Final Art For Best of Star Trek TOS & TNG Volume 2

Today CBS released the final box art for the 2nd volumes of their Best of Star Trek Original Series and Best of Star Trek The Next Generation DVD sets. Also both of these sets are now available. Details below, plus full breakdown of all the Star Trek home video releases for this Fall.



Best Of Sets – Volume 2

Best of TOS, Vol. 2 prelim episode list (not confirmed)

  • Where No Man Has Gone Before
  • Space Seed
  • A Piece of the Action
  • Journey to Babel

 [also available: front view]

Best of TNG, Vol. 2  (episode list not confirmed)

  • Relics
  • The Inner Light
  • Cause and Effect
  • Tapestry

[also available: front view]



This Fall there are quite a few releases for Star Trek coming out, here is a full breakdown with pre-order links.

September 22nd

Title Blu-ray DVD
Star Trek TOS
Season 2 (Remastered)

(released 8/5/2008)

Next Generation
Movie Collection
Original Series
Movie Collection

(released 5/12/09)

Wrath of Khan
ST: IV Voyage Home
ST: The Undiscovered Country
ST: First Contact no Amazon
pre-order yet

November 17th

Title Blu-ray DVD
Star Trek 2009 3-disk set

3-disk set w/ replica

3-disk set w/ badges



Best of TNG
Vol. 2
No Blu-ray
Best of TOS
Vol. 2
No Blu-ray


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Hmm… I preordered that Amazon limited set the day Amazon put it up and it was $90… Now the price says $116. What gives?


I like the Best Of concept. When I look at my current standard format collection I realize that there were quite a few “clunker” episodes that I really don’t care about owning.

Captain Dan

@ #1, the $90 was a special discounted price. It seems Amazon have put it back up to $116 now. Anyone who pre-ordered at the lower price though shouldn’t have a problem – like myself :)



I wonder what every Star Trek (TOS,TAS,TNG,DSN,VOY,ENT, AND 11 movies would cost as a bulk deal. That would make a hell of a grand prise for some thing.

How about as a video selection on the ISS if the Space tourist option blooms for the EST in 2015-7


opps thats ESA (European Space Agency), I was thinking Tourist not Agency.


Certainly looking forward to blu-ray compilation sets of all series and movies (director’s cuts). Otherwise, glad there is great interest!


I can think of a good half-dozen episodes I’d put on a ‘Best of’ DVD ahead of ‘A Piece of the Action’. It’s an amusing eppy, yes, and not a ‘bad’ episode, but up there with ‘Space Seed’? Hmmm…

Incidentally, the poll about watching the Trek premiere assumes that everyone here is in the USA.
I watched Star Trek from the very first time it aired in the UK in 1969 – but there’s no button for ‘watched premiere in my country’, so (again) those of us outside the US don’t count.


I still say the season sets are better priced than these “Best of”. At least when you get a season, you own everything. How many DVDs of “Tribbles” episodes does one need?

Smike van Dyke

@Enterprise: But, still, these Best of releases are not intended for those of us who already own or plan on acquiring the full season box sets! They are NOT for the old fans!
These Best of items are for those people who got hooked by the new movie and might wanna check out the old stuff without buying everything. It’s actually quite clever. Most people who like JJA’s movie might also like the best TOS or TNG episodes but they certainly won’t like “Spock’s Brain” or “Shades of Grey”…Feed them with the best stuff and they might become fans…Confront them with dozens of ancient “crapisodes” and they might turn away from Trek as quickly as they came!


#7 Chasco –

Got to agree with you there Chasco. “A Piece of the Action” is a crappy choice to include. Hopefully, they will rethink that before the final release.

fatman bruno

Why don’t they release the top 10 best episode Volume 1 (& possibly Volume 2 if enough interest was generated) in Blu-ray
of both the Original Series and Next Generation
now that i would buy!!!
any one care to list….???
(yes i know that TNG would need remastering, but 10 episodes is a dam sight easier than 7 seasons)

KevinA Melbourne Australia

1 & 3

Looks like Amazon had a glitch. The limited edition is back to $90.99 … or it was when I just checked anyway?


I don’t care for the font they’re using on these (and on the TOS releases); and even though I’m glad they fixed the cover art on TOS season 2, I’m not a fan of it either. I take my discs out of the cases (my TOS season 1 BD case had a huge problem with the discs staying attached), and I’m way, WAY more disappointed that the disc ‘art’ is a matte grey finish. I look at all my discs in their naked glory because I have them in soft-sided multicases, and…bleh.

Come on, guys. For that much money…come on.

bill hiro

Does anybody know if the Original Series Movie Collection DVD set has the same bonus features (audio commentaries and so forth) as the Blu-ray version?

Marvin the Martian

The nacelles are all wrong!


14 – The new regular DVD set has everything the Blue Ray set does! I got the Motion Picture set, and TWOK looks amazing! Far better than the Directors Cut DVD. I can’t wait to get TMP.

Bill Hiro


Bill Hiro

Re: # 7
“Incidentally, the poll about watching the Trek premiere assumes that everyone here is in the USA. I watched Star Trek from the very first time it aired in the UK in 1969 – but there’s no button for ‘watched premiere in my country’, so (again) those of us outside the US don’t count.”

You’re working too hard to get offended. The question simply asks “Did you see Star Trek premiere in 1966?” You did not and thus are like the overwhelming majority of the rest of us who, for whatever reason of birth or geography, did not see Star Trek premiere in 1966.


looking forward to picking up the movie. Not fond of collections

The concept of “collections” relies on someone’s subjective decisions regarding whether something is “good” or not. Some folks might think “A Piece of the Action” was a good episode (apparently the folks at CBS/Paramount did), while others don’t. That’s why, in my opinion, a “collection” is probably not as good a value as the entire season set. Personally, if Amazon had all three seasons of TOS at the “best price” listed above (around $40 for the set), I’d buy ’em. Especially the remastered episodes. Watched “The Doomsday Machine” (remastered) on yesterday, and I had forgotten all the little asides and minutae that were cut out in the name of selling more ad time. The scene where Scotty tells Kirk, aboard Constellation, “Cap’n, Washburn has a report,” and Kirk seems torn between comforting his friend Decker and being the Captain – that’s a scene that’s all too often cut in favor of commercials, and it shows how powerful the little things can be. (Of course, that was kind of lost in the rest of the episode as they tried to do their best to not be dead.)

At any rate, I digress. I’d submit, if you’re a Trek fan, your money is better spent on season box sets than on collections, at least in terms of perceived value.


When is TNG/VOY/DS9 coming to Blu Ray?

bill hiro

For all the consternation over the inclusion of “A Piece of the Action”, wasn’t it voted # 10 in the fan poll that was used to compuile the top ten episodes shown on TV in 1991 during the 25th anniversary marathon? Assuming anybody here is old enough to remember that far back?


#12 – Amazon was up to $116 for a while (not sure exactly how long), but sometime today (Sept 10th) dropped the price to $90.99…


I see that now has a review and many screenshots from the Season 2 BD online today. Looks great! One thing I noticed is that the (optional) original effects shots are far brighter and over-exposed on the BD compared to the same shots on original DVD. Interesting to see, although I would only watch the wonderful new effects shots now. Can’t wait to get this!



As a rough guess, I’d say $1,999 at the cheapest.