October 2009

Exclusive: Creator Of ‘Klingon Propaganda’ Revealed

Last weekend we reported on an interesting new animation on YouTube called "Klingon Propaganda" which led to a ‘Klingon website’. There have been subsequent videos this week adding to the mystery which has been the subject to much speculation on this site and many others. Now the man behind the video has come forward and explained to TrekMovie what it is all about.

Kate Mulgrew Hasn’t Seen JJ Abrams Star Trek – But Wants To Be In Sequel

The latest project for Star Trek Voyagers’ captain Janeway is providing voice work for Bioware’s new fantasy role-playing video game "Dragon Age Origins". In a new interview promoting the game, Kate Mulgrew also talked Star Trek, including talking about the latest JJ Abrams movie, and the next one too. See below for excerpts. 

Book Excerpt: Star Trek Vanguard: Precipice

Arriving in November is the next Star Trek novel from Pocket Books, "Star Trek: Vanguard: Precipice", which is the second Vanguard book for 2009. Written by David Mack, "Precipice" has the Starbase 47 team involved in intrigue and espionage with the Klingons in a race for mysterious ancient alien technology. To get you started, you can read chapter one, below.

STO Update: New History Video + New Screenshots + Exclusive Bonuses + more

In our Star Trek Online update we have a whopping 27 new screenshots to show you from Cryptic’s upcoming MMORPG, but wait there’s more! Cryptic also released Part 2 of their video history chronicling the events that lead up to setting of the game (the war between the Klingons and the Federation in 2409). Plus we have some details on cool pre-order bonuses and more clues on the release date.

FanMade: Phase II Update On “Blood & Fire, Part II”, “Enemy: Starfleet” and more

The fan production Star Trek Phase II is gearing up for a big November. After long last, part 2 of "Blood and Fire" will be released on November 20th, and to make up for the long wait, the first act of their next episode "Enemy: Starfleet" will be released the same day. We have more details and preview video and images below, plus an update on James Cawley’s Buck Rogers web series.

Star Trek Movie Deleted Klingon Scene Available Online + DVD/Blu-ray Debuts In Some Countries

Ready for more Klingons? Tonight during the Scream 2009 awards, Spike TV debuted one of the DVD/Blu-ray deleted scenes from the 2009 Star Trek movie. The scene shows Nero being interrogated by the Klingons while at Rura Penthe prison, and it is now online, check it out below. Plus we have some news on special Star Trek movie releases overseas.

Star Trek Wins Hollywood Movie Award

Last week we reported that you can vote for the new Star Trek movie for a couple of award shows. The nominations for People’s Choice Awards are still being voted on, but Star Trek did win the Hollywood Movie Award, just a week after picking up the the top Scream Award (which aired Tuesday night). See below for more details and pictures of Zachary Quinto picking up the award at the Hollywood Film Festival on Monday.

New Klingon Propagana Video Follow-up + Translation & more

On Sunday TrekMovie first reported on a new viral video titled "Klingon Propaganda" which contained clues leading to a Klingon website. The mysterious video has been sweeping around web since, and today there is a new video live-action video from the same source which shows the Klingon plot may be even more insidious. We have that below, plus a translation and more details on the first video.

Listen To Gene Roddenberry Interview William Shatner at Roddenberry.com

Back in 1976 Gene Roddenberry released an album called "Inside Star Trek" which included conversations with many Trek luminaries and others, it didn’t sell that well, but was released on CD in 1999. And today the folks at Roddenberry.com have put one of the more interesting tracks, a conversation with William Shatner, online in a ‘hidden section’ of their website. Find out how to listen to it below

Watch Clips Of Shatner (Accepting For JJ Abrams) From Spike Scream Awards

Tomorrow night Spike TV airs their Scream Awards, and as we reported last weekend, JJ Abrams new Star Trek film does very well. We now have some clips from the show, where you can see William Shatner on stage accepting an award for the movie and talking to JJ Abrams about how he isn’t in it.

Viral Video Leads To ‘Klingon Empire’ Website

The Klingons were created in the 60s to be the Star Trek stand-ins for the Cold War ‘Red Menace’. This week an impressive new video was uploaded to YouTube titled ‘Klingon Propaganda’, which runs with the notion by creating a motivational cartoon from the Klingon perspective in the style of 20th century Communist Propaganda. And it is so well-made, it raises the question as to whether or not it is ‘Fan Made’ or something more.

Zoe Saldana Talks Sequel Production In 2010 – Is 2011 Release Date Still Possible?

Last weekend we reported that Star Trek writing team of Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman were now talking about delivering the script for the sequel in mid 2010 for a potential 2012 release. But now Star Trek’s Uhura Zoe Saldana says she has been asked for details on her 2010 schedule, implying that their still may be a chance for shooting next year. How does this all add up? TrekMovie asks a trusted source to help us sort it all out.

Abrams: Next Star Trek Needs To Be ‘Most Meaningful’ – But Not Called ‘Star Trek 2’

Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman recently said they have more time to hand in their Star Trek sequel, so things are still in that deep thinking stage. In a new interview, producer JJ Abrams talked about what direction he sees the next Trek is going, and how he wants it to be ‘deeper’. JJ also talked about what to call the sequel. Details below plus photos of Abrams presenting an award to Zoe Saldana.

CBS Announces New ‘Star Trek Live’ Theme Park Show – Exclusive Details

Star Trek is headed back to theme parks. Today CBS, along with the Mad Science Group, announced ‘Star Trek Live’ a new traveling interactive stage show which will be combining "science and entertainment" using Star Trek. More details below, plus TrekMovie has the exclusive first look at the logo and marketing brochure.

Reviews: Gene Roddenberry’s ‘Genesis II’ & ‘Planet Earth’

In the 1970s, between the end of Star Trek The Original series and the first Star Trek feature film, Gene Roddenberry developed a number of sci-fi TV pilots, which aired as TV movies, but never made it to series. Now Warner Brothers has made Genesis II and Planet Earth available via their video-on-demand DVD program. See below for our thorough review of both titles.

Star Trek Online Begins Closed Beta + TrekMovie Giving Away Keys

Cryptic Studio’s highly anticipated massive multiplayer game, Star Trek Online, is taking a big step towards its release today with the announcement that the game is now ready for the closed beta test. This is a big milestone that indicates the game is still on track for release in early 2010. We have details below on how you can enter, including a TrekMovie contest giving away a few guaranteed spots for the beta test.  [UPDATE: TrekMovie contest over]

Kurtzman and Orci Talk About ‘Digging Deeper’ In Star Trek Sequel

We already reported that at the 2009 Screenwriters Expo last weekend, Star Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman announced that they are now shooting to finish their sequel script in eight months (instead of two) and the film is now likely slated for 2012. In a new interview from the event, the pair go into more details about what that extra time gives them, as well as talking about more aspects of Star Trek and more. 

Vote To Nominate Star Trek at People’s Choice Awards + Hollywood Awards & more

Last weekend JJ Abrams Star Trek movie led the Spike Scream Awards with six wins based on Internet voting. Today The People’s Choice Awards opened their nomination process with Star Trek already listed in most of the movie categories. Details on that below, plus Star Trek at the Hollywood Film Festival and even more Star Trek Oscar Buzz.