Wil Wheaton To Guest Geek For Big Bang Theory + More Wil Geekery

It was just a couple of weeks ago that Star Trek The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton appeared on the Trek-referencing show Leverage, and now comes news he is headed to geek-friendly territory of The Big Bang Theory. We have sketchy details below, plus all the latest from Wil.


Wil’s Big Bang
Wil actually broke the news himself on his Twitter (of course). Over the weekend he tweeted:

An announcement of extraordinary magnitude: I will be on an episode of #thebigbangtheory this season. That’s all I’m allowed to say. GLEE!

As Wil is the ultimate geek, he will certainly fit in with the nerdy cast of Big Bang Theory. And this photo he uploaded to his flickr page of his outfit for an 80s party shows that he might not need new wardrobe.


Wil at PAX
In other Wil news, Wheaton was the PAX gaming event over the weekend in Seattle. Here is some video of him presenting musician Jonathan Coultan with an award.

Memories of the Future – Wil’s TNG reviews
Wil’s next book is "Memories of the Future" which will compile his episode reviews from Star Trek The Next Generation. The first volume will cover the first thirteen episodes. Wil just revealed the cover and more details on his blog. Wil has also just released the first (of thirteen) podcasts related to the book.

"Memories of the Future" cover

Big Bang Theory and Trek
As we have reported here, CBS’ Big Bang Theory is rife with pop culture references with Star Trek one of their leading goto gags. Here is one of the more famous.

And to tie it all in together, in the video from PAX above, Wil can be seen wearing the very geeky Lizard Spock T-Shirt from ThinkGeek.

The lizard Spock variant rules

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First ?? Nice article – love Will !!

Um…Wil Wheaton on BBT??


::is later shot to the Genesis Planet and revived and hears the news again::


welcome back trekmovie, guess you guys needed a labor day break

Any chance that rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock shirt is available anywhere?

I hope it’s for more than one episode. The writers should send the cast to a Star Trek convention. Soooo many good things could happen.
Perhaps Claudia Christian (Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5) could put in an appearance. hummmm

Questing on the shirt from No.4. The rock paper shirt was linked to the BBT web site on CBS. Several of the shirts that Sheldon wears are also listed. Cool

And Wil is also presently appearing in season 3 of the webseries, The Guild (http://www.watchtheguild.com); episode 2 of which, featuring a fair amount of Wil, just went live this morning at http://bit.ly/159Wjv.

xD Wil’s 80s nerd pic makes him look like a cross between Dwight from ‘The Office’ and a skinny version of that fat dude from ‘Office Space’ (‘Mr. burn down the building becuz ppl keep takin his stapler’ dude’) xD

xD Wil’s 80s nerd pic makes him look like a cross between Dwight from ‘The Office’ and a skinny version of that fat dude from ‘Office Space’ (‘Mr. burn down the building becuz ppl keep takin his stapler’ dude’) xD but him being on The Big Bang Theory wil be cool! Get him on Fringe next

#4 Yes, ummmm, as it says at ThinkGeek http://www.thinkgeek.com/

ugh, really? Does anyone actually care about what this guy says or does? I can’t stand Wil, he’s so annoying, both as an actor and the character he portrays.


an appropriate handle anyway!

you seem to be confusing wil wheaton the person with wesley crusher the character. wil is far from annoying in real life and in the roles he’s portrayed outside of trek. than again opinions are like arseholes, everybodys got one! :D

Wil’s star is certainly on the upswing… as well it should be.

Congrats. The best is yet to come!

I seriously considered getting one of those shirts… pretty geeky…

Wil is cool in my book! …so is BBT!

Why I like Wil Wheaton: At the 2009 Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle, he was the ONLY celebrity guest who did NOT charge fans to autograph any of the items that they bought themselves, and was the ONLY celebrity guest who did NOT charge fans to take pictures with him. He was only charging a fee for the books and photos he brought with him. Wil was definitely the only celebrity guest there who was 100% focused on providing an enjoyable moment for the fans … not simply on faking a momentary connection with fans in order to get their $10 or $25 for a signature, or their $10 for a photo op (unlike every other guest there was doing). In an economy like we’re in right now, many other actors at these things could learn a LOT from Wil Wheaton.

Oh yeah … and Wil had clearly the consistently LONGEST line at that event, despite several other more recent “Battlestar Galactica” performers (among others) at the signing tables!

Man, I gotta get one of those T-shirts….

Why I like Wil Wheaton: The man is willing to laugh at himself. That’s class.

I watched the first 3 episodes of Big Bang, it seemed like a Dumb show so I have not watched it since.

May have to DVR it and watch it and see how it has evolved.

Seen Will on a few Screen Savers before it turn into Attack of the Show, seen him there twice, even as a Host guest. One of the times was when STM:TM was announced in early 2007. But I’d already herd the news 6 months before.

Wonder if Will is going to put a Food server in the apartments.


Wil + Big Bang Theory = perfect fit!

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