Easter Eggs for TOS Season 2 and TNG Movies Blu-ray Sets

Last week CBS and Paramount released TOS Season Two (review) and the Next Generation movies (review) on Blu-ray. Today we take a closer look at the hidden ‘easter eggs’ in each of those sets. Plus we have an update on the upcoming Star Trek Season Three Blu-ray set.



Star Trek: The Original Series Blu-ray – Season 2 Easter Eggs

As mentioned our review of TOS Season 2, the Blu-ray set has a dozen Easter eggs hiding out on the discs. A list of all 12 has now come to light. The Easter eggs are all interview snippets.

Some of the hidden bits are found using navigation, while others are found by going to main menu of a disc and typing in a 4-digit codes (we aren’t going to give you the exact codes, but provide you with the hint for the code, which are all years for the four digit codes). Here they all are.

Disc 1
#1 – (Enter 4-digit number) – The year Star Trek first aired on TV.

Disc 2
#2 – (enter 4-digit number) – The first year of Kirk’s five-year mission.

#3 – (navigate right from Communication)

Disc 3
#4 – (enter 4-digit number) – Spock’s Birth Year

#5 – (navigate right from Communication)

Disc 4
#6 – (enter 4-digit number) – Original air date (month/day) of “The Trouble With Tribbles”

Disc 5
#7 – (enter 4-digit number) – Registry number of the Enterprise

#8 – (navigate right from Communication)

Disc 6
#9 – (enter 4-digit number) – The year Shakespeare died (from “By Any Other Name”)

#10 – (navigate right from Communication)

Disc 7
#11 – (enter 4-digit number) – The year the Enterprise crew travels back to in “Assignment Earth”

#12 – (navigate right from Communication)

One of the Easter Egg interviews

Star Trek Season Two on Blu-ray is available now at Amazon and other retailers.


Star Trek: The Next Generation Motion Picture Collection Easter Eggs

The TNG Blu-ray set has a couple of hidden video clips as well, using the same method as the TOS Movies boxed set.

Arrow left instead of right in the Extras menu until a little delta shield appears and then hit OK

(The Star Trek Universe) — A goofy 30 second synopsis of the movie’s plot from Michael Dorn and Marina Sirtis in their makeup chairs.

(Archives) — Interview footage with Bryan Singer (director of X-Men 1 and 2) who directed Patrick Stewart in X-Men and was able to get a cameo in Nemesis.

UPDATE: First Contact
(Titles) — There is also a text easter egg, displaying all the various working titles for Star Trek First Contact, like Star Trek Generations II, and Star Trek Renaissance.

The Star Trek The Next Generation Movie Collection Blu-ray is available now at Amazon and other retaiers:


Star Trek: The Original Series Season 3 UPDATE: Pre-order and "Where No Man has gone before" clarification

Last week we reported Star Trek Season Three is coming to Blu-ray on December 15th. The original details had one feature that was a bit unclear, but we have confirmed that the set will include the original cut of the pilot for “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. Thanks again to our friend Bill Hunt over at The Digital Bits for asking Mike Okuda. According to Mike:

It is the original cut of Where No Man Has Gone Before, the second pilot episode. The reassembled original cut of The Cage is also supposed to be included.

Original "Where No Man Has Gone Before"

Also, Season 3 is now available for pre-order at Amazon.


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Yes, Brian Singer, only a Star Trek Fan. That is all he is known for :).

Why does Sirtis have that expression?

Why the hell didn’t Bryan Singer direct Nemesis is the more urgent question….

So the third season is at 90 bucks now? Wow. I got the first one at 65, the second was for 75 until Best Buy decided to go at 60 then amazon dropped their rate to 60, now the 3rd is at 90 for preorders. I wish these things made some kind of sense so I could figure out how bad my budget will get hit.

You’d look like that too if Worf were trying to kiss you.

@3 I agree!

Crap, guess I’m going to have to get a blue-ray player sometime . . .

Does ANYONE that owns season 2 on Bluray KNOW if there are picture in a picture video clips accessed during some episodes like the HD season 1 had? Various Trek stars, Okuda’s, The Steven’s, etc discussing behind the scenes, etc…stuff.

Don’t forget that you get exclusive StarTrek:Online costumes in Season 3. It was announced today.

The First cut of Where no man has gone before is on Youtube but the quality is not great. But still wonderfull to see. Can’t wait to see it o Dvd Bluray as that will be fantastic.Also the cut of the Cage where Pike sees other creatures in the cage with hm will be Kool.

3, good question.

7, I’m sure the DVDs have easter eggs as well.

Are there easter eggs on the other blu-ray sets? And was there a post about them that I missed?

Well I just got a steal today. Went to a local video/cd store and the manager is a friend of mine. He showed me the Season 2 box set. I told him I really could not spring for 81.00 right now so he dropped the price to 59.00 (which is good) It was still a little more then I had right now so he goes I can let you have it for 20.00. I jumped on that lol. So I picked up Season 2 for twenty bucks!!!!! I guess an employee had bought it decided he did not want it so I got it cause it was opened. Im psyched gonna watch it all tonight .

I watched all the round table segments on the TNG box set. Why is everyone on there facing left, lol?

9: Yes

She would rather kiss a Wookie!

Can somebody help? i tried this and i cant get it to work. Well the navagation interviews work but i cant seem to figure out the right way to enter hte code? do i just enter 1969 and hit the enter button or what? do i need to put #11969 ? is there a special place i have to enter it?

Wow! Just when I thought my opinions about Nemesis were as low as they could possibly be, then I remember the Bryan Singer cameo. Must have been strange for Baird to not be the worst director in the room, although it is a bit ironic, cause I thought Baird’s work on Superman was above excellent, and Singer’s work was just garbage.

Ummm… Where have they been releasing “Where No Man Has Gone Before” to the general ‘non-blu-ray” public? I’ve been waiting for that release for years….

So what are the differences in the original pilot edit of where no man?

Thanks for the help Matt!

this is cool, cant wait to try these out

@ 3 The thing about NEMESIS is that there are literally nearly half a dozen directors in front of the camera** who are better than the one behind the camera. It’s kind of embarrassing.

** Frakes, Stewart, Singer, McFadden, Burton


Back in high school, a friend of mine gave me a VHS tape of “The Cage”, saying that he’s giving copies to two people – me and one other and it should never be given out to anyone else. A few months later at a Trek con in NYC, the second person duped the tape to hell and was selling it.

I wonder if this is the same version. I still have the tape, I haven’t watched it in years, but the description sounds like it is.

The beginning of the article has a little typo:

“Last week CBS and Paramount released TOS Season Three (review)…”

It’s Season Two that just got released, not Season Three.

Thanks for the tips on the Easter Eggs!

EDIT: I meant WNMHGB, not “The Cage”. Grrr….why can’t we edit???


What Happened to the link?

Im sure they will slowly release alternate versions of episodes & movies to entice us to dip again…

Wow! I’ve never found an easter egg on my own. Who thinks to do this, and how does one figure these things out? Who even has the time and who would even know to put in the last words to the opening sentence from Assignment: Earth?..”We are in Earth’s orbit, to find out how our planet survived desperate problems in the year……” But thanks Matt. I was hoping the easter egg from that would reveal that plans are on to make a Gary Seven show or reveal lost footage from the original show. Now That’d be an Easter egg!

Back in the summer of 1977, I went to a “Star Trek Party” — really a mini-con — in Albany, GA. They had film prints of three episodes, one of which was WNMHGB. It was the original cut version, with the “Act 1, Act 2,” etc. title cards and the extra footage. We were all agog watching it. I’ve wanted Paramount to release it for decades, and even wrote them a letter once about it.

I’m glad to see that it’s finally going to be available in a non-bootleg form.

I wonder if it’s been restored in any way. I sort of hope it’s been cleaned up, but that the effects have not been updated.

Scott B. out.

OH MY GOSH, Brian Singer was in NEMESIS! Does everything this man has contact with turn to POOH!

Superman Returns & Valkerie as examples before any of you jump on me for this comment.

“It is the original cut of Where No Man Has Gone Before, the second pilot episode. The reassembled original cut of The Cage is also supposed to be included.”

Wow, why is this the first time I have ever heard of that edit? Could someone enlighten me how this version is different?

I have no problem with Bryan Singer in Nemesis. Christian Slater did a cameo in Star Trek VI why cant Singer

#4 –

I can say with almost 100% certainty that the $90 price tag for Season 3 will drop as the release date gets closer. This is the almost exact pattern that the previous releases followed…initially, the price was high and by release date it was lowered significantly.

I pre-ordered at the $90 price already, but fully expect Amazon to drop the price as other outlets also do so and Amazon matches them…Amazon will automatically adjust the price to the lower amount even after you have “locked in” your pre-order.

Can’t wait to get this last set!


Not everything. I really like House MD. He’s one of the executive producers.

@ 37.) Be careful with the pre-order with Amazon. I pre-ordered S2 @ $72.99 and they shipped it out on 9/21 instead of the release date of 9/22 and of course it dropped to $59.99 on the actual release date. Well, Amazon has a policy that they won’t adjust a price after an item ships out. Needless to say, I was a little p.o.’d when they told me this but they did give me a one-time refund to match the price.

So, watch out for that and be sure to call them if they pull that stunt on you.

As for the rest of you, NEM would have been dogsh*t no matter who directed it because it was a poorly written mess and the actors apparently just stopped caring about their parts (yes, Patrick Stewart, I’m looking at you!). But, yes, Baird does suck as a director. He needs to stick to editing.

@ 33.) I don’t understand where the Singer hate is coming from, though. Even if you don’t particularly like his films, he directs them fine. It goes back to what I just said about NEM. “Superman Returns” sucked, but that was because it was poorly written and yes, I know he wrote it, but if you want to criticize his writing, that’s one thing, but bad writing doesn’t necessarily translate to bad directing. And, “Valkyrie” was pretty good. It wasn’t the best film but it was a solid 7.5/10 even if it wasn’t completely historically accurate. Also, did you not see “The Usual Suspects?”


Actually, this did happen to me as well…got charged $69 even though the price had dropped to $60 at that point (about 4 days prior to release). I even checked my order about 2 days prior to the release date and before I got the shipping notice and the $60 price was listed on my pre-order.

But I emailed them about it and they agreed to credit me the difference.

Amazon customer service does continue to be top notch, IMHO…when they make a mistake, they are more than willing to correct it.


Cool. can’t wait to check them out!

I’ll pass. I have these season sets on standard, HD and TOS-R. If they were on DEEP discount in a overstock online site or local Big Lots store..I’d take the plunge…but not re-buying TOS ever again. Paramount ain’t getting my cash anymore, other than the NEW Trek film on Bluray.
I couldn’t care less if the other series’ make it on BD either. I’ve spent HUNDREDS of dollars on Trek for all 6 series and 11 movies…..my wallet is now closed.

Does anyone know how to access the hidden bits using navigation? I’ve used all the four digit codes and that works, but I can’t find anything hidden on the main menu…

This is a great season, the DS9 episode looks much better then the video tape version. Looking forward to season three and the release of the directors editions of the original series movies.

Psyched for an official release of the original 2nd pilot, finally after all this time! It’s only been 23 years since the first release of “The Cage” on home video. As someone who counts “The Fugitive” as his second-favorite series of all time, it’s fun to see how Trek would have looked with the Quinn Martin treatment. And I can finally throw my washed-out bootleg away.

I’ve been delighted with both season sets in BD so far. The HD remastering is terrific, and still looks excellent when zoomed to full frame for a cinematic effect. I love anytime I can pick up on the glitter in the uniform pants, ribbing of the shirt collar, or nap of the velour!