JJ Abrams Gives A Star Trek Sequel Update + Calls In To Colbert Report [VIDEO]

In an interview promoting his FOX show Fringe, JJ Abrams has given another one of his mini updates on the sequel to Star Trek. Basically nothing new to report, but he is keeping that ‘who will direct?’ question out there. We have more on that below, plus video of JJ Abams’s phone in appearance on the Colbert Report last night.


JJ Updates on Trek and Fringe
It isn’t much, but here is the latest update from JJ on the status of the Star Trek sequel.

We’ve begun talking about the next step, the next installment and we’re just beginning to figure out what that is. We’re working it out right now. We’re definitely writing a script, I’m definitely producing it and obviously we’ll see what happens about the director.

So there you have it. Nothing much has changed, and the ‘who will direct?’ question is still hovering out there.

The main thrust of the interview was to promote Fringe, which has just started it’s second season and released the first season on home video. Here Abrams talks up the show’s progression:

The fun of Fringe is that at the beginning of every episode you’re going to get a shock and the first episode of season two is no exception. I would say the first season, like all first seasons, had a little bit of a fight to find its voice and get its rhythm. Last year we began to find that rhythm and find that voice and this year it’s a sexier, funnier more shocking and also more scary season.


JJ on Colbert
JJ Abrams appeared via a phone in on the Colbert Report last night, for final night of calling in to Stephen’s ‘Atone Phone’ (1-888-OOPS-JEW), to give Stephen their appologies for Yom Kippur. Abrams introduced himself as ‘the director of Star Trek’, perhaps that has now replaced ‘creator of Lost’ as his mainstream media hook.

JJ referred to a puzzle and his appearance last May, to promote the Star Trek movie. If you missed that, here it is, including the "Romulan Stephen Colbert".




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Great! WOW!

Is JJ spreading himself too thin?

Tune in next week for another exciting installment!


I’m really hopeful that JJ will direct the sequel! He better!

I really hope he’ll direct… but right now I think it’s safe to say that there’s a 50% chance he will and a 50% chance he won’t. In interviews he has sounded more interested in directing something that’s new and original, as compared to something that’s based off pre-existing material.

I guess we just have to hope that Bob and Alex (and Damon) produce another amazing script!

If JJ doesn’t direct the sequel…let Nimoy do so:) Or Bellisario… who made NCIS :) Or maybe Christopher Nolan…READ THIS AND PLZZZ IMPLEMEN IT WHOEVER ASSOCIATED WITH THE SEQUEL READS THIS

I hope JJ Abrams directs both Parts 2 and 3 as it , in addition to scriptwriting from Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof, would provide a sense of cohesion to the whole thing — Abrams’ ST trilogy. He’s friendly with and admires Mr. Spielberg so he might look on ST as his chance to direct his own Indiana Jones into the franchise pantheon. Then again, he may choose Mr. Lucas’ model with the original SW trilogy and select directors that he can ultimately oversee. In that case, I’d expect him to stay within the Bad Robot family and hire someone like LOST’s best director (and a producer) Jack Bender to take the center seat on Part 2.

In any case they’ve got a genuine success to live up to. A real challenge.

Glad to hear JJ is producing it, I see that they’ll figure out the director. I hope they’ll keep the release date in 2011 if they can but if that means JJ can’t direct it in that case, then I hope he’ll personally select a director who he’ll approve of–one who will carry JJ’s Trek universe vision into the next movie. The first one was really good.

I think Colbert should direct it. He’s a fan!

I will be curious how a James Cameron Star Trek would turn out.

It would probably be a epic tale filled with emotions, special effects and comment about the human condition.

I think JJ can find someone to do it right if he can’t direct.

I wouldn’t mind a Colbert cameo in the next one. A discrete one, mind you.

JJ reverse the timeline please.


A new director will be fine with me as long as the next film feels like a Trek movie


bring back the classic TOS

sorry i dont think so.
that THING had nothing.

Colbert gets things named after him.


it was an alt-verse before nero showed up. we need to go back to TOS.


James Cameron hardly comes out ouf the water now a days
so it would be a sea trek , not star trek

omg remember SEA QUEST STI

Nick Meyer!

I’d hate for the next one to sport a new look again. Keep the established look. Except the engineering section, of course.

#16: You can. All three seasons are out on DVD, both in original states and remastered. Let the rest of the world progress. :)

I think that they should consult with Chris Nolan on story. I loved the new Star Trek but it would be great if the next one was like the Dark Knight in terms of it’s character development and story telling.

That is the potential the new cast have and it would be awesome to see that realized.

opps that’s claim.

Bryan Singer would be a great choice for Star Trek XI. We could call it Super Star X-Trekman.

Seriously though, Singer would be a great choice.

Seriously? Let’s get a director who knows what a steady-cam is. And as for character development–if any at all–the development will be about as fleshed out as Shia LeBouf and Megan Fox were in “Transformers 2.”

Bring back Nick Meyer, bring back Harve Bennett (Before he dies, PLEASE!?) and bring back competent writers. Don’t change the look, it’s too late for that (not that it’s a bad thing). Okay, you can fix engineering. I mean, can we have an actual warp core this time, production guys?

anyone but the SHAT!.. and please don’t tell me that if he had had the money for the rock monster at the end of the movie it would been so much better…besides the first 10 minutes, and the last 5 minutes , the rest just sucked! ..Nick Myer and Frakes are good choices, how bout Nimoy again….3 and 4 were pretty good..and wouldn’t be wild to have Myer directing a Khan movie again?!

Those “bring back Meyer”, “bring back Harve Bennett” shouts are just as ridiculous as “bring back Shatner”.

I want to see JJ do it again. He has the vision and the quirkyness in his directing to make it visually interesting. He’s not afraid to use unconventional techniques and I love the way he moves his camera…which is very important. One of the main differences in TOS and the spin offs is the camera work. The camera in TOS was all over the place. On the bridge alone it would pan, dolly, swing left, swing right…it made it all very fluid and fun to watch.

Static shots are boring and belong on boring stilted dramas, not action/adventure stories like Star Trek.

I really hope Abrahms comes back, his style of directing was very refreshing.

Bring back Brannon Braga and Rick Berman! ;-)

Ok, I’m SO joking…so no flames please!

#12 – “I wouldn’t mind a Colbert cameo in the next one. A discrete one, mind you.”

I wonder if Colbert could be discrete? But, the thought have value.

Maybe JJ is sincere about the “who will direct” issue. But hollywood actors/directors often play up their apparent ambivolence to a project in order to appear non-committal, thereby maintaining a strong negotiating position when time comes to set out their contract, and especially their salary for a much-anticipated sequel. So that could be another explanation. Sorry if someone else has already said that.

I am praying Johanthan Frakes does NOT direct the next movie.

*Johnathan Frakes

@ #26 —

I wasn’t “shouting” bring back Meyer and I don’t think others “shout” it either. And I don’t think it’s ridiculous. I don’t “shout” my opinions. As both a Trekkie and a ‘fan of movies,’ I was disappointed that JJ didn’t deliver on his promise of making ‘a movie for fans of movies.’ When I say, “Bring back Meyer,” I mean it as a person who was sorely disappointed in the final product and believe that Nick Meyer–or anyone else, to be quite frank–could do a better job.

The script and direction just left so much more to desire; and I believe that’s something that I think could be fulfilled by Trek’s most successful (Not Abrams) director.

As for bringing back Shatner, which I don’t think I’ve ever vouched for, the writers would have to do something really creative in order to do that. The ideas from BringBackKirk.com bring some to mind, but nothing else really. Otherwise, bringing back Shatner is really just a pipe dream, unless that hologram scene that was written is ever green lit for a filmed scene.

Fix the bridge and engineering!

I’m pretty confident JJ will be back to direct. The first movie was a HUGE success and he clearly had a great time making it, so I can’t imagine he wouldn’t want to do the same with the sequel.

Especially with all the expectations and hype that’s going to be surrounding it.

Judging from some of these comments it looks like the fans are saying the same stuff as when the new movie was first announced way back when.

Get over it everyone, we are NOT going back to old school Trek.


JJ Abrams has nothing to do with the Transformers franchise.

Singer’s a ST fan. He would be good but I think he’ll also be busy on BSG.

No Meyer or Frakes, please. New blood to the franchise. Spielberg behind a great script could be a very big thing.

How about Chris Nolan directing Star Trek?

How about Roman Polanski? Oh, I forgot.

well,i will love to see QUENTIN TARANTINO directing ST-XII!:)I WAS KIDING!


Neill Blomkamp (District 9) for director!!!

District 9 is what a REAL Sci-Fi movie is like!!

Please also consider: Guillermo del Toro, Sam Raimi, Ang Lee, …



NICK MEYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d take Nick Meyer in a heartbeat as the director.

He knows the characters.

The tragic thing about ST:V is what it could’ve been. From Sean Connery playing Sybok to a plethora of other things. No a rock monster alone would not have saved it. But the premise was fantastic, seeking out God and finding the Devil instead. If done right, would’ve come off as one of the greatest Star Trek film’s ever! Instead, there was a poor script, poor special effects, poor acting (the Romulan Ambassador, yuuck) (Klingons sucked donkey balls)(and still no Connery) . The fact is, no one else at the studio was as excited about the story as Shatner was and I personally believe, unconsciously sabotaged the production through the casting decisions, sceenwriter decision, special effects company decision, budget decision (ST V was coming off a very highly successful ST: IV and no rational reason to reduce the budget for V)

I’ll direct


People, Paramount isn’t going to hire Nick Meyer to direct a $150 million blockbuster in 2010. (And not Frakes, either.) I love Nick, I’m itching to go buy his book, but let’s be realistic here. Number 42 listed some realistic and good suggestions. I’d take any one of those guys, and Jon Favreau as well … but he, like Raimi, is too tied up with superheroes at the moment.

Yes, I definitely considered Jon Favreau, and he would be great; but I wouldn’t want to take him away from Marvel, where he is kicking ass!! =)

Let’s get Chris Columbus to Direct. Or Cameren. They have great experence at directing blockbusters and I think they would be great at Trek.