Jolene Blalock Joins Cast of ‘Legend of the Seeker’ + More Star Trek CelebWatch

Jolene Blalock, Star Trek Enterprise’s T’Pol, is returning to TV in a recurring role on the syndicated fantasy show Legend of the Seeker. The actress begins shooting this week, more details below. Plus we catch up on more Star Trek celebrity news, with interviews and the latest from Patrick Stewart, George Takei, Kate Mulgrew, Alexander Siidig, William Shatner and more.   


Jolene to play Dark Witch
Legend of the Seeker is a fantasy series based on the "The Sword of Truth" novels by Terry Goodkind. Shot in New Zealand, the show is from the team behind the long-running, successful series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess. Also, one of the executive producers is Ken Biller who was a producer and writer for Star Trek Voyager. The show premiered in the fall of 2008.

The press release has details on Jolene’s role:

Blalock, who begins filming in New Zealand this week, will portray a mysterious Sister of the Dark who possesses very powerful magic — she not only threatens Richard’s (Craig Horner) quest to defeat evil forces, but her ultimate goal is to destroy Kahlan (Bridget Regan).

The second season of Legend of the Seeker will premiere the weekend of November 7th. More info at

Season One of Legend of the Seeker will be out tomorrow, October 13th on DVD [pre-order at Amazon for $31.99]. Here is a clip:


Here are some quick Star Trek Celebrity tidbits

New interviews w/ Trek celebs

Takei on Newlywed Game Tuesday
As previously reported, George Takei and his husband Brad Altman taped an appearance for the Newlywed Game. Their episode airs tomorrow (October 13th at 6PM) on GSN. 

AP interview and clips from Takei and Altman on GSN’s Newlywed Game

Trek celebs and NYC Comic Con
Big Apple Comic Con in New York this weekend (Oct 16-18) will have a number of Star Trek celebrities on hand, including John Billingsley, Brent Spiner, Nichelle Nichols, Kate Mulgrew and William Shatner. More details at the official site.

Shatner Project DVD available for pre-order
William Shatner has a new DVD coming out which takes some of the best bits from his YouTube videoblog, along with new interviews and behind-the-scenes looks at the life of The Shat. The DVD will be out by the end of the month, and you can pre-order it now from Amazon.





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Ouch. Career in the dumps, huh?

I’ll definitley tune in to see George and Brad…

Bring Back Enterprise!

I don’t get the Gameshow Network…pooh! I’d kill to see that show!

Where’s George’s other hand?

T’Pol still melts my butter! I just cannot fathom how all her hair fit under that Frankenstein wig she wore in the first two years of ENT. The 3rd & 4th years wig was a vast improvement in style.

I guess after several decades of interaction with humans, by the time of TOS era. Vulcan women decides to let their hair grow long i.e. T’Pau & T’Pring.

Oh dear. Poor Jolene. :(

Jolene continues to fill out her resume in reverse.

What do you mean ‘Poor Jolene’? Legend of the Seeker is an amazingly well done program. It is pretty much the only fantasy tv show out there, with the exception of Merlin. The show is stylish, well produced, and well written. I call out the crap when there is crap to be called out, but this show is far from it. I am excited to see what kind of character is brought to the story with her at the helm.

I know they dress the women on that show real nice! And with Charisma Carpenter from BtVS in the first episode of the new season, it’s looking good to me.

Yer durn right, “whaddya mean, ‘Poor Jolene’? ” !! It IS the only fantasy genre show now, filmed in New Zealand, great CGI, great chemistry with the two leads … doing well enough to be signed on for a second year, and doing it in on the harder but easier path of syndication. And looks to be with stunt casting coming along.

It’s also the current home of the shingles of Trekvet writers Ken Biller (showrunner), Mike Sussman and now Andre Bormanis too.

Now that TBS sitcom she was on once, playing herself, was another story…

9, 11…sorry, but you guys need to watch more quality television if you think Legend of the Seeker is a quality program. The only thing that makes it better than Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is the absence of Kevin Sorbo.

Wow, those are big lips.

Everytime I see Jolene I think : “Oh Boy! I really miss Enterprise!” ;)

So Enterprise wasn’t ALL bad. What’s Linda Park up to these days?

I spent my Columbus Day getting caught up on the recent Blu-Ray discs. Great job, Larry and Anthony on the extras. The commentary on First Contact was especially good, and loved the round tables. Good stuff.

Way to go, George!

I’ve never seen ‘Legend of the Seeker.’ Is it any good?

If it is a rehash of the old ‘Hercules’ TV series, I wouldn’t be interested (though). I tend to think Ms. Blalock does good work (I think she was an awesome T’Pol on ‘ST: Enterprise’) so I might have to give it a look-see (once I get TV again after I get a job).

I just finished watching the rest of Legend of the Seeker. Really makes me wonder if anyone working on the show even read the books. They changed everything. Terry Goodkind had a great story line, that got ruined. Too many stupid changes that weren’t anywhere near as good as the book. Oh well…I love the Sisters of the Dark, so hopefully Jolene does a great job.

17 – The show is alright. Had a few good ep’s. I never saw Hercules, so I can’t compare the two. Don’t know if the show is worth buying for $30 though.

Oh my, did she get a lip job? I don’t remember Jolene’s lips looking so hideously large when she was playing T’Pol.

I love Legend of the Seeker, though Blaylock could ruin it.

What did she do to her face?? She used to be so pretty. Now she looks like she has some kind of lip disease. So sad…

Those lips are better to kiss me with. She looks so much better without that wig. Oh yeah…

I gotta support legend of the seeker, I like it :)
It may not be the highest quality of program, but they do damn well with a small budget, fantasy tv will never get the O.C’s cash. Also Kudos to Bridget Regan who does an awesome job playing Kahlan Amnell.

The addition this season of Charisma Carpenter as a Mord Sith and Jolene Blalock as a Sister of the Dark tells me that this season is going to be even better, and let’s face it most show need a couple of seasons to find it’s place (although in the case of Enterprise, it wasn’t until season 4 which was sad).

GSN–the Gay-me Show Network, not that there is anything wrong with that. Go Brad and George! Who woulda’ thunk The Newlywed Game would be more progressive than Trek? (Has there every been an out gay character in our 23rd or 24th century? I gave up on Voyager and only watched a smattering of Enterprise, so I honestly am not certain, but I thought I have heard it said that there has not been).

I think ‘Poor Jolene’ when I see those lips! Hollywood is Hell, especially for these poor women who are sold on their sex appeal. Sad to see the warping of another human body to satisfy some lame casting director.

The Seeker is not that bad, tho it is aimed at the teen/newly adult crowd. But it does try to teach moral values. And the tech of weapons is mid-evil most likely because the story is in mid-evil times around 800AD to 1200 AD and magic was as powerful as using the proper herbs, You know just before and at the start of the Plagues. But it has been PC infected, they will not show even someone getting sliced by a sword. And death seems to be mainly words not actions. The fight scenes can be better shown by the cartoon Tom and Jerry. Besides that the story lines seem whole and real. A little more real than the King Arther British ones. But the 1960’s when most of those stories were made into plays or films, the authors were just out of primary childhood education or just finished time for the Army. Otherwise Newbie’s.

mid-evil = medieval or mediaeval–The Middle Ages :-)

Last I checked, Linda Park was one of the morgue doctors on one of the Law & Order shows…

And say what you want about George & Brad, that “Oh no you di’int” moment was great! :-)

Charisma Carpenter AND Jolene Blalock??? Oh, I wish I was a casting director! :)

I encourage Star Trek to add an openly gay character (all of you seem to be saying). This would be a devastating blow to the franchise. I hate to deflate all of you “enlightened people” out there, but a majority of Americans do not support Gay Marriage. Don’t believe me? Then why did California citizens (possibly the most liberal in the nation) vote down gay marriage in their state. I do not support discrimination against homosexuals or anyone else. However, I also do not support changing the definition of marriage.



That’s some dyslexic fit you have there.




BTW: What did she do to herself, Jolene was hot!

Thanks for that link to the interview w/ Alexander Siddig. Fascinating read.


May I third the Bring back Enterprise and the NX-01.

In the Ninety’s is was have a big ass, because blacks liked them big, the 80’s was inflate those pontoons (breasts) because whites like tits. The 21st century it’s get puffy lips, because they’re better for kissing.

I can see in 2050 it’s get a brain chip implant so you no longer need a PDA or Cell Phone, plus you’ll only forget the phone number that the not so hot chick gave you because your memory is backed up on the holo drive on your belt, and you’ll be able to replay your 18th birthday live from life memory cube it stores every thing in. Also kiss movies good bye because you can by Real Event Recall clips like it Total Recall Staring the Govenator.

31. And your saying? How many people supported interracial relationships when the Shat kissed Nichols in the 1960s. Perhaps its called “progressive” because it isn’t poll-driven thinking. Trek has always been “progressive” in its outlook–for the most part. That is what many of us love about the franchise.

#36 I totaly agree! In fact progressive is called civilized! Reactionary is called redneck barbarisom. As for Jolene she has a lot of fish on her plate. I’m happy to see her talent being utilized! She was awsome as T’Pol. Looking forward to see her carrier flurish. Trej has brn a great launching point for a lot of actors! Keep on treking progressivly!

Interracial relationships do not change the traditional definition of marriage, as long as its between one man and one woman. I was referring to the earlier postings talking about George and his “husband” and discussing an openly gay charactor in Trek. I love Trek’s positive outlook on our future. However I’m reminded of Jake on DS9 telling Nog that Federation citizens didn’t need money, “We found a better way”. Or Enterprise referring to ending disease and poverty. However, they never shared the “magic” formula for the future success of mankind. My guess is the Liberal writers and producers of the shows simply thought humankind would eventually embrace their idea a Socialist Utopia. As Margarot Thatcher used to say, “The problem with socialism is, eventually you run out of other people’s money”.

my what big lips you have my dear.

To #39 socialisom is caring about the little people not catering to the cpro rich right? Trek evolved past the greed and selfiness and ww3 that was the end result. Good bye Gordon Geiko! Or Ralph offenhause shaped up and saw passed greed to new and better opportunities to better himself as a person spiritualy and superior integrety. Evolved past me!me!me!

Jolene, meet JJ. JJ, this is Jolene. She MUST play T’Pring in the next movie. That is all.

Pretty woman but a terrible actress.

43. You may be right, but I reserve judgment on those who play Vulcans because it is part of the character that their performance is a bit “flat” (Robin Curtis comes to mind). Spock had the half-human, inner turmoil going for him. That said I’ve never seen her in any thing else so she may truly be a poor actress.

All right, George, we got it….
But, please, please, please, please, stop rubbing it in!

Finally someone dares to make a non-politically correct comment!

Myself, I’m only – ONLY!!! – interested in George Takei when he’s Hikaru Sulu in TOS or the feature films. I don’t give a flying f*** about his private life or his sexual orientation.

Memo to George:
Get a role in ‘Star Trek’… or put a sock in it!!!

Yes, it is so “daring” to make a non-P.C. (whatever that is, as there seems to be P.C. on both sides) comment. Rolls eyes. Perhaps George is enjoying a bit of freedom after years in the closet. Repression’ll do that to you, but I digress. I guess there will never be any agreement between those of who think Trek should be progressive and those of us who think it should be stuck in the past.

If ‘big lips’ sank ships. Blalock would have been the bane of the U.S. in WW II.

Hey, thebiggfrogg (or should I say ‘thebiggmouth’?)!

This has nothing – NOTHING!!! – to do with ‘Star Trek’ being ‘progressive’ or ‘stuck in the past’ or with me being – GASP! – homophobic…
This is just about a thoroughly annoying homosexual man never missing even the slightest opportunity to tell everybody ‘Look at me! I’m gay! Come on, talk about me!’.

You never hear Patrick Stewart, Leonard Nimoy or anybody else from the ‘Star Trek’ cast bragging about being heterosexual.

And before you even start another tirade… I’ m a homosexual myself.

The freedom to be “thebiggmouth” is what the good ol’ U.S. of A. is all about. For me and for George, whether or not he gets tiresome or not. This P.C. stuff is just an excuse to try to shut people up.

To some extent George has found his post-Trek schtick and it has been good for his career, which as with most of the second-tier TOS cast was rather moribund. So what? As for YOUR sexual orientation: so what? Think that wins your argument or something?

I get tired of hearing a lot of things day after day. Living in place that ain’t the U.S. of A. and where free speech is often stifled I see the value in it. If it bothers you so much turn off the TV or skip any Takei blurbs.

As for the nature of Trek, I guess some of us will disagree.

Another ‘tirade’ signed by,
The “Martha Raye” of froggs.

RE: The “P.C.” stuff, it works both ways. Certain liberals, the “P.C. police”, stifle speech that ought to be subject to scrutiny and criticism instead. For certain conservatives who hurl the “P.C.” label hurlyburly it is also another form of stifling, which ought to also be countered by scrutiny and criticism if the argument is so strong. But I’m digressing too much (I can’t resist). Better stop before Anthony shuts this down. Apologies, for the digression, but when the issues are raised it is hard to stifle myself.