Shatner & Nimoy Talk Star Trek Movie & More At DragonCon – VIDEO

This morning DragonCon kicked off in Altanta, and the first event in the impressive Star Trek schedule was an appearance by the original Kirk and Spock, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Reports are coming in apparently the new Star Trek movie was the focus for the pair speaking to a crowd of over 2000. We have a summary and some video below. 


Shatner still hasn’t seen the movie – Nimoy doesn’t expect more Trek for him
According to reports, the pair seemed to pick up right where they left off with their appearance at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention a month ago, with joking about the new Star Trek movie. Here is the opening exchange as reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

“Have you seen any good movies lately?” Nimoy asked early on, eliciting laughs and applause from the crowd.

The reference, of course, was to the rebooted version of “Star Trek” that came out earlier this year which included Nimoy — but not Shatner.

“You’re in the movie,” Shatner said dryly. “I’m not.”

Nimoy: “I wasn’t referring to any particular movie.”

Shatner: “I heard it’s a very good thing I’m not in the movie.” (boos)

Nimoy: “Send that to J.J. Abrams!” [the director]

Then Shatner made numerous laments along the lines of “Why wasn’t I in the movie?”

And it kept coming up, CNN reports:

No matter how many times Nimoy tried to change the subject, Shatner kept asking, “Why wasn’t I in the movie?” Finally Nimoy, who had a major role in it, gave his best guess, which was that Captain Kirk was killed in the movie “Star Trek Generations.”

Shatner admitted that he has yet to see the movie, though he said its director, J.J. Abrams, had offered to screen it for him. Adding that he also hadn’t watched “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” he blamed his busy schedule and the fact that he would inevitably be asked “Why weren’t you in the movie?” by others seeing it with him at a theater.

Nimoy even ribbed Shatner for not watching Star Trek on the Delta Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta, as can be seen on the video below.

For his part, Nimoy said that he didn’t expect he would be in any future Star Trek movies, leaving Spock "in good hands with Zachary Quinto."

Shatner & Nimoy at DragonCon
(Photo: Tara-Lynne Pixley: CreativeLoafing)

Here is video of Shatner and Nimoy DragonCon (courtesy of WhatJaneSays)

NOTE: first five parts (of seven) uploaded to YouTube (we will update later)


Shatner & Nimoy audio interviews
Both William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy gave interviews before DragonCon to Atlanta’s WMLB Voice of the Arts radio station. You can listen to those at the Creative Loafing Blog: CLICK FOR SHATNER, CLICK FOR NIMOY.

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Let it go Bill. Let it go.

these guys are LEGENDS. The originals and still the best.

Great stuff


Man, Shat has to get over it, already…

Heh. He kinda needs to let it go. His “cameo” would’ve been contrived, from how it sounded. :)

He has nothing to let go of. He’s just being Bill!

He should have taken the cameo video deal that was described elsewhere. I doubt he’ll have a chance to be in another star trek movie.

Wait a sec, wait a sec, wait a sec!

Shatner wasn’t in the new movie?

Why wasn’t I in the movie too?

Shatner is so ridiculous…i am losing any respect for him. Stil hasn´t seen the movie? WTF?? Imo clearly on purpose. His whining gets on my nerves. what a great decision it was to exclude fat Kirk from the movie.

I just think he’s doing it for the entertainment value. Shatner is an entertainer and people like me eat that tihs up.

He doesn’t have to see the movie if he doesn’t want to. After all, he was the one whose name was used and whose fans were given a false hope.

His choice. Just like it was Abrams’ choice to exclude him.

I wonder if they feel like a weight has been lifted…

Oh-oh, according to the poll I’m in the company of only 16% of the visitors here who have seen the film 6 times or more. Yikes! I must really be a geek! OK, Zoe, I meet your qualifications! : D

Why do they have to put name plates in front of these two? It’s not like fans wouldn’t know who they are!

I’ll watch the videos when I get home, but I’m sure it was merely Shatner-banter with Nimoy for entertainment value.

William Shatner is the biggest egocentric jerk on this entire planet. No, make that the entire alpha quadrant.

That was hilarious!!! ;)

good point *11 he real dose not have to watch it and if he never watchers it fair play just please stop going on about the film and get a life lol

Shat is hysterical and they both are so sharp. We are blessed that these two icons have aged so well and are still entertaining us.
One last ride for these two men on the silver screen. Please!

Give Bill a break, guys. I kinda wish I hadn’t seen the new movie either! :-)

Scott B. out.

Hilarious guys! It always turns into a comedy routine with them!

Funny how in the 6th vid, Shatner says “….Bullsh*t.” Exact same tone as Chris Pine did in the movie. I get the feeling Shatner has seen it but just doesn’t want to admit it – just likes messing with everyone. *lol*

@5: Well said. These guys are actors. I’ll bet this is just part of his public “shtick.”

@7: I’m still laughing. Good one!

What #5 said. Lighten up, guys; it’s just Bill joking around. Shat’s making a living out of parodying Shat.

I think Shatner and Nimoy should do something together, but it doesn’t have to be Star Trek. They’re both sharp, intelligent, creative guys and could surely come up with something memorable.
I also think Shatner is just playing around when he asks, “Why wasn’t I in the movie?” I don’t think there is any real self-pity behind the words, I think he is just being his usual silly self. People who think he’s a jerk are taking him (and themselves) a bit too seriously.
On another note, I’m nearly finished reading Nick Meyer’s new book, and I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly. I can’t say I’ve learned anything earth-shattering, but it all sounds wonderful coming from the horse’s mouth…

I never get tired of seeing those two together.

Somehow it adds a little extra resonance to watch TOS and know that those actors are still gonna be close friends 40 years later.

Nimoy is the shizz……

Did Shatner say he also hadn’t watched Star Trek: The Next Generation? Does that mean he’s NEVER seen an episode. Geez, you’d think even if you were trying to avoid it you would have seen at least a few episodes on tv. Maybe I misunderstood…

Mr. Nimoy and Mr. Bill are so entertaining together. Glad to see that they are still friends!

NO ONE is going to ask him why he isn’t in the movie, but EVERYONE is currently asking him why he hasn’t seen it.

Yes, Shatman is an egomaniac. Of course he is. And he’s a great showman, too. He is a chameleon having redefined himself several times. Star Trek, TJ Hooker, Rescue 911, Star Trek, Priceline, Boston Legal, Raw Nerve, etc. He’s amazing. I have to say that the idea that the writers of STXI threw out about him doing a voice over at the end sounded way cooler than I ever thought having him in it could be.

There is nothing for Shatner to “let go” of. lol The man is playing many of you like a fiddle, and the funny thing is, you don’t even realise it!

Bill. um, you’re a kick ass dude, but they asked you to be in the movie, right? Right?

It’s his schtick right now. Look how everyone laps it up–fans and media alike. It’s all for fun and bucks.

There’s one simple reason why Shatner hasn’t seen the movie. I love the Shat, but this is a naturally fearful and insecure man. Many self-centered people are. He uses humor to draw attention away from it, but he has a fear of being overshadowed and a fear of dying… the man thinks he can escape death by just keeping busy!

I bow to Shatner’s comedic genius.

The guy is a legend, it doesn’t matter if he has seen the new movie or not. What is important is that this is the man who made the role of Kirk.

To me Shatner and Nimoy wil always be Kirk and Spock tome. Pine and Quinto did great and played the characters brilliantly but Shatner and Nimoy made those characters and are still the best.

My God,

Even out of character these two have incredible chemistry! That was very entertaining. Gotta love these guys!

I don’t know how anybody can dislike Shatner when he and Nimoy are having so much fun up there.

People should let go about Bill needing to let go. He’s an entertainer, he’s having fun, he’s enjoying yanking your chains. I say the guy’s entitled to whatever floats his boat!

Now I know why Roddenberry didn’t show the bloopers back in 1977

Great chemistry between these two legends; and friends. Plenty of funny banter.

What’s Shatner’s excuse going to be for his not seeing the new Trek film when it comes to DVD/Blu-ray? None of his excuses will work then. He clearly doesn’t want to see it: he feels too attached to ‘his’ Star Trek. (Which, incidentally, is very much respected in the new film.) I think Bill’s missing out in not seeing Trek 11…

I look forward to seeing pts. 6 and 7 when they’re uploaded.

I just saw Star Trek for the 10th time but I probably won’t see the next one unless they get Spock Prime and Kirk Prime together for it. Just as a subplot. The writers must be lame if they can’t find a way to do it. I’m writing my version now.

When Kirk was killed in Generations it was a slap in the face to all the Kirk/Shatner fans who deserved better.

Wow, they look great. Wish I’d gone to the con now. And as for the usual Shat critics — sheesh, haven’t you figured out it’s just his shtick? He never saw TNG or the other Treks either. So what? Heck, he’s gone on record that he doesn’t watch himself unless he’s forced to.

Wow, loved this! So, why isn’t Bill in the movie again? XD hehehe.
Also loved it when Leonard took his glasses off! He looks younger!!
It would be nice if they did something together, non-ST.

JJ try to revieve bill’s kirk but JJ havent figure how shatner’s kirk goin to play in the new movie but bill wants to share nimorys role instead
To: TK
Thts all i kno

But its glad to see them again

YES!!! Shatner is the man!!!! I’m so glad someone isn’t sucombing to the “WE MUST LIKE STAR TREK 11 OR ALL WILL BE LOST” mantra.

On the poll I wanted to put.

E. I think it’s great. Hooray for Shatner.

Finally got home and saw the video. Boy, those two are so naturally funny together — better than a lot of famed comedy duos.

And Krikzil is right. I was going to post the same thing until I saw her comment. They’re playing it for laughs, folks. And they’re having the time of their lives. And they’ve both earned it. God bless them both!

God this is old. I do think its messed up that Shatner wasnt in the movie, the scene they described I think would have been awesome, but he wasn’t, move on, see the movie, and just move on from the whole thing.

Unless some of you haven’t noticed, William Shatner’s career is now based on playing “The Shat”. It has been for many, many years. Since Generations, at least. William Shatner as “the Shat” as the Negotiator. William Shatner as “the Shat” as Denny Crane. William Shatner as “the Shat’ as William Shatner. A brilliant carreer move that has made him millions. But he has very actively and very willingly become a parody of himself to pad his bank account, which is his right. A serious actor that actually cared about the characters he created might not act the same way. Perhaps the joke is on you, as “the Shat” laughs all the way to the bank……… Maybe that’s why JJ and the team said uh, oh, not so much, no thanks…….Shatner effectively killed off Kirk twice. Once for an easy paycheck, and a second time for not being willing to let go of “the Shat”.

49 – Or, maybe he’s just being himself, and he has a sense of humor that a lot of posters could learn from.