STO Update: New Ship + Game Info + Pre-orders + Possible Consoles + more

Cryptic has been busy this past week, including releasing details for a new Federation ship, the Discovery class, which looks a bit like a famous Trek ship. There is also a new screenshot and some new details on skills, plus pre-order information and some hints on possible console availability. Finally, we take a first look at the growing ‘fleets’ for STO.


New Ship – Discovery Class
A new ship has been unveiled by Cryptic, the Discovery class. This class is an update to the Intrepid class starship made famous by the USS Voyager. While this ship is able to defend itself, it is primarily designed for scientific purposes. This ship has more space available for science facilities in its efforts to boldly go and explore strange new worlds.

Overall Length: 355 meters
Overall Draft: 80 meters (subspace stance); 64 meters (warp stance)
Overall Beam: 135 meters
Displacement: 715,000 metric tons

Defensive Systems:
Advanced Deflector Array
Improved Sensors and Targeting Lock
Reinforced Shield Generators
Reinforced Tritanium Alloy Hull

Cruising: Warp Factor 8
Maximum: Warp Factor 9.995

Offensive Systems:
Fore and Aft Type X Phaser Arrays
Fore and Aft Torpedo Launchers

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More details on skills in new Dev Chat
Cryptic had a developer chat where fans could ask some of their questions concerning the game. The topics are very specific focusing on skills for characters. Here are some highlights:

  • You get larger ships as you advance in rank
  • Early in the game earned skills are broadly applicable, as move up in rank, offered skills are more specific to allow specialization
  • All players get access to all space skills, but ground skills are restricted by class
  • as you build skills you keep all of them and don’t need to create ‘builds’ selecting which ones to use at any given time

For more read the full chat log

New Screenshot – Borg gets pwned
Cryptic has released a new screenshot today showing a Borg cube, a destroyed Borg cube. (click image to embigify)

Bad day for the collective

Pre-Order Information & Collector’s Edition
In the past we reported that Gamestop was taking pre-orders on Star Trek Online which is anticipated to have an MSRP of $49.99 US. According to the game is scheduled to release on February 2, 2010. Amazon is now also also taking pre-orders for Star Trek Online but is listing the release date as March 31, 2010. These dates are not set in stone so the game can also be pushed back to a later date.

Gamestop are also now taking pre-orders for a ‘Collector’s Edition‘ of Star Trek Online; the collector’s edition is on for $79.99. No details, but other MMORPG collector editions usually contain special in game items that can only be obtained by purchasing the collector’s edition.

Beta Contests
Cryptic has announced that three websites are currently holding contests for STO beta keys:, IncGamers and IncGamers and are looking for a funny caption for a screenshot that was released by Cryptic, while is asking one question for a chance to win their beta key. Click HERE and HERE for more info.

STO Console Possibilities
Last update we looked at the possible STO system requirements, based on the those for Cryptic’s Champions Online. However, it is expected that STO will also have at least one console release, but like with the PC system requirements, there is no official word yet. However, it may be worth noting that Champions Online is currently street dated for March 1, 2010 for Microsoft’s Xbox 360. But PS3 owners can take some heart in a job posting for PS3 Programmers on Cryptic Studios website that notes:

Are you interested in a challenge? We have developed a flexible, cutting edge MMO platform to power games like Champions and Star Trek Online. It runs on PC and XBOX 360 – now we want to support PS3 too. Are you an expert PS3 coder? Do you enjoy squeezing every last drop of performance and spare memory out of the system?

TrekMovie Primer on Fleets in Star Trek Online
When Star Trek Online was announced dozens of fans began preparing for war. Star Trek Online is still several months away from anticipated release and there are dozens of guilds or ‘fleets’ for both factions (Federation and Klingon). You don’t need to join a fleet to play the game, but they are a great way to get together with groups, which is one of the main selling points of a massive multiplayer game. STO will also have some features built in to support these fleets.

Right now there is a special fleet section of the official STO forums for fleets and a special forum post that lists most of the fleets with links to their sites and general information about each. Already several fleets died out, so you may want to shop around to find one that you think will last and suits your style. Finding a good fleet means finding good guild leaders who have leadership and organizational skills. Most of the fleets so far seem to favor the Federation side and there are too many too list here, but check the above links for more info. The main objectives of many of these Federation fleets are to role play and establish a peaceful coexistence in the quadrant while the Klingon faction is established to conquer the quadrant.

Two Klingon Guilds worthy of noting are Deep Impact and Blood of Kahless. According to Cryptic the Klingon faction is going to be more PVP based being allowed to fight other members of the faction as well as the Federation. Both guilds have very strong feelings against the Federation. There are other strong guilds for the Klingon faction but these are just a few of the big guilds that are on the Klingon faction. Below is a recruitment video for Blood of Kahless.

As the game comes closer to launch we will again go over the fleets in Star Trek Online.


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wish they were more creative with the ship designs, everything looks like a redone voyager or enterprise e….

#1. No kidding. The new ships look cool and all, very well rendered, but just updated versions of Voyager, E, Defiant, etc.. How about something completly original?

Space is pretty big, so re-creating it for a MMORPG would be an interesting challenge. I wonder how big the STO universe will be? How long would it take for your starship to smack up against the end of the STO universe at, say, warp 8? Just wondering….

You realize if Cryptic started producing numerous ships that were different designs than anything we’ve seen in the TV shows or movies, WE WOULD FLIP OUT.

Think about it.

Do you think maybe the designers are getting a little bit lazy? Anyone can see that ship is just a bloated Intrepid class.

I like the familiar design / re-design. That´s the Trek I like…the universe I know.

Starships look like crap.

Can we have something that’s

A) Streamlined
B) Not painted black
C) Not covered in random protrusions?

Seriously. It makes these ships look far less technologically advanced (and less cool looking) than where we left off in the 24th century.

Intrepid class with the UGLIEST fins ever….

Will this game be available on Mac?

Can u capture enemy Starships & use them yourself in STO?
I would love to be a Romulan and take a Defiant class

The Discovery looks like a restuffed and reskined Voyager. Does it come with a new improved 7 of 9.5? It seems after year 3 Janeway needed her to do things to save the humans, in many ways as Spock was always saving Kirk’s rear end many times. And if Spock could not then it was Scotty, or for Janeway 7of9 would Borgify a human or humanoid.

But I guess if the ship did not come with those parts, you could always collect parts and build simular active parts/tools. That’s whats great about MMO’s, if you ain’t got one, build one. It just takes time and you hope you can survive until that time arrives.

Before MMOs it was what came in the box was what there was and that’s it. But when you can invent not just improve things you’re more likely to win. Just look at Oppenhiemer in the 1940’s.

The negative parts of such is right now high tech is learning to scan brains foe thoughts and fellings. But in most people there is the Reality filter that controls what your brain lets go into reality. I hope this aspect is brought into the courts as they start letting the Dream Police testify.

As the world becomes one place, we move from Nations to States, then Groups to Persons, now it’s going from Person to thoughts. In some games your thoughts can even connect with the joysticks, you do not need arms, legs or even fingers. Great aids to those that are limited in mobility.

And when Atari was flattened by Nintendo one of it’s co-founders started a mind control project to replace the joysticks. Who is going to be next and place the visual screen into our heads instead of on the wall which use to be on the tube last century.

As for MACheads, it’s the usual thing, if it makes money MAC versions will arive in 6 months or so. But in reverse MAC to PC at first was Never, then Years then they started to see the money aspect and time shortened to months and at development time.

But Mac is still a not always answer, but it’s getting bigger as MACheads learn things can be fun not just good.

I’ll sit back and wait for the “torture” period to stop: server crashes, login problems. Even WoW still vaporlocks for months every time they release an expansion. And I’ll wait for the reviews here.

As for ships, I hope I can stick to canonical mainstays. I’d feel much more comfortable on a Galaxy-Class than on something out of the show/film universe.

I pray STO comes to XBOX-360 . I love the video by the way.

And now for something completely different: A ship that looks like a fish. =)

”borg get pwned” lol, classic

Hopefully they’ll still be using all of John Eaves’ original, interesting designs alongside these ugly… things.

#12 what are you talking about?

If your trying to say that macs aren’t for games (which i agree) then why not just say so.

That is one rotten ship!

For those critical of ship design…all cryptic is doing is updated the classic designs which we love. They have been stating from day 1 that one of the great elements of the game is the player ability to totally customize your avatar and your starship. That being said, why would they go out of their way to create new classes of starships, when they are allowing players to customize them? What they are doing is giving players a base or a foundation of a classic design and letting the player create their own new class on their own.

Be informed before being critical…not doing so is not very becoming of a person.

If I only had the $ and time to waste on an MMO
However there are bills to pay & whatnot, so, not going to bother.

– W –
* That and the fact it looks like one big war, where’s the exploration stuff ? *

I’ve seen far more original ship designs from 3D modellers in the fan community (i.e. some of the stuff on the Foundation3D forums is pretty sweet), and they still looked like they could be canon ships. It’s a shame Cryptic is rehashing just a few existing designs instead of tapping into talent like that.

They should put this out as soon as possible. Otherwise the new Star Wars MMO will get all the attention.


I agree. Besides, there are a set of ‘standards’ for ship design in the STAR TREK universe, at least as far as Starfleet is concerned. You likely wouldn’t have seen NASA change the Saturn V much because it was already designed to do the job it had to do – and you don’t mess with success.

And, yes making up new ship designs out of whole cloth would cause fans to flip. Look how much grief we’ve seen on this site about the redesign of the E for the new movie…

I’m not a gamer at all, so I don’t care about the MMO, but I agree about the ship designs. Very, very retread.

If that’s what they meant to do, then bravo.

Ohhhhhh… I wake up this here Saturn-day and need some care… too much BND Brand Gin… A wee more fur’ me breakfast… but what does I spy?!

Tha’ Discovery Class!

It be boneriffic!

If I could read and write and use a computie that’s not voice activated, I’d play in that thar’ Starry Trek game. Get me a crew o’ Candian… Kanadiane… Canadian geese ta’ steer…

“Avatar” be damned. Let’s shoot some ships up!


Cryptic has stated that the software embedded in the game can randomly generate new planets and systems based on pieces of artwork and textures already in the game creating a possibly endless list of new systems to explore in the universe in their game.

Hopefully the execution is just as good as the intent, cause I’d love to see it all pan out as advertised. Especially the ability to fully customize ships to match designs I drew up as long as 10-15 years ago based off of the Nebula-class and the Galaxy-class, etc.

“Overall Draft: 80 meters (subspace stance); 64 meters (warp stance)”

This class ship changes size depending on its speed. I bet the warp nacelles slide up and down depending on if its at warp or not. Much like the Intrepid class had its nacelles rotate up on hinges. There was a design concept drawing for a simular warp nacelle sliding up and down ship in either the TNG tech manual or one of the Encyclopedias.

It may not look cool, but it probably is a technological advancement over the Intrepid class.


Star Fleet Battles is better

Man, ALL Star Trek ships are fugly.

Indeed, they took TNG ship and do a little upgrade, some add-ons and that’s it: a new “original” ship for the 25th century.

idk guys this ship looks better than some of the ones that started popping up around DS9, I mean can you really look at the Yeager or Centaur class and say that its not a kitbash of whatever AMT kits were out at the time?

I wonder if there’ll be a code so you can play with a Constitution or Excelsior-Class ship…



Sometimes one’s posts can get lost in the maelstrom.

Your review is the only positive one of the “boneriffic” Discovery Class!

What would your favorite Honore de Balzac say about them apples?

Ohh please I hope this comes out for Xbox. My computer’s getting too old and I have to play this!

Please stop cryptic from designing ships. These “designs” are the primary thing stopping me from buying this game

I stand alone. Wit’oot pants. But ready ta’ serve aboard tha’ bonny Discovery Class.

Geez… it’s a lovely ship. And that’s no lost illusion I have from Mr. Balzac. Sometimes yer Honore has ta’ be unique, I guess. I painted mine green.


It’s like a tie-fighter procreated wit’ Voyager… like in me dreams…

Oh, such a lovely ship… Aye! Really! Give us a chance, mates! She’ll always bring ye’ home. Or try ta’ kill Kenobi…


are you serious? there is nothing wrong with these ships, they dont have to be very different you stupid nerds

The idea of this game is to appeal to people who want to feel like they are in the star trek universe. So everything, at least at launch, is going to be designed around things that are very recognizable as trek (no one remembers, but when world of warcraft first came out it was all about appealing to warcraft 1,2, & 3 fans). If the thing really takes off, I’m sure we can expect to see some new designs in expansion packs to keep things fresh. But they’d be stupid to launch the game by deparing radically from what is already known.

After each update I get more and more amped about this game. I can’t wait!

I think it is logical, that the ships look like modern versions of previous “reliable” starships. No one wonders MIrandas and Excelsiors and Oberths are in TOS movise and TNG – VOY series so I don´t understand some hard critics. But yes, I really don´t like the JJprise and many others do…so people are different :-)

I think as far as ship designs go they’ve done alright, but not well. Yes, most of what’s there looks like a redesign. In some ways that’s good, its kind of an evolution of the ships as happens. Just look at the 1701 through the 1701-E, its been a journey of feature changes off of a base design. Still, that Voyager looking one looks like it was made to be fancy, not practical. The pylons that stick down are lame, and would prevent the ship from landing like Voyager could. And the front, it looks bent, which would be a waste of inside deck space. Gotta say that I wont be first in line for this game, I’ll be waiting for the reviews.

For the next game, they should have a contest for designing the next starship. Add a little creativity into the mix. Like they did with the Titan.

Reading through these posts I cant help but think how closed minded Trekkies can be. Lots of people slating the design’s etc. But I ask have any of you bothered to read the STO forums or keep up with the story line? Its only set 25 years post nemesis so really Starship design wont change that much in 25 years. Imho look how little changed in the lost era 2300-2350. Look at the design lineage of the Galaxy/Nebula/New Orleans classes (and many more).

The game is heavily based on customisation and these new “ships of the line” are simply derivitives of classes or types, a way to show one of many choices available to players. And there is a reason for the downward pylons that they havent let us in on yet, so before you decry them as “Lame” at least wait to see what technological innovation they could form part of.

Lets not forget this is a Star Trek MMO, and must retain familiar shapes and history as well as branching out and creating its own.

Also those release dates are for suckers! Cryptic lead dev has stated that ANY site offering a “Collectors Edition” or stating an actual release date are talking rubbish and just trying to con their money off you early.

THERE IS NO CURRENT RELEASE DATE SET so Trek Movie do your research. Must do better next time!

I hope Rick Sternbach was at least consulted.

I pray for STO on Xbox 360!

I love the TOS bridge for one big reason; it most felt like a futuristic scientific/military vessel without degenerating into a dark submarine-like feeling.

I hate these designs. The ships look so cluttered! Where is the beauty of the Enterprise A, D, and E? Is it that hard to create an original design? These designs are lacking in originality.