JJ Abrams Talks Star Trek Sequel, Shatner, Nimoy, Nick Meyer & more

Today Paramount held a press event in LA for their fall home video releases, including Star Trek. One of the Q&A sessions was with Star Trek director JJ Abrams who, in addition to questions about DVD and Blu-ray sets, ended up talking about the Star Trek sequel, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Nick Meyer, and more. Get all the details below.


Q&A with JJ Abrams

JJ Abrams talks Star Trek sequel

Question: With the prequel, you have a chance to wipe the slate clean with maybe Romulans and Klingons. [In the next film] Do you have any intention of using the pre-existing monsters or characters, or bringing in a whole new mythology?

JJ Abrams: In going forward, the fun of this movie series is that we will have the opportunity, given its alternate timeline, to cross paths with any of the experiences, places, characters that existed in The Original Series. . We have to be really careful, doing that. I don’t want to do something that is so inside that, once again, only die-hard fans will appreciate. But I guarantee you , and we are just now  working on the script and just now beginning the process of story breaking, whatever the story is and whatever the final movie ends up being, I know it will be something that the intent is that it will work on its own terms and be something that you don’t need to know and study Star Trek to get, but if you are a fan, there will be, hopefully, gift after gift of connections, references and characters that you, as a fan, hold near and dear.

Question: How far ahead do you envision your involvement with the franchise? Is it a movie-by-movie basis? Or do you see yourself kind of shepherding it for the foreseeable future?

JJ Abrams: That’s a wonderfully optimistic question and I appreciate that. The answer is, obviously, movie-to-movie. The fact that we are now actively discussing the second film is surreal and very nice, and I’m thrilled and I hope that that results in something worthy of your time. But, it’s one of those things that you just don’t know and so I cannot presume it’s going to  be a series that goes beyond those. Do we have ideas for a few movies? Have we discussed? Of course. You can’t help but go “Oh, it would be really cool, if we could do this, or if we set that up there?” You throw those things around, but  we can’t presume it’s going to be anything more than now another film that we’re lucky enough to do.

Question: Any chance of you shooting the next Star Trek film in 3-D?

JJ Abrams: It is funny. Paramount talked to me about doing the first one in 3-D and, having it only be my second film, I was petrified just at the addition–I thought it would be another dimension of pain-in-the-ass. I thought I would be like, "oh my god, I just want to make a decent 2-D movie.” I was so worried that, instead of being a decent 2-D movie, it would have been a bad 3-D one. So I’m open to looking at it because now I feel a little bit more comfortable and, if I, in fact, direct the sequel to our Star Trek film, 3-D could be really fun, so I’m open to it. What I’ve seen of Avatar makes me want to do it, because it’s so crazy-cool looking.

Question: You managed to contemporize what was an aging franchise, with your work on Star Trek, and you have talked about including more current events or contemporary themes in the sequel. Do you think that Star Trek is something that is sort of evergreen or that needs to be continuously updated for each generation?

JJ Abrams: It’s hard to give a blanket answer to that question. I do think that, whether it’s Star Trek or anything, whatever is being investigated or created or produced now, in movies or TV, needs to consider the context in which it is being distributed. It’s not a vacuum. There are certain universal themes of love or conflict or loyalty or family. There are certain things that are everlasting that need to be presented in a way that makes it feel relevant. Even if it’s a period piece, you need to consider what context that film, that story and those characters are being seen in. But, having said that, with Star Trek, it’s not like we’re looking to make the second movie some kind of heavy political allegory. I think that it’s important that there is metaphor to what we know and that there is relevance, and I think allegory is the thing that made shows like The Twilight Zone and Star Trek resonate and still vital today. But, because the first movie was so much about introducing these people, and it was very much a premise movie very much about how you bring these people together, it made it difficult to also have the film go as deep as it could, about certain conflict, about certain relationships and the heart of who some of these characters are. I think it was successful in what it needed to do to introduce these people, but I feel now that we’ve done that. And yes they are still going to be getting to know each other to some degree, but I think it is the job of the next film to go a little bit deeper–not to be any less fun and take itself too seriously–but to consider now, who these people are now and to grow with them, and examine them a little more closer, now that we’ve gotten through the sort of pleasantries and introductions.

Question: For the next couple of months of the foreseeable future, what do you see focusing on?

JJ Abrams: Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman are running Fringe very well and we’re still very involved, but they’re running that. We have a new series that we just sold to NBC that we’re producing–it’s a pilot. There’s a movie that I’m writing that I would love to direct  early next year, so we’ll see if that comes to fruition. There’s a movie called Morning Glory that is coming out next year, with Harrison Ford, Rachel McAdams and Diane Keaton, that’s being edited now. Roger Michell directed that. And obviously we’re hard at work on the Trek and Mission: Impossible, there is a lot.


JJ on Shatner and Nimoy in Star Trek, Fringe and MI4

Question:  You have said the hardest decision for you with Star Trek was not including William Shatner in the movie, can you talk about the possibility of him being in the next one? 

JJ Abrams: I am open to anything. I would love to figure out something. Given the challenge of introducing these new characters, given the burden of cast these new people, I feel like the first did some of the heavy lifting that needed to be done in order to free us going forward, maybe there is less of a burden and more of an opportunity to work with him again. We speak, we actually have a lunch date planned. I am fan, I am a friend of his, or he is at least a friend of mine–he may say otherwise on his blog today, I have no idea. I really couldn’t like him more and would love to work with him.

Question: [Leonard Nimoy] has said that he thought a Star Trek sequel maybe didn’t need him anymore. What is your reaction to that? Is he just being modest?

JJ Abrams: I can say that I can’t imagine a Star Trek movie not needing him. I’m sure what he’s saying is a combination of modesty and honesty. He may actually feel that way. But, the truth is, we could never have made this movie without him, and working with him again would be a joy. It is clearly too early, given that we are just now talking story, to conclude whether or not Spock Prime is in the film or not, but do I want to work with him again? Of course, 100%. I’d love to.

Question: What are your plans for [Leonard Nimoy] on Fringe, beyond this week’s episode?

JJ Abrams: In terms of his role as William Bell, none of us could believe our luck that we convinced him to say yes to bee in the show. He is wonderful in the show. And, I will say that this is not the last you will see of his character.

Question: Can you rule out Leonard Nimoy reprising the role of Paris in Mission: Impossible: IV?

JJ Abrams: How cool would that be? It is funny, I just got a call that Peter Graves is in great shape. There was that time when he did Airplane!, but I almost feel like you could make him serious-ize again and bringing him back. Whether it’s Nimoy, who., of course, I have an incredible affinity for, or Graves, or anyone, we’ll see. I actually tried to get Martin Landau in Mission III, in a very small little moment just for fun, and was told that he had no interest in doing it. But then, when I met him, after the movie came out, it was the greatest thing. We were at this restaurant in New York, for one of the TV upfront parties, and someone introduced me to Landau. They took me over and Martin Landau came over to me, extended his hand, and [pretended to removes his face mask]. That was the greatest thing I’d ever seen.


JJ Abrams on Nick Meyer

Question:  Nicholas Meyer watched all the 79 original episodes before he directed The Wrath of Khan. How many of the original episodes had you seen before directing the film?

JJ Abrams: I saw most of the original episodes. I watched a lot of them with my kids and they loved it so much more than I every thought they would and were scared to death! It was so cool to see these episodes through the eyes of a seven or eight year old.

But I want to speak for a moment about Nicholas Meyer, who was an amazing director and writer, and was friends with my parents when I was a kid. When I was a kid, among the other embarrassing things I would do, and there is a list of stupid things, I would make these dumb comedy tapes. I would often make prank phone calls and would do it with friends and Greg Grunberg and I would make countless moronic comedy tapes. I vividly remember one night though when Nicholas Meyer was over for dinner. He came into my room, and I was maybe nine or ten, and he and I made a tape together, and it was some stupid interview tape, where he and I were playing characters interviewing each other. He was just this guy who was willing to be silly and goofy and I knew he was a writer, but I didn’t know much about him. And the idea that he would later go on to direct a Star Trek movie and that even later I would is so weird to me. Years later he came to my bar mitzvah and he gave me the unabridged annotated Sherlock Holmes, which I still have. It is just bizarre to me, because I was such a fan of the films he did, and really that was the height of my Star Trek fandom. I saw the first film, but when his films came out I just loved him. I always felt a kinship because I knew that guy and it was just sort of surreal to be in those shoes and getting to say action.

COMING UP NEXT: Bob and Alex + first impressions
Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman were also at the event, look for a report on their Q&A shortly. Later we will have some first impressions from the demo of the Star Trek Blu-ray.

Look for more coverage on the Star Trek home video releases coming November 17th. You can pre-order your copy or copies below.

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Star Trek 2009 3-disk set

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trek 12 would be great in 3d!

Wow, I would love to see Peter Graves and Leonard Nimoy in a new M:I movie. That would be really cool.

It’s cool that Abrams may have Nimoy in the next film. I still don’t see a viable way to squeeze Shatner into it!

Awesome stuff….

Wow! The Nick Meyer JJ Abrams connection is awesome!
I had never heard JJ talk about Meyer before…

Best. Bar Mitzvah. Ever. :D

On the downside, though, Nimoy in MI4 would mean he’d be sharing the screen with Tom Cruise. *shudder*

Sounds like JJ is a bigger Star Trek fan than he first let on!

Anyone who is really familiar with Star Trek can find many possible ways to bring Kirk Prime back. I bet professional writers could come up with something that would blow us away.

Yes, it is very easy for a Star Trek expert to find hundreds of ways to bring Shatner back, but it would have to be done in a way relevant to the plot, and it has to be a plot relevant for itself.

This is not a TV series where we’ll have 24 episodes each year and can afford giving one of them to a plot based in justifying the com back of a loved actor. It is a movie, and it has to be good by itself.

The objetive in the mind of the writers has to be making the best story posible and if it involves an old Kirk, great, but I don’t see how bringing someone else from the prime universe in the second movie won’t mess the perception of the movie whatever its plot is.

The new crew has been stablished and it needed a movie without time for strong Scifi allegory or a pure Star Trek mission of exploring and “cowboy diplomacy”. The mission for Bob and Alex right now is to show us the new incarnation of the crew having their real first Star Trek mission together, which they haven’t had yet (Nor in the first movie, nor in the series). Shatner should only be there if the story requires him; not as an obligation. Let him read the audio book of the novelization, but do not force him into the plot.

Harry ballz one easy way of getting an older kirk could be a new interpritation of the classic tos episode “The Deadly Years”

Wow, one of the most interesting interviews I’ve read, and it sounds like JJ is opening up just a little more about Trek 12.
JJ and Nick Meyer, cool!


Yeah, I’ve heard that mentioned before, but I think seeing Pine turn into Shatner then back to Pine would lose any audience member with half a brain!

For Star Trek 11, I was pretty vehemently against bringing back Shatner. For Star Trek 12, I could imagine a way that wouldn’t be so intrusive (basically, going off the fact that in the JJ-verse, the whole Nexus story doesn’t need to happen), BUT then we’d be looking at another time travel story (it’s about time Star Trek gives that a rest for a good long while), AND it would still be the case that the story would need to mandate the inclusion — no gimmicks for nostalgia’s sake, please.

One notion that intrigues me, since Abrams brings up the tie-ins to TOS, is whether Star Trek 12 could fool around with the Mirror universe. Maybe it would be too soon, and it would be better to tie the movie into another OS story like the Corbomite Maneuver or the Doomsday Machine (personal favorites), but the notion of multiple parallel universes interacting with each other is intriguing to me (OS universe – JJ Universe – Mirror Universe, in a kind of triangle of interaction).

3D would be great for others, but for me it would not. I just went to the Eye Doctor today, and got a look at what damage had happened to my left eye some 20 years ago by the DUI driver that nearly killed me. Much of the Retna cells have been pressed to death, they are shocked that the eyeball did not shatter. The only way I’m going to see 3D again is with a Bionic Eye. They have beginner models now 1Kx1K in 16 shades of gray, and they will let you find doorways and walls but things like movies is like colored blocks of solid colored 8×11 sheets of paper pasted on the wall 5 feet from you.

I’d want one as good as a Jewelers Lupe to examine fine diamonds. But that good is some time in the 22nd century. May be around the time Capt. Archer’s dad opened the Warp 5 Center that’s referenced in Broken Bow when Enterprise started.

I just DLed a ISO copy of Pualey79’s Trials and Tribbulations. with 11 minutes of extra content added to the DSN episode. I would have added about 5 more minutes of the TOS episode The Trouble with Tribbles. There is also a 5 minute tribute to the starships named Enterprise. Wonder if they’ll let it get posted here. But that will take time, The Enterprise 720p episodes I’m getting from HDNet are eating up hard disk space right now. The Pauley79 DVD was one of the trade items wanted for the Enterprise videos along with many of the FanFilms I’ve collected.

To bad I’ll never get to post them because the detail quality is beautiful on these episodes, and only on a 22″ screen can’t wait for a 72″ screen.

Couldn’t Shatner do a cameo as KIrk’s grandfather, Tiberius? Maybe he could be one of those troublesome TOS ambassador types who keeps pestering KIrk to dosomething obviously unwise. “Grandpa, I’m not beaming you down to their council chamber until I find out what happened to our security team, and why the LIzard People keep asking for barbecue sauce. Now sit down and take your medication!”

Having Shatner in Star Trek 12 is easy.

Their only hope to save multiple universes…..and restore freedom..oops wrong franchise.

Seriously, if there is one man who can save all universes and restore continuity of Star Trek back to its correct future its him.


There you go Dave….with you on that. Shatner’s the man to me still.

Man i am gettin tired of that Shatner stuff.
Who cares about him anyway? I don´t and i would hate so him rushed into the story just to satisfy a bunch of had been who can´t accept that a) Shatner is now fat and old and b) Kirk is dead!
The idea they had for the first movie with Spock Prime presenting a holomessage to Spock from Kirk would been the best way to satisfy everybody. But now its time to move on.
apart from that there a lot of TNG, DS9 fans how about some references to this guys??? The Shatner thing bores me extremly and people bringing it up should leave it

dont suppose they could just film what they were gonna film for Trek XI and have Shatner in a cameo as a holoKirk Prime wishing Spock Happy Birthday?

maybe just to Spock Prime on Vulcan 2 instead of Spock 2.0

Failing that maybe have Shatner appear via retro footage? – i thought that might be the way to get him in Trek XI…..having Nero or Spock viewing footage of Kirk Prime (taken from a little seen episode of Columbo or TJ Hooker etc – CGed so hes in the Wrath of Khan era uniform – or even an outtake from one of the ST films so fans would be like ‘whoa never seen that before…’)

Nero checked out Kirk Prime in the CD comics doing just that,(and in the movie – ‘i know your face…from earths history’)

It’s obvious that JJ has a tremendous respect for Star Trek and the fans. The franchise couldn’t possibly be in better hands.

Given that Nick Meyer wrote the three best of the original series films (#2 #4 #6), I wonder whether JJ has considered inviting Meyer to join the writing/brainstorming team? Even if only in an advising/reviewing capacity? His track record for writing fan-pleasing and quality ST is unmatched.

I think Nomad has an idea that can be built upon, not exactly his grandfather, but maybe another relative high up in Starfleet command. The possibilities are endless and it doesn’t have to get in the way of the story or effect it in any way, simple a walk through of some sort, where he says one of his legendary catch phrases and that’s it… doesn’t have to be so complicating, I mean having him “appear” at all even for a moment would be honoring him as he deserves… Just have him walk through on an inspection stating… [showing the Vulcan salute] How many fingers do I have up?

RK – if you don’t like shatner then your not a star trek fan and need to post elsewhere… he made Kirk, he made star trek… without shatner and nimoy it never would have gotten off the ground…

Please bring back Peter Graves for Mission: Impossible 4 as Jim Phelps, even if it’s just for a cameo! Come up with some reason for Jon Voight’s character not to have been the real Jim Phelps.

Just as Generations’ idiotic killing of Kirk screwed up Trek for years, the M:I series ‘criminalising’ and killing Phelps started that series off on a seriously wrong footing.

Funny isn’t it: the mid-1990s was obviously an era that had no respect or understanding for long-standing properties, hence Generations, the first M:I, Batman & Robin and so on!

There’s a big difference between what MI did to Phelps and what Trek did to Kirk. MI–not one canon, not the same actor, completely different.

My problem is that after ST11, I can’t believe Abrams when he talks about wanting Shatner in the movie. Been there, done that. I would LOVE to see it.

The idea of Shatner and Nimoy having significant roles in the movie would be awesome–especially if Shatner is Kirk Prime.

We all know that Abrams and his writing team can deal with Generations if they truly want to do so. There are writers with less talent than they have that can come up with an acceptable way of making that happen.

There are those that feel that Countdown should be treated like canon. They brought Data back in that comic. True, I didn’t read it so I don’t know if they explained it, but even if they didn’t, he was there.

They had no problem doing it. And while a Kirk Prime return would need some sort of explanation, I have no doubt they can make one.

It’s a choice.

Trek movies don’t NEED villains. They just need something for the main characters to do.

Canon is what appears on screen. That’s a fact. Because of that, and because of what they depicted in ST11, there is no conclusion but to presume that the prime universe was destroyed–despite comments by Orci and Abrams to the contrary.

That’s what the movie showed. BUT–that’s only a presumption. Abrams can make a hell of a movie that deals with this presumption.

Imagine one of these potential ideas:

1. Spock Prime gets his head out of his butt and realizes that fixing the prime universe is actually important. Billions died that did not die before. The loss of Vulcan would prevent some major good things from happening, maybe even tying into the Probe destroying Earth since there is no Mount Selaya to revive Spock, etc. Kirk and crew, being the awesome people they are, helps him. We see a movie that saves the day, and as a nice benefit, Kirk Prime is saved as well, we see him at the end, Spock Prime and Kirk Prime high five and go back to their own time, and we still have our heroic younger crew moving on.

2. The prime universe is shown to still exist, but somehow something bad is affecting both universes, and Spock Prime and the Enterprise hold the key to saving the day. Kirk Prime, who is somehow shown alive by whatever brilliant reason the writers come up with, is our hero/messenger from the prime universe, and reunites with Spock Prime. After they high five, they work with their other universe counterparts and save the day. Miller time at the end, Spock Prime and Kirk Prime go home, and we still have our heroic crew moving on.

Abrams can kill every bird with one stone.

But I doubt any of that will happen.

18 – “Man i am gettin tired of that Shatner stuff. Who cares about him anyway? ”

Uh… apparently quite a number of Star Trek fans and other posters, if you bother to read their posts.

No 3D please. Too gimmicky.

23. Mitch

Everything you suggest would drive audiences away. All that crap about fixing timelines is gone now, thank God! It sucked throughout the Berman era and is well rid of. I’d like to see Shatner back, but the only realistic opportunity would have been in ST09.

Time for everyone to move on.

Personally, I’d have had Shatner’s Kirk alive in ST09, accompanying Spock, and ignored Generations. Who cares about continuity where Kirk’s concerned, years after a rubbish film even its cast hated and its writer has apologised for?

I don’t and the majority of the audience wouldn’t have. Only a few diehards would have complained and the mainstream media would have just laughed at them!

Well,, technically, James T. Kirk still exists in the Nexus energy ribbon.

26–that’s not the ONLY way to get Shatner in the movie. Hell, they could even establish that at some point, Kirk was revived and ended up somehow in the past at a point before Spock Prime arrived. They high five, and have an adventure.

The point is that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

That said, nothing I said would drive audiences away. The Berman era sucked because the writers were terrible. Abrams doesn’t have that problem. But one problem he does have is that despite any off camera comments to the contrary, on screen, he did destroy the prime universe. ST12 can clear that up and make canon what he apparently is claiming he wants.

Despite what many Hollywood execs think, audiences are intelligent. I hate when I hear comments about confusing the audience. People aren’t dumb. People did not magically forget that Shatner was the first Kirk. People are capable of understanding a plot involving more than one universe.

Stories about the consequences of time travel and changing history have provided some of the best science fiction of all time. Just because Rick Berman was an incompetent doesn’t change that.

Yes, ST11 (ST09 was Insurrection) was a realistic chance to get Shatner back. Abrams blew that chance. But if he wants Shatner in the next movie sincerely, it can and will happen. That’s a big if. Nothing in Abrams’ past gives me any confidence he is sincere on the Shatner issue, much as I would love to see that.

ST11 was a good movie. Not great, but good.

Abrams built up credibility on pretty much anything Trek related except the use of William Shatner in ST12. I simply don’t buy it.

just enough to appease the fans.. not enough to deter the common moviegoer = throwaway episode / cash grab


I had no idea of the personal connection between Abrams and Meyer.

That *is* surreal!

I don’t put much stock in the notion of Shatner in the sequel, and quite frankly, I don’t really want to see it happen. It is difficult for me to imagine that being anything but silly.

As for Nimoy, while I loved his role in ST09, I really think that including him in the next one is rather pointless, and could only serve to hold the franchise back when it should be moving forward. Unless the story somehow centers around the relocation of the displaced Vulcan survivors, I’m not sure why he would be necessary to the story. At the end of ST09, I really felt as if the character had found a purpose in this timeline, and would live out the remainder of his days among his father’s people….riding off into the sunset, so to speak.

I don’t feel as if there are any loose ends to tie up with Spock Prime.

Sounds like J.J. just might find a way to get Nimoy and the Shat on screen one more time.

I would name my first child after him if he could find a way to give Kirk prime a better ending… Only kidding. I’m not that much of a geek :)

Prediction: Both Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner will pop up in Star Trek 12.

P.S. It’ great that the series is in the hands of people who like and respect it, unlike the Beman/Bragga era.

Ok, here goes…Picard prime knows about the Nexus. He hears of Spock prime’s disappearance after the destruction of Romulus. War is also looming with the Romulans. After some quick investigating, Picard discovers that Spock prime’s ship went back into the past. After carefully researching what happened in the Nexus and discussing with Guinan the possibilities of Kirk’s “echo” still being alive in the Nexus, he finds the Nexus again and asks Kirk’s help finding Spock prime in the past (since he’s an expert of the time period). THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES……..

Maybe you could put a threat there to Spock prime and the new Vulcan 2.0 (which oddly looks like the Vulcan we all remember from the prime universe-red sky, etc.). Maybe the doomsday machine or some other wink to the original series is Spock prime and the new Vulcan homeworld. Picard and Kirk prime along with our heroes from the new timeline all have to work together to save the day. With this idea, you make a lot of people happy. KIrk is still alive, in a way. Shatner is in the movie. For TNG fans, Picard makes an appearance. For prime universe fans, Picard, Kirk and Spock prime could all return to their universe at the end of the movie while the new universe continues to exist. You get a lot of great and relevant appearances and all is right with both universes again, to an extent. Maybe it sets up a new TNG movie (big screen or TV) about fixing things with the Romulans.

On the downside, it may be way too complicated for non Star Trek fans who liked this last movie and attended it one or more times. It would be very bad to alienate them once again. On the other hand, if they cared at all about that last movie, you’d think they’d want to dive into Trek a bit more and would be able to get all of this figured out. Who knows!!!!! My two cents……..

Though ant to mention that I feel this new crew/set of actors are READY to go it alone, without any help from the original cast.

RK- You, and all of the other Shat-Bashers don’t have to like Shatner, the only thing that matters is that JJ does.

Trek is finaly in good hands.

I think the questioner was mistaken. Harve Bennett was the one who watched all 79 eps. I believe Meyer says (in his new book) that he only watched a few select ones.

Nimoy’s cameo in trek 09 was perfect,but now it’s time to move on!
No more Nimoy,no more Shatner and no more Khaaaaannn!!!
It’s been done,let’s go for a good original story.

oh oh, Space Seed-WoK here we come!

Give me Shat & Nimoy and I could die happy. But to quote George Costanza, “God would never let me be that happy; he’d kill me first.”

3D means shooting digital, which kinda sucks. Stick to film acquisition, shoot it scope, and once again it’ll look great. Trek doesn’t need 3D to draw the crowds.

Huh. Peter Graves and Leonard Nimoy in MI:IV.

“Paris, have you ever been in a Turkish prison?”

I just want to say that I’m *so, so* glad we can all start arguing about Shatner again.

As for 3D in ways it kind of can engulf you into the experience of the movie. And it is a new toy to play with, and you hope that you’ll become the founding framing person of this new medium. But unless your perfect at doing 3D your going to make many little flubs that will chop legs out from under your story faster than a bad script writer.

If used the producer needs to never do things just to prove the power of this new medium. 3D needs to be thought of as the wallpaper of the movie not the main star.

Like the opening scene of A New Hope, Star Wars created a scene that does not need 3D to blow you away with astonishment. Now if JJ can do something with that much power that can blow away both kid and adult then go for it, otherwise why get yourself dirty. 2D still does a great job.

Personally, I think the next movie should be about the new cast on their own terms.

Leonard Nimoy in the role of Spock Prime might make sense if the story involves the new Vulcan colony.

For instance, what would happen if the new colony was unknowingly being buint in the territory of a previously unknown alien culture?

What if there was something important about that planet to said aliens, and they started attacking the Vulcans?

Just an idea … :)

They should make a straight-to-Blu-ray/DVD film about Spock Prime and Kirk-Prime that could accompany the release of the next movie.

Kirk could step out of the Nexus on the Vulcan colony. It would be fun!

The nexus may not have been the greatest idea in the world, but it truly is the plot device to make anything happen with Kirk Prime. Not much is known about it except that it transcends time and space. Despite all claims to the contrary, without a question, Kirk Prime is in the nexus. Not an echo–the real deal–as real as the Kirk that fought with Picard.

And since we know time has no meaning in the nexus, that means anyone in there, is in there in the future, the present AND yes, the past.

I’ll even add that the only reason Kirk left the nexus was because Picard needed him to fight his battle, and when Kirk did Picard’s job for him, Picard never entered the nexus to begin with, which means that Kirk was never needed to LEAVE.

If JJ wants to prove that the prime universe exists, he could argue that the nexus not only exists in all times, it exists in all universes as well. And therefore, Kirk Prime CAN indeed be reunited with his pal Spock Prime, and they can high five. And yes, the same plot device can be used to bring in Picard Prime (with memories up to the destruction of the E-D). In a way, it would be similar to the transporter accident that created Tom Riker.

Again, that’s just one idea to illustrate that Generations is NOT an obstacle to the return of Kirk Prime.

I hate when people say Spock Prime is not necessary. Not too many characters ARE necessary. Spock Prime is now a supporting character. If they want to use him, they can.

One of the core ingredients of Star Trek is the Kirk/Spock friendship. Shatner and Nimoy–the chemistry they have together on screen combined with the 40 year friendship off screen, would be SUCH a great addition to any Star Trek movie. Death didn’t stop it once. It didn’t stop it in the novels either (which sadly are not canon). The idea that a madman jumping universes and changing everything can’t stop it–well that is awesome. Plus Pine/Quinto can give us the same friendship at an earlier stage. Two ends of the same spectrum.

THAT is Star Trek.

So, what i got from this article is:

Everyone who is successful in Hollywood today had parents who had dinner parties with insider Hollywood people.

Great, the new aristocracy.

Doesn’t make their work is bad…but, it creeps me the F@#k out!

given some un kind comments about Shatner I am amazed we have Star Trek fans

The popularity of Kirk over the years was due to the brilliant performance of William Shatner. We love the original actors because they made the roles.

Sometimes I read the comments here and think Trek fans just watch the shows to bitch about it all.





Is the Gould Holmes pedia worth it?

45. captain_neill: ‘Sometimes I read the comments here and think Trek fans just watch the shows to bitch about it all.’

While I’m far from an blind worshipper of all Trek, sadly I have to agree with you, Neill.