September 2009

John Cho: Star Trek Cast ‘Hell-Bent’ For Sequel

Last week ABC debuted their new sci-fi show FlashForward (co-created by Trek vet Brannon Braga), with Star Trek’s new Sulu John Cho on board as part of the ensemble cast. Cho is now promoting the show, but of course is also being asked about Star Trek. Cho comments on the status of the sequel and if he (or the other actors) will be able to juggle their busy schedules for the next Trek.

Robert Meyer Burnett Talks Free Enterprise 2 [UPDATED]

In 1998 Robert Meyer Burnett and Mark Altman created a cult classic with Free Enterprise, their comedy about two Star Trek fans (named Robert and Mark) who meet their hero, William Shatner. Their has been a lot of talk about a sequel over the last decade, but it seems the success of the new Star Trek movie could help it become reality. [UPDATE: More from Altman and Burnett]

JJ Abrams Gives A Star Trek Sequel Update + Calls In To Colbert Report [VIDEO]

In an interview promoting his FOX show Fringe, JJ Abrams has given another one of his mini updates on the sequel to Star Trek. Basically nothing new to report, but he is keeping that ‘who will direct?’ question out there. We have more on that below, plus video of JJ Abams’s phone in appearance on the Colbert Report last night.

REPORT: Star Trek Designers Talk Trek History At Art Directors Guild Event

Sunday night at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, the Art Director’s Guild held a special event honoring the design of Star Trek. On hand was a panel of distinguished designers, including Scott Chambliss and Herman Zimmerman, sharing their thoughts and memories with the capacity crowd. Video will be made available next month, but we have photos and a report with some interesting comments below.

Exclusive: Interview with Star Trek: TNG-Enterprise Production Designer Herman Zimmerman

Yesterday TrekMovie put up our interview with Scott Chambliss, Star Trek’s new production designer. The man who held that position for the last couple of decades was Herman Zimmerman, who will join Chambliss at an event on Sunday honoring the design of Trek over the years. In an exclusive interview with Zimmerman below, we talk to him about his time with Trek, and also get his thoughts on the new Star Trek.

Review – Star Trek The Next Generation Movies Blu-ray Box Set

This week Paramount released a new box set for all four of The Next Generation movies on Blu-ray, which is a partner to the The Original Series crew movies boxed set released in May (see TrekMovie review). In addition to the HD versions of the movies, the set is packed with new special features and commentaries. Find out if it is worth adding to your collection in our review.

STO Update: New Ship + Game Info + Pre-orders + Possible Consoles + more

Cryptic has been busy this past week, including releasing details for a new Federation ship, the Discovery class, which looks a bit like a famous Trek ship. There is also a new screenshot and some new details on skills, plus pre-order information and some hints on possible console availability. Finally, we take a first look at the growing ‘fleets’ for STO.

Exclusive: Interview with Star Trek Production Designer Scott Chambliss

Scott Chambliss had worked with JJ Abrams for years, including on Alias and Mission: Impossible: III, but redesigning the Star Trek universe was probably his most ambitious undertaking. In an exclusive interview with TrekMovie, the production designer talks about the challenges of taking on Trek, fan feedback, and also what we can look forward to in the upcoming Art of Star Trek book.

Science Friday: Water In Space Edition

This week in Science Friday we celebrate the discovery of two more water sources in our solar system: Mars and the Moon! Get your sciencey fill by diving into space water, taking a virtual 3D tour of Rome via Flickr, and enjoying another ride to the edge of space (this time in HD!). All this and more plus our gadget of the week: the U3-X aka the UniSegway.

Great Links: Big Bang Theory Treks (Again) + Anime Enterprise + ISS Talks To Vulcan + more

Once again we take a look at Star Trek in the zeitgeist. This week a Great Links favorite, The Big Bang Theory, returned for a new Season, with tons of Star Trek fun. We have details below, plus ISS Astronauts talking to Vulcans, the return of "THIS IS A DISASTER!", Starships as Anime characters, and much more, including the latest Trek ref on Colbert Report.

eFX Picks Up Star Trek Replicas License Starting w/ Mark IX Tricorder – Exclusive Details On Future Plans

This week it was announced that CBS had granted a license for Star Trek replicas to eFX Collectibles, who also announced their first product will be a Mark IX TNG era Tricorder. TrekMovie spoke exclusively to eFX President Bryan Ono to get more details on that Tricorder and to find out what they have planned next.

TrekInk: Review of Star Trek: Spock – Reflections #3

The third issue of Star Trek: Spock – Reflections arrives in comic shops today, Wednesday September 23rd. Scott Tipton and his brother David reveal Spock’s destination, more of his memories, and pause for reflection. Meanwhile, artists David Messina, Elena Casagrande, and Federica Manfredi treat us with their vision of original series characters. Find out more in our review below

Spike Wants Star Trek Fans For Scream Awards – Offering Free Tickets For Costumed Trekkies

A few weeks ago we reported that the new Star Trek movie lead the nominations for this year’s Spike Scream Awards with a total of 17. The award show is taped on October 17th in Los Angeles and Spike is inviting TrekMovie readers to attend the event for free. The only catch is that they want serious Star Trek fans, in costume of course. Details below.

Scott Bakula On Fandom, Quantum Leap Future, & Enterprise Reference In Star Trek Movie

Scott Bakula, Captain Jonathan Archer on Star Trek: Enterprise, is out promoting his role in the new movie The Informant!, and in a new extensive interview he gets into what effect being part of Star Trek and Quantum Leap has had on his life, excerpts below. Bakula also says that he expects that he would not be involved in any future version of Quantum Leap. And in a separate video interview, Bakula talks about Quantum Leap, Chuck and more, including the Enterprise reference in the new Star Trek movie.

JJ Abrams Producing Medical Comedy Pilot + Orci and Kurtzman In Talks To Produce Zombie Movie

[UPDATED] The team behind the new Star Trek continue to be hot commodities in Hollywood. Today it was just announced that JJ Abrams is producing a new medical comedy pilot for FOX. Plus it was also announced that Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman are in talks to produce a new zombie movie based on a comic book. Details below, plus we also have video of a brief video where JJ talks about viral marketing of Trek and other projects.      

Sci-Fi Movies Monday: Avatar, Green Hornet, Harry Potter, Kick-Ass, Superman, Zombieland + more

This week’s Sci-Fi Movies column brings a new viral site for James Cameron’s Avatar, Mark Millar teasing a Kick-Ass sequel and discussing his proposed Superman reboot, and more movie news. We also have the latest images from the sets of Eclipse and Green Hornet and videos (and details) for Universal Studios’ upcoming Harry Potter theme park attraction, and much more, including Neuromancer posters.

Star Trek Season 3 Blu-Ray Coming December 15th

Today CBS and Paramount Home Video announced the last of their expected Blu-ray releases for the near future, the digitally remastered third season of Star Trek The Original Series. The final season of TOS arrives on Blu-ray December 15th. We have box art and details on the set below, plus a full breakdown of all the upcoming home video Star Trek releases.

Leonard Nimoy Does Not Expect To Be In Star Trek Sequel

In a new radio interview with NPR, the original Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy, says that he feels that he done the job he was required to do for this year’s Star Trek movie, and he doesn’t expect to return for the sequel. We have the full audio and text excerpts from that interview below, plus a recent comment from Damon Lindelof, who is working of the story for the Star Trek sequel with Bob and Alex.

William Shatner & Other Trek Vets Shut-out At Emmys

In July when the nominations for the 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were announced, they contained quite a few veterans of Star Trek from the original series to the new feature film, including William Shatner and JJ Abrams. But tonight it was a total shut-out for Trek vets, without a single one walking home with a trophy. And it wasn’t much better at last week’s creative arts ceremony. Details below.

Sci-Fi TV Saturday: FlashForward, Fringe, Lost, Smallville, BSG, Caprica + more

This week’s Sci-Fi TV column includes David Goyer discussing FlashForward (plus you can watch the first 18 minutes of the premiere), big casting news for Lost and Dollhouse, a date for Leonard Nimoy’s return to Fringe, BSG (‘The Plan’ delayed) and Caprica (cancellation rumors debunked) news and much, much more including all the latest images and videos.  So head on over the jump to get started.