Playmates Toys Expanding Star Trek Line To Original Series + More Movie Toys For 2010

One of the great things about toys and collectibles is that they help make the wait between movies (and television shows…you listening CBS?) more tolerable. Playmates Toys, which returned to the franchise with Star Trek movie toys in April, and has a 2nd wave coming soon, has announced plans to expand their Trek offerings with new types of toys, and they are also adding Original Series figures as well. First details below.


Playmates 2010
Star Trek products from Playmates Toys will see three new lines of toys during 2010, in addition to the continuation of regular action figures, starship toys, and playsets from the 2009 Star Trek feature film.

Starfleet Defenders
The Starfleet Defenders line will include characters from ST09 in what Playmates Toys describes as "small scale in dynamic animated-style action poses." These will likely be somewhat similar to Galactic Heroes Star Wars toys meant for younger fans, yet with a cute appeal for all kinds of Trekkies.

The mini ships line will include smaller sized versions of the USS Enterprise, USS Kelvin, and the Narada. These are most like the Johnny Lighting or Mattel ships fans have collected during the past few years.

TOS 3.75" figures
Possibly most interesting is the 3.75" Galaxy Line of action figures based on the original 1960s Star Trek television show. These will be detailed figures with more than 16 points of articulation sold in diorama scene two packs based on famous episodes. Star Wars fans who buy "battle packs" have an idea of how cool these should be.

TrekMovie will provide images and more details as they are available.

UPDATE NOTE: While Playmates has added 3 3/4″ Original Series figures to their line-up, Diamond Select Toys continues to hold the license for the Original Series figures they offer (7″, 18″ & Mini-mates). DST does not make figures in the 4 3/4″ size.

New Playmates available now
The 12" Command Line Toys R Us exclusive Sulu in Enterprise Uniform and Pike in Enterprise Uniform action figures are now in stores and available for order online for $29.99.

Click images above to order at

Playmates coming January (possibly sooner)
Preorders are available from Entertainment Earth for wave 2 of the 3.75" Galaxy Line of ST09 figures for $72.99. This wave includes 10 figures:

  • Kirk Off Duty
  • Kirk in Space Uniform
  • Spock in Cadet Leader Uniform
  • General Ayel
  • Drakoulias
  • Sarek
  • Keenser
  • McCoy in Enterprise Uniform (available only online with this assortment)
  • Chekov in Enterprise Uniform (available only online with this assortment).
  • Sulu in Space Uniform (only available online with this assortment)

Preorders are available from New Force Comics for wave 2 of the 6" Warp Line of Action Figures (featuring 7 action figures for $74.99):

  • Kirk in Space Uniform
  • Kirk in Cadet Uniform
  • Spock in Cadet Leader Uniform
  • McCoy in Enterprise Uniform (only available online in this assortment)
  • Chekov in Enterprise Uniform (only available online in this assortment)
  • Hengrauggi
  • Drakoulias

Also, you can peorder the 4 new figures from wave 2 of the 12" Command Line for $99 from NewForce:

  • Kirk Off Duty
  • Nero
  • Scotty in Enterprise Uniform
  • Uhura in Enterprise Uniform

The Narada and Jellyfish toy ships will also be available at retailers and online at New Force Comics and Entertainment Earth for about $28.


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I want to see the mini ships! First.

Honestly I think most of those are horrible looking. Looks almost nothing like the actors.

i hate to say it, but i saw the word toys in the header, clicked on it and didn’t even look at the text but went hoping to find pictures of space ship toys. i was disappointed to see only those old action figures :(

No new Kelvin toy?

Wait, so after all the b.s. I’ve gone through, waiting for the Hot Wheels Enterprise, now Playmates is stealing the movie ships away from them???

I kinda wanted a 13″ Narada. Though, that thing could NOT be safe for kids to play with.

It’s complete BS that they’re forcing us to buy the entire set of figures to complete the crew in standard uniform!!!

Hey folks – remember the Star Wars action figures? The only ones that looked like the actors were Chewbacca and the Jawas. This is much better and honestly, if you buy these figures you should take them out and play with them or buy them for a kid who will enjoy them. Collecting is for suckas, the cool kids open the package…

Diamond Select should be the only ones doing trek figures. Their sculpts are far superior to this Playmates garbage.

I enjoyed the Hot Wheels ships and was hoping for a continuation of those. Bummer

Ok, wheres the deluxe Kelvin? Thats the only one I am looking forward to. Another question, are they going to keep making all the star trek figures in 3 3/4 line and had this info up last week.
Old news.

January!? Frack me, I’ve been to my local TRU a couple times each month since wave 2 was announced, always hopeful…I guess I get to wait some more
I’ve been “collecting” the 3.75 and 6 inchers. I suppose this means I have some time to save up…I thought these were showing up in time for the DVD…

(P.S. all the diamond select people…I love my DST’s like the rest of you but no offense, playmates still rules…DST likenesses are hit and miss at best…)

Yeah I’ve been waiting on the damn Hot Wheels line to continue (I have the Enterprise A, D, Reliant and Klingon Bird of Prey). Anyone know what is up with these? I wanted more!

Yes, where IS the Kelvin!

Playmates bitches!

Does the Keenser figure come with its own kindling and matches?


Big Kelvin, please.

I hate the design of the Kelvin, but I still collect all the toy ships as a collector.
So Mr Tenuto… please find us the answer to the main important question: where is the USS KELVIN toy!?!? !?!?!? Grr.

Also, the Narada…? coming in November 2010?!?!?!?!?

Also, how can Playmates do classic Trek figures? Diamond Select has the license for that.

This current Playmates line is comprised of some of the worst licensed figures yet. The likenesses are absolutely horrendous and I really question how that company got the license back for something as high profile as this movie. Their tek stuff is fine (ship and accessories) but those figures are some of the worst on the market right now, second only to the 3 inch DC Universe line.

Oh God. The news today gets worse and worse…what does this mean for the far superior AA/DST Star Trek line?!? Playmates is awful in quality and apperance.

TOS in the hands of Playmates again? Not a good idea. I’ve written off the movie stuff, but my hope is that AA will one day redo it all.

Has anyone else noticed that on the 6″ figures of Kirk and Sulu the color on the torso section of the uniform shirt is diferent than the color of the arms? It has kept me from buying the 6″ figures.

I hope those new ships include those seen as part of the fleet heading to Vulcan.

Vessel Toys:

More variety + better quality = higher sales

Yeah, I’m curious about this as well, John. Does this mean there has been a change in the action figure license for TOS? Or will DST/AA still be producing their line at the same time as Playmates?

As for the Hot Wheels ships, they were in the local Wally World for about two weeks and then POOF. Gone. I was going to at least get the refit E and build a drydock for it but I blinked.

Also, is there any more news from Round 2 about the movie E?

Maybe each companies license pertains to particular sizes of figures?

While Sideshow Collectibles does 12″ tall Star Wars figures (commonly thought of as large scale) DST does the gigantic 18″ ones. Then DST may still be able to output TOS stuff at 7″ while Playmates has the 3.5″ scale.

Just guessing.

All I can say is “hell yes!” The Playmates Star Trek toys were always my favorite. I like Art Asylum for the most part, but it takes them too damn long to get out new stuff. I hope Playmates eventually expands back into TNG, DS9, Voy and even Enterprise!

RE: DST & Playmates TOS figures
A note has been added to the article clarifying that Playmates TOS license is for the 3 3/4″ size. It is not uncommon for licenses to be size specific, this is common with the Star Wars line. DST does not even make any 3 3/4″ figures, so this really isn’t a conflict.

Wow, ask and you shall receive…I asked about wave 2 yesterday and finally we get some info, though….when in 2010….I wish they would have gone the Hasbro route like WARS….those figures and ships rock!
Could you imagine a bridge set, shuttlecraft, runabout, even the Defiant, done up like the BIG Millenium Falcon, Turbotank, or ATTE…
Oh god I know…we don’t talk about anything on this sight but TREK!!
forgive me………

As much as I agree that the PM line of figures ain’t great, one must remember the name of the company producing them. PLAYMATES. These are toys. They are meant to be played with. Anyone can play with them. Expecting Playmates to create something of value that will appreciate with time is, quite frankly, insane. DST/AA is the company that produces replicas far superior to PM in, essentially, a close price range. I’ll put my hard-earned $$ to DST/AA any day of the week!

Anthony, any word on whether Hot Wheels still has the license to do the ships they said they were doing, or is all of that being transferred to Playmates?

Wow. Such old information this is. I keep complaining about how slow they post things but they still wont get on the ball and get current info.

From avon4 years ago 3u oaquierd authentic looking kirk,spock,& mccoy figures the best since bradford gifts they will remain on my shelf not on ebay!

A sad day indeed.

Playmates product quality and quality control are extremely bad.

The AA/Diamond stuff although rough in places is still light years beyond Playmates.

My guess is that the movie line figures and toys have been a failure and they are picking up the TOS line because of it historical success. They believe that with their distribution they can make a real go of it.

Yeah, before you promise TOS figs- how about getting Wave 2 in stores? All of it- no internet exclusives.

I want a BIG KELVIN!! That’s the only one I want! A nice large, detailed Kelvin. Is that too much to ask for? I don’t give a tribble’s ass about the figures. Just the ships.

My son and I want a toy of the shuttlecraft that Pike flew. It would be able to open a hatch and launch the action figures of Kirk and Sulu who then float to the ground with parachutes.

All the whining about how DST’s product is better than Playmates is the whole reason why Star Trek action figures will never rival Hasbro’s Star Wars figures. Come on people these things are toys, maybe not the very best that there is to offer in 3 3/4″ but not the worst either. DST isn’t so great all the time either. Anybody hear of “Wonky Leg Data or TMP Kirk and Spock?” or how about those annorexic Ultimate Scale Kirk and Spock dolls! It’s definately not the same company that Art Asylum was. DST bought the name but not the work ethic of AA’s founders. If you don’t want the things don’t buy them. Don’t put down the scale that DST doesn’t even want to touch just because that’s not your thing. I for one will get what I like and will give Playmates a chance, because God knows it took Hasbro almost 15 years to go from Super Buff Steroid Han to VOTC Han! I’m not even going to mention that other character whose definitive version we have been waiting even longer, but he has an affinity for wearing black and he carries a green lightsaber! LOL…Rant over.

40- fair points, and I agree that the Playmates figs should not be compared to the DST figures. Different audience and intent. However, comparing the Playmates figures to other competing figures on the market, such as the Star Wars figures, they are really poor. THAT I think is why they will never compete. Yes- it took Hasbro some time to get good, both with their Star Wars and GI Joe figures. Trek is not new to Playmates though, and they basic technology and standards now exist! Look at Mattel’s 3.75″ Marvel line. Decent figures right out of the gates, emulating Hasbro articulation (wish they’d done that with the DC 3.75″ figs). I understand patents and such, but you can’t tell me Playmates couldn’t have done a better job… like they did back in the 90s. Though- their wave 2 Keenser looks pretty good. I really hope they resculpt Chris Pine at some point…

41-I get the feeling that the new 3 3/4″ two-packs will be better than anything we have seen thus far from Playmates. They mention that they will have 16 POA are better. I’m hoping they will have double knee joints like the Marvel Universe Figures. I’ll admit that the likenesses and articulation on the 2009 line could have been better. These would have benefited greatly from Gentle Giant’s Real-Scan technology. Also it would have been great if the elbows and knees of the figures would have had more of a range of motion. However, as a first time offering of this scale by Playmates I was not completley disappointed. I do not place these sculpts in the same league as I do most modern Hasbro figures, but they are definately not as bad as Hasbro’s first two waves of “Indiana Jones” figures from 2008. When I first heard of these 2009 Star Trek figures I was expecting something along the lines of Zizzle’s “Pirates of the Carribean” line and in my opinion these came out a little bit better. So maybe my expectations were low and these came out a little better than I was expecting. All I’m saying is I love this scale, and I think with a little support, and maybe getting some of the original Art Asylum talent contracted out to Playmates we may be in for something great! That’s why I hope all the negativity doesn’t get this line canceled to early.

42- Oh definitely a big fan of the scale, and as much as I gripe about how much better the line could have been, I did buy all of them (w-e-e-r-d-1 is pronounced “sucker”). Bought the bridge full price, but waited for clearance on the transporter. Been buying extra sell offs cheap and changing their heads with Joes to have more redshirts (yeah, I am that guy). I hope you are right about an increase in quality- let’s see how the Shatner curse may affect this line!

I wont buy anymore of the 3 3/4 figures, the sculpts are poor and who cares about finishing the bridge/transporter because they were bad anyway. A deluxe Bridge/transporter for the 6″ figures would be fantastic but will obviously never happen. (Would have been great to have a bridge with lights and sounds and a transporter with the acutal transporter sound from the movie). Its also really annoying to not have Uhura in Uniform to finish the 6″ crew and Chekov in the 12″ to finish the crew in that scale. Guess we have to wait……….
Ok, I lied, I might still buy Keenser in 3 3/4 because he was cool. lol

honestly I look at this a win/win playmates and Diamond may both have the license, and both have their merits and flaws. Playmates are certainly cheaper and much easier to find, (heck i picked up the whole crew in one fell swoop, without thinking about it, as opposed to having to chase down special chase variants, and comicon exclusives that you have to pay an arm and a leg for there or all limbs later on Ebay, all because you needed the special “bad hair day” Kirk. In fact I’m still annoyed at how Diamond botched the Serenity license for action figures but that’s off topic. Honestly I like both lines but both have faults and benefits, I pick and choose personally. I picked up all the classic Diamond props which do blow the playmates ones away (even the good playmates ones from the 1990s,) and this year am going to use them in my halloween costume as new movie kirk, even though the playmates ones would be more accurate (but no where near as cool) I am O.K. with the 3 3/4″ figs Playmates has put out, they are not perfect, but they are also testing the waters as much as anything, Hasbro didn’t exactly put out incredible new Star Wars,G.I. Joe, or Transformers figures until they were positive there was a market, I mean it could have been worse they could have recycled the 1990s figures with a cheesy paint app to make the shirts look textured, and new heads. give them time and a bit of honest (albeit polite) feedback, and if they see the numbers, They’ll make better figures, in the mean time, if you prefer the more collectible variety of figs there’s always the Diamond ones.

cant wait for these figures. Im sick of DST. playmates all the way. too bad dst lost their touch after the enterprise line and first few waves of original series toys. to see some trek movie playmates figs in action check out my most recent stopmotion video, random stopmotion 3, which features a bit of trek.

It’s looking alot like maybe DST and Playmates Toys might be joining forces with these new 3 3/4″ figures. Read the new Q&A at !! Well actually read between the lines, DST Chuck is mysterious like that. LOL!

Also, strangely enough, our local Wal-Mart recently got in a new shipment consisting of new Enterprises, phasers, and the two playsets. It’s strange because they haven’t sold many, if ANY, of the figures, yet the Enterprises sold out within a couple weeks.

I have 3 rare star trek models…are you interested in buying?

i have “generations” enterprise 1701-d and “generations” B.O.P.

i also have a voyager model…..any interest?

the two generations models are from playmate and have the collector’s edition serial number on the box…..both are in excellent condition. The b.o.p. has been assembled and has the decales, etc that really show off this item….enterprise is still in the box (b.o.p. has the box as well)…..the voyager is still in the box.

please let me know

Why not include minor characters from the film and deleted scenes, as Star Wars does? THAT would surely keep some of us busy. And I’d love to have some ST09 Klingons, a Gorn, and a Salt Vampire…

Sorry, am i missing something here? I know the playmates facial liknesses are somewhat.. loose, but come on, show me one figure from the Ttrek line that DST/AA has got right? They have disproportinate limbs, ugly paint apps, hidious joints/articulation, and just look hidious. And what the hell is up with the flaired nostrills on every figure? When your chargeing £15 plus for figure, it should be a damn sight better than what DST has offered. Atleast playmates ad some veriety, aliens and what not, I for one will be glad when the master lisence for all of the trek series is once again in the hands of playmates, a company that does what the fans want to see, rather than what they think will sell.