More Star Trek Memorabilia Up For Auction In October

In October, Profiles in History is holding the 37th Hollywood Auction, which includes a large number of rare pieces of Star Trek memorabilia, from original photos, props, costumes and more, ranging the entire span of Star Trek history. They are even auctioning off one of the first ever Apple Macintosh computers, which was a gift to Gene Roddenberry. 


Buy a piece of Star Trek history
The new Profiles in History Auction has a total of 35 lots of Star Trek items, all from private collections. The expect prices for the lots range from as low as $300 to as high as $12,000. Here are some of the more interesting items.

Original Matt Jeffries USS Enterprise Bridge Concept Art (Lot #602)
expected price $3000 – $5000


TOS 2nd Season Starfleet Sciences Dress from “Wolf in the Fold” (Lot #602)
expected price $4000 – $6000


Hero illuminating Klingon translator device from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Lot #621)
expected price $2000 – $3000


Alice Krige "Borg Queen" Arm from Voyager "End Game" (Lot #628)
expected price $6000 – $8000


Jolene Blalock’s Enterprise Desert Jumpsuit (Lot #645)
expected price $2000 – $3000


Largest Privately Held Star Trek Photo Archive  [10,000 pieces] (Lot #604)
expected price $8000 – $12000


Set of Six TOS Crew Gift Glasses From X-Mas 1966  (Lot #601)
expected price $300 – $500

Early Macintosh Given to Gene Roddenberry by Apple Computer  (Lot #626)
expected price $800 – $1200

Other interesting items include a complete Klingon costume from Voyager, a Tribble from "Trouble with Tribbles", Data’s invisibility suite from Insurrection, and even carpeting from the TOS sets,

The Profiles in History Hollywood Acution #37 will be held October 8th and 9th. You can view the entire catalog and get more details at You can also place bids online at



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The Borg arm is cool :D

I’d love to bid on every item here.

wish they had had the bridge sketch when they did “the Art of Star Trek”


I doubt that bridge sketch was from TOS era. Look at the window / viewscreen. It’s 3-dimensionality and curves are much more in the spirit of TNG. This might have been a concept sketch for Phase 2, TMP or even TNG.

I am fairly certain that bridge sketch is from TOS but I can’t remember where I have seen it before. It may have been Starlog around 1978 or 1979, so it could possibly be a Phase II sketch. Anyone know more?

I’ve seen the bridge idea in Star Log also, /it was in 78 just before Christmas I think. Did not buy it, I was spending my money on some Issac Asimov books. Never saw the Issue again.

But the drawing makes the brifge look live it’s for a Sub not a Star Ship. The US Navy even looked into using the final design for Aircraft Carriers or Battle Ships. All because the idea looked so functional and efficient.

Wonder if NASA would use the Starship bridge when they start building Inter Solar System vessels in the last half of the 21st century. But I bet they will still be fixated on Rocket ship designs from the 50’s. It will take a long time for them to make things as big as the Ships in the ASlien Movies. Would they ever dare to build a 2001 Discovery?

Those TOS glasses are SO COOL!!

I’m still using that early Macintosh computer…

I didn’t know Steve Jobs was a Trekkie period, let alone a big enough one to want to just give the Great Bird one of the first ever Macintosh-es.

Wow. would love to have some of those photos.

If Jolene Blalock came in the jumpsuit, I’d scrounge up 3,000 bucks. :) The crew glasses are really cool.

That sketch looks like it was for TNG more than anything for Phase II, although it probably was for Phase II anyway. Glad it was rejected, whatever it was made for.

And, I would sooo love to get that lot of photos! Wow, what a blog I could have then!

There are some really great items at that auction from other genre-related movies and shows.

I really like the Gooshie badge from Quantum Leap–never realized or remembered that they had badges! ;)

the description at the site explains the bridge concept was likely from 1964.

$4,000-6,000 for a dress?

My wife would get a spanking for that!!!

ironically that bridge concept seems to have loosely inspired DS9’S Ops LOL

I can see in this early bridge concept a foreshadowing of Roddenberry’s ideas for the TNG-bridge, Andy Probert designed two decades later (you can see his concepts in the “Star Trek Design”-book). Looks like a litte living room!

# 17
I was meaning LITTLE living room of course. Too fast typing…

Cool stuff. Wish the price points were a little closer to the reality I live in. Ah well… Hopefully, a good sale here will inspire someone to come up with high quality reproductions.

I could make a joke about all of Jolene’s acting ability still being in her costume… but, that would be mean.

#11: Do you know for certain that she didn’t?

Ba dum bum.

#20: LOL!

Wow….if only…..

Those estimates seem kind of low.

My wife could fit in that Jolene Blalock’s Enterprise Desert Jumpsuit (Lot #645)




Do you have pictures to prove that? Would you like some?

Sorry, old joke. I’m certain that the mrs. is quite fetching.

The photos & glases look cool. The costumes are WAY over priced.
The sketch photo looks neat..too bad it never made it in a Trek sketch book. I’m sure some dude will pull out his platinium AMEX and buy some of it!

The sketch looks more like the briefing room…. its a big table – chairs around it and one computer console of the side – its very much a round version of what would become the final set for the briefing room

That makes sense. If you look at the footage from Cage/WNMHGB, the briefing room is essentially retangular with a drop-down suspended round ceiling piece. So the set used for filming, could be a cost cutting result of this earlier most costy set design concept.

rip-off’s !

#23 Jiggity = Epic Quagmire Fail. Giggity is the accepted spelling and pronunciation.

I think i might buy that jumpsuit & see if I can clone her from that Vulcan blood on the leg.

Or just eat the whole thing!

Good lord she’s hot!


Why not one more season with a diplomatic visit to the all nude senate on Delta IV!

(Note to cannon nuts: I made that one up, don’t attempt to find it in Memory Alpha)

#20 – Nice one!

#9 – “I didn’t know Steve Jobs was a Trekkie period, let alone a big enough one to want to just give the Great Bird one of the first ever Macintosh-es.”

Jobs need not have been a fan at all to make such a gift. Much of Apple’s early marketing effort focused on getting Apples into the hands of “influencers”. A Roddenberry endorsement might have been seen as highly desirable, especially back in ’84.

I too do not believe that the “bridge sketch” is from the TOS era. It’s definitely way too TNG. It was probably a Phase II / TMP design. I bet it wasn’t even done by Matt Jefferies, as it doesn’t at all look like his style.

Just my 2 cents.

Oh, and I would LOVE to get that Macintosh!

I don’t have any trouble believing this as one of Jeffries’s TOS designs. The curves of the bridge actually look quite consistent with bits of the Enterprise we saw in “The Cage.” The window (note: not yet a viewscreen) looks quite like the window we saw in Pike’s quarters, only bigger.

I remember seeing at least one of those Klingon translator things at Great America down in the bay years ago. I really hope, though, that they’re not going to auction off everything that’s Star Trek. I know its for a good cause and all, but it seems just kinda not right that a bunch of people own those pieces of history and nobody really has access to them. Maybe its just me, though.

No offense to anyone, but before spouting your beliefs and opinions, why not check out the auction site and read the descriptions for these items?

Lot # 602

Original Matt Jefferies USS Enterprise bridge concept art for Star Trek
(NBC-TV, 1966-69)

Early color concept sketch of the bridge of the USS Enterprise, accomplished in gouache on a 12 x 16 in. sheet of blue-toned artist’s illustration board, featuring six crewmembers. Created most likely circa Fall of 1964, when the look of the Enterprise and associated sets were being brainstormed. The drawing was discovered years later on the back of an aviation drawing in Matt’s collection, and the front drawing was excised leaving this wonderful concept sketch, which has been matted and framed.


Matt Jefferies slipped my mind but he was like the Herman Zimmerman of the 60’s Star Trek and was highly spoke of in the early Star-Log mags. And many of his drawing and designs we not of the inside the box concepts and brillent innovative and functional ideas.

Did he also not do work for Mission Impossible the TV series, and helped talk them into using Mr. Nimoy as a agent. Also the image of Nimoy being smart helped him become a inteligent innovative spy. And Spock is what earned him that image.

To Sharron Cline, back around the opening of JJ’s Star Trek Movie there was a guy from the Denver area that had many star Trek Collection items for sale. Forget his name but think he might be found via Starland Inc. in Denver. He may be able to help you market your collection, at least point you to who can help better. He even had articles here so the staff here may help you find this guy.

#31. richpit – “the “bridge sketch” is … definitely way too TNG. It was probably a Phase II / TMP design. I bet it wasn’t even done by Matt Jefferies, as it doesn’t at all look like his style”

Actually, that reminds me quite a bit of “Lost In Space”, I have no problem believing this is something that could have been contemplated as futuristic based on the way people thought of space travel prior to Roddenberry.

“Oh, and I would LOVE to get that Macintosh!”

Despite what the auction says, this is NOT the first Mac Plus off the assembly line. In fact that serial number specifically identifies the front half as a mid-1984 Mac, nowhere near the first one of those either. The “Plus upgrade” was a popular and less-expensive option to a new Plus, which Roddenberry likely had performed himself. There are several other incorrect statements that his son intends to certify.

Based on that error, I have to question if there aren’t others though ….

Aditional note to Sharron Cline or others looking for things at TrekMovie, if the search engine here does not find anything (which I do not see why it can not, since it’s the same search engine used. Try Google with this: and the search word, or phrase in quotes

I use it to search for my own postings or topic articles, Ive used it on other sites so I guess the habit stopped me from using the search engine here.

I think the auction site should really verify the “Matt Jefferies Bridge drawing” again. It looks more like a TMP rec-room, and that red skin-tight spandex uniform is so not 1964. Buyer beware.

Uh, the Jolene Blalock “Enterprise” Desert Jumpsuit picture links to the page on the Alice Krige Borg Queen arm from “Endgame.”

[looking for help]


thank you!! i tried the polyester cotton blend.. but it didnt seem like it.



Don’t believe everything you read. In a newspaper or ESPECIALLY an auction catalog! That auction house (and seller) stands to benefit greatly if it is a TOS concept drawing rather than something much later.

Where is the proof? Is it signed, initialed or dated? No. Is the size, style and material of the drawing comparable to anything else that Jefferies produced at the outset of TOS? I don’t know the answer to that; perhaps someone else here does. Does the design depicted in the drawing make any sense as a *bridge* design (early concept or not)? No.

If you guys want to know what the first interplanetary or even interstellar spaceships from NASA, ESA, or some other real-life space agency will probably look like, just look at the International Space Station as a starting point. That’s what the interior will probably be like; maybe a bit cleaner in the beginning. Very functional, lots of exposed conduits, things hanging in the way seeming every which way. Horribly unstarship-like, but that’s the way it’s probably gonna be for a while.


I don’t know about the daily uniforms, but Wm. Theiss told me in 1973 that the dress uniforms were made of a fabric called “alloskene” (I have NO idea how that is actually spelled). According to Theiss, it was a wool/synthetic blend that had already vanished from the market by the early 70’s.


Then you have never looked at Mr. Jefferies’ draft work for Star Trek or other sci-fi work from the 60’s.

Just you or others do not think it “looks right” doesn’t mean the article is not genuine.

37 what do you have in mind?

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