy birthday, Jonathan!

It’s ironic that their (Roddenberry and Frakes) have such close birthdays. First Officer Riker was probably the character modeled more on Roddenberry than any of the rest.

Happy Birthday Gene, and Jon!

Also is it just me, or were some of the clips in “Rikers Sex Addiction” not William Riker?

Thank you, Gene. You gave me Star Trek. You gave me something that is a very relevant part of my life. You helped define my dreams. You set my imagination afire. You created characters that will be my friends until the day I die.
Thank you for giving me Star Trek. There are no words of gratitude for a present like this.
Wherever you are, Gene Roddenberry, thank you

Jonathan’s best acting in TNG was the Borg/Locutus 2 parter…
I think Gene directed that one….happy bday

Happy Birthday to all 3 Star Trek luminaries. I went to the Star Trek Exhibition today and chose today’s date because of Gene, Jonathan, and Diana’s birthdays.

Happy Birthday Jonathan
And The legend Gene who gave birth to star trek an his legacy tht will never died as long as we remember him

Happy birthday to Jonathan Frakes, hope you had a great day

And I salute you Gene. Thank you and you would have been proud.

Happy b-day to Jonathon! Thanks for all the great trek #1!
I remember 3 years ago August 19,2006 in Vegas at the 40th anniversary hundreds of us held up champagne glasses toasting the 40th anniversary of trek, with Majel and Rod on stage–Majel mentioned it was also Gene’s birthday, which made the toast even more relevant-For that moment I felt as if that was right where I should have been-felt the love of us Trek fans for Gene and Majel and Rod–a moment I will never forget-May never get the chance to go again but that was a special time to be there,sharing and caring–Thanks Gene for the universe you guys made for us all! No other tv or movie franchise has managed to ignite our curiousity, our humanity, sense of exploration and wonder and morality like Trek has! We still remember and salute Genes birthday with continued hope and love for a bold positive human future like Gene envisioned for us!

Holy Crap!!!!! 57!! How did that happen??? That means I’m getting older too! Yikes!!!!

Happy Birthday Jonathan!!!

Happy Birthday Gene–your creation will live forever….

Give Frakes control of TV Trek!

Seems like a great guy.

Is it just me. . . or is he looking more & more like Shatner with each passing year?

Happy Birthday Jonathan Frakes. You are a great person in life, and a wonderful talent on screen. Many happy returns!

To Roddenberry, we miss you and I’m incredibly pleased your dreams have persevered. Nobody changed my life as much as you. Rest in peace on this day.

Happy birthday to you both!

Felicitations ladies!

It’s an honour to share a birthday with these fine gentleman! :D

Happy birthday and best wishes for you! :)

Something tells me that Jonathan Frakes would be great as Comissioner James Gordon in a future Batman movie/TV series project….