Watch Big Bang Theory Wheaton Episode Promo + Wil’s TNG Memoir Released

The nerdy hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory is always good for a Star Trek reference, but next Monday they will be stepping up a notch as Wil Wheaton guest stars, playing himself. Today CBS released a promo, and you can check that out below. In other Wheaton news, Wil has releases the first volume of his TNG memoir "Memories of the Future", details below.


Wheaton Tasks Sheldon
Here is the official synopsis for next week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Creepy Candy Corollary"

Sheldon enters a trading-card competition when he hears Wil Wheaton (in a cameo), for whom he harbors resentment, is also participating. Meanwhile, Wolowitz asks Penny to set him up with one of her friends

And here is the promo

Wheaton releases "Memories of the Future"
This week Wil releases volume one of "Memories of the Future", his collected reviews of Star Trek The Next Generation episodes. The book covers the first thirteen episodes ("Encounter at Farpoint" to "Datalore"), and includes ‘snarky recaps’ and Wil’s behind the scenes point of view. It costs $19.87 at Lulu and you can read a an excerpt at Lulu. Wil has also blogged about it has his site, including a number of podcasts.    

"Memories of the Future" cover

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Love the Big Bang Theory…I always see a little bit of myself in that show! LoL

Oh great. MORE snarky recaps? Wee.

2 – LOL … yeah … “OH REALLY!?!? Snarky **RECAPS**!? I haven’t had *nearly* enough of THOSE!”

“Wah wah, I couldn’t reach over the lid of the urinal at Paramount”.

I’m only kidding, by the way – I loved his work in Stand By Me and it wasn’t his fault that the writers on TNG made his character into a walking swiss army knife.

Yeah, that movie was 20 years ago. That and TNG are really the only things I remember seeing him in.

So cool. Can’t wait to see the show, and get the book.

Consider “Memories of the Future” bought.

Good old Wussley…. Like they say, If you aren’t laughing at yourself, you’re the only one not laughing.

Not as big as the one at the edge of our galaxy…

re: “Wah wah, I couldn’t reach over the lid of the urinal at Paramount”.

…. urinals don’t have lids, man….

Having Wil write this book is like having one of us fans on the inside. He is a sci-fi geek! So cut him some slack, please! I love his writing and sense of humor. Just check it out now and whine about it later.

Don’t know if anyone noted this already, but he’s wearing a shirt with the “fruit***ker” on it from the web comic “Penny Arcade…,” a great nod to another geek staple…I love it!

I cant watch the video! restrictions or so….
anyone got a other url for me where i can watch?

They are region locking promos now. Thats smart.

I LOVE that show! It’s hilarious.


He couldn’t reach, he wouldn’t know!

I guess I could’ve written that one better…

David Gerrold doesn’t want Wil to write a ‘tell all’ book. Why? Because David Gerrold basically CREATED ST:TNG. He sued Paramount and Gene Roddenberry and WON. He got a boatloat of money and signed a ‘non disclosure’ agreement and went home.

Wil, if you’re not going to tell the whole story, WHY BOTHER? Oh yeah, feasting off the corpse. Always fun and easier than getting a real job.

#17: You mean like David Gerrold? David seems like a nice, talented writer and I’ve always enjoyed his work, but your criticisms of Wil could equally apply to David.

I like Wil and have enjoyed some of his writing. Having said that, I generally find the “snarky” subgenre of entertainment writing to be kind of tiresome. I prefer reading about things people have a genuine passion for as opposed to things someone can only write about from the perspective of sarcasm.

I enjoyed the excerpt … I remember thinking how lucky Wheaton was to be cast on the show. jealous really.

David Gerrold is still making money off that one Tribbles episode he wrote nearly 20 years ago, That’s not bad.

@17, 19: Judging from he excerpts, and from what’s he’s posted about it on his blog, “memoirs” is less primarily snarky and more of a fond recollection with elements of snark.

Looking forward to it, myself. Who knew the dreaded Wesley would redeem himself with such panache?

Let the geek-bashers feast, Wil. All of this is only the first few chapters of the book you’re still writing.

“This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions.”


21. Enterprise

Try, FORTY years ago.

Video can be viewed, for some reason, at the following link OUTSIDE OF THE USA. Just for those who wanna see it. I live in Canada and this works where as the posted video did not.

Sounds interesting but why bother with just episodes 1-3 why not all 26 episodes from season one?