Amazon Limited Exclusive Star Trek Movie Blu-ray Set To Include USS Enterprise Replica

In November JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie comes out on DVD and Blu-ray, but there will also be additional special editions. We have already announced the Best Buy Blu-ray Gift set with badges and today it was announced Amazon will have a special limited edition Blu-ray set which comes with an Enterprise replica model. TrekMovie has exclusive details and high res images below.


Amazon Exclusive Star Trek Blu-ray set with Enterprise Replica
The new Amazon exclusive Blu-ray set is now the ultimate collectible for the Fall, with only 5000 of the limited sets being sold. With your three disk Blu-ray set with digital copy (see previous TrekMovie article for details), you get an 8.5 inch replica USS Enterprise made of solid metal with chrome, textured steel and pewter finishes. The replica contains no plastic and weighs over a pound. 

Amazon limited edition Star Trek 2009 Blu-ray set with Enterprise replica

The replica is being made by QMx, who are also making the Artisan Studio-scale replicas of the Enterprise. They designed the Amazon exclusive replica from the same digital effects files used for the movie. QMx’s Andy Gore tells TrekMovie "we wanted to really raise the bar on metal work for this one, and we turned everything up to 11."

The Star Trek Limited Edition Replica Gift Set (Three-Disc + Digital Copy) (Amazon Exclusive) [Blu-ray] will be released on November 17th and costs $90.99. It comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by QMx and ILM’s Roger Guyett, as well as some other bonus materials. You can pre-order it now at Amazon.

More images of the replica:


Your other choice
If the Amazon replica set is a little too pricey, but you still want to get yourself something special, you may want to get the Best Buy gift set which includes four metal replica pins, also made by QMx. The set is selling for $39.99 and can be pre-ordered from Best Buy.

[3-disk Blu-ray Gift Set: Best Buy pre-order $39.99]


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Pretty cool, but it’s a shame that DVD buyers don’t get these special gift sets.

Oh they are SO not playing fair. I want this, I want the badges, yet I only have a DVD player and am not going to buy a Blu-Ray just yet simply for this as much as I want to.

now i am considering buying 2 copys

Oh, ya right. Like I’m dying to have a ‘hot rod’ version of the Enterprise.

But they don’t light up and make sounds like my Playmates Enterprise.

Beautiful box, awful ship (notice that I said “ship”, not “model”)

I cancelled my first Amazon order so that I could order the Best Buy edition, now I am heading back to Amazon so that I can order this edition!

Any ideas about how many more editions they’ll be coming out with???

This one seems pretty sweet tho! It looks like it will go along nicely with my Franklin Mint pewter replicas collection!

That’s nice, but I still prefer the insignia pins. There are already Enterprises I can buy, but no official insignias. That’s why I preordered that set from Best Buy.

This IS a cool looking replica, but I think I’ll just wait for the model kit.

I can’t speak for Paramount, of course, but the badge set and this Enterprise replica are the only DVD/Blu-Ray Star Trek bundles QMx is working on :-)

At least the ship is not coming from Mattel. Their ’09 Enterprise has been pushed back to Febuary ’10 according to Entertainment Earth.

I love the pewter ship! Would definitely buy that one if he price was lower. I’m already getting the DVD AND Best Buy bluray set… even though I don’t have a bluray player yet. Prices for a bluray player are still stupid high… but they will come down by January. But Trek will be my first bluray I am buying.

Too many whiners.

It’s so great to see trek getting this treatment – it always deserved this level of promotion and I, for one, would be proud to display this wonderful piece in my bluray theater room… if I ever get a bluray theater room!

I wouldn’t pay a cent for that ugly ‘new’ Enterprise design :-P

The faster they abandon DVD the better. I’m sick of late adopters whining because they aren’t treated to the latest and greatest.

I think that combo is pretty overpriced for a pewter sculpture though. Definitely going for the badges.

Does it say what scale the ship is? It would be nice to finally know how big the new Enterprise is.

I just think this will be something to have that others will wish they sprung for down the line, so I’m gonna get it…cuz it’s just too cool!

BTW, Am I the only one who finds himself going back to watch the trailers time and time again because the blu-ray’s not out yet? And they keep looking better and better to me…can’t wait.

The Enterprise design has such an awesome saucer and nacelles. I don’t know what happened with the secondary hull / pylons. Sigh.

I don’t blame Ryan Church though, he’s an awesome designer. Something else went amiss somewhere in the design pipeline.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Star Trek is playing at my campus theater!!!!

18 – I’ve been watching the trailers constantly, since they were downloadable on iTunes. Even during the movie’s run in theatres, which I saw 5 times. The trailers are great!

I am so willing to be broke to get this set, I’m getting a PS3 just so I can have the blu ray when this comes out. This set is a must for me…

The nacelles are ALL WRONG.

I’m sorry, but this model is not canon.

What does William Shatner think of this?

Well that Enterprise sure is pretty, but I’m sticking with the Delta Shield set. If I want a small metal Enterprise I’ll get one that’s at least good for opening beer bottles:

I didn’t even finish reading the first paragraph on the page. Ordered!

8: “Any ideas about how many more editions they’ll be coming out with???”

Don’t quote me on this, but I believe Honda is set to announce a limited edition Star Trek 2009 Blu-ray set with life size robotic Lt. Uhura.

That is still one goofy looking ship.

The USS Goonybird.

Thanks dmduncan! Lol! But I think I will go with QMx Andy’s answer! :)Heehee!

Guys, whats all this about not getting a Bluray player? It’s not like they are so expensive. I got my Sony last Christmas time for $145.00 It plays Bluray, and upconverts regular DVD’s to HD. It’s really not that expensive. The other day a friend of mine bought a 46in TV and they threw it in @ Best Buy. I know times are tough, and if you don’t have the money, well no deal is going to be good enough, but i’m sure by Nov the Sony I have will probably be about $100 so if you can get it.. i recommend it.

Wow…people still hating on the new Enterprise. She’s not that bad really! Give the new girl a chance! Besides, how many different Enterprises have we seen now? 6 or 7?

And to quote: “There’s still plenty of letters left in the alphabet…”

I’ve given the new E a chance. She’s not the prettiest design they’ve ever come up with, but unlike others I don’t feel the need to belch forth my opinion on it every other day.

It is what it is, and I’m looking forward to the day I can have a model kit in hand so I can examine it from all angles.

Oh my Good. Is amazing. I have One.

You guys joke, but they are getting a special DVD release in Japan with yet another 1701 collectible:

wow, from the model, the nacelles each look as big as the stardrive section… which is neat, but, alas, not quite the proportions everybody’s used to. The stardrive and saucer are gorgeous and I’d like to see more of the nacelles at different angles. It looked pretty great on film – although I’d like to see more of her in action. I’m not quite ready to banish her from canon (cue trumpets) yet.

still like her better than the TNG enterprise (which took a while to grow on me too)…

Can someone clu me in on where I can get this in Australia (if i can) :)


all of you arte such losers

Just pre-ordered mine. Looks nice.

figures Paramount gets greedy and charges a 100 bucks for something that cost them less the 10 bucks to make.

God damn that’s a Frankenstein’s monster of a ship. Just…hideous.


….and Your Big “Typo” makes you cower before your Key Board.

I laugh at you.

oh and I don’t give a %$#@ about the Limited Exclusive Blu-ray Set. the Ship still looks dumb to me.

Meh, I’ll pass. It looks great and all, but I think I’ll just wait for the bigger, painted starship that QMx will be putting out later.

#11, I’m starting to think that the Hot Wheels version of the 09 Enterprise is just a lost cause, it’s been pushed back time and time again, and I’m quite frankly sick of it. Whereas the Narada is listed for next month…what the heck is Mattel doing???

29. SciFiMetalGirl

I still don’t get why people hate it so much. It looks fine to me. Good, even. Does this make me a bad Trekkie?

Buying the movie, but passing on JJ’s Enterprise….didn’t do much for me.

The Pewter Metal ship looks real nice, but for ruffly $60, I’ll have to stick to the more destructible plastic ones.

And an idea if you do not want to upgrade to Blue Ray, hope you have a Trekky friend that does have onem buy them the 3 disk set with the gift, then give them the Disks and you wrap the gift for yourself. It may look like your using your friend but look at it this way economics may be hard but your still making others and yourself happy.

Just remember only 16 more weejs until you have to look through all the wrapping paper for that part your son lost to that toy they said they can not live with out, but did not know that missing part is what makes it work.

#32, Another included gift, but what if you can not read the chicken scratched in that the Japanese scribble in.. But then I can not read most non english text is placed in.

I wanna know what is meant by….

“as well as some other bonus materials.”

A certificate of authenticity? ::cough:: coaster. Digital copy ?:::cough :: coaster.

My wife has decided that we’re getting a BR player this year just b/c of this movie. Now I’ve just got to convince her that we need two copies. Well, 6 copies if you think about it.

And let those DVD-only people complain. I’m *still* complaining about the lack of HD Trek (but I love the free remote)

#47…digital copies do make good coasters, and they’re cooler looking than real coasters.

Arrrgh dammit, I bet we won’t get these in Australia, and US Bluray discs won’t play in our players…