TrekInk: Preview of Spock Reflections #3

Later this week week IDW continues to delve into Spock’s past with their third issue of "Star Trek: Spock Reflections," which is kind of a prequel to "Star Trek Countdown." We have a five-page preview to get you started, below.


PREVIEW: Spock’s Reflections #2
Written by Scott & David Tipton, art by  David Messina


Ambassador Spock’s mysterious journey continues! As Spock makes his way toward Earth, he thinks back on another previously untold tale from his past, this time featuring James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy and the crew of the original U.S.S. Enterprise!

Spock Reflections #2 covers

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Spock Reflections five-page preview:


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Spock Reflections #3 coming Wednesday
Spock Reflections #3 will be out Wednesday September 23rd and can be pre-ordered at TFAW. You can pre-order the next issue, and the first two issues are available on backorder at TFAW.






(August 19)



The trade paperback will be out in January and can be pre-ordered from Amazon


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looks great!

Ston is Ston.
LOL that was great.

Nice back and forth with T’Pring. Spot on.

Loving this run – loving IDW – loving Trek life right now.

Does anyone know why these are not coming out on iTunes like the Countdown series did? I would love to be able to download them.

Countdown #1 was the first comic book I had ever bought. Since then I have purchased every Trek comic IDW has released. I look forward to going to the comic store every Wednesday to pick up my new Trek adventure. I really love my new hobby and the Spock Reflections series is just great. I can’t wait for Wednesday!

Interesting that the starbase from Star Trek ’09 is seen here in the Prime Universe now, but as a different starbase of course.

These Reflections comicbooks are very well done. Nice scene between Spock and T’Pring.

So is this set in the prime universe then? Because I thought that Starbase was unique only to the altered universe.

@ #6


your words are really important to me. It’s moving to know that your first comic ever was drawn by me and that now you ‘re a comic reader…

Thanks Andy and THANK YOU ALL folks!

I’ m still working, to do all my best for you!


#9 – Wouldn’t this have to be set in the Prime Universe if Spock returns to Vulcan to undergo the Kohlinar? There is no more Vulcan in the Alternate Universe.

Keep the IDW comics coming, they are really great. I like how we keep seeing the Trek universe expanded in a non-cheesy way.
Just hoping that some continuity with the Trek Novels continues.

I had the same thoughts about the starbase, but the design does seem to follow some fan-originated things that we have seen. It’s the docked-outside ships, except the Stargazer-type, that seem to be alt-universe to me.
And I felt the look of Vulcan was unique to JJ-ST, not quite what we have seen before. Oh well, it’s a big place . . .


Same here – Countdown got me back into comics after 25 years! (Although I do only buy the IDW/ST comics.) The Spock:Reflections and Nero series are fantastically well done and flesh out what we know about the Star Trek universe wonderfully. A great way to bide one’s time until the next movie (or DVD release). Congratulations!

Looking forward to this issue! Seeing that starbase from STAR TREK is a cool surprise.

#10. David Messina: Your artwork is fantastic, I get every tradepaper of your Trek work religiously. Can’t wait for more!

David Messina: I’m also a new fan of your work who was brought into the fold by Countdown. However being a UK reader and wanting to obtain the comics legally I’ve found Itunes to be the easiest way so I echo the earlier posters thoughts in hoping to see this available on the iphone soon. Are there any plans for this to be released through itunes?

Yeah… why are we seeing JJ-verse designs in the prime universe?

The starbase, the warp nacelles of the ships around it & the Vulcan city are all in the wrong timeline here.

Not cool.

@17: Artistic license. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

But I have to admit, I never bought a Star Trek comic until Countdown and have been following them since, especially the TOS centric ones. Really enjoyable. Keep up the good work!

Really digging this. Artwork is spot on and the characterizations and dialog are working too. Kudos!

#17 Oh? Did you see all of Vulcan in TOS? I didn’t see any dark-skinned, or other-hued Vulcans or Romulans during TOS, but whaddaya know… Tuvok happens. (Caithlin Dar happens, but hey, Bill liked her…)

JJ’s Vulcan perfectly fits with the overall Vulcan from ENT through TOS to TNG and beyond. Not every Vulcan sequence was during a red-sky duststorm.

The Vulcan city we’re seeing might not be Shi-Kahr, but Shi-Kahr-Go. Or T’Capital City, etc. It’s a big planet. Frankly, I think David did an awesome job evoking *TMP* looks… as Spock returned to Vulcan at the end of the 5YM, 2 years before TMP. As an extrapolation between ENT’s Vulcan High Council building and TMP, what he’s drawn fits just fine.

As for the nacelles… we didn’t see *every* ship class during TOS, we hardly saw any at all. There could have been some heavy nacelles out and about, particularly by the couple years before TMP era. After all, Doomsday Machine might have accelerated research on stronger ships, etc.