Great Links: Ghostbusters 3 via ST09 + She Worf + Warehouse 13 Trekked (again) + Kirk v Alien + more

The new Star Trek movie has inspired so much, and now apparently it may help bring back the Ghostbusters. Star Trek is also inspiring the producers of Warehouse 13 who have gone three episodes in a row with Trek refs. We have video of that below, plus Star Trek 2009 on anime trial, Kirk v Alien and Wof as you have never seen him.


Star Trek inspires Ghostbuster
Our last Great Links had James Cameron talking up Trek, this time a real Ghostbuster is being inspired by the new Star Trek.
For years we have been hearing about a possible third entry in the Ghostbusters series, but now it is looking more and more certain, and Star Trek may have had a hand. Dan Aykroyd tells Canada’s CTV

I think this last `Star Trek’ was great, they did a really fine job of revivifying those characters…I’d like to see the torch get passed in sort of a `Star Trek’ manner so that the franchise lives on.

Aykroyd wants to cross the streams of Trek and Ghostbusters

Warehouse 13 goes Trek, again and again
In our last Great Links we showed a TNG reference on SyFy’s new hit Warehouse 13. And it seems that the show is on a Trek roll, as in both last week’s episode and last night’s episode there were also Trek refs, making it three for the last three weeks. Here are the ones from the last couple of weeks, with the second being pretty subtle (US only, sorry).

(the subject of ‘red shirts’ comes up again at the end, time mark 42:00)

Song of the Week: She Worf
Have you heard song by Shakira "She Wolf"? (if not here is the music video). Well blogger and musician Peter Coffin decided to Trekify it with a parody called "She Worf", Watch the video below (and click here for the lyrics):

Kirk v Alien
Ever wondered what would happen if the crew of the USS Enterprise had found that ship full of Alien eggs, instead of Ripley and the crew of the Nostromo? Well ZombieSpy on YouTube says he spent four months putting this animated version of what could have happened.

Video of the week: Star Trek 2009 on animated trial
We have seen the debates about the new Star Trek movie, but have you seen them done via anime? Now Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney takes on the case of Star Trek. (thanks to YouTuber RadicalsDream).

More Linkies:

Here are some more Star Trek related links from the last week

Thanks to Ulrich and Scotty, and keep sending in those tips


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I am so digging the Trek references in Warehouse 13! :-)

The Star Trek vs Alien motion comic was amazing.

Damn right! That motion comic was just brilliant!!!!!

Unbelievable work on Star Trek vs Alien — I seriously hope that we get to see the continuation!

That Kirk v. Alien Motion Comic is AWESOME.

Star Trek vs. Alien is a tremendous achievement! The camera movements are terrific!

What I like about the Warehouse 13 refs is that they’re highbrow and in the case of the redshirt bit, actually service the plot, rather than being pointless name dropping.

And in the most recent episode (“Duped”) I’m pretty sure he says “Kirk out” when switching off the communicator (around 18:15).

Wow! Now that’s what I’m talking about. Star Trek The Motion Comic was great! Cool effects!

Ghostbusters in the Trek Universe, what is Dan going to do hunt down the ghosts of The Great Bird (Gene), Bones and Scotty at the next Star Trek Convention. To me Ghostbusters was a good B ranked movie with a sequel. But I’d put it in the same ranking as the quadrilagy of Revenge of the Nerds. Good but not Great. I think half it’s popularity came from the fact that the big star Ghost-buster came from SNL. And one of the other Busters made enogh money to create a movie production company. I’m not sure but was he also not in Revenge of the Nerds. And then started the I shrunk movies.

What next? A Doctor Detroit reboot?

Outstanding work on ST:TMC! Nicely done! ON e of the best mash ups I’ve seen. Great technique that really brought the images to life. Loved the teaser for the next episode. Who gets out alive??!!

The Motion Comic was brilliant!

Kirk V. Alien – As silly as it is.. It was very fun to watch and also very very creative! Nice Work!!!

Okay, the Phoenix Wright thing skipped over two very IMPORTANT aspects of Trek knowledge. The first being that his reward in Star Trek IV wasn’t the demotion, it was being given command of a starship, something that quite frankly he shouldn’t have been given. The entire crew of the Enterprise, especially James Kirk, should have been stripped of rank and assigned to ore freighters. Remember the long list of charges written up for them: Assault on Federation officers, theft of Federation property(the late Starship Enterprise), sabotage of the USS Excelsior, willful destruction of Federation property(again the USS Enterprise), and disobeying direct orders of the Commander of Starfleet.

#2 thing that the Phoenix Wright thing forgot(and so has EVERYONE ELSE APPARENTLY!!!)…Kirk was not CADET. Remember, many times in TOS, Kirk was mentioned as being a Lieutenant before he left the Academy. Uhura was a Lieutenant before boarding the Enterprise, so why would Kirk be stuck down several ranks? Also, there is no rule stating that a Lieutenant doesn’t have the ability to command a starship, precedent being Lt. Richard Castille of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C. I’m sorry, but all of this grousing over Kirk being promoted is just plain nonsense, and just people looking to find flaws where, in this instance, they don’t exist.

Wow. Absolutely blown away by Star Trek: The Motion Comic. Blown away.

And the anime trial — I’d like to see them argue the entire movie out. That was actually pretty fun!

Great links!

ST:TMC great job

but WHY kill Bones? remember kids, once the Alien gets on your face, your FFFF Finished!

should have been a Red Shirt, or if you wanted a main character, why not Rand?

THIS HAS RUINED STAR TREK!!!! etc… :rolleyes:

Maybe somebody should get Dan Aykroyd onboard the next Star Trek production as an in-law of Dr. Phlox. He’d make a great Denobulan.

In my fantasy world, ENT producers offered him a guest role in Season 5 and make a great double act with John Billingsley.

The Trek references remind me of the occasional Trek references brought on by Colonel Jack O’Neil in SG-1. When he talks to the Joint Chiefs in one episode about using a brand new starship, he says, “Well they didn’t go for it!!” Sam says, “The mission?” Jack replies, “No calling the ship the Enterprise.”

In the She Wolf video they use the drawing I’ve made of the new movies’ Enterprise!
Wanna see the other views? Go to


Star Trek: The motion Comic was fantastic! I want more – not just the continuation, I want more “episodes”!!!

Captain, this message may be a trap. Lets be sure not to beam down with any security….we’ll just materialize a ‘sector’ away and walk.
A for effort …really enjoyed the animation but the story was faulty and the dialog was awkward,

Great comic! More, please.

Enjoyed the Motion Comic.. Redshirt o’ the week should have gotten the face hugger, though (personal opinion, of course!)

heres Kirk v A L I E N – the non motion comic:

McCoy gets it in the Motion Comic?! NO! That is definitely redshirt territory!

actually thatd be more Star Trek v A L I E N S

Ok, that She Worf thing was creepy. Outlaw it now!

One of the Best Tng Episodes was the finale of the first season when Picard and Riker Killed that alien Parasite with there phasers and you see Mr Remicks head explode and then the creature opened up Remics Chest and it kinda looks like an Alien from the Movie. It was pretty cool when they fired there phasers and you see the Alien Parasite vanish under phaser fire. One of the best Tng Episodes and the look on Picars face as he fired was in my opnion priceless.

Sorry. I meant Picard.

Speaking of links, I’ve been watching footage from this old ST video game…

The graphics and music are so bad, but…hearing Bill, Leonard and Dee is great. Best of all, it brings back William Campbell as Trelane! I have to say, Nimoy, Kelley and Campbell gave it a go…but Shatner really phoned it in. ;)

Very impressed with The Moton Comic. Hard work went into that. I wish it didn’t take him 4 months. If something like that could be done with a decent amount of speed, it would probably become a major web smash hit.

This kind of reminds me a similar work that I saw a few months ago on youtube but it was a star wars comic book that was adapted to video. It was a nice choice also, star wars purge is one of the best comics I’ve read (and now seen)

Next have sra palin oppressive jhad gov. Snd paxton limbaugh and trek phaser them out! Great parady!

That “Kirk v. Alien” was very well done. Excellent. Very entertaining.

The Motion Comic was Great… keep up the good work…. it appears you have a hit on your hands. Thanks for all the hard work. Your direction and vision really works. a nice artistic touch.


I can’t believe you are debating a Phoenix Wright cartoon…

Breathe Deep and just let it go….

It felt very unlike Trek to have the gang worry so much that the call might be a warning in Kirk V. Alien — when did that ever happen? — but there was a really nice feel and movement to the images. Nice job.

Of course, remembering that the alien is female, now we just have to wait for Kirk to seduce her, and the problem is solved.

Hey no fair, my posts about the Trek Alien cartoon have vanished. I wonder what I said to offend anybody? All I said was that the espisode should end with Janice Rand as the sole survivor escaping in a shuttle pod…

We should also have a scene where Kirk is hunting the alien in the Jefferies tubes and all they find is his toupee.

Motion Picture comic – I bet Bones was wishing they took a red shirt with them. #1 Rule – Always take a red shirt with you to sacrifice to an alien.

Yup…that motion comic was amazing. Excellent work!

The Motion Comic was great! That’s a great idea to take Trek and put it’s characters in the world’s of other science fiction.

And the Alien moves just slightly faster than the Gorn!
That was awesome…love sci fi crossovers

y’all know who would make a good mudd? seth rogan… yea that would be awesome.

Kirk: Spock, what’s the average temperature on the planet’s surface?

Spock: It is eight degrees Celsius.

Kirk: Scotty, set us down a sector away from the signal. No, we don’t need any jackets.

I adored Ghostbusters and barely tolerated Ghostbusters II. Part III really has me worried.

So glad I watched that motion comic. Awesomeness.

And now I need some way to scrub “She Worf” out of my brain.

OMG, that was nasty….

Amazing job on that motion comic!

But … don’t let Bones die!!

#14 “The entire crew of the Enterprise, especially James Kirk, should have been stripped of rank and assigned to ore freighters.”
You know that might have made an interesting movie. Seeing them all scratch and claw their way back to redemption. Kirk and co. defeating the whole Klingon armada with a old busted freighter.


The first Ghostbusters was brilliant. The sequel stunk but pretty much everyone involved has admitted it (Bill Murray was particularly vocal about it). It’s definitely on a higher level than Revenge of the Nerds. Come on!

I thought Star Trek: The Motion Comic was pretty interesting. I’m sad for Bones but it makes sense: take the Doctor out of the equation and no one (not even M’Benga) can figure out what’s wrong with him until it’s too late. From the looks of the next episode, it seems like it’s doom and gloom for the entire crew (except maybe Kirk). Good premise for an Elseworlds one-shot at least. What-Ifs never have (complete) happy endings anyway.