Sci-Fi TV Saturday: FlashForward, Fringe, Lost, Smallville, BSG, Caprica + more

This week’s Sci-Fi TV column includes David Goyer discussing FlashForward (plus you can watch the first 18 minutes of the premiere), big casting news for Lost and Dollhouse, a date for Leonard Nimoy’s return to Fringe, BSG (‘The Plan’ delayed) and Caprica (cancellation rumors debunked) news and much, much more including all the latest images and videos.  So head on over the jump to get started.


David Goyer on FlashForward + Watch First 18 Minutes of Premiere
co-creator David Goyer talked to SCI FI Wire from the set of the upcoming ABC series.  Here’s how Goyer describes the cinematic feel of the series and how he feels they’re doing things that haven’t been done on television in the past:

"We really are telling, in some ways, like, a 24-hour movie, in a way," Goyer says. "My aim is to sort of do what I do best, which is really welcome these characters into your home, really dig deep into them in a way that you really can’t do with movies. I have a lot of respect for what [Lost and Fringe creator] J.J. [Abrams] does. I think he goes for it. I think his shows, they don’t feel like cheesy TV shows."

Goyer adds: "If you look at this season as a whole, not all the pyrotechnics happen in the pilot. … We definitely did some things in the first eight episodes already that I don’t think people have ever done on television before. I love it when they say, ‘You want to do what? We don’t do that on television.’ And I say, ‘Well, we’re not shooting this like a TV show. We’re shooting this like a feature, so suck it up.’ Sink a bus. Right, they’re like, ‘You can’t do that with real people.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, we’re doing it, so let’s figure out a way to do it.’

Even though several have, and may continue to, compare the series to "Lost", Goyer says the comparisons aren’t accurate:

"I think, really, aside from the fact that it’s big and cinematic and there are a lot of characters, I think as soon as people see the episodes the comparisons will stop," Goyer says. "Although I love Lost."

Show runner Marc Guggenheim and co-star Jack Davenport were also interviewed.  Head on over to SCI FI Wire to read their thoughts and the rest of the report.  Meanwhile, here’s a bit of what co-star Dominic Monaghan had to say about his secretive character Simon:

"I play a guy called Simon who is linked through story lines with Jack’s [Davenport] character, Lloyd. He’s a very smart, intelligent scientist, and we begin the relationship with him under the impression that he knows more than he is giving away."

"He’s almost a kind of reveal, in a way," Monaghan says. "Obviously, Joe [Fiennes] and Sonya [Walger] and John [Cho] and Jack kind of are telling the story in the initial episodes, and my character, Simon, is kind of in the wings a little bit, kind of waiting, kind of a reveal. He’ll gradually be trickled in as the show picks up some steam."

And finally, SpoilerTV has two new casting calls for episodes eight and nine. "FlashFoward" debuts Thursday, September 24th at 8:00pm on ABC.

Episode two – "White to Play" [more at]

New promo

Watch another promo here and more clips here

Watch the first 18 minutes of the series premiere

More Smallville Season Nine Details:
The ninth season of The CW’s "Smallville" premieres next Friday, September 25th at 8:00pm and some new details about the season have been revealed courtesy an official press release which contains an extensive overview of the upcoming season.  I’ve included two excerpts below.  You can read the entire release at SpoilerTV:

After the events of last season, Clark takes on the mantle of protector of Metropolis, trading in his familiar red-and-blue for black-and-gray, sticking to the city’s shadows and rooftops to become a solitary sentry simply known as "the Blur." While Clark wrestles with his identity, feeling forced to choose between his Kryptonian heritage and human past, he’ll encounter even more powerful enemies and allies from across the DC Universe. This season will feature new and past nemeses, including Metallo (Brian Austin Green, "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles"), the man with the Kryptonite heart; Roulette, a sexy mastermind; the return of Toyman; and the always-treacherous Zod (Callum Blue) as a young Major and leader of an invading alien army, who befriends fellow Kryptonian Clark just as his venomous side is beginning to emerge. This season will also feature an appearance by DC Comics’ first all-star team of superheroes, the Justice Society of America, in an episode penned by renowned comic book writer Geoff Johns, who returns to the show after writing last year’s fan favorite episode, "Legion."

The season nine premiere takes place three weeks after Clark and Doomsday’s epic battle. Obsessed with becoming the hero the world needs, Clark is now literally leaving his mark on Metropolis – having fully embraced his Kryptonian side in order to finish training with his father Jor-El, Clark has started wearing the iconic "S"-shield on his chest, and spreads the symbol around the city in an effort to give its people hope.

Meanwhile, the network has released individual descriptions for episodes two ("Metallo") and three ("Rapid") and they can be read at KryptonSite (here and here).  And lastly, the title for episode 10 has been revealed to be "Disciple" (also via KryptonSite).

Promo for season nine premiere – "Savior"

Joss Whedon Talks Dollhouse S2 + Ray Wise Joins Cast
Ray Wise ("Reaper") will guest star in Fox’s "Dollhouse" this season.  Wise was joined by Summer Glau in a recent .  In a recent conference call with reporters, series creator Joss Whedon revealed that Wise will play the head of another dollhouse and Summer Glau an employee:

 "Ray Wise will be appearing in episode six," Whedon said. "He’s going to interact with young Olivia, and it should be very exciting." Glau plays the second Dollhouse’s programmer, a prettier version of Topher (Fran Kranz). "It’s a somewhat eccentric part, but hopefully different than what we’ve seen her do before," Whedon added.

Whedon also re-iterated his plans to to keep the un-aired post-apocalyptic episode "Epitaph One" — available only on the DVD/Blu-ray season one set — as part of the show’s continuity:

"It had originally been my intention to start in that era, and then come back, but I just had too much information in my first episode," Whedon said. "What we’re talking about doing is perhaps revisiting that timeline toward the end of the 13 in a similar fashion. We keep trying to go back to the future, … then realizing, ‘No, it’s not time yet.’".

More season two details can be read at SCI FI Wire and io9, both of which took part in the conference call. In other Joss Whedon news, he recently won his first Emmy for the web musical series "Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog", which was recognized in the new category short-format live-action entertainment program.  It was Whedon’s second Emmy nomination following his nod for writing the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" episode "Hush".  Whedon also confirmed that a sequel is in the works.

Eliza Dushku promotional images [one more at SpoilerTV]

Season two episode two – "Instinct" [FOX]

More images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Interview with Eliza Dushku (Echo) [E! Online]

Interview with Dichen Lachman (Sierra) and Enver Gjokaj (Victor) [E! Online]

More interviews: Eliza Dushku & Tahmoh Penikett

Fringe S2 Premiere Ratings News + Leonard Nimoy Returns in October
kicked off its second season this past Thursday to solid results in the ratings.  Although the premiere was down 14% in total viewers compared against last season’s premiere, among the key A18-49 demographic there was only a 6% decline (from a 3.2 rating to a 3.0 rating) and the show fared well in terms of retention from its lead-in "Bones", holding onto an impressive 97% of that show’s A18-49 demographic.  Next week, however, will be key as the competition increases with the premieres of powerhouses "CSI" (on CBS) and "Grey’s Anatomy" (on ABC).  Meanwhile, in other show news fans should make a note on their calendars for the episode airing on October 8th.  Why?  Well that’s the episode that will feature the return of Leonard Nimoy’s character William Bell.  Here’s a description of the episode (TV Guide Magazine):

An eerie procedure will allow Olivia to flashback to her season-finale alternate-reality encounter with Leonard’s William Bell to obtain a “further understanding of what Bell and Walter Bishop hoped to accomplish when they experimented on her as a child,” says executive producer Jeff Pinkner. During the same episode, viewers will also meet another woman (played by Theresa Russell) who was also experimented on by Bishop. And Olivia will be floored when she spies a new cold-blooded antagonist (played by “Valkyrie” vet Thomas Kretschmann). When his character’s secret is revealed, it will be an image you won’t soon forget.

Season two, episode three – "Fracture" [FOX]

More images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Promo for episode two – "Night of Desirable Objects"

Updates on Former Lost Characters Returning This Season + Set Reports
There are some confirmations and updates on former "Lost" characters set to make a return to the island for the show’s sixth and final season.  First up, TV Guide Magazine reports that Katey Segal, who played John Locke’s supposed late girlfriend, Helen Norwood, will reprise her role.  Co-creator/executive producer Carlton Cuse also told TV Guide Magazine that he hopes to have Julie Bowen — Jack’s ex-wife Sarah — return in a future episode, but he remains tightlipped about a possible return for Harold Perrineau (Michael): "I cannot yet confirm or deny whether he will be back on the show this year."  Rounding out cast returns, Cuse revealed that Ian Somerhalder (Boone) has already shot his return scene and the actor told EW that he’ll be back for "several episodes".  And what about Charlie (played by FlashForward’s Dominic Monaghan)?  Well the actor told SCI FI Wire that he has spoken with co-creator Damon Lindelof about returning, and continues to tease about his possible reemergence on the series:

"Sure, we’ve talked," Monaghan said. "I’m friends enough with Damon that we just hang out," adding: "I’m sure they would be keen to bring back certain characters this season."

In related news, a couple set reports have shown up on the internet.  Because of the rumor/spoiler nature of the reports rather than provide excerpts I’ll just list the sources and leave it up to you folks to decide whether or not you want to read them.  "Lost" returns with new episodes in January 2010.

Season six poster (from Disney’s D23 fan expo) [DocArzt]

Latest viral poster [ via DocArzt]

Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Hurly (Jorge Garcia) promotional images [more at Lyly Ford]

Season six official teaser trailer (from Disney’s D23 fan expo)



Season one, episode two – "Reaping and Sowing" [more at Eastwick-Fans]


Two-hour/two-episode fourth season premiere – "Orientation"/"Jump, Push, Fall" [CBR]

SGU: Stargate Universe

Cast promotional images [more at SpoilerTV]


  • "SGU: Stargate Universe" producers are looking for an actress to appear on the series for a three episode guest arc. [SpoilerTV]
  • Vinnie Jones will guest star on NBC’s "Chuck" playing Karl Stromberg, "an expert hit man with a soft side" [THR]
  • A casting call for "Eastwick" is seeking three characters to guest star on the upcoming ABC series… [SpoilerTV]
  • …While another casting call is looking for an actress to appear in a two episode arc on the series. [SpoilerTV]



Sneak peek from the season three finale – "What Goes Around Comes Around"


Clip from the premiere: "Claire meets Gretchen" [Comic Book Resources]

Watch five more clips at CBR


Sneak peek at the series premiere

SGU: Stargate Universe

Interview with Robert Carlye (Dr. Nicholas Rush) [via Sci Fi Scoop]

Interviews with the cast

New promo: "Big Universe"


Promo for episode three – "Free to Be You and Me"

The Vampire Diaries

Promo for episode three – "Friday Night Bites"

Warehouse 13

Sneak peek from the season finale – "MacPherson"


Stargate Case Mod [via Dvice]


  • "Caprica" show runner Jane Espenson assures fans that rumors the show is on the verge of cancellation are false, noting that any possible delays in production would be as a result of scheduling adjustments due to the arrival of Olympics athletes in Vancouver… [AirlockAlpha]
  • …Syfy’s Craig Engler also addressed the concerns through a tweet: "Q) Is Caprica on the verge of cancellation? A) Nope. Expecting ep 2 rough cut this week, premieres 1/22." [Syfy]
  • Meanwhile, news has broke that the upcoming BSG movie ‘The Plan’ won’t debut on Syfy this November as originally planned.  Presumably the movie will air on Syfy sometime in 2010.  The good news is that the DVD and Blu-ray releases are still on track for release next month (October 27th). [Chicago Tribune]
  • In case you were wondering, here are the three things ABC’s "Eastwick" isn’t (according to its stars): 1) It’s not the movie or the book, 2) It’s not Charmed and 3) It’s not Desperate Housewives meets Harry Potter.  "Eastwick" premieres Wednesday, September 23rd at 10:00pm… [SCI FI Wire]
  • …Check out the official synopsis for episode two – "Reaping and Sewing" at SpoilerTV.
  • Although ABC has pulled the low-rated space-based drama "Defying Gravity" from its lineup, the network insists that the show hasn’t been canceled and that they are looking over various scheduling options available to them to air the two remaining episodes. [The Futon Critic]
  • The eighth episode of the fifth season of The CW’s "Supernatural" will be called "Are You There, God?  It’s Me, Sam Winchester".  As you may remember, episode two last season used the same naming template ("Are You There God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester")… [SpoilerTV]
  • …And in related news, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester) again said he’d return to the show if asked: "I’d love to go back for at least one episode or something. I love those guys. I love Jared and Jensen so much. We’ll see. No one has contacted me." [SCI FI Wire]
  • Five actresses and a cameraman from The CW series "The Vampire Diaries" were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct before being released on bond after they were caught flashing drivers over a Georgia overpass.  The women told Monroe County authorities that they were just filming for the show. [ via SCI FI Wire]
  • Here’s a small excerpt from a review of Syfy’s three-hour "SGU: Stargate Universe" pilot episode "Air": "I must say that I was throughly [sic] entertained for the entire pilot…and considering that it was three hours long, that is saying something. Those of you worry that this will not be the same Stargate that we love, rest your fears. Stargate Universe is extremely impressive. This is a character driven show that isnt [sic] relying on having a big bad guy in order to further the plot." [ComicsOnline]
  • Alan Ball, creator of HBO’s TV adaptation of the vampire novel series "True Blood", highlights some of what we’ll be seeing in the third season of the hit series in an interview with TV Squad.


You saw my note above for the second season premiere of "Fringe", but there were two other original sci-fi/genre programs that aired last week: The CW’s "The Vampire Diaries" and "Supernatural".  Both shows were coming off their respective season premieres and both experienced somewhat significant week-to-week declines.  "The Vampire Diaries" was off 23% among viewers (4.91M to 3.78M) and 24% among adults 18-49 (from a 2.1 rating to a 1.6 rating), while "Supernatural" was off 18 and 20 percent, respectively (3.40M to 2.78M and a 1.4 rating to a 1.2 rating). As always, the weekly chart follows below.  Remember, these charts are from the week prior.  Next week’s chart will include the shows I referenced above, as well as any other sci-fi/genre show that aired for that week (repeats and movies included).

CHART (9/7/2009 to 9/13/2009)

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Noooooo! Don’t pull Defying Gravity! It’s one of ABC’s suprise show’s this year! It actually has a good premise and plot. I really hope the last two episodes aren’t really the LAST two episodes. Hopefully they find a better time slot than 10pm on a Sunday …. I mean really …? Let’s Save Defying Gravity!

WTF? Weird comments…

I am looking forward to Stargate Universe. I’ve not seen most of the rest of genre TV in quite a few years, but look forward to it.

FlashForward looks intriguing too.

Alright Eliza Dushku. And dig that Jack Kirby perspective on her holding that gun. She can hold me hostage if she looks like that.

And Seth McFarland doing some live TV work. Wonder if there’s any religious dialogue for him to speak. Heaven forbid.

People that post “first” and “second”… yeah, get lives, and actually post something

Oh hot, she’s grabbing her heel. Hell yeeeeeeeah

Nice to know some things will never change. Like SyFy still screwing with scheduling.

I got a kick out of an Eureka episode (was it last week?) that prominently showed a picture of George W. Bush as current president hanging in the Sheriff’s office. The episodes that are shown now have been produced almost a year ago.

No idea why SyFy does that.

Karl Stromberg? Wasn’t he a James Bond villain? Anyway, I wish I had more time for these shows, some of them look really appealing.


I agree! The cast is appealing, and the premise is very interesting. Hell, they haven’t even gotten to Venus yet, let alone the other planets! That would make for some interesting TV!

At least, if ABC doesn’t continue with it, I hope the international players who helped create it stay on board. I’d definitely buy the DVD’s!

Robert Carlye on the British Film industry – well said…


I must also agree, damn good show. You just need to get a feel for it.

Well I do agree that wine goes well with cheese but I also think that caramel does too.

I AGREE! KEEP DEFYING GRAVITY ON THE AIR!!!!! AHHHH!!!! Why do they always pull magnificent shows off the air? Where the hell did John Doe go?

It seems the page formatting got hosed, somewhere around the “Lost” entry.


I agree. Very well said indeed. Robert Carlyle is one of my favourite actors. I have been follwing his career since “Trainspotting”.

I am looking forward to Stargate Universe. I am a fan of Stargate Atlantis and I hope Stargate Univerese suceeds. The trailers are fantastic.

Wooo, Clark betta be careful.. the minute he shows his face as Superman, everyone from Smallville will recognise him. Guess he never thought about that in this universe, hmm?

Defying Gravity is an awful show.
So much money spent on such a vapid piece.

Let it die, and give us some good SciFi.

18. redshirt – September 20, 2009
“Defying Gravity is an awful show. So much money spent on such a vapid piece.”

You’re so right! It started with an interesting premise, then each subsequent episode disappointed, now I feel like I wasted several hours of my life trying to give that aimless drivel a chance.

I started watching BSG from the beginning (again).


These declining ratings baffle me, especially seeing as how, to me at least, Supernatural gets progressively better season after season.

8. Sebimeyer…

“The episodes that are shown now have been produced almost a year ago. No idea why SyFy does that.”

It was probably due to Salli Richardson-Whitfield’s (Dr. Blake’s) pregnancy. Rather than have her miss most of Season 4, they put off Season 4 filming until this year and only had her miss the last two or three episodes of Season 3. Then they split Season 3 into two halves.

And yes, the finale “What Goes Around Comes Around” was two nights ago, so the “sneak peak” is a bit late.

Defying Gravity is crap. Let it die.

yes i agree defying gravity has started of slow and for some this is a problem but i think they are missing the slow burn the set up for the rest of the programe yeah sure they could of had some not needed action but to what end and for what reason. i real hope they find a wat to keep this programe going as i real want to know what happend on mars 10 years ago how they got pick 5 years ago and to come and omg i cant get over i am the 23rd person to post wow (by the way 1 and 2 i am joking)

– I like that video with the gadgets from STARGATE…it’s very..interesting….

What gets me is that some people in H’wood are screaming, “‘FlashForward’ isn’t an SF show! NOT AN SF SHOW!” at the top of their figurative lungs as if SF is the leper of TV genres. I mean, really, it’s annoying.

I need to take some serious notes about when all of these shows are starting so that I know when to program my dvr!

“Caprica” is not cancelled? You’ve got to be kidding. After finally watching the series pilot last week and learning that the groundwork for the Cylon War was due to teenage angst, I lost all interest and hope that the series would be anywhere near as good as BSG…

Give the resources and timeslot to a serious (or at least entertaining) series…

But what can you can expect from Siffy (SyFy)?

Does everything happen for a reason?
What’s happening to the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815? Who are the Others? What is the Island and where is everybody? Think you’ve got it figured out? Share your theories here, rate those of other fans and see how yours measure up.

To read more about the theory and to submit yours and discuss it, please visit

join the facebook page if you haven’t already

#23 – fred

Until you added the parentheses, I was beginning to think you were channeling archy. (Now *there’s* a reference way too old for most everyone on this site…)


Syfy always splits up the seasons like that, and not just for Eureka either.

I’ve always appreciated that just when rerun season hits, Syfy has new shows on. Likewise when the regular networks have just finished their season finales, Syfy begins their summer season of new programming.


I think you missed the point. It wasn’t teen angst. It was teens (like those who are recruited by nefarious religious factions) who are convinced of their “faith” that do an awful thing. It is only because Zoe has created the avatar version of herself that the story moves where it does. It’s about the heartbreaking loss of two daughters who were lead down a dangerous road and how one father refuses to let his daughter die, thus creating a new race.

Watch it again. Teen angst is Twilight, not Caprica.


‘Defying Gravity’ is without doubt the WORST thing that has ever been associated with the term science fiction.
Good riddance!

Defying gravity is best! Its actually intelligent, not just sex and violence.

32. SarahJM… “Syfy always splits up the seasons like that, and not just for Eureka either. ”

No, they only do that sometimes. Eureka’s Season 1 had 12 episodes (July-September 2006) and Season 2 had 13 episodes (July-September 2007). Season 3 had 18 episodes, with 8 in July-September 2008 and 10 in July-September 2009.

27. Hat Rick… “What gets me is that some people in H’wood are screaming, “‘FlashForward’ isn’t an SF show! NOT AN SF SHOW!”

These are the same people that said they changed the characters from being physicists to being cops (or some such dime-a-dozen TV character) because “we’re not schmucks.” ABC needs to tell these guys to just keep their mouths shut.

Defying Gravity finally got good in episode 9 – which ABC didn’t air yet – and probably wont. Be careful trying to find it online though. When I went back to the site my antivirus program caught some exploits.