Happy Birthday, Scott Bakula (& Belated Happy Birthday To Avery Brooks)

Today is the birthday of Star Trek Enterprise’s Captain Archer, Scott Bakula. The actor is 55 years young. Since leaving the 22nd century in 2005 the actor has kept busy, including working on the stage, TV, and film and he even has a new TV show coming in December (Men of a Certain Age). We also are extending a belated birthday greeting to Avery Brooks, Captain Sisko of Deep Space Nine



The Captain of the ship and the show

This video from the DVD release of Star Trek Enterprise profiles Bakula’s work on Enterprise, as well has includes interviews with cast and crew discussing how the actor was captain behind the scenes too.

Imagine with Scott

Scott actually shares his birthday with the late John Lennon. Bakula is also an accomplished singer who has appeared in a number of musicals. He showed off his voice talent on an episode of Quantum Leap, singing Lennon’s "Imagine."

Belated Birthday to Avery Brooks

Last week we failed to mention that it was the 61st birthday of the Sisko! Mr. Brooks is a tenured professor at Rutgers and continues to do theater and some voice-over work.

Here is a classic Brooks moment in Deep Space Nine, in the episode "Far Beyond the Stars", which Brooks also directed

Avery also sings, here he is singing at Fan Expo earlier this year



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Happy Birthday, Captain Archer!

It’s also John Lennon’s birthday… it’s an awesome day. Happy bday Captain Archer!

Happy Birthday Mr Bakula!

Happy birthday Papa Bartowski!

It was Avery Brooks’ birthday last Friday.

I don’t recall a TrekMovie celebration for the Sisko.

Of course, I may have missed it.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bakula!

The only “Captain of the Enterprise” who is the same in two realities!

Happy Birthday, Scott!

Happy birthday, Mr. Bakula, fellow Ninth Octoberian!

Happy Birthday Scott.

Miss you,

Happy birthday to Scott and a belated happy birthday to Avery

And thank you Trekmovie for remembering the cast of the spin offs

Ah… Avery Brooks… you will always be the Krazy Kaptain to me. Happy birthday to both chaps!

I can see it now… “The Singing Captains.” Get ’em all together. We’re talking box office gold!

Happy Birthdays, Scott and Avery!

Happy birthday, Scotty. You’re a helluva guy. And the same goes for the regal Mr. Brooks.

Happy birthday indeed to Scott. To a great gentleman and actor as part of the Star Trek family.

As Cpt Archer, he did a fine job and he would fit the bill for any cpt to follow. While Shate’s portrayal of Kirk is my first choice, Archer is a very close second.

I was right!

Happy (belated) Birthday, Mr. Brooks!

I can’t believe he’s 61!

Happy b-day Scott and a belated a week for Avery. If I knew where the fountain of youth was I’d let them in on the secret. The best I can offer is Mind over Matter because that is what prevented me from becoming a veg in bed after my head was cracked open exposing my brain. In other words if you desire to live you will know how naturally. My best wishes to both on a healthy prosperous life for as long as you both desire.

Happy Birthday, Scott.

Time to shave your head, buddy, and join all the other male Trek Captains in glorious baldness.

That’s how Katherine likes ’em.

Oh, and Avery: Best of luck, Old Man.

Happy birthday Scott! Still the man.

He IS the Sisko!!

Happy birthday Dr. Brooks! Happy birthday Hott Scott!

Two of my favorite actors.

both John and Sean Lennon’s birthday (Sean born in 1975)

I would say that’s a very cool birthday to share.

Happy birthday to Scott Bakula and happy belated birthday to Avery Brooks! Both great actors.

Far beyond the stars is one of my favorite episodes. Avery gave, in my opionion, one of his best preformances of the deep space nine series. This scene is one ot the most emotional of te episode. Thanx Avery!

Happy birthday Scott!

I wish you all the best! And maybe seeing again Captain Jonathan Archer on ST12!

Greetings from France!

Belated Happy Birthday, Avery!

I met him in person at university where he made a TV episode for his Hawk show. I was shocked to see that his hand was real soft when we shook our hands.

55 and 61….. That makes ME feel old. DS9 started to take off when I left secondary school & Quantum Leap was on when in primary. Hells bells even I turn 30 next week.
Happy birthday chaps – LL&P.

Honestly, I find it hard to believe that Scott is 55 or that Avery is 61. Great actors and great captains. I wasn’t thrilled with either character at the beginning of their series, but both were so great by the end. I still wonder what might have happened if Enterprise was allowed to continue. I really thought it was getting quite good and I still miss it. I find that kind of weird since I don’t really miss any of the other series besides TOS.

I suppose its Professor Brooks now.

Man, that just doesn’t look good.

Glad you all eventually remembered.

I mean, i forget b-days all the time. But when you remember every other captain and forget…

It also doesn’t, necessarily, mean anything. But it should make you think a little.

…at least a little.

Happy Birthday Mr. Brooks and Mr. Bakula. Both are Libras like me!

Birthday greetings from Ireland to you both
two captains whose character both got a rough deal, imho.

bring back Sisko!

Happy birthday Scott Bacula! You, your character and your show are still loved by many a Trek fan.

happy birthday CAPTAIN SISKO!


Happy birthday to both Mr. Bakula and Mr. Brooks. Hope your day was special.

How come DS9 always seems to get slighted. It’s like the ugly step child of Star Trek, which is sad because it actually was the best written and acted of all the modern Treks.

I got to meet Avery at Trek Expo in Tulsa back in June and he is a really nice guy who made note of my name and remembered me when I got his autograph at the end of the con .

He has been Professor Brooks for a long time and actually taught classes long distance (sometimes in his Star Trek uniform) while he was making DS9.

Happy birthday Avery Brooks

Thanks for posting the signing videos! I’d heard Scott Bakula sing the national anthem (worth checking out on YouTube) but had never heard Avery Brooks.

Happy birthday to two fine and talented gentlemen.

Scott Bakula’s still alive?


When I met him ib Vegas 2007, I asked him a question about directing on the show and when I got my autograph and photo op with him he kept saying, “Hey its you with the question!”

It was cool my question stayed with him that day. Avery was cool. Only captain left for me to meet is Patrick Stewart.


Grow up you arse!

Happy Birthday to Scott Bakula Oct 9th, the best actor and singer EVER!! from one of his biggest fans. Really I have seen EVERYTHING.
But a correction to the staff. Men of Certain Age isn’t a new series. They are shooting their 2nd season that starts in December. Ist season is running now on Monday nights on TNT. Check your local listings. :-) It is an incredible show and Scott is great as Terry.