New Best Of TOS & TNG DVD Sets Announced + More TOS S2 Blu-ray Details + Paramount Joins RedBox

This Fall continues to shape up to be huge with regards to Star Trek on home video with a ton of releases already announced and Paramount and CBS just added two new ‘Best of’ DVDs (TOS & TNG). We also have revised art for the Season 2 TOS Blu-ray and some clarifying details on the HD DS9 and TAS episodes in that release. Finally we have a guide to all the upcoming Trek home video releases.


New ‘Best of’ Sets
In May CBS and Paramount released their first ‘Best of’ sets (one each for Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek The Next Generation – see TrekMovie review). Each was budget priced at around $10 (discounted) and contained a single disk of four ‘best’ episodes with no special features. Apparently that first wave did well as they have just announced two ‘Volume 2s’.

  • The Best of Star Trek: The Original Series Volume 2
  • The Best of Star Trek: The Next Generation Volume 2

Both are standard DVD and both will be released on November 17th, the same day as the Star Trek feature film. The TOS episodes will all be the digitally remastered versions with new CGI effects. And today TVShowsOnDVD has reported the TOS and TNG episode lists and cover art (these are not considered final).

Best of TOS Vol. 2

  • Where No Man Has Gone Before
  • Space Seed
  • A Piece of the Action
  • Journey to Babel

Best of TOS Vol. 2

  • Relics
  • The Inner Light
  • Cause and Effect
  • Tapestry

Next Best of Trek sets (not final art)


TOS Season 2 Blu-ray Update: DS9 & TAS HD details + Final box art
One of the most exciting releases coming up is for the remastered Star Trek Season 2, coming out September 22nd. We have previously reported on the set details and the box art. One of the questions that came up regarded the ‘Tribble Disk’ and the included HD versions the TAS episode "More Tribbles, More Troubles" and the DS9 episode "Trials And Tribble-ations". TrekMovie asked how the two episodes were transferred for HD on the Blu-ray set. In the case of the animated episode, CBS confirmed it is an HD transfer from the original negative, just like the the rest of the TOS set, however the DS9 episode is an ‘upconvert’. According to CBS, they had "no choice." The spokesperson for CBS tells TrekMovie "the f/x shots were edited on video so there are no existing opticals for us to do a true HD transfer. Hence, we had no choice but to just do an upconversion."

Also, we now have a revised final version of the box art. Nitpicky Trekkies will be pleased to know the blue box art is now matched with the science symbol on the rendered badge.

Final box art for TOS S2 Blu-ray (click to enlarge)

UPDATE: Paramount joins RedBox trial
Paramount Home Entertainment announced today that they have entered into an agreement with RedBox, the fast-growing new $1/day DVD rental vending machine service from Coinstar. Paramount will try out the service for four months with an option to extend the deal for four years. RedBox kiosks are are available at many convenience stores, McDonald’s, and other retail locations. Paramount movies should be showing up soon, and will include the new Star Trek movie when it is released November 17th. More info at  

Redbox kiosk in a grocery store



This Fall there are quite a few releases for Star Trek coming out, here is a full breakdown with pre-order links.

September 22nd

Title Blu-ray DVD
Star Trek TOS
Season 2 (Remastered)

(released 8/5/2008)
Next Generation
Movie Collection
Original Series
Movie Collection

(released 5/12/09)
Wrath of Khan
ST: IV Voyage Home
ST: The Undiscovered Country
ST: First Contact no Amazon
pre-order yet

November 17th

Title Blu-ray DVD
Star Trek 2009 3-disk set

3-disk set w/ badges



Best of TNG
Vol. 2
No Blu-ray
(no Amazon
pre-order yet)
Best of TOS
Vol. 2
No Blu-ray
(no Amazon
pre-order yet)
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Being a Star Trek Collector, this stuff has kept me (and my wallet) on my toes!

Excellent. They got the proper insignia for sciences.

wish there was another cool feature like the enterprise inspection. going inside would be awesome

Umm, I hate to say it… but it looked a lot better with the command symbol.

This just looks weird.

“Trials” is a super ep. I hope the “upconvert” does it justice now that the TOS-R ‘Tribbles’ looks better!

I need “Best of” Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

For “Best of TOS volume 1”, I agreed with the four included eps:

Balance of Terror
Amok Time
Trouble With Tribbles
City on the Edge of Forever

However, for volume 2, I only agree with two of the four eps:

Where No Man Has Gone Before
Space Seed

The other two eps in volume 2, Piece of the Action and Journey to Babel where merely average TOS eps. There were many better eps than these which didn’t make the “best of” volumes.

In Canada, the Space Channel is running a TOS episode marathon on Labour Day and they’re showing the top ten Remastered TOS eps as voted by viewers. My “top ten” list is:

1 Where No Man Has Gone Before
2 The Doomsday Machine
3 Space Seed
4 Balance of Terror
5 Amok Time
6 Mirror, Mirror
7 The Trouble With Tribbles
8 The Enterprise Incident
9 Requiem For Methuselah
10 City on the Edge of Forever

forget to mention……… everyone can vote …….. go to


They did not destroy the original negatives?????

Did they???

Nope. Not buying new content on DVD, especially at that price point. I’ll have all of TOS-R on Blu Ray when its released. I don’t need a Best of for that.

I’d really like to see TNG-R, but that’s not likely to happen for a while at least.

Ummm… is that the Science Symbol or the CBS Eye?? ;-)

I’ve heard that all effects were shot on film with editing done on video. In the case of trials and tribulations inserting people into the background scene would probably be considered editing and not an effect.

My guess is that the cost of re-editing this episode would cost a lot more than a normal episode and is probably the true reason why they didn’t give us the HD version. I can only hope that soon they will do a full season by season HD transfer of the other 25 seasons of star trek.


I’m guessin’ tha’ best eps on D-VD will be

Spock’s Brain o’ course
Tha’ Alternative Factor
Mostly Nude Villagers Feedin’ a Giant Dragon Cave
Kirk’s Prostate Exam Alert, AKA Tha’ CoughItTight Manuevarrrr

Awwwwwwwk! Hows I hate tha’ Alternative Factor… Couldn’t look at wispily bearded men fur’ months when I first saw it…


@11: Can’t it be both?

@7: I imagine they included Journey to Babel caus it introduced Sarek and Amanda — major component of Spock’s character development.
A Piece of the Action, well… Kirk and Spock rocking fedoras and badass pinstripes? Do we really need another reason? :D

@9: How did you infer that? Besides, the originals are 40+ years old — they’ll probably crumble if you give them a dirty look.

#4 – What? Uh, no, this looks great, because it’s CORRECT.

That said, I don’t love these packaging designs. I wish they had done something like the teaser poster–made the background look like uniforms and -then- have the symbols. The font also bugs me, but oh well.

#7 – Requiem for Methuselah? Really? Huh.

#11–I was thinking that same exact thing. Although, to be fair, at least they listened to us the fans for like the first time in RECENT memory as far as fan outcry about an “already made” decision…..hope that sounded as good as it does in my head lol

I think it’s awesome that they fixed it.

I’ll still probably take them out and put them in a case, but it’s awesome that they fixed it. :)

I’d really like to see The Search for Spock as an individually released title. Are there any plans to release it on its own any time soon?

So has any one spotted where in Star Trek viewing they have seen the + emblem badge in any video footage, I never recall seeing any sight of one. I still think it is only just a promo made emblem, or the medical union demanded a new emblem since they no longer wish to be united with provable science. And the science department agreed just so they would not have to read the trillions of pages of garbage they would need to read to stop being bugged by unions.

#17 DC – remember money will make people listen far faster than a bunch of negative letters will create corrective actions. All it would take is some Paramount bean counter to say they may lose money if things are not fixed. And before that person finished the sentence someone would have started fixing problems. As said way back in history money can buy many things, but love is not one of them, but it will let your rent lust.

Man, I wonder if they’re secretly planning to remaster The Next Generation. It doesn’t really need updated SFX, but it’d be great to have a cleaned-up picture!

Sure, now they do a blue box with the science insignia! Since it wasn’t out yet I had to have Leonard Nimoy sign the season 1 gold command insignia box at the NJ con. Boy, am I annoyed (just kidding).

20: Nurse Chapel wears the medical insignia. I have a nice Lincoln Enterprises publicity shot of her in costume and it’s very clear.

#7… I agree with #16… Requiem for Methuselah? … c’mon.

7. cugel the clever – “Piece of the Action and Journey to Babel where merely average TOS eps”

What??? “Journey to Babel” is GREAT! We meet Spock’s parents, Andorian treachery, Kirk gets stabbed, and the remastered version has sweet new VSF.

7. cugel the clever

I meant the new CGI visual effects…

And “Requiem For Methuselah” on your list???

The others are perennially on “best of” lists.

The problem that I have with the “Best of” series is that it’s so subjective. Who decides it’s the best of and if I have the series already, why should i buy it again? What if I buy, watch it and decide the episodes they picked were not the best of. Sorry, but I’ll pass.

#26: I agree with you. “Journey to Babel” is a stupendous episode!

We get Sarek and Amanda, political intrigue, action (and lots of it), lots of aliens and… wait for it…

“Sssssh, shut up! Quiet! Well, whattya know, I finally get the last word.” One of DeKelley’s finest TREK moments!

Are these “best of” sets replacing the fan collectives? If so, I’m very disappointed…the fan collectives (Alternate Realities, Time Travel, Borg, Klingon, Q) were great, being able to watch the best themes or aliens of star trek all together. Not to mention they spanned all the series, appealing to all Trek fans.

Too bad the DS9 epsiode isn’t true HD. I am in the process of rewatching DS9 and am now well into the 4th season. This show looks truly great. I would love to see it in HD sometime, as the standings sets, makeup and other “real-life” effects are top notch. Too bad the FX were only done in SD, but since that was even way before DVDs were commonplace that is no suprise.

I would be REALLY interested in knowing if the original negatives of the model shots still exist. If so, they could be used to recreate the cut of the episode. All ship shots after the Sacrifice of Angels two-parter are digital though, so they’d have to be recreated from scratch.

It could be done, but as always it will be the question of how much it will cost to make and how much it is bound to bring in. But before DS9 TNG is a much more likely candidate.

Sucks that the ds9 will only be an upconvert, but atleast they took a look at what they could do with it for now. at the very least it will look the best it ever has.

##26, 29

Same here – introduction of the Andorians and the Tellarites, Spock’s parents, Kirk’s famous run-up-the-wall-and-try-to-kill-your-enemy-with-your-ass, and the wonderful:

“Emotional, isn’t she?”
“She has always been that way.”
“Indeed – why did you marry her?”
“At the time, it seemed the logical thing to do.”


I love that they are going with the sciences symbol for TOS Blu-ray Season 2!

Has anyone in the Uk bought the Remastered sets?

I bought the HD-DVD TOS Season 1 and then I bought all three repackaged earlier in the year in DVD sets that match the new Blu-Ray art.

Does anyone else feel dissapointed in the transfers?

As far as I could tell the film look ok but the there is a lot of DVD compression issues, not film noise but just fuzz that detracts from the episodes.

I compared the bitrate from the original DVD sets to the new ones, the originals were encoded at about 5 or 6kbps, the new ones have the film footage at 3 and the new SFX shots at about 6 or 7 so most of the live action looks pretty bad, anyone else notice this?

Good choices for the TOS best of set

Fantastic choices for the TNG best of set..those are my top very favorite episodes.

I will still wait for TNG-R regardless of how long it takes…I hope that they (paramount) dosent just release TNG , Voyager , and Enterprise (other than the digital episodes) sets as upconverts on blu-ray.

Where the TOS season two Blu-ray is concerned, I can’t understand the fascination with Tribbles. Sure it was a fun little episode, but not really deserving of a disc to itself. Also ‘Trials and Tribbleations’ was little more than a Berman-era ‘lets all laugh at TOS’ gimmick using a rare comedy episode. They wouldn’t have considered inserting the DS9 characters into ‘Balance of Terror’, ‘Where No Man has Gone Before’ or ‘The Doomsday Machine’ because viewers might realise that the original Star Trek was a really great show!

I am still wondering if TOS Seasons Two and Three are ever going to make it to UK shores in the remastered HD-DVD Boxsets of a few years back? I bought Season One, and very nice it was…and now…well lets see, CBS/ Paramount have re-released it in a brand new format but haven’t released Seasons two and three in HD-DVD over here.

It doesn’t seem fair to me that you can hook someone in, who already had the DVD boxsets, with new remastered HD-DVD, and then just say “well we have this new blue-ray format to play with, and also use as an excuse so we can bleed even more money from them Trekkies, so anyone outside of the USA who is waiting for HD-DVD can just go swivel”

Rant Over.

I wonder what is ment by ‘no choice’. No choice because of economical reasons, since this episode is basically an extra on the disc. Or no choice because the original film has not been preserved.

I’m thinking the first, and hoping, and it’s doubtful the original film would not have been preserved.

14 16 25 26/27 33

I am willing to concede that Journey To Babel is worthy.

But “Piece of the Action”??????????? C’mon! That one is pure drivel.

Let’s see your top-ten choices so everyone gets a chance to mock them.

They fixed the sciences logo on the season two cover art?
THIS IS A DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now i feel like some cake.

“Journey to Babel” is a great episode – totally worthy of being on any “best of” list, but “A PIece of the Action?” Not so much. I would have picked “Mirror, Mirror” instead.


If I recall, Nurse Chapel always wore the red cross emblem. Here is just one screen-used example:×10/Journey_to_Babel_302.JPG

Here’s a promo shot of it:

Too bad we can’t have ENT ‘In a Mirror, Darkly’ in HD, included as an extra on TOS S3. Besides being relevant as a sequel/prequel to ‘The Tholian Web’, it would drum up interest in owning that as the next series release for Blu ray…

44–we can’t? Why not?

Oh, and there’s a typo in the article–you call the TNG set “TOS” as well.

@ 44. ChristopherPike & 45. Imrahil

I would be all on board for that!

I concur on “A Piece of the Action”; absolutely not on my Top Ten List, unless it’s Top Ten Episodes that Make Me Feel Uncomfortable and Make My Eyes Dart Around to Make Sure that No One Can See Me Watching This” episodes. It’s funny at times, yes, but painful at others.

Annoyingly, these ‘best of’ Trek DVDs don’t seem to be avaliable, here, in the UK…

If “no existing opticals” prevents CBS from giving a true HD presentation of the DS9 episode, then I guess there is little to no hope of a TNG remastering project ever launching.
Too bad.