Chris Pine To Be Next Jack Ryan + Cho’s FlashForward Gets Full Season Order

Star Trek’s Captain Kirk Chris Pine is about to take over another famous movie character. Late last night it was confirmed that Pine has been picked for a different Paramount franchise, playing the Tom Clancy character Jack Ryan, the CIA analyst at the heart of four previous feature films. Also, in other Star Trek cast member news, John Cho’s FlashForward has been signed for a full season at ABC.


Chris Pine is Jack Ryan
CIA analyst Jack Ryan is the main character in a dozen techno-espionage thriller novels by Tom Clancy. Paramount began the ‘Ryan’ film franchise in 1990 with The Hunt for Red October, starring Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan. Harrison Ford stepped into the role for Patriot Games in 1992 and Clear and Present Danger in 1994. The latest film was The Sum of All Fears in 2002, with Ben Affleck in the Ryan role. It is not known which Clancy novel (if any) will be used for the next film in the franchise.

Paramount’s Jack Ryan Franchise

This latest bit of cast news is a clear indication that Chris Pine is on his way to the Hollywood’s A-List of movie stars.In a statement to Variety, Paramount President Adam Goodman said

Tom Clancy created an unforgettable character with Jack Ryan. With Chris in this role, we’ve taken our first step in creating a re-boot that lives up to the successful lineage of the franchise.

Paramount clearly have a lot of faith in the 29 year-old actor. According to Variety, Pine is still in talks with Paramount for the DJ Caruso film The Art of Making money which we reported two days ago.

It is not known when the next Ryan film will go into production, but if it is in 2010 following Pine’s work on The Art of Making Money, it is yet another indication that the next Star Trek movie may not be shot next year.  

Cho’s FlashFoward Gets Full Season
Chris Pine isn’t the only Star Trek cast member who is getting more work. Star Trek’s new Sulu, John Cho, who is one of the main cast members for the ABC show FlashForward, has also locked in more work. Yesterday Variety reported that ABC has picked up the show for a full season with an order of 25 total episodes. The series is getting good ratings and if things keep going well, will likely get a 2nd season.

John Cho in FlashForward

As noted in previous articles, all the main cast members for the Star Trek film have signed on for options for two additional films. However, that does not mean they can break any other commitments they sign on to when Paramount calls. If a Star Trek sequel went into production in 2010 and it didn’t fall into the hiatus between seasons, then ABC and Paramount would have to find a way to get Cho onto Trek.


Jack Ryan collection
If you want to catch up on your Jack Ryan, you can buy all four films in a single collection at Amazon, selling for just $25.


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Interesting. I thought the reboot happened back in 2002 with Ben Affleck. Pine is a better actor anyway Affleck annoyed me.

Im happy for Pine… he sure seems to like his franchises! Still, another delay for Star Trek though :(

Bye Bye, blooper reel?

Good for Pine but I don’t give a horta’s hiney about the next Jack Ryan film. I WANT MORE TREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@3 – Yeah. Good thing I watched it 50 times last night. Hilarious!

He needs to become a man before taking on any more of these roles.

#3,5 Yep, the downside to being a “leading Trek” site with many exclusives… is that if you want to keep those exclusives, you have to embargo stuff that shouldn’t have been posted, lest you fall in disfavor. I’m sure Paramount is out there ripping on anyone who’s posted it.

6. You know, my first thought was that Jack Ryan is just getting younger and younger. . . but Ben Affleck was the same age in Sum of All Fears.

It’s good casting, I think. Pine throws off smarts. He’s certainly a more mature actor than plenty of other guys his age.

The good thing here is that both franchises fall under the Paramount umbrella so that should make scheduling his time between this and Trek a little easier than if he had signed on to do something with a competing studio.

As for the casting itself, I thought Alec Baldwin was perfect in the role, but Harrison Ford was a little too old and Affleck was…well…Affleck; he plays every role pretty much the same way as far as I can tell. Pine should do well, especially as he seems to be able to skew older in his parts if need be.

A delay of ST: Something Something to May 2012 is annoying, but it’ll give everyone the opportunity to flesh out an outstanding script and possibly lock the cast and crew up into shooting the next two features back-to-back.

Star Trek Movie Gag Reel?


Something has gone wrong, the page you’re looking for can’t be found.

As much of a fan of Jack Ryan as I am, the Mitch Rapp book series by Vince Flynn is really taking off and I hear that there is a film of that in early development. So Paramount is going to have to come up with a really fresh and originally rough and raw adventure for Ryan to get caught up in for the series to hold it’s own against what’s coming from other studios.

Just watching the Harrison Ford films again a few months ago and they plod along so slowly compared to what’s considered competitive spy film product nowadays. I’m confident Pine can pull off the role, but he’s going to need a great script and a great director.


Anyone know if Pine has actually signed on the dotted line to be in any more Trek films? Because he’s getting increasingly more popular. And quite a bit more busy. Do any of you think he might decide that Trek is just not his cup of tea any longer? Why make a silly space show when the real big meaty parts without people wearing funny make-up or space ships are calling?

(Now don’t go hating on me. I’m just playing the Devil’s Advocate here)

All the TREK cast seem rather busy with other projects..I hope TREK 2 or 12 gets made before 2012…..I was hoping Pine would be The next TJ Hooker…that would be priceless!…Other that that disaster that is Heroes what is Zachary Quinto doing?…I feel his talent is being overlooked or hurt by staying on that show…
I agree..Afleck was not good in that role…Alec Baldwin not as bad, thought Red Oct was the best of the films….
We can grasp at all the straws out there, but if there is no new news…there is no new news!… bout that 2nd wave of action figures..anybody seen those??

Good for Pine. Having a bona fide movie star attached to Star Trek can only be a good thing. I only hope he doesn’t “outgrow” the role. I’d like to see him stick around for all sequels, as Hugh Jackman has done for the X-Men/Wolverine films.

star trek 12 = 2012.

sad reality. But at least their delaying it, so that JJ Abrams can reprise his director chair.

#13 – my thoughts exactly.

Trek connections in previous Ryan films:

Dr Crusher in opening of Hunt for Red October

Trek VIs end battle was slightly reministant of Red Octobers

er that it? thought theyd be more

if Pine goes off an becomes a big movie star inbetween Treks – itd be somewhat similar to Ford post Empire Strikes Back…didnt Pine state he was baseing Kirk on Fords Solo/Indy?

Wonder if they’ll do a reboot of a reboot or just continue on from Sum of All Fears?

Perhaps Paramount are going to Bourne-ify the Ryan films like what happened with Bond (Pine dosnt look unlike Damon either)

Hope they do spice things up abit as the only really great Ryan film was THFRO – but that was more to the film focusing on Connerys Ramius and all the sub stuff – the sequels were ‘meh’ imo ….Ford wouldve been far better used if theyd done Indy 4 and 5 back then instead

and SOAF was sleep inducing

I loved all the Jack Ryan films. Harrison Ford did a fantastic job and The Hunt for Red October was just amazing. the Sum was ok. But I think that Pine will do a great job and hey. it will raise his status to the A List and having an A list actor on trek is the best thing for Trek. Way to go Pine.

On flash forward i love the show and am so glad they have it for the full season. Heres hopeing for a 2nd season.

Pine will make a great Ryan. His career is really taking off. Let’s just hope the script is worth his time.

13 I’ll say it again here….the entire cast was signed for 3 films. They will return and scheduling will be arranged. Please, understand this is how the biz works. And as for Pine as Ryan. That project is just an announcement right now. It most likely won’t begin filming until 2011 or later.

This is just an announcement, folks.

Geesh! Fanboys!

I miss the days when Star Trek actors had nothing better to do than make me another Star Trek film!


I’m looking forward to Pine as Jack Ryan. He will definitely be better than Ben Afleck.

16 – “star trek 12 = 2012.”

yeah looks to be

i cant see it being squeezed in summer 2011 amongst Spidey 4, Thor, Capt America,Green Lantern, POTC 4, TF 2, MI 4 (possibly) and the final Potter…(and it was thought summer 2009 was abit crowded!)

and Xmas 2011 will have The Hobbit and possibly Bond 23

but kinda makes sense though? Star Trek ‘2’/’12’ out in 2012…30th anniversary of Star Trek II as well….3 year gap like previous start to film series 79-82

plus allows the script to be written in plenty time etc…

I like what JJ did directing Star Trek but I’m not totally hung up on him directing the sequel. Of course there’s always a chance they might hire a director who totally f’s it up. It’s been tossed around here about Nicholas Meyer. I would love to see what he could do with a JJ-sized budget!

A good gig for Chris there. I’m excited for him and looking forward to watching him in the Ryan role. Looking forward to seeing him play Kirk more though!

On the other way, I worry about the possibility that Captain Kirk’s post becomes an alternation as often as Jack Ryan, Batman, James Bond and so on..


There ‘aint no guarantees.

“As noted in previous articles, all the main cast members for the Star Trek film have signed on for options for two additional films. However, that does not mean they can break any other commitments they sign on to when Paramount calls. If a Star Trek sequel went into production in 2010 and it didn’t fall into the hiatus between seasons, then ABC and Paramount would have to find a way to get Cho onto Trek.”

This would go for Pine as well. Check out post #19.

REGARDING the railroad-themed movie Chris is currently working on:
If one goes on YouTube and types “AWVR Movie Train” — you might, just MIGHT, see Chris leaning forward in one long-shot of a pair of locomotives rolling across the Pennsylvania landscape as a film crew rides platforms attached to the unit as it rolls, shooting footage. There seems to be a bunch of short video quips that railroad enthusiasts are beginning to post on YouTube regarding the current filming of “UNSTOPPABLE” (also starring Denzel Washington) at this time….

Actually, the shot of Chris on the locomotive has seemed to have disappeared; perhaps it will be reposted later. (??)

I personally don’t think he’s right for the Jack Ryan part, but, that’s me. I honestly don’t think he has the acting chops to be believable. Who knows maybe by that time, he’ll have matured as a person and actor.

Red October and Clear and Present Danger were great films, though.

Chris Pine is going to be hugely better than Ben Affleck as Jack Ryan. Actually, the majority of Hollywood would be better than Affleck. He [Affleck] just stands there with a creepy smirk on his face in every role he plays.

ST 12 on 12/12/12?

32—DITTO. He’s a creep. Pine adds a dynamic that Affleck would never be able to duplicate.

I’m glad the days are over when Trek actors only made other Trek films then circle the convention drain.

This is not a joke!

I seem to remember that Pine-as-Ryan-rumor. Has it been floating around the ‘net for some time or is this something new? Maybe I’m confusing this with something else, but I’m absolutely sure I already read this somewhere, even before Star Trek came out.

36 – nah think it was Clooney and i think even Ford expressed an interest in returning

All this other activity makes it look like there’s not going to be a Star Trek: Something Something, period.

The writers aren’t anywhere near where they should be, the director’s got a thousand other interests, and the studio seems to think Star Trek ’09 was just lucky.

Clearly, without a Peter Jackson-with-Lord of the Rings-like executive producer pushing from start to finish… it’s dead. Put a fork in the Star Trek sequel.

Just as well. If they didn’t already know where they were heading when they wrote the ’09 film, (which originally was due Xmas 2008), then that they can’t figure out where to go next, shows how damn lucky they all were to start with.

‘Sum of All Fears’ was a GOOD streamline of the bloated book, but it was released way too soon after 9/11.

Chris Pine will be great, of course. I just hope audiences can take him in two franchises at once (as opposed to being Kirk and being in a bunch of one-off movies.) Ah well, Hollywood and moderation are two words that don’t go together.

Hope they don’t puss out on the storyline and completely run from reality into the lame ass arms of political correct blandness. Nah, Islamic Fundimentalist Fascists aren’t the threat let’s make it Eurotrash evil white guys. Those Aryan Devils evil business Capitalist pigs!!!

40 – They will definately puss out.

I’m just glad the core cast is signed for 2 more Treks. Woulda been a bummer to lose ANY of them, especially Chris Pine.

One thing to remember for Pine is that Star Trek (of course), The Art Of Making Money, and the Jack Ryan franchise are all Paramount properties and thus there’s no chance of conflicting schedules as far as those films are concerned.

If Star Trek 12 doesn’t go into production next year, it will likely be because of J.J. Abrams’ desire to do another project before he would direct another Trek. Probably M.I.: 4.

I don’t think we have to worry that a sequel won’t get made, though. It’s awkward right now because Paramount essentially has to choose how much they want Abrams to direct or if they want a 2011 release more. Once that decision’s made, (and they find another director if that’s their choice), then everything will clear up.

The cast have all expressed a desire to continue, so it’s not like they are not following the progress of development so they can try to be available. RE: Zach and John on TV, I believe Heroes was very cooperative and allowed Zach to shoot the first movie, which started production in November 2007, right in the middle of the season.

So, I’m just saying, there’s no need for panic. I believe the worst case scenario is a 2011 production with Abrams directing and the cast will have advance of notification of that, so scheduling should not be an issue.

Also something to consider is that most franchises have 3 year window between release, which would make more sense. Paramount is kind of rushing this. A 2012 release would allow for a better scheduling of the actors, perfecting the script and getting Abrams back to direct. I think that’s what will ultimately happen.

Congratulations Captain Jack! And Pine totally has the acting chops, you kidding? Look at Smokin Aces. He had the most memorable character in that crazy flik—the funniest scene in the movie, and with Ben Affleck, no less.

I think it would be better if the movie is not in the summer. There is so much good competition at that time. Why not in the first quarter of 2012? With worse competition, it will get a lot of the film-goers then. That will be probably more than a smaller part in the summer.

I also think that summer is not THE best cinema month in the world. In Germany it is for example often the case, that people don’t go to the cinema, if the weather is good. They do then more outside activities. Perhaps that is somewhere else so, too. And even if not, it is international, where Star Trek is not so popular as in the USA, even more important, that there aren’t so many other good films at the same time in the cinemas.

This sucks as i said on another site, dont get me wrong i think chris is a fine actor and he was great both in trek and also when i went and saw him in Farrgut north this past summer at the geffen playhouse.

But darn it all give us the latter jack ryan novels allready, I want to see President Jack Ryan in action on screen allready.
Its strange its taken this long to get a new jack ryan and film and that they are replacing affleck as The Sum of all fears made a nice little profit back in 2002.

And what happened to the John Clark spin off with Liev Schriber that they were suppose to be working on, he was awesome in Sum of All fears.

as for trek 12 J.J. should talk his old family friend Nicholas Meyer to come back and direct another Star Trek Film.
especially if J.J. himself decides he doesnt want to direct this time around.

Will be strange seeing him as Jack Ryan. Alec Baldwin was the best Jack Ryan, and Ford was good too. Big shoes to fill (but I guess he’s used to that now).

They’ll have to remake the early Ryan novels, don’t see how he could be playing the Ryan of the later novels. Or, like Bond, they could just rip off a title and go in another direction entirely. (I think they retain the rights as long as they keep cranking out flicks every X number of years.)

@47: As much as I love Nic Meyer, I’m not sure he’d be up to the tempo the new film established (for right or wrong).

Nic’s more of a thinker. We’d likely end up with a superior Trek film, but it probably wouldn’t have the broad appeal, IMO.

A fascinating idea, though.

I wonder if Chris Pine will model Jack Ryan after Bill Shatner. :D