Sci-Fi TV Saturday: Dollhouse, Chuck, V, Supernatural, Heroes, True Blood, Smallville, Defying Gravity + more

The fall TV season is almost here and there is a lot to talk about with genre shows, including big casting news for Dollhouse, Chuck and Heroes. We also have details on the upcoming seasons of Supernatural and Smallville, a production hold on V, and tons of preview images and videos from Defying Gravity, Doctor Who, Warehouse 13, Clone Wars and more.



Summer Glau and Keith Carradine Joining Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse + S2 Details
Summer Glau is officially joining the cast of Joss Whedon’s Fox drama “Dollhouse”.  The actress — of “Firefly” and “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” fame — will play “a Dollhouse employee who shares a past with Echo,” in the second season’s fifth episode.  The Fox press release also contains character details on the roles played by Michael Hogan, Alexis Denisof and another recent addition, Keith Carradine:

DANIEL PERRIN (Denisof) is a U.S. senator leading a witch hunt to track down the underground organization. Mysterious, charismatic businessman MARTIN KLAR (Bamber) is Echo’s new husband. BRADLEY KARRENS (Hogan) comes to the Dollhouse hoping to stop a psychotic family member’s killing spree, while MATTHEW HARDING (Carradine), a nemesis of Dollhouse leader ADELLE DEWITT (Olivia Williams), stirs up trouble. Additionally, DR. CLAIRE SAUNDERS/WHISKEY (Amy Acker) and MADELINE/NOVEMBER (Miracle Laurie) return this season in multiple-episode arcs.

In related news, Tahmoh Penikett and Eliza Dushku reveal that the second season will see their two characters (Paul and Echo) grow closer:

“Echo doesn’t know entirely what’s going on yet…[but] as she becomes more and more self-aware, she’s recognizing this constant, tall, dark, looming man in the Dollhouse.” We would have said handsome in lieu of looming, but her point is taken. As Tahmoh explains it, “They have a connection. It’s not a physical attraction, but I hope it’s something that we explore a lot more this season. You’re not quite sure what it is. There’s a past, there’s a history, there’s an understanding between them that’s very different. I think the audience is really going to like it and be really curious about where we’re going in the first few episodes.”

New images from the second season premiere – “Vows” [Fox]

More images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Elisha Dushku on what to expect in season two

Production on V To Shut Down for Two Weeks; November Debut Unaffected
ABC and Warner Bros. TV have confirmed a report that “V”, ABC’s remake of the 1980’s sci-fi miniseries, will temporarily halt production.  Warner Bros. TV released a statement saying that the two-week hiatus (set to begin on September 3rd) won’t affect the show’s November 3rd premiere date [via EW]: “We will take advantage of our November premiere to maximize creative opportunities and deliver the audience the best show possible.”  In other news, SpoilerTV has a casting call looking for a guest starring role in episode three, while The Boston Herald interviewed star Elizabeth Mitchell (who plays FBI Agent Erica Evans).  Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

” ‘V’ is kind of a gift,” the 39-year-old said. “It was a surprise to me to fall in love with another character. I read it and it captivated me. And more importantly, I thought it was an excellent jumping-off place and something I had never done before – playing a straightforward hero.”

“What I’m enjoying about Erica, which is one of the same things I love about Juliet, is that she, every day of her life, believes if she is not fully on, not fully functioning, she is going to let people down and the world will come to an end. She actively puts herself in the line of fire. I think it takes a special kind of person to do that, and that, combined with Erica being a mother, is very interesting to me.”

Superman (Brandon Routh) Joining Chuck
Although the show barely made it to a third season — and currently has only a 13-episode commitment from NBC — the folks at “Chuck” have scored a solid cast addition.  Michael Ausiello of EW reports that Brandon Routh (“Superman Returns”) will appear in a multi-episode arc when the show returns with new episodes March, 2010:

Routh’s character, Shaw, is a mysterious new spy who takes control as the new leader of Operation Bartwoski, becoming a mentor to Chuck and a rival in his affections for Sarah. He first appears in this season’s fourth episode.

Below are some bites to round out the week’s “Chuck” coverage:

  • Mathew Bomer (Bryce Larkin) isn’t convinced his character is dead and would love to return to the show:  “I’d love to go back, but it’s really going to depend on scheduling [with White Collar]. There is a possibility that I will be back on Chuck.” [E! Online]
  • Meanwhile Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah) revealed that fans aren’t the only ones in the dark about her character’s real name and what’ll happen over the course of the upcoming season:  “I do not know Sarah’s real name, nor do I know what’s happening at all in the third season. None of us do.” [E! Online]
  • A casting call has gone out for three characters to appear in the fourth episode “Chuck vs. OPERATION AWESOME”.[SpoilerTV]

Set images [more at ChuckTV]

Supernatural S5 Details + Season Premiere Synopsis
, creator/executive producer Eric Kripke and fellow co-executive producers Sera Gamble and Ben Edlund reveal that Sam and Dean will spend the majority of the season trying to restore their relationship and stop Lucifer from destroying Earth:

“We are not pulling our punches this season,” Gamble said about the dire stakes involved. “But I’ll tell you, it’s not as dark as I thought it would be. Last season was pretty much suicidal at points, especially with Sam going so dark. I’m finding this Apocalypse surprisingly amusing. We are having so much fun with it, since it’s balls to the wall.”

She continued, “We are telling stories about the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. We went A-list right away, so they are a completely other species. We had to ask ourselves, ‘What are they? Are they demons or angels? What do they do, and how do they feel?'”

Speaking of Lucifer, here’s what Gamble had to say about how Mark Pellegrino will portray the character:

He’s beautiful and gentle, and he has a very, very good [expletive] point to make. As with the best of our supposed villains on our show, he is maybe almost as right, or righter, than the good guys. We also said our angels are going to be dicks. We have a spectrum where some of them are good or seem to be bad with ulterior motives. Lucifer is on that spectrum, and you might expect him to be all the way on the end of evil, but that’s not necessarily true. He has a very complex and interesting point of view, so he has been fascinating to unlock and figure out and understand. I am really excited about him and that he’s a real presence in the story arc.”

Meanwhile, here’s the synopsis from the fifth season premiere “Sympathy for the Devil”:

APOCALYPSE NOW — Picking up where the finale left off, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) watch as the Devil (guest star Mark Pellegrino, “Lost”) emerges from Hell. The brothers and Bobby (Jim Beaver) deal with the aftermath of Lucifer rising and the stunning news from Chuck the Prophet (guest star Rob Benedict) that Castiel (Misha Collins) was blown to bits by the archangels. Robert Singer directed the episode written by Eric Kripke (#501).

And rounding out the week’s “Supernatural” updates, Paris Hilton (whom we previously reported will guest star as herself in the fifth episode called “Fallen Idol”) was tweeting her experiences on the set.  Here’s one about her wrapping production: “Just wrapped on set! So much fun working on Supernatural. Jared and Jensen are so nice and such great actors. I had a great time. :)”  “Supernatural” returns with new episodes on Thursday, September 10, 2009 at 9:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

Episode two – “Good God, Y’All” [more at SpoilerTV]

David Blue Talks Stargate Universe + Movie Trailer
David Blue
, who plays the Eli in the upcoming Syfy series “SGU: Stargate Universe”, discussed his role and the basic premise behind the new series in an interview with SCI FI Wire:

“Stargate Universe takes place in the same world and the same universe as SG-1 and Atlantis, but essentially it’s a group of people who are brought on to do some research,” Blue said. “Scientists brought in to figure out this mythical ninth chevron address, … a nine-digit phone number, and nobody knows where it goes. And through a course of events, [he] ends up having to pick up and go, and the right people who are supposed to go on this mission to explore don’t necessarily end up going.”

Blue also said that it wouldn’t be correct to call the series darker than ‘SG-1’ and ‘Atlantis’.  A better description, he says, would be “more real”:

“I tend to say it’s not as much darker as it is more real,” he said. “And maybe that’s a pessimistic way of looking at the world, but I think that … reality itself is darker. It’s not just shiny, ‘Hey, we survived again! Woo-hoo!’ There are more levels, where you look at the person sitting next to you, and you start thinking to yourself, ‘Do I trust them today?’ And you look at someone sitting next to you and start to see a spark and go, ‘How do I really feel about that person?’ And when your life is being threatened, you tend to actually, in a weird way, find humor to make yourself cope. You can say ‘darker,’ because in some ways it is, … but when you really get down to it, it’s like everyday life. That’s kind of what I like about it.”

Head on over to SCI FI Wire to read the rest of the interview. In other news, for those of you heading to the cinema this weekend — 8/28 – 8/30 — be sure to watch for the debut of a theatrical trailer that will be appearing before “Halloween II” and “The Final Destination 3-D” (you can see a list of participating theaters at this link).

Jayma Mays Returning to Heroes
Jayma Mays will reprise her role as Charlie for one episode in season four of “Heroes”E! Online has details on the original plan — which may still be the plan — for her return [SPOILERS]:

Hiro (Masi Oka) jumps back in time to the diner where Charlie (Jayma Mays) works, and this time successfully kills Sylar (Zachary Quinto). This jacks up the Heroes timeline (obviously), but the upside is that Hiro then is able to meet with alive-and-well Charlie at a bar in Japan.

In other news, Tracy (Ali Larter) “goes back to her old life working on the Hill, only to discover that she’s no longer driven by the same shallow rewards,” explains series creator Tim Kring. “She wants to make a difference in people’s lives.”  “Heroes” premieres with a two-episode/two-hour premiere on Monday, September 21st.

First official image from season four [HeroSite]

True Blood Hits Another Series High
Another week, another record for the hit HBO series “True Blood”.  The show drew 5.33M viewers (up nearly 20% from the 4.46M who tuned in the week prior) and it was actually the #1 scripted TV show last week among adults 18-49 among both broadcast and cable networks with a 2.8/8 rating/share.  If that wasn’t impressive enough, the first season DVD set continues its remarkable run on the DVD sales chart, tacking on another 44,138 units/$1.59 million for the week ending August 16th:

  • True Blood: The Complete First Season – 44,138 units sold/$1,594,706 in sales revenue (1,314,604/$45,745,660)

In other news, HBO has released the synopsis for the second season finale “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’”:

In the season two finale, the mayhem in Bon Temps reaches a fever pitch as Maryann prepares for her ultimate bestial sacrifice, conscripting Sookie to be Maid of Honor at the bloody nuptials. Meanwhile, Sophie-Anne warns Eric to keep the lid on Bill’s inquisitiveness; Jason leads Andy into the heroic abyss; and Hoyt has a hard time swallowing Maxine’s endless stream of insults. Deliberating on what may be his final move to save Sookie and the town, Sam is forced to put his trust, and his life, in a most unlikely ally.

And lastly, Evan Rachel Wood makes her debut this Sunday, August 30th — check out new images and watch a preview clip below — playing the 1,100-year-old vampire boss of Louisiana.  The actress teased her role and how she got the part in a recent interview with E! Online.  Here are a few excerpts:

E! Online: I want to know who you are going to have sex with. Are you more Eric or Bill, and what kind of drama is Queen Sophie-Ann starting?

Evan Rachel Wood: I figured that those would be the questions! Who do I have sex with? Well, I don’t know if I am having sex with anyone yet, but I certainly have a steamy scene with someone that I don’t think you’d really expect. So it will be a little fun.

E! Online: How did you end up on the show?

Evan Rachel Wood: I watched the first season and loved the show, so I got in touch with [series creator] Alan Ball and said, “Keep an eye out for anything that might pop up.” I thought it was a long shot, but then later on I got a call saying they needed a queen.

Episode 11 – “Frenzy” [more at PopWrap (and here) and SpoilerTV]

Promo for episode 11 – “Frenzy”

Smallville Season Nine Details
After eight seasons on the air, it looks like season nine of The CW’s “Smallvile” will see a closer relationship between Clark Kent (Tom Welling) and Lois Lane (Erica Durance): “We see hints of it in the first episode, so any Clark-Lois fans should not miss the first episode. Here’s my hint: Watch to the very last second of the show,” executive producer Kelly Souders told E! Online.  Souders also talked about the strained relationship between Clark and Chloe (Allison Mack):

“They start out the season in a hard place, and by the end of the first episode, it gets even harder, all because of Jimmy. They’ve had a long relationship, and you can’t really throw out eight years of friendship over a horrible instance, so we’ll see where it takes them,” says Souders.

Speaking of Jimmy Olson (Aaron Ashmore), Souders revealed that they are looking into having him reappear in a flashback: “We are throwing that around. We’ll see if that comes together. But we’d love to have him back.”  In other news, Steph Song has been cast as Victoria/Roulette (check out casting sides for the episode at SpoilerTV) and will appear in episode nine “Pandora”.  Executive producer Kelly Souders teases:

“Roulette is a seductive temptress who engages Oliver (Justin Hartley) in a sinister game that puts his life in jeopardy.” Souders adds, “I can tell you that I’ve seen her in the famous Roulette dress, and I don’t think fans will be disappointed!”


Defying Gravity

Episode seven – “Fear” [more at SpoilerTV]

Doctor Who

Set images [more via io9]


Promotional images [more via SpoilerTV]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Promotional image [SCI FI Wire]

Warehouse 13

Episode nine – “Regrets” [more at SpoilerTV]

Promotional images for episode 10 – “Breakdown” [more at SpoilerTV]

Promotional images for episode 11 – “Nevermore” [more at SpoilerTV]


Defying Gravity

Five new clips from episode six (9/30/2009) – “Bacon”

Watch four more clips at MovieWeb

Doctor Who

David Tennant and Russell T. Davies interview

Audio of the new Doctor, Matt Smith [alun vega]


New Promo


  • Casting call covering three characters for episode 2×06 – “What Lies Beneath” of “Better off Ted”. [SpoilerTV]
  • Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada will play a “significant” role in the upcoming sixth and final season of “Lost”… [EW]
  • …Casting call for one character to appear in the two-part “Lost” premiere… [DarkUFO]
  • …And another one looking for a character for episodes 2-3 of the new season. [DarkUFO]
  • Casting call searching for six actors to play characters from episode five of new drama “Eastwick”. [SpoilerTV]


  • Erica Cerra (Deputy Lupo) of “Eureka” talked a bit about the upcoming two-part musical episode next season: “That will be very, very, very interesting. I have no idea what that will be about. I suppose the network and the writers feel comfortable with the fact that the cast can sing.” [SCI FI Wire]
  • Warner Bros. Television has opened a new website, Complete the Pattern, where fans can enter to win a grand prize trip to the set of “Fringe” in Vancouver, BC. 1st prize winner will receive a Hi-Def Home Entertainment System and five 2nd place winners will win “Fringe” Season 1 on DVD.  The season one set will be available to own on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, September 9th…
  • …In related news, a casting call for episode six is looking for someone to guest star, with the possibility of the actor returning as a recurring character. [SpoilerTV]
  • Patton Oswalt — who was recently cast in Syfy’s “Caprica” — describes his character as “a sort of Jon Stewart-esque presence,” and he expects he’s “always going to be on television in the background.”  [A.V. Club]
  • Steven Spielberg’s still-untitled alien invasion drama pilot has begun production in and around Hamilton, Ontario, Canada for a two-week shoot. [THR]
  • “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” — the #1 TV show with boys 6-11 last season — will premiere its second season on Cartoon Network on Friday, October 2nd at 8:00 p.m. ET. [SCI FI Wire]
  • Titles for the first eight episodes of ABC’s upcoming series “FlashForward” have been revealed: “No More Good Days”, “White to Play”, “137 Sekunden”, “Black Swan”, “Give Me Some Truth”, “Scary Monsters and Super Creeps”, “The Gift” and “Rules of the Game”… [SpoilerTV]
  • …Meanwhile, a new casting call for episode eight is looking for a total of 15 characters, nearly all of which are guest-stars/extras. “FlashForward” premieres Thursday, September 24th at 8:00 p.m. ET. [SpoilerTV]
  • The “Battlestar Galactica: Season 4.5” DVD set has gone past 250,000 units sold, currently sitting at 266,410 units sold/$8.45 million in revenue through the week ending August 16th. [The-Numbers]
  • Josh Holloway (Sawyer on “Lost”) doesn’t know if there will be any sort of reunion with Elizabeth Mitchell’s character Juliet, but he does know how her loss will affect him in the new season::  “Now that he’s lost Juliet, I think the leader-hero thing is gone. I think he doesn’t give a s–t to be anyone’s leader at this point. He’s heartbroken. He’s back to ‘The world sucks’ and maybe throughout this season someone can redeem him again and bring him back from hell, because right now, he’s in hell.” [E! Online]


CHART (8/17/2009 to 8/23/2009)

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Bant wait 4 Hereos, BSG the Plan and FF loooks interesting.

Sorry, can’t wait for hereos, last season really redemed itself, everyone give it another chance, if u stopped watching it.

I think Vic will attest that the original V was great TV for it’s time, I really hope they do a good job on this remake.

Yea, I know “redeem”. Enough from me tonight.

Hmm. Apologies, and my personal opinion only: ‘Heroes’ was horrible last season, worse than season 2. I tried hard to like it, but it got more and more boring as it went along. I still haven’t worked up the strength to watch the last couple of episodes on the web. Just too painfully dull. But here’s hoping it’s a fair sight better next season.

I hate the transitioning between Doctors, I mean David Tennant just had the essence of the Doctor down, and now I’m going to have to get used to Matt Smith… Although he didn’t sound that bad in that clip, I just think Tennant has a better weight in his voice which adds to the Doctor in the new series.

Also, is the SGU trailer mentioned above different from the one they showed during the commercial type thing they show before the previews? Because I saw Inglorious Basterds last night and basically caught a shortened version of the Comic Con trailer.

Wow. First time hearing Tenant’s real accent. Ha!

Wow! Looks like Dollhouse and Smallville are both kicking it up a notch!

Some great things on Smallville. Allthough I think that they are fdoing Jimmy a bit wrong. But overall looks to be a great season. VHmm. Ill get back to you on that Lost. Im always Lost on that show and thats the way I like it.Flash Forward. I wish i could Flash forward and at the very least watch the first Trailer to Star Trek 2011. Heroes. ALooking much better.

Looks like we are in for a good fall TV season.

By the way, what’s with the weird weight loss link under the Heroes video?

As usual, another great roundup, Rosario.

But I get the distinct impression that I am not missing much for not having TV these days.

True Blood deserves all of it’s success!
It is just britlliant tv.

With no offense to those who run the site, the “#1 tip of a flat belly” ad in the middle of the copy is tasteless. Banners we can put up. Please don’t sandwich ads in between the stories. That would be a disappointing addition to an otherwise fabulous site.

Here, here!! Steven PDX – What gives with the ADS in the body of your articles. I clicked on it thinking it was a parody relating to the True Blood story underneath. Put that junk on the side bar or in a banner.

I think I only care about or watch three things mentioned above… Smallville, Chuck and Doctor Who. Everything else, I don’t and don’t plan to ever watch. It all seams like a bunch of degraded carbon-copied crap. It’s a small wonder why Cops and Forensic Files is all I watch anymore, when I do watch TV. I love Sci Fi, but I just don’t dig all this fad-ish (IMHO) garbage. And UGH, who watches all this reality crap? To Each Their Own I guess…

What I really can’t stand are musical episodes. I can’t find what series producers see in them – they just go on my nerves! I normally switch off the tv when I realize it’s a musical episode….

@5: Really? I always thought that was part of the charm of Doctor Who — “ooh, a new guy? What’s this Doctor gonna be like?”, and so forth.

Dr. Who? Aren’t there like a billion of them?

I seem to remember the Doctor could only regenerate so many times. There was an episode about the Master being on his last regeneration, back in the day.

As this is a reboot though……

Defying Gravity is an excellent pure science fiction show. Everything else on the list is fantasy. Besides being the only show in this report which actually takes science seriously, it has a great ensemble cast with varied and interesting characters, and interesting story lines. If you like “real” science fiction, don’t miss it.

@ 18 – As has been established, it is not a reboot! Previous canon is still established. Yes there are a limited number of regernerations, I believe after Matt Smith there is one more….then again the Master had his regenerations restored!

According to McGann’s doctor (in the Fox movie), a timelord has 13 lives. Smith is the 11th. Two more to go. Of course it’s science fiction so anything’s possible. Personally I hope for many more doctors. Above all it’s only make believe so let’s just have fun and watch and not worry too much about it. Nice day all.

#5,18, 20, 21, etc. Well, the weird “trendline” if you will… is that with each of these regenerations, the Doctor is getting younger. If this means that Regeneration 12 is a 19-year old punk doctor, and Reg 13 is some 10-year old whiz kid (who then must age normally) it could get strange. Particularly, if the Doctor’s Daughter ends up “mothering” him. Heh, sounds like a Sarah Connor Chronicles version of DW, but in reverse.

Agreed it won’t be quite the same without David. He’s got so many elements of the Doctors past, that it will be much stranger without him.

#19 Defying Gravity may seem pure sci fi to you, but I think it is a horrible “personality” show. None of these archetypes would have made it through real NASA training. Then again, the diaper dandy and the dallying doctor…. okay, you may have a point.


What you call horrible “personality” shows, I call realism. These characters are far more realistic and beliveable than the cardboard, cartoonish, and air-brushed models who reside on most of the so-called sf shows listed at the top of this thread. And obviously you don’t watch Defying Gravity or you would know that NASA is not the agency involved in supporting space exploration on the show – it is an international agency. And unlike NASA, the astronauts are overwhelmingly scientists rather than military pilots. Again, a more plausible scenario for real future space exploration.

Im really behind on all this stuff. Time to start watching. I have been watching Warehouse 13, it’s kinda fringe/X-Files light. But getting better as it goes. Definately dont judge it by the pilot.

Watch Defying Gravity episodes for free at

Unless your blocked of course.

Hey Anthony, What’s up with the flat belly link???

#18: The established limit is a dozen regenerations (13 doctors total). Matt Smith will be the 11th, so there’ll be two more doctors before someone needs to handwave the limit away with a single line of dialogue or perhaps some sort of zappy thing :)

And it isn’t a reboot.

“Defying Gravity” is not a bad show, and the Antares is cool. “Enterprise” should have been that show, but they were too stuck on copying TOS yet again to think up something original to do, so somebody else did, and so it’s the Antares that spins through space instead of a very early model Enterprise.

The character driven stories like you see on “Defying Gravity” work on TV because it’s more of a soap opera slower motion medium.

#23… You might not have noticed, but I wrote “okay, you may have a point.”

I’ve watched Defying Gravity, you didn’t need to assume I was an idiot. You may correctly assume though, that I don’t care to continue watching it as it’s a soap opera set in space. I got plenty of that with BSG to last a few years. And I realize they’re not NASA, I said that these personality archetypes wouldn’t have made it through regular NASA training, the only *real world* training there is to use as a candlestick. Perhaps they would have made it through Russian Cosmonaut or Chinese Taikonaut training, but I rather doubt it…

And as for your later comments about astronauts…. ummmm, most astronauts and mission specialists have degrees in the sciences and engineering, or they wouldn’t be up there. You’ll be hard pressed to find an astronaut who isn’t. Test pilots who are that alone don’t walk into the astronaut corps, or Chuck Yeager would have landed on the Moon.

BTW, Harrison Schmidt and the other scientist-astronauts first began dominating the corps in 1965. That was, um, 44 years ago.

Big Doctor Who fan here (since ’78)
What has been said about Doctor Who is correct – it has been established that Time Lords can regenerate 12 times, resulting in 13 unique incarnations, of which Matt Smith’s Doctor will be the 11th. There have been some interesting quirks over the years, though:

The Master – used up all of his regenerations and possessed the body of Tremas of Traken to continue living, although the non-Time Lord body could not regenerate. The High Council of Time Lords offered the Master a new regeneration cycle if he would save the Doctor from the Gallifreyan Death Zone, although it was not given to him. He is executed by the Daleks, but manages to survive in a small slug-like form and later posesses a human but cannot sustain his control over it. Later, the Master says that the Time Lords “resurrected” him to fight in the Time War and can once again regenerate. His next incarnation is shot by his companion, and seemingly “refuses” to regenerate, showing it to be at least partially a willful act.

Romana – the only other Time Lord to travel with the Doctor, Romana regenerated once seemingly by choice, and “tried on” different forms, not all of them human-looking, before “deciding” which one to become. She later mentions that this is a learned skill.

The Doctor – a strange event in the Doctor’s personal timeline occured when the 6th Doctor is put on trial by the Time Lords for supposed misconduct and the prosecutor, “the Valeyard,” is discovered to be the 13th Doctor, having eventually developed an evil persona. As the incarnations increase, it will be interesting how the Valeyard is addressed.

#30 Cool! I’d forgotten about the Valeyard…. but he was rather older appearing… if the trendline continues and the 13th Doctor first appears as a rather young adolescent, then it would take at least 50 or 60 years before he had the appearance of the Valeyard… at that rate, what, we’d be watching in about 2085. If Doctor Who still is around in 2085, that’ll be fascinating!

Of course, with Time Lords, your mileage may vary… a young Time Lord might take a hundredplus years to reach the appearance of the “Boneyard”…

” I seem to remember the Doctor could only regenerate so many times. There was an episode about the Master being on his last regeneration, back in the day.

As this is a reboot though……”

This is not a reboot. It is still the same universe as the original series. David Tennant was the 10th doctor and Matt with be the 11th. As for his limited number of regenerations, Russell Davies never really got in to that and I’m hoping that Steven Moffatt will. They’ve opened it up for multiple explanations as to why he would be able to go on regenerating past his 12th (13th lives total). I’m sure they will come up with something since the show is still and always will be immensely popular, not to mention the possibility of films down the road (though I would love to see Paul McGann return for the films and see the Time War play out.

As for the Master, he’s cheated to get his last several lives, from body stealing to convincing the Time Lords that he can help in the Time War (it was really their idea) only to escape the end of the universe to hide.

As for new Doctors, that is part of the fun of the show; discovering a new play on the character. You grow to like each one for unique reasons. I loved Tennant but I loved Eccleston, T. Baker, Pertwee and Troughton as well. With Doctor Who, it’s also a matter of who’s running it and with Moffatt now in control, I have complete confidence! As the Doctor would say, “He’s brilliant!”

As for the “trendline” that’s being referred to here, it is no such thing! Moffatt stated that they had intended to cast an older Doctor this time, but when Matt Smith came in and read, they changed their approach because he blew them away. The Doctor’s age has altered throughout the years. There has been nothing stating that he’s getting younger or that any Time Lord ever did.

As for the Valeyard, that it? It still doesn’t preclude additional regenerations after the 12th. Like I said, there are ample ways they can alter that that have been set up during the Davies years (think of Jack Harkness or just the fact that Gallifrey is gone and all their power is now in one Time Lord…it may be something he doesn’t discover until it happens).


Girls with pointed ears are so hot.


REGARDING DANIEL PERRIN (Alexis Denisof) ON DOLLHOUSE: Intriguing…ancestor of Sarek’s second Human wife?

Ok maybe i missed something, what is the reference to War of the Worlds here in the TV Ratings section?