FanMade: New Odyssey & Animated Farragut Releases + Phase II Update & Previews

The world of fan made Star Trek has been busy in the last few days. Today the Starship Farragut Animated Episode "Power Source" was completed. Also there is a new episode for Star Trek Odyssey. We also have an update and some previews for what is next from Star Trek Phase II.


Final part of Starship Farragut Animated Episode Released
Today the third and final act of "Power Source" the TAS style Starship Farragut animated episode was released. You can watch all the parts at or via the YouTube embed below.

New Star Trek Odyssey Release

The Hidden Frontier team has released the second episode of their second season for their TNG movie era Star Trek Odyssey.

With T’Lorra back on duty, and Vaughn still in the Brig, Maya Stadi is under pressure from seemingly everywhere. Will her training be enough to prepare her for what comes next? The Odyssey’s journey home may depend on an apparently dead planet, but what secrets have the Archein left behind


Phase II Update and Previews
The last release from Star Trek Phase II was "Blood and Fire, Part 1" last December (see TrekMovie review), but star/producer James Cawley tells TrekMovie the wait will soon be over, with the concluding part 2 coming out by the end of the month. It also looks like Cawley will be shuffling his schedule around a bit. The next episode was going to be "Enemy: Starfleet" featuring BarBara Luna, but that episode still needs some some pick-up shots (to be done in early October). However, post-production work on "The Child", based on an original Phase II script from the 70s, is now almost complete and Cawley says it will probably be their next release.

A preview of "The Child" featuring Phase II’s new Spock, Brandon Stacy (Zachary Quinto’s stand-in for Star Trek 2009) is now online.

Another episode now in post-production for Phase II is "Kitumba" which will explore the inner workings of the Klingon empire. This episode features a visit to Klingon Homeworld Kronos, which was shot on location at Fort Ticonderoga. Here is a matte shot of a beam down to Kronos.

Cawley tells TrekMovie that he is right now focused on the pilot for his new Buck Rogers web series, which goes into production September 25th. The stars from the 80s Buck Roger series Gil Gerard and Erin Grey will be there, playing Buck’s parents. The pick up shots for "Enemy: Starfleet" will be done after the Buck Rogers shoot finishes. Cawley says he has not yet picked the next Star Trek Phase II episode to shoot (next Spring), but says it will either be the light-hearted “Bandi” written by David Gerrold ("The Trouble With Tribbles"), or a fan script from the 70s by Shirley Maiewski called "Mind-Sifter" about the Klingons wiping out Kirk’s memory and stranding him in Earth’s past (our present day).


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smart idea picking Fort Ticonderoga and having a matte for the beam in . The quality of phase two is really outstanding at times.

FIRST AGAIN!!! Phase 2 should reflect the new star trek reimagination.

Well, welll,well… lots of Great ST for the autum.
Phase II rocks, it’s nice to see them get noticed!!!!

I haven’t been that crazy about Phase Two thus far, but these two clips look as good as any of the TOSr episodes I’ve seen. Perhaps they are hitting their stride. The new Spock is certainly an improvement (not to knock the last actor, who I’m sure gave the roll his best effort.)

ST:Odyssey doesn’t look as inspired. Hard to tell from just a banner ad, but it doesn’t look like my cup of tea. Then again, I didn’t care for Voyager, and Odyssey seems to have a Voyager-ish vibe.

@ Trinoma,

Would being first have really been that awesome?

“Mindsifter” is one of my all-time favorite fan fiction pieces written in the 1970s (I think). It is a great choice for Phase II to be doing! It’s a strong powerful piece and will be interesting to see if it is produced.

I’m also looking forward to seeing Cawley’s new rendition of “Buck Rogers.”

Fan produced webisodes are a great way to keep the franchise going. In some ways they are more fun than watching the Paramount-produced pieces.

wow i’m impressed with the seamless CG pan down followed by beam in and walk off. Also the quality of the CG itself is top notch.

“The Child” looks nice enough, but the director might do well to look up the 180-degree-line rule on the ‘net…

#5: I agree. “Mind-Sifter” is one of the most powerful pieces of fiction I’ve ever read, . My only concern is that it is an actor’s piece, and as much as I admire Cawley’s dedication and enthusiasm, I’ve never been a fan of his acting, and I don’t really think he’s up to the task.

I’d love to see the new Trek team take a stab at it, though, as a movie-length tale. Or save it for a new TOS-era Trek series. I’m sure J. Michael Straczynski would have done a bang-up job with it, had his Trek treatment been greenlighted by Paramount.

How sad! It seems that I get more
information, faster, about Phase II
here than I do their actual website,
and I check it as much as I do this
one. Trekmovie rocks – thanks again.

(p.s. I am a huge fan of Phase II,
but I would pay real money to get
them to crank out their episodes
a little quicker – just a note, not
a complaint).

Yes our website page doesn’t reflect the day to day changes in our schedule, but if you go to our forum you can always get current info.

Nice to see Phase II getting stuff done. Kinda tired of hearing original series music though. There was a time you guys were using original composers .. what happened? I’ve got not problem with the TOS music it’s just I don’t see why you guys remake everything in such fine detail, except the music.

Can’t be so hard to find someone willing to do new music for you surely!

Other than that, looks damn fine. All I can say is ‘get the lead out!’ with Part 2 of Blood and Fire.

Odyssey is also doing well. I love what the Hidden Frontier guys do. Anxious to see the continuation of their other series ‘Helena’ to see where these stories converge.

Way to go Farragut for an awesome ‘filmation’ style experience. (Same gripe though – would have preffered new music, but I’ll let that pass since you guys were doing a homage to filmation.

Great work everyone.

I would love to see either “Bandi” or “The Mind Sifter”. If you haven’t read the piece in some time, it’s not a very heavy piece for the Kirk part. The nurse character is the POV of the story and she has to carry it.

James is easily up to doing the “Jimmy” role. And, to be honest… unless he takes on challenges in playing the role, he’ll never expand as an actor. All the cast improves with each outting as they get more experience under their belts.

This is one of the stories I’ve wanted to see made into a production for a long time. I remember saying so in the green room last summer.

It’s funny that James and Co. just keep bringing us fans what we ask for. During the Enemy:Starfleet shoot, when James said he was moving into Phase II territory, I said I’d love to see Kitumba made… And, we made it.

Now, “The Mind Sifter” is under consideration…

How cool is that?

Lord garth, Formerly of Izar

Is Exeter officially D.O.A. ?

Too bad if so. tressurian Intersection was amazing and damn near TV quality in my opinion. Especially that shot of the crashed Kongo saucer strewn about the planetscape

@AnotherQ – Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), Phase II is an all-volunteer effort.

To get together to do the two weeks of prep and filming and episode takes is difficult for people to schedule. To do that on a more frequent schedule would be hard on people’s families and jobs.

Without Paramount behind the show and fully funding the production, as well as providing larger, more modern facilities… This about the best pace that can be managed.

There are three episodes plus the second part of Blood and Fire in the pipeline. That’s a lotta Trek!

That’s four hours right there… Two of which we’ll get in the next few months, and maybe a third by year’s end if we’re lucky.

Plus, we’ll have the new Buck Rodgers series to keep us entertained besides.

This is a good thing!

Ha, I really like the efforts on these projects, those D7s though are flying pretty low…

The Cinematography is looking amazing for Phase II. I’m really impressed at how top notch that series is.

In Cawley We Trust!

I remember “Mind-Sifter” as being pretty good, but I haven’t read it since I was in high school. I believe it was published in one of Bantam’s two “Star Trek: The New Voyages” short story collections.

Someone mentions New Voyages. That series and strange new worlds, they need to start publishing fan anthologies like that again.


“Mind-Sifter” was the best story in Bantam’s New Voyages collections of new fan fiction back in the day. It brought a tear to my eye when I first read it.

Brandon Stacy is the man! I LOVE Phase II…Bring it on…

Hey James, just out of curiosity, when will we start seeing the Half Refitted Enterprise? (BTW I mean Half because to me, the Enterprise is in its transitional phase of becoming the fully refit Enterprise we will see in TMP)

Hey James, just out of curiosity, when will we start seeing the Half Refitted Enterprise? (BTW I mean Half because to me, the Enterprise is in its transitional phase of becoming the fully refit Enterprise we will see in TMP)

@23 Anthony you can delete that comment, looks like somehow I made a double posting

The effects shots are very impressive.

And I love the use of the old music.

I’m also wondering about Exeter. They have a good thing going. Is there any news?

Mind sifter is a great read. I’m not sure I want to see fan films try to tackle it though, I think the story is a bit too demanding.

A bit more new music in the style of the old compositions would be nice, something seamless.

Brandon does a great job in that scene, just wish I could say the same for the wig. ;) The wigs for spock really ruin the deal.

Cawley is DA’ MAN!!!!!!!

I’d love to see them do “Mind Sifter.” It’s a great character drama piece and wouldn’t require a lot of effects work. Make it so, Mr. Cawley!

Robert Wellsford-James

It’s a shame that John Broughton can’t deliver a line convincingly if his life depended on it. He really lets the side down there in some otherwise nice vocal performances from the others.

Brandon is excellent. A better Spock than Quinto? Might be. Really! After all, he was is stand-in.
And yes, some new music in the TOS style would be nice.
Buck Rogers again? NOT the best idea. James should concentrate his efforts on classic Trek, IMO.

Find me a composer who can replicate the classic style and I might do just that! I cant seem to find one.
Buck Rogers is a PAYING JOB, not a HOBBY like Classic Trek.

Hooray! It’s been a long wait for BaF Part II, but Phase II always makes it worth it.

However, I must note that there are fan productions — dozens of them — that exist outside the HF/P2 orbit. Given’s incredibly good coverage in every other department of Star Trek and the fandom, it’s a bit of a letdown not to see great shows like Lost Frontier, Osiris, Continuing Mission, Aurora, and of course my own Excelsior (shameless plug!), get any mention in these updates. I’d love to see somebody like Alan Anderton (Kirok on TrekUnited) or Michael Hudson (ubiquitous supporter of fan film, E.P. of Diplomatic Relations, and actor on Intrepid) become TrekMovie’s new Rosaria Calabria of fan film. No slight to Tony —’s amazing. It’s just gotta be too much for one guy to handle. :)

I’ve never read “Mind Sifter,” but everyone who has keeps raving about it. Does anyone know where I can find a copy? Or should I just cross my fingers and hope P2 goes ahead and produces it, so I can experience it for the first time when it comes to film?

#13, #27: Exeter reports that they are still working on the final bit of the episode. I heard someone mention a November release date. Now, I don’t believe that release date for a minute, but I do believe that it’s coming. My bet is June 2010 Tressaurian will finally be done. I wouldn’t give good odds to “The Atlantis Invaders,” though.

Back when they started releasing “Tressaurian Intersection,” I promised myself I wouldn’t watch it until the entire episode was finished. Figured I could wait two months. After two years, my anticipation is downright twitchy!

#34 James-
Sorry- I did not know that. Guess I’m not up on my info accuracy- a paying job is of course preferable.
I guess the 70’s Buck tainted my true fondness for the property- the original comics (I have them all in a great coffee table book), that is- AND the Buster Crabbe version!

I might be mistaken, but was there not one episode where an original score was used? Was it TSAMD when first released?
BTW, the ’69 edition was VERY well received at Fan Expo in Toronto. And seeing it on a large screen was awesome.
Keep up the great work!

Well, If you like the old comics, you should love my take on the Buck property!
We used an original score with WEAT and I liked it very much except that I felt it was more like the Trek era films than TOS. I also loathe synth music.
I love the TOS style and a full orchestra. So as I said if I could find a composer who could capture that TOS feel, I would take a chance and go that route.

I’m glad James Cawley made another Fan episode of Star Trek, I’ve been collecting all Fan Films since 1998. The Star Trek Hidden Frontier was good quality, this is based on the codecs use to code the episodes, Now it seems the Phase II staff have learned well how to perfect production abilities. I’d say they can now equal the Hollywood Flunkies and Pro’s.

I wonder James if you have given it ant thought of starting season 5 of Enterprise. I do not have any idea how the series members will desire to be real cast members of the fan made series. But I’m sure you can deal with that stuff far better than a Star Trek Fan.

As Spock would say ‘May you live long, and your Star Trek films prosper (at lest as much as Paramount will let you). I’ve loved Star Trek since seeing my first episode back in 1968, can’t recall the show title but it was with the Cons & Yangs. Which pertains kind of what is going on today in the real America.

Ah yes, Trek synth music- GAAAHHHgghh!!!
And I am now looking forward to your Buck very much!

PS- Do you have any of your Trek collection on line for viewing anywhere?
As a prop/costume collector/builder myself, it would be fascinating to view.

James I use to watch Buck back when it was a series, like most I wished Wilma would rescue me. Do you have any ideas for whom is going to become her. And with the improvement of electronics, how is it going to change Tweeky?

Many more questions but I’m sure I’m not the only one asking. but my best wishes and hopes you’ll do Buck proud in the 21st century.

#35 “I’ve never read “Mind Sifter,” but everyone who has keeps raving about it. Does anyone know where I can find a copy?”

The story is in a short story compilation put out by Bantam books in the 70s called Star Trek: The New Voyages. I haven’t looked but I would guess it’s probably a pretty easy find on ebay. All the stories are fun, but Mind Sifter was particularly engaging. Seek it out, you wont be sorry!

I haven’t always been a huge fan of Phase II–the sets and costumes are of course above reproach, but the rest of the stuff (acting, script, shooting) always seemed a bit amateurish.

Based on that Spock scene…wow. You guys have come a long way.

Really great shots there too–not quite TOS, more theatrical. Great lighting and cinematography. Also, both Spock and Kirk seem better-acted; not Nimoy or Shatner clones, but…believable. Unlike….well, the new movie.

34, 38

I’ve offered, and wouldn’t mind giving that a try.

Hm…re: Animated Series…that Captain needs elocution lessons. He swallows half his words; sounds really amateurish. The other voices seem pretty good, on the other hand.

And…was that Uhura in the background of the bridge shot at the beginning? Whoops?

The effects work on the last act of the current Exeter episode is basically done. It’s in final edit and then on to sound mixing.

That Asian girl in the Immortal Loom – WOW!

If anyone knows how to get DVD’s of the Phase II productions, let me know; I’d be most interested!

brandon stacey looks excellent as spock. love these new voyages.


That matte shot is FANTASTIC. Kudos!!

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