Spike Wants Star Trek Fans For Scream Awards – Offering Free Tickets For Costumed Trekkies

A few weeks ago we reported that the new Star Trek movie lead the nominations for this year’s Spike Scream Awards with a total of 17. The award show is taped on October 17th in Los Angeles and Spike is inviting TrekMovie readers to attend the event for free. The only catch is that they want serious Star Trek fans, in costume of course. Details below.


Scream For Star Trek
Spike wants big time Star Trek fans in costume at the event as "seatfillers" to help jazz up the visuals at the show and showcase Star Trek, which leads the award show’s nominations. The information on how to get your tickets is below. After you apply you will be contacted with a confirmation and final details. Names go on a guest list.

Also remember you can still vote for Star Trek at the offcial Scream site (spike.com/event/scream2009)


Official Invitation


STAR TREK is nominated this year for SEVENTEEN Scream Awards, and we want to extend an offer to the BIGGEST fans of the film and it’s stars to have a chance to come to the show to cheer the film on!

What is Spike Scream Awards?? This 2-hour television extravaganza pays homage to everything that is great about COMICS, FANTASY, SCI-FI, and HORROR. The amount of talent and creativity that goes into these genres needs to be recognized. We were the FIRST ones to celebrate and honor them!

Scream will not only be packed with killer A-list talent, but it will be full of the hottest women around. All of your favorite heroes, legends, and freaks will gather for one incredible night!

And to complete the whole Scream experience, Spike will transform the Greek Theatre in LA into audience eye candy, a visually stimulating experience that will be consistent with the show’s edgy theme, full of action, thrills, shocks, and surprises.


LOCATION: The Greek Theatre, Griffith Park
2700 North Vermont , in Griffith Park
Los Angeles , California 90027
**PARKING location INFO & Directions given upon being booked**

DATE-Saturday October 17th, 2009
TIME-Check in 4pm
AGE- 18 & Up
DIRECTIONS: http://www.greektheatrela.com/directions/directions.asp

REQUIRED DRESS: You will be outdoors the entire time. ROCK n ROLL, Tattoo’s showing, Spiked/colored hair, BLACK T’s, Gothic style dress, Dress like your favorite comic book character , horror/ slasher, Sci-Fi villain, etc, etc. ROCK n ROLL, HALLOWEEN!  This is the only awards show where you can come casual and be dressed PERFECT!! Think Halloween meets rock concert! Those dressed the best properly will GET THE BEST SEATS!! [NOTE: Spike looking for TrekMovie Star Trek fans to come dressed in Star Trek costumes]

EMAIL- SpikeAwards@GothamCasting.com
TYPE "2009 SCREAM: TrekMovie.com" IN SUBJECT LINE OF EMAIL and Include the following:
1 outrageous PICTURE of you that truly represents YOU, chillin, rockin’ out or a pic of you in your outfit/costume you will be wearing TO SHOW!!
(1 picture ONLY, Small file! Large files will be deleted as will multiple emails)

This EVENT is being treated as a closed set…DO NOT TAKE THE TICKETS if you cannot stay until the end



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hahah awesome! wish i lived in Cali

Do they want the New Movie Trek, or the traditional Trek?

I’m going to go dressed as my two favorite episodes–

The Naked Time and The Naked Now.

That should be a real SCREAM!


This sounds like an absolute hoot!! However if they realy want a lot of trekkies they need to be airing more trek lije they used to do! Spike was once a real trek fest syfy or whatever they were of late seems alergic to trek!

Ps Jennifer Love Hewitt has riibed my monday nite veiwing

Just watched the dvd of Star Trek 09, glad to see that they sorted that editing error where Kirk landed on that platform with the romulan gun in front of him and then got lifted up by Nero’s henchman “I got your gun” only to have the gun fall in exactly the same spot,
unfortunately he’s still carrying the romulan gun though in one scene then the phaser in the next just before seeing Nero,
any one else spotted any other corrections!!

er, you guys realize these people will just be mockery-fodder, right?

# 8

Damn right about it. I remember Anthony Pascale putting an article up either just before or shortly after ST XI opened. In it he said that some sections of the mainstream press wanted him to appear on TV or do interviews, with stories of how nerdy Star Trek really is.

And I believe it was the New York Daily Times that had a little comic with overweight, nerdy looking guys dressed as Borg Drones and in Starfleet uniforms bemoaning the fact that this movie was “good for normal people” and “not nerdy”.

This will just end up with “normal” people laughing how nerdy all the “Trekkers” really are.

Set phasers on mockery!

Sorry guys, but that’s the only reason they want dressed up fans there.

I went to the SCREAM Awards last year, and no, Imrahil, dressed-up fans are not the mockery fodder. Tim Burton was flown onto the stage on his own hot air balloon. This awards show really is out there and is TONS of fun.

You watched the Star Trek 09 DVD!!!!!!!!!WTF!!!!!!!When???How!!!!!

7: Yup I spotted that! The gun has gone :)

11: If I tell you, they will kill you after they kill me.

As I have insisted to my family for decade, it’s a UNIFORM, not a costume!

@ 8 and 9

spot on. maybe i’m being slighlty machiavellian but it’s blatantly obvious that the only reason they want fans there dressed up is so they can have the p*ss taken out of them.


theres a difference between “zany” tim burton, who all the so called hip and cool trendy people want to be seen to like and be in with, and the ridicule trekkies have gotten for 30 years. 6 months after Trek going mainstream so to speak isn’t going to change the fact that they’ll be the first target.

fair play to those who do the whole costume thing and more power to them in my opinion but caveat emptor: let the buyer beware!


from places that cannot be mentioned on such a fine, upstanding and law abiding place such as this!


Dude- everything must be on torrent these days (cough, cough)

Actually I’m waiting to PURCHASE the Blue Ray for the quality and deleted scenes. I doubt any torrent can capture that level of quality. The Studios are safe (for now).

BTW I don’t feel too bad for the studios – it’s so VERY expensive to take a family to the movies these days (much less an IMAX) and I just saw the Trek experience here in Philly and for 20.00 each – I was let down.

Everyone making product should be paid- but at least make SATISFYING product!

ok back to the topic. Hopefully they will treat the costumed fans gently and not like cannon fodder.

Have any of the costume loving trek fans had enuf time to make costumes from the new movie? Are any of u out there? And I would guess that spike will treat the rabid fans well in their audience-they better–I also miss trek on mondays on syfy–and tuesday too-i sent email comments that ghost whisperer is already on ion now syfy and cbs-wish trek was on one channel regularly-told them i want more trek not less-told em i would not be watching ghost whisperer or their mon tuesday lineup and i havent-they never answered my email.

Scream Awards — AKA the Useless Awards/

#7, I rember saying to my friends when I first saw the movie the opening morning, what I said is he lost his gun so how did one appear when it was on the ground. One of my friends said Kirk always has a gun up his sleeve, how do you think he keeps his power.

My reply thought was secret weapons do not happen until Mirror/Mirror, but the movie action over took my reply time.

Have to wait for my DVD’s to arrive November, I know on Turkey day what disk will be in my DVD player, but at night I herd rumors of a Bronco football game, guess I’ll have check theNFL web site to see if it will be the movie of that night.

Also thanks for the Clone Wars info from one of the site ads, now to record them for my brothers son, the freak that thinks there would be no Sci-Fi if Lucas had not invented it. boy does he need some education, to bad Public schools lacks such learning.

17 – Check Flickr. There are pics of people in what appear to be NuTrek uniforms from DragonCon.

la’Hom Ho’neH jorDe’ vestai-VamPyr
Butterfly script?

What channel? I might watch it, it’s sooner than the Oscars.

i smell exploitation. :(

I agree that this whole thing stinks of exploitation for the purposes of perpetuating a negative stereotype.

“Serious Star Trek fans”? They mean ammunition for sniping…

I have no problem with fans who enjoy costumes, but do that because it is what you enjoy and of your own accord…don’t do it because Spike TV wants to ridicule you and anyone who professes an affinity for Star Trek on national television.

These so-called “Scream Awards” have already lost a potential viewer…I mean, the audacity of these people….they might as well have said, “Hey, we’d like you to come out here so that non-Trek fans can get a good sporting (and cheap) laugh at your expense.”

No thanks. But unfortunately, they’ll get a few anyway who don’t mind sacrificing their own dignity and yours.

Just be warned. This will not be complimentary.

“What is Spike Scream Awards?? This 2-hour television extravaganza pays homage to everything that is great about COMICS, FANTASY, SCI-FI, and HORROR….. We were the FIRST ones to celebrate and honor them!”

False advertising anyone??? The Saturn Awards have been honoring fantasy, sci-fi and horror for more than 30 years, long before Spike TV came into existence. OK the Saturns don’t cover comics, but still.

I’m goin as a Horta.

There has been several sites online selling licensed Trek movie costumes for months now. Some have spock’s wig, ears,(1 site sold as set) cheap plastic phasers, etc. There are two versions…cheaper with silkscreen emblem, and better quality with embroidered emblems and quality texturing of material. Google and I’m sure you’ve find them..I believe the old company that made the TOS/TNG/DS9 stuff Rubbies is the manufacturer. Andy any costume shop soon, or seasonal shop for Halloween would surely stock them.

This is pretty stupid. It still surprises me how easily manipulated people can be. That Scream awards will be a massive festival of tools. They’re all going to laugh at you…if anyone has any sense anyway.

If you are going to go, hire a prostitute first and bring her along in a bright pink fishnet Uhuraesque costume with pink whore-heels. They’ll love to see that.
As a matter of fact that should be a requirement. Don’t go if you can’t afford to bring a whore with you. This is true of the ladies as well. Nothing wrong with a lady and a hooker attending that show.

You’ll get instant cred by understanding what the awards show is really all about.


On the one hand, as Viacom is the ultimate provider of this event, it is difficult to see why they would want to alienate their Paramount customer base by ridiculing them as some suggest?

But on the other hand Viacom doesn’t seem to find any ethical challenges in having their products on ballots in a contest that they are funding?

Now they want to seed the audience with uber fans of the leading nominee which just “coincidentally” happens to also be one of their products?

It is difficult to see how they could expect anyone to take this seriously as some sort of “contest” when it seems clear its purpose is to serve as a promotional vehicle to “showcase” their wares.

I must disagree with the naysayers on this. Last years Spike Awards show was one of the best and most exciting awards shows I have ever seen! It was so good that I actually watched it several times!

Have any of you actually seen this show? (besides #11?)

This show was total respect for the fans! In fact, it was more like a celebration for the fans, like what an awards show should really be! It was like if you took an awards show, added a huge portion of rock-and-roll atmosphere, and cranked it up to 11!!!

It looks like they are going out of their way to give Star Trek some serious appreciation this year! Can’t wait!

Yay Scfimetalgirl! Thanks for verifying the tone of the awards….My gut feeling was they would NOT be disrespectful To Trek fans and your comments add believability to that…

Yeah ScifiMetalGirl and Devi, The Scream Awards is a great show. I was also at last years show and the Burton moment was amazing as was the Watchmen premier and Lucas getting his award.
I can guarantee that Trek fans in costume will only be expected to look good and have a good time. They will also have the best seats , bring earplugs!
The show is lots of fun and will be full of surprises.,, see you there!

I am a football fan..raiders…and every sunday. They shave their heads and paint their faces but society says thays ok
But star trek that s different. I have been a cop for 25 yrs and I am proud to fly my colors I have a TOS TNG and a DS 9
Uniform well I am not a goof and could careless what SPIKE or anyone there says. You only live once. Wear and do
What U want to do…….I am proud to be a Star Trek fan