Star Trek: The Exhibit Coming To Hollywood – Opens This Weekend

Star Trek: The Exhibition, the traveling exhibit of Star Trek memorabilia, is going Hollywood…literally. TrekMovie is first with the news that the engagement of the exhibit which wrapped up its stay at Franklin Institute in Philadelphia in August has moved to Los Angeles and opens up at Hollywood & Highland in Hollywood on October 10th. More details below.


Trekkin to Hollywood
The 10,000 square foot touring exhibition of authentic Star Trek ships, set recreations, costumes and props has already set up at the Hollywood & Highland Center on Hollywood Blvd. That is the same complex that houses the Kodak Theater (where the Oscars are held). The Exhibit is set up in the former location of the Virgin Megastore (right next to the Mann Chinese Theaters). Opening day is Saturday October 10th and the limited engagement will be open until December (and possibly longer).

Hollywood & Highland Center – next stop for Star Trek The Exhibit

The exhibit that is coming to Hollywood is second engagement, which first opened in Phoenix Arizona last year, and most recently was at the Franklin Center in Philadelphia. Highlights include

  • Recreation of the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, featured in Star Trek: The Next Generation (you can get pictures taken sitting in Picard’s chair)
  • Shinzon’s throne featured in the film Star Trek: Nemesis
  • A replica of the sickbay from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The ship’s sickbay was the setting for many of the show’s most important scenes.
  • Recreation of the Engineering Room from the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D
  • Original Series Captain’s chair recreation (w/ green screen for photo ops)
  • Genuine Props and costumes from the entire Star Trek franchise, including JJ Abrams Star Trek

TNG Bridge coming to Hollywood

There will also be a new element: a recreation of Quark’s Bar from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which will be used for live music and special event entertainment. And from the new Star Trek movie, there are a total of seven costumes, including a Kirk, Spock, Spock Prime, and Nero outfit. There is also a complete landing party kit from the new movie: communicator, phaser and tricorder.

"Star Trek" movie props on display when in Philadelphia

Tickets for STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION range from $10.50 to $16.50 and can be purchased at the box office or in advance at The exhibit is open seven days a week: Sunday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and Friday and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. For more information, text “Hollywood” to 75309 or call 866-940-3976. The address for the exhibit is 6801 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA, 90028.

Visit the STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION fan page on Facebook here. And follow the exhibition on Twitter @StarTrekhwood

Opening at The Tech in San Jose
Also, don’t forget the other engagement for Star Trek: The Exhibition is opening at The Tech Museum in San Jose on Friday October. 23rd. More info at


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I went to the Exhibit when it was in Philadelphia. I didn’t mind the ticket price, that was tolerable. It was the fact that they didn’t allow photos and that photos taken by the workers there were $27.00! That’s what pissed me off the most…and in Philly, it was a rather small exhibit. Trust me, 10,000 square feet isn’t as big as you’d think.

i saw the one in michigan it was pretty cool pics were alittle pricey got to sit on the original bridge it was worth the look

I have to go now that the new movie has been released.

Always in CA, huh? No wonder everyone’s seen it?

Yep I saw this version (minus the Trek 2009 additions) in Pheonix it was not that great. Also Trek 2009 props look like the Playmates toys and not the actual props.

I went to the Exhibit in Philly as well (Three times- It helps when you’re a member of the Franklin Institute and can get in for free). As far as pictures go I got a few by being quick and sneaky. Also it helps to wait until a few weeks into the exhibit when the guards aren’t so gung ho. Happy snapping!

#3 —

The ST 09 props are few and not that impressive. They’re only costume replicas of the Enterprise crew, Spock Prime and Nero. That’s it. Everything else is /strictly/ Trek Prime. ;)

What happened to the tos bridge? It was featured in earlier exhibits.

Lol, doesn’t look like they tried too hard with the TNG Bridge replica.

I can spot about 6 mistakes in just that one photo.

The Exhibit isn’t what the descriptions make it out to be. The TNG Bridge IS very basic, and the wall that the camera is shooting it from is just a piece of cloth with colored light on it. The TOS Captain’s Chair has the right arm falling off, and the seat slides right out and isn’t attached. The “TNG Engineering recreation” sounds awesome, but all it is is the diagnostic table and a lighted picture of the warp core behind it. The “sickbay recreation” is just a trio of biobeds against a blank wall. The rest is just costume replicas, with a very few of them being actual screen-used costumes. I wouldn’t say that it was worth the admission price.

And I’d also like to know what happened to the TOS Bridge, and the Guardian of Forever that was supposed to be at this thing, too! Man, us TOS fans just continue to get jipped time and again…

I went to the exhibit in Detroit it took 4 hours to get there and it was worth the drive with out a doubt!!

I took my pic on the bridge of the Las Vegas ride. I am sure that looks far cooler than this thing.

The Exhibition actually ended its Philadelphia run in September, not August. I was there volunteering for the final Saturday (the third time I did so over the summer), and it was great fun! The TNG bridge was in pretty good shape (though one wall did seem to be just colored muslin, which I assumed was part of the design of the Exhibition version, for whatever reason), as was the TOS command chair, when I was there, though TOS Purist is correct about the seat sliding out. (The arm was fine, though, when I sat in it and did my best Kirk pose. ;) )

The TOS bridge is still out there, but it was with the other Exhibition, the one that I guess is now in San Jose. I wonder if that one has the Guardian, too. It was fun to play on the TNG bridge, but I would really have enjoyed the TOS bridge more. Oh, well.

Alright, I’ve decided I still need to go see the Enterprise-D bridge now that the Las Vegas Experience is no more. I just need to get it out of my system, being on that bridge, I’ve always wanted to do that since I was a small child.
Even if it’s not the best recreation, I have hope that it’ll do.

I’m surprised it is coming back here after its long original run at the Dome in Long Beach when it was much bigger and it was called Star Trek the Tour. Why go to a smaller exhibit with less to do?

I’m’s already back in CALIF…b/c when it was combined: Star Trek the Tour (it was in Long Beach, CA).


a) the other half of this exhibit is going to San Jose, CA soon (where the TOS bridge is at)

b) I saw this ‘half’ in Philly and when it was in Long Beach, CA (originally)–some sad news–in transport from city to city, many of the props/exhibits have been DAMAGED ! incl. the Shuttle/fighter pod from Nemesis…the TNG Engine Room set has suffered considerable “wear and tear” from each city and it looks pretty bad now..and the bridge itself is getting dirty/damaged from wear and tear…


but its better than nothing…

hope it is in LA thru Christmas

This thing must really be raking in the dollars if it moved across the street!

Please post pictures of the Quark’s Bar recreation!

My God! I really want to go there!

When will that exhibit be going to Atlanta, Birmingham, or Huntsville?

Having seen the exhibition in Philadelphia, I must warn people that it is very pricey- photos in all the good spots are not allowed, and the price for the professional photos is VERY high. It would break the bank to take a family to this.

Additionally there is a lot of wear and tear- I hope that there is a rehab crew (and it gets to work) before this exhibit sets up shop in its new locale.

The Exhibit is all well and good, but I want the to enjoy a drink at Quark’s Bar when the Experience reopens! If it ever reopens…

Ho- hum… ALWAYS in Los Angeles! When is this exhibition going to come to the North East? How about NY and Boston?! The Star Trek world seems to think everything begins and ends in L.A. Why do fans elsewhere always get short-changed?

I doubt you will see Star Trek “The Experience” again in our lifetime.

#24 Cryogenics, my brother.

Wrong bridge for my money. I would gladly pay to see the TOS version along with the Guardian though.

It might be worth a drive to Atlanta for me if it ever goes there.

I remember going to the Experience and having our photo taken on the bridge. If you are a TNG fan, that was a dream come true. There was a Borg tour going on during our photo shoot, and since they shared the same staging areas as the Klingon Encounter we got to spend about 20 minutes on the bridge just hanging out waiting for the other folks to finish up their simulator experience. We got to explore the bridge at great length. That really satisfied my TNG bridge jones. I have every square inch of that sucker memorized.

The only thing of interest to me is the TOS bridge. If that particular version of the tour ever comes to the NW I’ll be there. I don’t really need to see a copy of the captain’t chair, though. Paul Allen has the real thing. Pretty cool to be about 2 or 3 feet from it.

I remember when this was first announced as one BIG touring show instead of two SMALL touring shows that it was supposed to have been coming to Minneapolis by now.

Now it’s just circling Los Angeles… Nice…

Not that I had the extra money anyway, just saying this whole “enterprise” turned into a waste…

THX the TNG bridge photo is a FAN great event, the only thing that could make it better is if you wore the uniform and was standing next to the show stars in uniform to, like you were part of the crew. That could make you a temporary Star Trek semi-GOD.

As for the Star Trek Experience on tour, the list in the spring of 2008 in the paper said Denver March-April 2009. Now that Halloween 2009 is weeks away those plans have become like history.

To me it seems like if you want the Tour in your city, your city has to first have a big population so the money base to be milked is there, and then you need to pay the transportation fees to get it there. And if you had big connections to the Experience crew or big wigs that would promo the location stop even better.

The next big thing to wait for is the STM:12 plot line to be leaked. When that happens the hype for the next movie will begin.

One last comment after seeing that so many want but are unable to visit The Experience, there is the ability to virtually experience visiting the sets. It’s called the VR-Reality computer program. I do not know of anyone making the software and hardware but it is possible.

The flaw is, VR is not real, and you may not see other visitors so you can brag about the event to others. That lacking fact removes more than half the power you’d gain by having been their yourself in the real world.

And from what I’ve seen from Popular Science’s The Future of series Holodecks are making big steps as to becoming real, say 20 to 30 years verse centurys for warp drive and the transporter. Medical my only be 20 to 50 years away, and next week it’s immortality for the topic. And the Medical aspect from this weeks show makes the promise look even more possible.

No will the FTC start demanding that I can prove I was not paid to say that. Good thing we get to wait til 12/1/09 before the laws take effect. The Feds make money off advertising, and now they want money from personal word of mouth, whats next they will start taxing our dreams.

This is starting to make 1984 look lightwieght in substance.

Has this thing not been in Southern California enough?

#32 – For me, the next big thing will be the Romulan War story, coming out in a couple of weeks, more-or-less. Then “Blood & Fire” Part II, then the continuations of “Titan” and “Vanguard”, then “Kitumba” next year, and then the “Typhon Pact” arc next fall…

ST12 leaks? Oh, yeah, I guess they’re in there someplace… ;)


If you wanted to wear a uniform and didn’t happen to bring one to the Vegas Experience, all you had to do was go through the doors that led (fictionally) to Picard’s office off the bridge. They kept uniforms there that you could rent to have your picture taken. I have to say, once again, that even though over time it started to show it’s age, I always enjoyed every aspect of The Experience. All these touring things don’t seem to have the same amount of love and care behind them that the Experience cast and crew put into their product.

Somebody, in the name of Crom, re-open the Experience!

Could someone post a schedule of dates and cities for this tour? Thanks.

I would love to know if there are any surviving pieces of the TOS bridge, costumes, props, etc on display anywhere…

Seriously, when the hell is freaking New York City going to get a visit?

It’s not really a tour when it’s in one state.

A world tour would be good. When?

Same question as Will… And I beg:


(That’s when I’ll be there from Brazil. ;) )

Been waiting forever for Fire&Blood part 2, it would be to see them post an ETA…

When we saw the first huge tour in Long Beach, that was the best. Then the management company had some problems and the tour got delayed in Long Beach. Some new backer has it and they decided to split the props up to cover more cities/states. Sadly, that is a poor choice as you don’t get the full effect.

We went down to San Diego when this started up again and the smaller size was a bust for the true fan compared to what Long Beach had. Plus we were able to take as many photos as we wanted, I must have over 200+ on my flash drive. The San Diego guards told us some one took photos of the props and was selling them on Ebay or some thing. Thus the reason for no photos, but you can sneak them if you are quick enough.

I yearn for the day I can have another Warp Core Breach, Borg Sphere, Mind Meld, Tranya, James Tea Kirk, etc at a new STTE. Thankfully between Darren and Jeff (former bartenders) I have the drink recipes to make at home….still it is not the same as sitting at the bar.

There may be some good news, the Las Vegas SUN had a recent article about the new STTE with the owner/developer of Neonopolis. Who knows, we all may get lucky soon or perhaps by next year. Quarks in 2010!!!

I am lucky enough to have an original menu from the Las Vegas Quark’s bar. It’s fun to pull it out, and look at all the food entrees.

And not to get totally off-topic, but since we are talking about seeing props from Star Trek, here is what the phasers that the crew of the Kelvin looked like. WAY better than the ones that Pine and Quinto used:

The communicator that the Kelvin crew used was cooler, too. There is a picture of it on the same site.

The sad thing is, there was once a little museum with the real TNG bridge on display in the same part of Hollywood, and it closed in 2006, having outgrown it’s location. They were supposed to reopen at a new larger location, but it hasn’t happened yet.

They had the Cheers bar set too, and it could be rented out for private parties.

the one in detroit was not the great (not worth the $35 I spent but whatever) but seeing the details on the uniforms was cool though – set recreations were not great and lacking in detail, but it did give off a feel for what the real thing must be like

the TOS bridge was so roughed up after a month it looked rather sad

I’m more of a TOS guy, but it would be nice to visit over to LA for the weekend.

I took my family to the Exhibit in Detroit (see the “professional” photos and snapshots I took outside the Exhibit here:

I was certainly disappointed with the restrictions on taking photos and the sloppy job the staff there did in taking their photos (had to reshoot one a couple of times and then realized another one needed to be reshot when we went to place our order!).

The display included a costume gallery, the TOS bridge (which has certainly been well worn but still exciting to stand/sit in!), a TNG corridor, a TOS transporter pad, a props room with the Guardian and a really cool Borg cube (approximately 3’x3′ in size made up of…well…I am not sure but it was obviously a time-consuming project!), another room with several panels on the history of Trek and various ship models.

Overall, it was worth the trip for my family (especially my younger 13-year old son with diabetes who absolutely beamed when he sat in Kirk’s chair as evidenced in the photos).

We actually live closer to Cincinnati (Dayton, Ohio area) so we are hopeful the other Exhibit makes down there to see the TNG bridge and other items in that exhibit.

While the Exhibit was not entirely what I hoped for, it was still thrilling to see the TOS bridge and walk through the Guardian since I am really a TOS guy at heart–seeing my kids (especially the aforementioned son) enjoy the Exhibit was a definite plus and made it worth the trip.

I will say that the Federation Science exhibit that made the rounds a few years ago was maybe better in the prop area and in allowing photos (see those here: but it will still be hard to beat the experience of standing on the TOS bridge!