Star Trek: The Exhibition Headed To San Jose

Star Trek The Exhibition, the traveling museum exhibit of Star Trek history, is headed to the Silicon Valley. Today The Tech Museum in San Jose, CA announced it will be hosting ST: The Exhibition starting October 23rd, and this ‘engagement’ will be the biggest ever and also include elements of the new Star Trek movie. Details below.


Trek to The Tech: bigger + Star Trek 2009 comes on board
Premier Exhibitions is currently running two ‘engagements’ of Star Trek The Exhibition, featuring simulators, original costumes, genuine props and authentic recreations of sets from all five Star Trek television series and the Star Trek feature films. The one headed to The Tech Museum in San Jose will be based primarily on the engagement that started in San Diego and is currently at the Detroit Science Museum (ending on September 9th), and includes the shooting model for the Borg cube from First Contact and a complete recreation of the original series bridge. However Tech Museum’s senior director of marketing Elizabeth Williams tells TrekMovie that The Tech engagement will be bigger, taking advantage of their 15,000+ square foot space, where the Detroit museum had only 9,000 square feet.  Williams says that Premiere Exhibits and CBS are currently going through their warehouse of Star Trek memorabilia to bring more components to San Jose.

Headed to The Tech: Re-creation of the original Enterprise bridge (chair and console from “In A Mirror Darkly”)

The engagement in Detroit opened in February and so there were no elements of the new Star Trek movie, however that will be rectified for the engagement in San Jose. Firstly, the events of Star Trek are going to be added to the ‘History of the Future’ wall (although how they deal with the new timeline will be interesting). Plus there will be some original props and costumes from JJ Abrams Star Trek film. The second engagement of Star Trek: The Exhibition, which opened at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute on May 16th, also had some Star Trek props and costumes added.

History of the future (as seen in San Diego) is getting an update for the new Star Trek movie

San Jose’s The Tech is one of the premiere science and technology museums in America. Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, The Tech puts an emphasis on hands-on technology and education. Star Trek seems like a perfect fit for the museum, as noted by The Tech president Peter Friess who said in a statement:

Once again, we’ve successfully endeavored to bring our visitors an exhibition that everyone on the planet – and even strange new worlds – can relate to, learn from and enjoy. Star Trek is deeply grounded in science and technology topics such as physics and astronomy. We think visiting scientists, engineers, educators and others will agree that hosting the Exhibition at The Tech Museum is perfectly logical.

According to Williams, The Tech is already looking into ways it can enhance its technology, science and astronomy galleries in order to integrate some of the Star Trek feel to them.

The Star Trek Exhibition at The Tech will be housed in the Parkside hall – operated by Team San Jose – adjacent to the museum. It opens for a limited engagement on October 23rd and will run through the Holidays, but The Tech may extended it into 2010. Tickets went on sale today at It costs $25 for adults, $19 for children, $22 for students and seniors. Tickets include admission to the rest of The Tech museum. Simulator tickets are extra.


More pictures of Star Trek The Exhibition
The following pictures are from the first engagement of Star Trek The Exhibition, in San Diego which went to Detroit and his headed next to San Jose.

(click to enlarge)

Klingon Attack Cruiser and the Starship Excelsior, just two of the many original filming models you can get up close and personal with

Uniforms worn by Kate Mulgrew (Capt. Janeway) and Avery Brooks (Capt. Sisko.), just a sample of the original costumes on display

Step through the Guardian of Forever for a great photo op

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Any dates for the Montréal expo?? I just can’t wait!

This needs to get to the Midwest ASAP.

I’ve been to the one in Detroit, which is nice (TOS Bridge was great) but felt a little small. Was looking for more Next Gen, Voyager & Enterprise. Pictures above are mostly from the Detroit Exhibit. Still it was fun and had good stuff. Want to spent time on Next Gen’s Bridge…I suppose this will be at The Tech???

Seattle! Come to Seattle! Get on this, Bill Gates! Put it on at the EMP and Science Fiction Museum!

just waiting for a visit to pittsburgh or columbus,

Sounds Great! Hope it moves to Portland Oregon next

Step through the Guardian of Forever for a great photo op

… with Harlan Ellison, who will hand you an invoice to complete your experience.

Please bring the Philly exhibit to Orlando next! You’ll get all the SW U.S. Trek fans PLUS the tourists! And I’ll take family and friends at least 10 times.


the 25 dollar ticket price is just to cover Harlan.

If you go, pack small cameras! You’ll be directed not to take any pictures, and then charged $27.00 for two pictures snapped (of you) by the staff.

Since the staff is using a flash camera, one may conclude that the ban on photography is only to increase profit, not to protect the artifacts (which were designed for use under somewhat brighter lighting).

Speaking of profit, check out the write-up on the Ferengi. Did anyone here know that they are members of the Federation? That’s what it said in the Exhibition in Philadelphia.

10 – I’d imagine that with Rom as the Grand Nagus and with all the reforms he was implementing, the Ferengi Alliance would end up in the Federation…

Harlan Ellison is going to blow his top when he sees this!

#7 – I lol’d. It’s so true.

but yeah… there needs to be a Canon Czar for Trek, huh? ;-)

Yeah I’ll be there!

Checked this out when it was in San Diego. Definitely worth the price of admission, highly recommend it.

Out west….again? Didn’t it start in San Diego? What about the Midwest? Why Detroit? Chicago, Indi, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Cincinnati. Any of these places will do. Vegas will be getting that new Experience soon. Now San Jose. Branch out, Eastward! This thing looks awesome, nevertheless. It’s gonna have to be the holdover in between Trek XI and Trek XII, unless something else new in Trek comes out.

Coolness this is in my back yard! Well the very baaaack section.;)

How about Salt Lake City!

I’m not sure set design falls under Harlan’s rights. At any rate, that has been part of the exhibit since way back at the Queen Mary. I’ve got pix of me and my friend standing in it. ;)

It would be nice if this were to come within driving distance of Long Island, New York, but seeing how nothing like this ever happens in NY, everybody that lives in NY should just pay absorbinant amounts of money for plane, hotel, admission, then plane back again. Someone please tell me why it is nothing like this ever happens in NY?

I’m avoiding the shows merely because they don’t allow photography (for their profits). Greedy bastards!

god i wish I still lived down there. Maybe it’ll still be there during winter break and I can make it down

It started out in Long Beach back in Jan 2008 as one massive show with everything, the Spruce Goose dome near the RMS Queen Mary was a perfect place for this. Once it split up, it lost some punch with viewing half of the artifacts when it is showed at two locations at a time. I know that they can cover more territory that way, but it is not the same as I saw in Long Beach.

They do ban personal photography which too bad. It is not like they sell a color photo book of the display items, then I would be OK with not taking my own photos. I was told by the people in San Diego that they banned photos because some one was selling photos of the display on Ebay, maybe, maybe not.

I went to the Detroit exhibit. Lot’s of fun. Don’t miss the model of the Borg cube.

Wait, didn’t they sell most of the props and models off at an auction a couple years ago? I know the main ship models are all pretty much gone now.

Is there anything actually GOOD left? Or is it mostly just minor things and replicas?

This is great that it is finally coming to San Jose. When I heard it was going to science museums I knew the Tech would probably get it. Anyone who doesn’t come when it first opens should visit at Christmastime when the park outside the museum has it’s huge Christmas display up with decorated trees, animated exhibits, rides, and an ice skating rink. You could make a whole day of it with going to the Exhibition first then going to Christmas in the Park afterward.

Anyone wary of spending the night in San Jose or San Francisco could simply fly in to either airport in the morning, take light rail or Caltrain into downtown San Jose, see the Exhibition, then fly out at night. This is going to be the largest Exhibition yet so don’t miss out on seeing all the cool Star Trek stuff.

When this was first announced, I thought one of it’s next stops was Minneapolis. What happened?

HARLAN ELLISON: Look, it’s bad enough that you’ve stolen my idea without paying me, but you let some naked guy run through my Guardian gate!

BND: It be OK! I am tha’ Starry Trek Exhibitionist! Wheeeee! Look at me south and then go scream!

SECURITY GUARD: Take this you naked freak. (hits BND with plastic bat’leth from display case)

BND: Awwwwk! I be shattered like a glass goblin.

HARLAN ELLISON: Oh, you and I are headed for court, mister.

BND: Fine, fine… can I have yer’ autograph? Ye’ know, sometimes when I sleep I have this dangerous vision o’ ye’ bitin’ me ankle… them dreams wit’ sharp teeth I have all tha’ time so I wuz’ thinkin’ o’ suein’ ye’ fur’ assault!

HARLAN ELLISON: Guard, give me that bat’leth!


By tha’ by… Avery Brooks wore a dress on one ep?

Guess I missed that one…


And are they ever going to fix those damn green panels on their TOS bridge?

Strange that they would go through painstaking measures to get every OTHER detail right, and then forget the multi-colored panels. lol

Please come to New Orleans!
We can use the tourism to help bolster up our city!
Come during Mardi Gras Chere! (Springtime)
It would be the right thing to do.

#10. Really? I went to it when it was in Long Beach and took at least 100 pictures, including my own pictures on the TNG bridge, which they let me and my friends roam around on.

And are the simulators not free now? They were included with the price of admission when I went.

Wow, San Jose is only an hour away! This is awesome news. Andrew #27 is right… December is a great time to visit downtown SJ. I used to work with their downtown association (wish i still did now). :-)

LOL at the Harlan gags… but ticked off about the no-cameras policy.

Atlanta ffs.

Enjoy. I went to celebrate Gene Roddenberry’s, Jonathan Frakes’, and Diana Muldaur’s birthdays. Loved the costumes from Star Trek 2009.

did the detroit on opening weekend of star trek 09 imax pretty cool the extra pics cost me another 130.00 probably went alittle over board though its worth the visit

#37. Yeah, I think I spent at least $60-$80, getting one each of the TOS bridge, the TNG bridge, and the transporter. The Guardian was free (which I have a feeling isn’t the case now) and they just had some worker standing there taking pictures for people who wanted it.

I saw the one in philly- had the TNG Bridge. Would much rather see this one with the TOS bridge and Guardian!!

Saw the one in Detroit. it was very nice, but the simulator smelled like a previous rider didn’t quite have his hygiene together.

5 minutes from my house. :-) Welcome to Silicon Valley.

The photo ban is illogical. I took plenty of photos when it was in Long Beach.

This is silly! Who do we complain to? I’m spending $$ to get in, I want my to use my camera.

I remember 2 years ago when the papers covered the opening of the Luxuriance starting first in 2008 at the start of 2008 and every 6 weeks would move to a new city. In the list Denver was to be reached in March 2009.

As for the auction of Star trek stuff in spring 2008 in NYC. The big deal was if you bought the models you then had the right to lease them out to other exhibitors, thus letting you make money from your new toy. Some may have bought stuff for personal admeration, but many others it is invest money to make money

When is this coming to Portland, OR?

The photo ban might depend on the venue. I saw the Star Wars exhibit twice with no limits on taking pictures. But, different studio, so who knows.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Two hour drive, but soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo worth it!!!

wish I comicon could have been nor cal tho!

This was really bad in Philadelphia. They left out most of the Items in the Philadelphia exhibition. In.fact none of the things in any of the pictures on this page were at the Philadelphia exhibition. No original enterprise bridge no excelsior.

I took all the photos I wanted in San Diego, even at the photo of locations. The people behind the official cameras took the picture using my camera!

I liked the Detroit exhibit (took my daughter, brother and mom) but they banned photos and the simulator ride was extra. What an obvious money grab.

Some impressions:
It surprised me how small the TOS bridge was. The seats, the consoles, everything. Of course, I’m almost 6’5″ and nothing is ever built for my height!
The models have been beat up over the years, and the mounting and connection points for powering the lights were really obvious on some.
The costumes were just as impressive, or more so, in person.
Most of the props were really nice, but some… I’ve seen better for sale at conventions.

It was small, but worth the price of admission – especially because it includes admission to the Science Center.

It would be nice if it came to the Midwest! Chicago or, preferably for me, the Twin Cities. Or even…Riverside, IA! : D