STO Update: Cryptic Taking Applications For Closed Beta + New Screenshots, Video & Details [UPDATED]

Today is a big day for Star Trek Online as Cryptic has just started taking applications for their closed beta, which starts later in the year. Details on that below, plus new screenshots, video from the Demo at GamesCom, additional combat details, and more.
[UPDATED: Official press release added]


Closed Beta Applications
Cryptic is now taking applications for the closed Beta of Star Trek Online. In order to apply, you must have an account registered on the STO website and then you must answer a few questions. The application questions are very general covering your gaming experience as well as details on your PC and Internet connection. The beta for STO is said to begin later this year while the game is still slated for 2010. CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR CLOSED STO BETA.

UPDATE: Official Press Release

New York, NY (September 4, 2009) – Atari and Cryptic Studios announced today that players can now sign up for a chance to participate in the closed beta test for Star Trek Online. This highly anticipated massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) is set in the celebrated Star Trek universe and is the first MMO to offer both space and ground game play.

Players and fans can apply for beta test access by visiting A select number of closed beta keys will be given away through the website. Players who take part in the beta are able to experience the game early, but also report bugs and provide feedback to producers during development.

 “Closed beta registration is an important step in bringing Star Trek Online to the public,” said Craig Zinkievich, Executive Producer on Star Trek Online. “We are looking toward the launch of our first-of-a-kind MMORPG with anticipation and excitement and we expect Star Trek Online to explode onto the scene, giving fans and gamers a Star Trek experience like no other.”

Star Trek Online will be the first MMORPG to feature space and ground combat at launch. Missions will take players into the depths of space, across exotic planets, and even inside starships! As the Captain of your very own ship, it’s up to you to lead your crew on missions that span a number of locations. You call the shots, no matter where you are.


New Screenshots
Cryptic released two screenshots one land-based and another space-based. The land based screenshot shows a holographic starship along with a few characters. It appears that this could be an area where people can grab missions or quests. 

The second screenshot is space based and shows an Akira starship and what appears to be a very large space (Borg?) station.

Gamescom Demo video
As we reported in our last update, Star Trek Online producer Craig Zinkievich went to GamesCom in Germany and demoed the game for the European gaming press. Video of that is now online which (frustratingly) only shows part of the screen, but Craig gives an excellent overview of the game and you can see bits of the real in-game demonstration. (Video courtesy of

And if you want to get a good look at the game in space interface, here is a shot of the demo (via CrypticMatt).

Zinkievich in Germany showing off STO
(Cryptic Matt)

You can also read impressions from the event, including more photos, at ZAM, EuroGamer, IGN, N4G, NowGamer, and GameSpot

Live Demo at PAX
And if you want a chance to play the demo yourself and are in the Seattle area, you can. Cryptic is bringing their demo to the PAX  Gaming convention (Booth # 1122)which kicks off tomorrow September 4th and runs until September 6th.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Combat!
Cryptic has released more information on combat in their recent installment of ‘Ask Cryptic’, here are a couple highlights

  • Ground combat will require line of sight to target your enemies ( Many MMO’s do not have this feature and you only need to be within a certain range to fire at your enemies).
  • Phasers on starships do not have cool-downs. A cool-down is where you are limited on using certain powers or abilities. In the new Ask Cryptic torpedoes will have cool-downs whereas phasers will just drain your weapon batteries.

The full copy of the update can be found here Cryptic has also filled out a "Combat Roundup" which is composed of the dev chat on ground combat, The previous Ask Cryptic on ground combat, the dev chat on space combat, the Ask Cryptic on space combat, among other things. Most of the information on the roundup has been covered here at If you need a little refresher this is a great place to start. [UPDATED: Official Beta Test Press Release Added]

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I still maintain that this game will probably be the only reason I ever buy an MMORPG.

AND pay for it monthly!

I’ll stick with Play By Email/Play by Forum simming. I only lose my ship there if I want to and the missions are only limited by the imaginations of my fellow simmers.

That was a good video. I’m so glad I got the chance to stare at the wall the whole time and miss most of the action in the game.

I’m going to PAX tomorrow so I’ll get to play for myself. I’ll also be interviewing with one of the devs. It’ll be put up on at some point saturday.

Gameplay is looking great, I just hope they have some good MMO aspects.

We’ll see how it all plays out, but I’m excited.

Yay! the tmp constition class and atleast 2 modernized versions are in it
(see part 3)

I can already tell that I am going to be seriously addicted to this game!

That Borg station looks kind of iffy.

The Akira looks great, though.

That borg station kitchen plumbing pipes RUIN the whole thing – the scale is all wrong. Pipes the size of starships???

I wonder how long until Craig Zinkievich needs glasses, oh he does have them sorry, it’s more like how long until he needs ones as thick as mine, sitting so close to such a big screen. Plus it looks LCD so far fewer radical free electrons to damage the eyes.

I had to use inferior technology, a 19″ RCA color TV on my desk above my Atari 800XL computer in the 80’s. Actually 80-86 then I traded the Atari in for a NEC PC laptop. But mobile Computing helped me make more money. But don’t tell the IRS or the politicians or they may think I’m a politician like them.

STO looks very, very cool, but there’s no way I’d play it enough to justify a monthly subscription.

Much as I’d love to check it out, I’ll be passing on this.

Just checked out the Gamers-zine. The e-zine looks like a good one to read, but remember it’s free so pros make work on it but all the work may be at the value of free.

I use to be big into games back in the 80’s, but being a victim of a DUI driver has left me semi paralyzed or at least extremely slow in reaction time so I’m limited to games like Jeopardy.

My big question is how long until someone hacks the PS3slim with the code from the PS3 to let it play PS2 games since they removed it and your stick now with 16 bit PS1 games or PS3 games. Most all upgraded the PS1 to a PS2, and are praying for a PS3 or the money to get one. And they do not want to trash the PS2 games they love. So they most likely will save up the extra $100 for the original PS3. But if you are looking for a Blue Ray player at $300 and software upgradeable and one of the finest BD players the PS3slim will be perfect for you.

I may even get one for my 720p DLP HDTV just so I can watch Star Trek TOSe in hi-rez.

sorry for the revue in a comments area but I thought I’d pass on my view of new things.

I wonder if I sign up for the beta they will accept my application because I want to play the game on my Mac under Boot Camp. LOTRO worked great!

LOL…They mustve taken a cue from Abrams and patterned the Borg ship off of a brewery…. :)

I’m seriously thinking about lifting my MMORPG boycott for this as well …

(It was the Akira-class that did it.)

Hope I can afford this. Do mmorpgs have single player versions?