Takei Suggests Ending Shatner Feud On Howard Stern Show [UPDATED]

Over the last couple of years the feud between Original Series stars William Shatner and George Takei has really heated up, spilling into mainstream media. Recently there was some talk of George appearing on Bill’s Raw Nerve TV show for a hatchet burying episode, however Takei says he wants to do it on neutral ground, namely the Howard Stern Show. See below for video of Takei making his suggestion.   


Takei and Shatner on Stern
Takei made his suggestion on Sky News, noting that going onto Raw Nerve would be “Bill’s turf”, but Howard Stern suggested he could “mediate” a meeting on his show. Here is the video:

Although Takei is a periodic guest-announcer on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius Radio, William Shatner has also been a frequent guest, and he seems to have a good rapport with Howard as well. Howard brought up the Feud when Shatner appeared on his show last December.


UPDATE: More from Takei

Here is more video of Takei talking Shatner, this time from AP

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Awesome!!! First!

“Oh my! Anyone with a voice that deep must have a big…”

Well, anyway, George is pure gold on the Stern show. Having Howard mediate a throwdown between him and The Shat would be tremendously entertaining.

Stern rules! Baba Booey! Baba Booey! Baba Booey!

Well, given Takei’s the one who spent all these years perpetuating a feud no one knew about or cared about previously, I think it’d be better if he just clammed up on the subject! He simply comes over as a narcissist and desperate self-promoter . . . half a mo . . . no wonder he and Shatner hate each other! ;)

Seriously though: can’t they just have a beer and bury the hatchet in private? Does everything involving these people HAVE to be done in front of an audience?

oh brother. All I can really say

Aren’t those two a bit old for this kind of childish stuff? Seriously, two of their cast mates are dead already, just settle it and move on.

You call the other person up on the phone and bury the hatchet in private. There is no need to do it on television, unless you are a diva and need the attention.

Boy you boys are really taking the whole politically correct thing to a new Nixonian- Obamian level when you take a 2 minute nice snippett away from a viscous 20 minute trashing of Bill and claim he was trying to extend some sort of olive branch??? and people have a trust problem with how the nightly news is reported now days.

Burying the hatchet was a small sliver if what was said. The rest was a nasty insecure trashing

95% of the rest was George’s usually ramblings about Bill being insecure, wanting to wrestle him?, fight him in a charity boxing match, taking about 7 minutes to make fun of his weight, about 5 minutes how he refused to do Bill’s interview show because in George’s mind Bill had some nefarious control reasons behind it. More trashing of his apperance. And nestled in there for about 30 seconds “an idea that Howard immediately refused to do!!” about hosting a sitdown between George and Bill. Yet you boys report the tagline as if the whole thing was altrustic.

Quite frankly I don’t think Bill gives a damn and that’s what bugs George so much. The more George doesn’t register on Bill’s radar the more incenced George gets.

So they can throw chairs at each other
Why don’t they just have a charity rodeo or something
These feuds have drawing power that should not go to waste
And Shatner, if he’s smart, will and should say he hasn’t seen the Star Trek movie, even if he did.

I have to say, being bitter at a man you worked with for three years over 40 years ago and sporadically since, is pretty sad!

Like it or not, when the original cast has departed this mortal coil, it’s Shatner who’ll be remembered!

Danny Crane!

Firstly, I think this public feud is really really stupid, and even more stupid that so many people (me included) waste time paying attention to it.

Secondly, I’ve met both George and Bill in person, albeit as a convention experience.

My impression of George? Nice guy, very accommodating and cordial to the fans. Feels thankful for being appreciated as a trek actor.

My impression of Bill? Douche.

George to kick Shats ass !!!

Put them in a ring and let ’em duke it out. While Sulu is digging for his sword, Kirk will take him out with the classic flying scissor kick.

Feud over and we can all move on.

Lol, what feud? Shatner doesn’t even remember who Takei is.

I agree with you #7. I don’t think he cares at all!

I dont think theres anything TheShat can do to stop this feud, because it’s mostly in Georges mind. I love George on the Stern show. If I were Stern I wouldnt rock the Shatner boat. Stern seems to have a good relationship with both of them (he’s confronted them with quotes they’ve made about each other, but mainly seems to agree with whomever is in the room)

I don’t think Takei has any intention of ever ending this feud. Shatner has offered the olive branch repeatedly, but Takei refuses to ever accept. He repeatedly sidesteps any avenue that might put this to rest.

Remember the Shatner roast? Did Takei not get whatever he needed to get off his chest then? Afterwards he said as much, but apparently not…

I like how Takei said he would honor The Shats balls hahaha

On all production stills I’ve seen of Shatner and Takei together, both are laughing off their asses. That feud has never been real. It’s a faaaaaake.

Now if post 19 gets deleted again:

On all production stills I’ve seen of Shatner and Takei together, both are laughing off their BEHINDS. That feud has never been real. It’s a faaaaaake.

Feud? What feud?

They’re only doing this (ie. taking turns at ‘hating’ each other) to keep their names in the press – of course I love every second of it, they’re hilarious guys.

I would pay good money to see this.

Ok. Put those 2 on the Celeberty Death match and may the Best Trek Star win. Or put them in a WWE Ring and have them go at it in the HEll In A Cell match. Winner Take all. Or just put them in a boxing ring and let them duke it out.or have Kirk Prime command the Big E and Sulu Capt the Excelieser and which ever ship wins ends the feud.

In Shatner’s words, “I hardly know the man”

…and George’s 15 minutes continues…

seriously this supposed ‘feud’ has long appeared to be an inside joke and Im not buying it. It sort of like the Kimmel/Matt Damon thing. If it IS real it borders on the pathetic. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Shatner in real life would any of the secondary cast (aside from Nimoy) had any sort of work after the initial run had Shatner not agreed to come back and do the movies? The opening credits said Starring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy (and later De Kelly). George’s and everyone else names flashed by in the end credits. Regardless of how popular they were later they were SUPPORTING actors and the key word is SUPPORTING. To be bitter for 40+ years at a man for being the star of his own show doesnt ring true to me with Georges character. He rails on Shatner more then he does about the US Government that put his family in a relocation camp or at the California government that repealed gay marriage. Thats why it smells like a put up job to me. If its not there is definitely a problem with priorities there.

Can Stern realize that GeorgeONLY talks about this feud on his show?

lol, maybe george and shatner will have an affair !

Who cares? One old queen and one old fatman.

Chris — Good to see you in here!

As for the Shat-George show coming to an end? What, did I oversleep? Is it Dec. 21, 2012 already??

I truly hope someone takes all the other Trekographies and does all the needed homework and gives us a definitive history of Trek in one volume (or at least one volume of TOS.) I’ve heard all the complaints. I don’t doubt anyone’s word, but it would be good to boil it down to the really, really important stuff.

Star Trek Divas – New reality show.

This is all about attention. If they really wanted to settle it they’d do it in private, instead of turning it into a carnival sideshow. Pathetic on both their parts.

Takei will never bury the hatchet with Shatner. He bashes Shatner and uses the feud to get publicity, and he’ll continue to do it.

Takei, can you give it a rest. You had your time. Just go write another book, or something. Call it a day.

That’s not really ‘neutral ground’- Takei was a featured player on that show for a while when they first switched over to sat radio..

I love Bill, I love George, but the whole feud thing (which seems very much a way for George to continue to get blurbs on infotainment shows and websites, like this one) is really played out. George should move on to more deserving targets, like Kanye West or Courtney Love.

Most of the posts above are childish. It’s ironic that some call the feud childish.

When are we going to get a story about the Cho-Pine rivalry? Lol.

Sounds like a good idea to me! Let Shatner and Takei get it all out in the open on neutral ground!
I’d like to see this!

I think Mr. Shatner and Mr. Takei should meet at the White House with President Obama for another “Beer Summit” like the cop and the professor. Only then will we as a nation, a people, a planet, a Federation, a Galaxy, have closure. Amen.

Takei is only continuing this feud to get media attention. He didn’t have any other big role than Sulu in his entire life and even that role was only a supporting role in the series and the movies. If I were Shatner, I would ignore him.

#40 … LOL! Good one! :-)

I’m in the UK so not really ‘in the know’ about these things, but my inderstanding is The Howard Stern show isn’t exactly neutral ground for George!
I’m sure Bill just chuckles to himself over all of this nonsense.

Anyone else not getting any audio with this Takei clip?

Put it in cinemas, not tv. It may make more money than the movie.

as Bill would say

“Get a Life”

Queen and the Fatman…that would make awesome new hit,..
starring…George Takei and William Shatner as the Fatman………..
only on the CW…to replace Smallville next year…I fear Friday will be it’s undoing…darn it!!! we don’t talk about anything but TREK..no matter the lack of TREK in the news right now…will NOV (DVD) every get here!!!!

44. Brett Campbell – October 15, 2009
Anyone else not getting any audio with this Takei clip?

Hey same thing happened to me. All you gotta do is change the volume. Its on mute for some reason. LOL
Not much to hear anyways, but there you go. Enjoy

What would Bill care to do that for? Takei’s major contribution to TOS was turning around and looking back for a stock reaction pickup shot and saying, “Aye, sir.’
Oh, yeah, and stealing the Vulcan salute in everything he does publicly.

48 – Thanks. I tried adjusting the volume with their settings last night, but still had no luck.

I’ll see if I have any luck tonight, but will treat it as no great shakes if I can’t hear it.

I think that Nimoy should do a special “In Search of …” update with Takei and Shatner. The episode could be titled “Sanity.” ; )